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Some villains have something happen to them after they are ‘defeated’? Some have been turned into lovers while others have turned into zerg, scary ghosts, demons, and other things. Is there one you haven’t seen that you think would be fun to see?


Addis’s Answer: Imagine: The villain is a rug dnd his foe has sex on top of him.


SoothingSweets: Reincarnated into a Villainous Magic Rug in Another World


Gaeatiamat: I’d make him a revolving door or a merry-go-round horse. Or best of all. A ride for little kids where he gets puked and peed on all day.


Addis: Have you ever thought about the magic rug and if ppl fart on it?


Gaeatiamat: If I was on a magic rug, I’d be cutting strips on the sides to tie around myself as a seatbelt. And hopefully, the rug wouldn’t have ears cause I’d be screaming the whole way. I kinda like the idea of making a super powerful/god villain do community work as a customer service rep in a store like Walmart or a phone rep for a bank. That’s a job that will destroy your spirit for sure. Or turning him into a gym locker in a high school would be pretty tormenting too.


Caicaicat: or a flower? the most evil flowers but it smells so sweet and it’s so pretty that it always makes people smile when they see it. So you have like shiny happy people and like a flower who is cursing at folks


Gaeatiamat: how about a marriage counselor? A villain having to dish out calm and positive statements and trying to reconcile people you just want to strangle for their middle class anxieties. And the punishment for every failure is being a wedding planner for the super rich and super spoiled. All for no pay. (edited)




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February 6, 2022 5:22 am

It’s funny when the villain think what they do to mc or ml is right but if it happens to them it’s wrong. I think I would like to see them aas doormat and press that doormat everytime to dirty it.

February 6, 2022 6:21 am

A reusable nappy in a place with lots of happy, healthy babies 💩

February 6, 2022 7:22 am

Want want to see them turned into the mc in a second book. I aways think why. Why did they become a villain in the first place? I sometimes think that I would be very sympathetic to the villain. Not always just something I want to know more. I think it would be neat to see a series of books that start with the main book then show you the villain’s point of view in the second book. If I was a writer. I want to see the villain’s villain.

February 6, 2022 9:39 am

honestly nothing comes to mind ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

but my friend suggested turning them into slimes or whopperflowers from Genshin Impact so we can kill them over and over haha

February 6, 2022 10:36 am

To be honest, I like seeing the villains get their comeuppance but rehabilitating them is cool too. When they actually learn something and grow as a person is more beneficial.

But at the same time, having them go through the 7 levels of hell in Dante’s Inferno is a nice thought. Lol

February 6, 2022 6:45 pm

In the idea of reincarnation, and bad karma getting you turned into an animal, what if they get turned into a mouse?
Constantly on the run from larger predators, always afraid, short life span, etc. Etc.
I don’t know. The truely evil ones don’t deserve a second chance and the less villainous ones usually aren’t interesting enough for me to care about their next life.

Sue R
Sue R
March 13, 2022 6:45 am

I would like to see the villain turned in to the floating spirit with no power that can’t do anything but always get flustered by the plot.

March 20, 2022 6:24 am

Redemption arc if not possible backstory in their POV, they can be the protagonist.

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