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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


When he knocked on the door of Xie Quan’s hospital room, Ji Cheying stood at the door and looked at the young man inside who was having his gauze changed. The loose, blue hospital gown emphasized the thinness of the youth’s body. He was well enough to lift his shirt and let the nurse change the medicine for his abdominal wound.

Under the raised clothes, his body was not as thin as it looked, his waist and abdomen were slim and thin, but had a beautifully tight muscle line. After the dressing was changed, Xie Quan politely said, “Thank you.”

The nurse looked at Xie Quan with a blush and a smile. “Then you take a good rest, I’ll leave now.”


After finishing his clothes, Xie Quan looked up at Ji Cheying who had been standing at the door. “What are you doing standing there?”

Ji Cheying looked at this young man, it was hard to imagine that he would be the Yan Bai who acted strangely and wandered in the dark world. It was also hard to imagine that the once-in-a-century mechanical master would be such a slender and beautiful youth. However, the word “stunning” was not out of place on Xie Quan.

Leaning against the door frame, Ji Cheying said straightforwardly, “Márquez is dead.”

Xie Quan froze briefly, and he tilted his head slightly. “So what?”

“He was killed.”

Xie Quan’s brow knitted up. “Killed? How was he killed?”

“Someone switched his medication and he died of heart failure.” Ji Cheying stared at Xie Quan. “Don’t you feel anything?”

Xie Quan raised his eyes to Ji Cheying, his eyes puzzled. “What do I need to feel?”

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows slightly. “A great pleasure… Something like that?”

Xie Quan said emotionlessly, “I’m not that bored.” What does it matter to him if Márquez was dead or not?

Ji Cheying’s eyes were like a torch, he was staring at Xie Quan, not blinking, as if he didn’t want to miss a single expression of Xie Quan. He said, “Before he died, Márquez asked to see the police because he wanted to report a crime,” Ji Cheying’s voice trailed off, “He said you attacked seven people, including him, and that you started the fire in the warehouse.”

Xie Quan’s eyes did not waver. “Oh? Then how come the police didn’t come looking for me?”

Hiding the fact that he had withheld this information to prevent Márquez from calling the police, Ji Cheying’s eyes darkened and he said deliberately, “Because he’s dead, Xie Quan, do you know what that means?”

Xie Quan replied without a rise or fall in his tone, “It means I’m the biggest suspect.”


Yet, Xie Quan did not show a trace of alarm or anxiety at this, he just looked at Ji Cheying with those clear eyes, looking carefully.

And then—

“I’ve always had a question,” he asked abruptly, “Who are you really? And in what capacity are you here to tell me these things now?” Xie Quan’s voice was as soothing and clear as ever.

Two light questions were thrown out, but the air was immediately thrown into a frosty state.

Facing Ji Cheying’s aggressive eyes, Xie Quan did not avoid or retreat, not afraid, he was like the depths of an unfathomable ocean, unable to see the waves, unable to see the light, able to swallow anything. Ji Cheying heard these two questions and couldn’t help but feel absurdly light-hearted.

Never thought that he would be the one to be questioned first. This guy really knows what it means to strike first.

Ji Cheying did not have much warmth to hook the corners of his mouth, and the tips of his eyebrows did not move. “What do you think I am?”

Xie Quan thought for a moment and said frankly, “A cop.”

Once he suspected that the other was from the Imperial Army, but Henry’s performance made him put this suspicion aside for the time being. It was unlikely he was in the Imperial Army, a cop seemed to be more appropriate. When he first came to the warehouse to find him, Ji Ming also came with the police.

And the matter of Márquez, as a police officer, if he knew about it, it would make sense. Mainly, Ji Ming’s concern about the beta case. But anyway, definitely not that mediocre, not much of a down-and-out poor boy.

Ji Cheying sniffed, he gathered his eyebrows and asked, “Would you be afraid of me?”

Xie Quan was not sure. “Why should I be afraid of you?”

Ji Cheying’s eyes moved slightly. “Because you are…a suspect in a murder case.”

It wasn’t just the Márquez hit case. There was also the beta case.

Xie Quan stared straight at Ji Cheying. “So, you want to arrest me?”

Time seemed to freeze at this moment, Ji Cheying looked at the pair of eyes that he described as the icy lake on the snowy mountains of Vichia. The youth was like a painting in the sunlight, beautiful to the heart. Faced with Xie Quan’s question, Ji Cheying leaned against the doorframe, his arms wrapped around his chest, his voice low, direct and simple. “So did you do something bad?” His tone was casual and leisurely, as if he was having a casual conversation.

Xie Quan smiled, a smile like a ripple rippling, from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the eyes, but not to the bottom of the eyes. “I’ve done it, a lot,” he said, “but what’s going on in your head has nothing to do with me.”

Ji Cheying was silent for half a second, then finally stood up straight. He didn’t say anything except, “I know.”

Then turned to leave.


