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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


With a pop, the lighting on the operating table was lit up, and the blinding light made Xie Dongye unconsciously squint his eyes. Various displays appeared on the wall, which showed Xie Dongye’s head from various angles.

Xie Dongye’s eyes, bulging with fear and covered with red blood, stood out on the screen.

The device next to the operating table extended a long mechanical arm and took out the blood-sucking cloth from the material cabinet and spread it on Xie Dongye’s body. Realizing what was about to happen, Xie Dongye struggled more violently.

Tang Wenshao took out the sterilized surgical gown from the closet, and while putting it on, he said, “I think you have never seen a real beta re-differentiation operation. Today you can watch this miracle from the sidelines.”

Xie Quan smiled coldly. “Miracle? You mean the animals that are worse than dead and senseless after the surgery? Then your miracle is really easy to do.”

Tang Wenshao put on his surgical cap and spoke in a nonchalant tone, “It’s true that there are still some flaws in this study, but with enough data, we can definitely have the miracle of redifferentiation.” He had a longing look on his face. “At that time, I will be the messenger to bring the miracle to Earth.”

This man was really a hopelessly middle-aged man. Xie Quan frowned with disdain and disgust.

Tang Wenshao noticed his reaction and he shook his head gently. “As an omega, you don’t understand the sadness of a beta.” As he put his gloves back on, his eyes touched the scar on his wrist, and he stared fixedly at the hideous scars, a gleam of hatred and loathing in his eyes.

“Why should betas be treated as an inferior being when we are human? To be treated as inferior?” Squeezing his hands together, Tang Wenshao gathered his emotions and said with a small smile, “Do you remember what I said to you in the hallway earlier? Maybe you can’t relate to me now, but we’re doing something great, we’re changing the landscape of the world, we’re the pioneers of a new human civilization—”

Listening to Tang Wenshao’s pious declaration, Xie Quan’s heart did not fluctuate, and even felt a bit ridiculous. His cold voice was like jade hitting glass, shattering the illusion of delusion. “Beta re-differentiation is simply not possible.”

Putting on the gloves, Tang Wenshao turned around and saw Xie Quan sitting up from the bed, but apparently the effect of the medicine had not completely dissipated, and his hands were still trembling. But even so, there was no trace of weakness in Xie Quan’s voice.

Tang Wenshao did not waver. “You don’t understand—”

Xie Quan half narrowed his eyes. “It’s you who don’t understand.” He said indifferently, “I have never liked to meddle in people’s affairs, but in this case, I advise you to give up as soon as possible.” Looking at Tang Wenshao, who was walking towards him, he stressed once again, “It’s impossible for beta to differentiate again, no matter how much more research you do, how much more data you accumulate, how much more—”

He couldn’t go on with the rest of his sentence, because Tang Wenshao took three steps in front of him, and then choked him hard.

“You shut the fuck up!!! A person who doesn’t know anything!” At this moment, Tang Wenshao completely ripped off the mask of warmth, he stared at Xie Quan with deadly eyes, the veins on his arms were rippling, but his remaining sanity kept him from hitting him. “What do you know?! We’re getting close!”

Even with his neck in a chokehold, Xie Quan only physically cringed from the pain, but otherwise had no emotion, no fear, and made no plea for mercy. He even, despite how difficult it was to vocalize, still said without mercy, “Close? Are you sure you’re not stuck?”

Tang Wenshao’s pupils tightened violently, even as the strength in his hands slackened slightly.

Knowing that he was right, Xie Quan coolly hooked the corners of his mouth in utter mockery.

Tang Wenshao’s voice sank down. “What do you know?”

It had been seventeen years since the research on beta redifferentiation was forcibly stopped, and they had continued to study it in secret for seventeen years, but the results obtained were nothing new compared to seventeen years ago.

Just as Xie Quan said—they have been standing still.

Because he was being choked, Xie Quan had difficulty breathing and his face was even less bloody. He looked compassionately at the people in front of him and then said, word for word, “I don’t know any more than you do, I’m just not dreaming.”

In fact, Xie Quan could have said this without saying anything, saying this would only anger the person in front of him and only bring danger to himself.


His compassion at the moment was real, it was one of the very few moments when he felt perhaps some responsibility to explain something. His eyes half-raised, he was about to continue, when suddenly the sound of an alarm in the room interrupted his words.

Tang Wenshao was also a bit startled as he let go of his hand and walked over to the monitoring console. His eyebrows knitted when he saw the situation displayed on the monitor.

After a moment’s thought, he tapped a string of codes on the console with great speed, then he walked over to the iron bed, tugged Xie Quan’s arm, and pulled him off the bed. As soon as Xie Quan’s feet touched the ground, they went limp. Tang Wenshao directly looped Xie Quan’s arm around his neck and lifted him up.

Xie Quan was coughing uncomfortably because of the previous choking. Seeing Tang Wenshao hurriedly leading himself away, he knew something must have happened outside and he deliberately asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“You’ll know when you get there.” Shelving Xie Quan, Tang Wenshao led the way to the right side of the room.

There was a button on the wall on the right side, and after verifying the palm print, the wall suddenly raised a piece under the sound of several shrill mechanical operations, then slid to the side, revealing a passage inside. Before entering the passage, remembering one thing, Tang Wenshao put Xie Quan down, let him sit against the wall, and then turned back to stride toward Xie Dongye.

Immediately after, he looked at Xie Dongye who was strapped to the operating table. He took the gag out of Xie Dongye’s mouth, and then he said sadly and apologetically, “I’m sorry for making you come for nothing.”