The next day, as Ji Cheying said, Xie Quan’s suspicion in the case of Márquez’s death was quite high. Schiha went back and soon found out about the feud between Xie Quan and Márquez at one time.

In particular, the police record of Xie Yi and the subsequent police records proved that Márquez had kidnapped Xie Quan. And at the scene they did not find Xie Quan, only the unconscious Márquez and other people.

Even if he didn’t pursue why Márquez and others almost died in the fire, the argument between Márquez and Xie Quan was real. Although there was no admission record, under the questioning with the photos, Schiha also learned from medical staff that Xie Quan was currently staying in this hospital!

Xie Quan instantly became the prime suspect in this case.

After applying for a summons from the police, Schiha was about to go to the hospital to look for him, but just as he was about to leave, the police station suddenly received another call.

This time, it was a missing person. The person who reported the case was the wife of the missing person, an omega. It was said that her husband had disappeared after meeting at the office that afternoon, and had not returned home all last night and could not be reached.

If it was an ordinary time, not yet missing 24 hours, the police would not immediately file a case.


This husband was a beta.

In light of the recent beta cases, they had to take a special approach and quickly opened a case and organized their staff to start the investigation. The first step was to create a profile of the missing person himself.

Gender: Male beta.

Age: 51 years old.

Name: Xie Dongye.

Kinship: Janice Elliott (wife, omega), Xie Yi (son, omega), Xie Quan (nephew, beta).

Schiha’s eyes locked on the word ”Xie Quan” in the kinship. It was him again, Xie Quan!

If before Schiha only thought Xie Quan was suspicious and was going to summon him to investigate, now he had almost decided that Xie Quan was the murderer! This Xie Dongye must have also suffered a tragic death!

Without delay, he quickly took his men to the hospital.

As soon as Schiha took his men to the hospital, Ji Cheying’s men at the police station quickly reported the situation to Ji Cheying. However, Ji Cheying was in the resident management office because Henry, who had been squatting on this side, finally got something.

Today, the director of the resident management office suddenly did not come to work, nor did he take a leave of absence. The office people tried to contact, but also did not get in touch. Realizing that something was wrong, Henry immediately contacted Ji Cheying.

They had always believed that there must be a helper or a culprit in the resident management office for the beta case, otherwise the killer could not always be so accurate in finding these depressed, solitary beta targets. There was no connection between these beta victims, and no overlapping tracks or locations that could be used as clues.

Except for the Civic Center’s resident management office. Henry had been squatting here, but nothing had appeared out of the ordinary, until today!

Ji Cheying, who had just arrived at the resident management office, received another message from the police station. Hearing that Xie Dongye was missing, he instantly connected the incident with the disappearance of the head of the resident management office.

Are they on the move?

Ji Cheying looked at the resident management office right in front of him and hesitated for a moment before making a judgment. He contacted the staff sergeant at the hospital and ordered, “Guard Xie Quan’s ward, and stop whoever is coming to take Xie Quan until I get there!”

The staff sergeant responded, “Yes, Major General.”

Henry had already taken the lead to the director’s home to confirm, while Ji Cheying walked to the director’s office, slightly squinting his eyes first looked around. The computer on the desk was locked and could not be opened for the time being, and since this was a public computer, connected to the office network, it was unlikely to leave any clues.

Ji Cheying went to the desk and began to look for it. However, the desk was almost all daily official documents. Ji Cheying crouched down and began to feel under the desk with his hands.

Suddenly, his fingers slipped over a place that had a slight crack with the surrounding area.

It was a hidden compartment.

But no matter how hard he pressed or pulled, he couldn’t open the secret compartment.

It probably needed some special way to open it.

Ji Cheying was a little impatient, he turned the table over, and the things on the table fell to the ground with a clatter. The table was upside down on the floor, and he clearly saw the existence of the suspected secret compartment.

Tsk, he didn’t have time to play the game of decryption here now.

He pulled a tie hanging next to him and wrapped it around his right hand, then tightly squeezed it into a fist, the other hand against the side of the hidden compartment, and he half-kneeled on the back of the table with one leg.

The slender, deep eyes narrowed slightly—

He slammed his right hand downward with force—

A bang sounded.

The bottom of the table made of iron plate was hard and dented with a fist-sized crater. And, the crack between the concealed compartment and the side also widened a lot. Throwing the hand-wrapped tie to the side, Ji Cheying took a pair of scissors and pried hard at the crack, and the hidden compartment was opened with a creak.

The compartment was small, containing a weapon and a file folder.

He took out the information and was about to read it carefully, when a prompt came from his terminal. At the same time, he received two urgent reports.

One from Henry.

One from the Staff Sergeant.

When he opened both of them at the same time, Ji Cheying’s eyes suddenly glazed over.

Henry: [His body was found in the home of the director of the resident management office, he should have died at around 3:00 a.m.. The cause of death was suicide.]

Staff Sergeant: [The police department brought someone to take Xie Quan away, however, Xie Quan has disappeared from the ward.]


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