Xie Dongye probably didn’t expect the other party to say that. Because he had been gagged, his mouth muscles were sore at the moment, and he said with some slurred speech, “Are you, are you going to let me go?” He begged urgently, “Please, let me go, I will work as hard as an ox in return.”

Yesterday, after Janice left alone, Xie Dongye, knowing that he would face a quarrel at home and because he was also very distressed about what to do next, had a drink at a tavern outside. When he woke up, he was tied up and his nephew was lying in the room.

At his words, Tang Wenshao smiled. “I’m really sorry, I promised Xie Quan that I would avenge him.”

“But, but…” Xie Dongye stared in horror, although he had been listening to Tang Wenshao and Xie Quan’s words, but because they spoke without a word, he didn’t really understand and didn’t know what was going on.

So at this moment, he also still thought that the Xie Quan sitting against the wall was his nephew. So he subconsciously begged, “Xiao Quan, I know I’m sorry, please, let me go, I will definitely return what belongs to you when I return. I’m sorry, I’m ashamed of you, please, please…”

Xie Quan was looking at Tang Wenshao, who had his back turned, and he lowered his eyes and looked at the beetle robot attached to his terminal. Then, he swept his eyes and found a wire in a crack in the wall not far from him. He deliberately opened his mouth and asked, “You want to kill him?” Then, he quietly moved his body in the direction of the wire.

Tang Wenshao had taken out a tube of medicine from the nearby medicine cabinet, “Don’t you want to? He can hear your secret.” Putting the medicine in the bottle into the syringe, Tang Wenshao said in a light-hearted manner, “But I did promise Xie Quan.”

“You killed Xie Quan, didn’t you? Just so I could come to Noel City.”

“Yes, he lived a miserable life, and to die for my plan was probably the brightest moment of his sad life—”

Flicking the syringe, Tang Wenshao looked at Xie Dongye who was crying with tears and snot all over his face. He shook his head slightly. “I’m really sorry, this was Xie Quan’s last wish before he died.”

The youth with low self-esteem and weakness finally let his inner anger and resentment break out of his prison after he knew he could not escape his own death. The last moment of his tear-filled life, he stopped weeping silently. “Doctor, I am willing to die, but can you fulfill a wish for me? I was going to confront him and claim what belongs to me, but I’m dying now and can’t do it, so please doctor, after I die, send him to the world after death, where I will wait for him and ask him—”

“A happy life after sacrificing him in exchange, right?” Tang Wenshao asked softly as the corners of his mouth rose.

Tears flowed from the corners of Xie Dongye’s eyes. “No, I didn’t. I’ve been so sorry… Really, I’ve been…”

The tip of the needle was pushed in mercilessly, and Xie Dongye’s throat was immediately too frightened to make a sound.

Tang Wenshao sighed. “I’m just sending a message, go down and talk to him, he’s waiting for you.”

“I didn’t… I’m sorry…” Xie Dongye sounded hoarse.

Tang Wenshao threw the syringe to the side and gave a cold smile, and then no longer cared about Xie Dongye. Due to this little delay, the activity beyond the door also increased. He looked at the door, frowned, and then took a big step towards Xie Quan.

In response to Tang Wenshao’s previous actions, Xie Quan was mocking. “Do you think this will make you feel less guilty?”

Tang Wenshao hooked the corners of his mouth without emotion. “You’re joking, I don’t have such a thing as guilt anymore.”

Then, he picked up the man again and walked through the passage. And the moment the passage door closed, the booming sound of an explosion came from outside.

Tang Wenshao frowned tightly.

He didn’t expect them to come so soon.

Xie Quan also heard the movement outside the wall, holding the wire in his hand, Xie Quan thought suspiciously, Who was coming?

At this very second, while wearing a pair of sneakers with edges worn out by aged fabric, the man kicked open the two-meter high iron door that was shot by a particle heavy machine gun, carrying said particle heavy machine gun that weighed several dozen kilograms on his right shoulder. His handsome face looked a little annoyed at the robot soldiers who came out from the depths of the corridor with their weapons.

Then, the wrist of the terminal sounded a ring of waving flags and battle cries.1

It was almost like coming out with one’s own BGM.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh so handsome! Ji Ming is the best! Go Ji Ming! Let’s go! Mr. Quan is waiting for us!”

“…” Ji Cheying’s hand was almost out of control as he clasped the handle of his gun. Once again, he doubted, “Are you really an AI designed by Xie Quan?”

Xiao Bai unfailingly used someone else’s terminal to reveal a puffed up expression, “Neither the old nor the young will be cheated!2 Quickly! Hurry up!!! Charge!!!!”


Taking a deep breath, Ji Cheying’s gaze flinched, then decisively pulled the trigger.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 摇旗呐喊; yáoqí nàhǎn: To wave flags and shout battle cries; an idiom that means to give support or cheer someone on.
  2. 童叟无欺; tóng sǒu wú qī: An idiom that means people of all ages will be treated fairly.


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Lol totally love the AI! That was quite an entrance! I feel bad for the uncle in the end! This doctor is out of control… now we know what happened to the real XQ. Looking forward to next chapter! Thank you for the translation!

October 1, 2022 5:17 am

Tang Wenshao really underestimated XQ’s support network… a fabulous self-built AI with attitude abd smarts, and a General who’s smitten and determined to prove the apple of his eye innocent.
Can’t wait for the next chapter.
Thanks for translating, the T/Ns and editing.
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