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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Seeing Ning Chu and the other dragons finally appear, Fifth Cub, who was left alone on Dragon Island, swayed and flew over while saying “aowu” aggressively. Fifth Cub was now able to fly on her own for a while, but her strength wasn’t as strong as the other dragons’, so when she was in a hurry, she would lose control of her direction.

Ning Chu caught her halfway and held her in his arms, “It’s okay, we’re back.”

Fifth Cub had a keen sense of smell for blood, so she sniffed the air and buried herself in Ning Chu’s clothes. Luckily, Ning Chu’s body was clean, and the other dragons weren’t hurt. After calming Fifth Cub down, Ning Chu suddenly spoke in a cold tone, “Er Er.”

As soon as he returned to Dragon Island, Second Cub was lying on his back in the grass, basking in the sun, but when he heard Ning Chu call him, he got up with a start. Second Cub quietly looked at his face and had a bad feeling, but he flew over to him.

Ning Chu put down Fifth Cub and let him go to play by herself, then he grabbed Second Cub by the horn, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

It didn’t hurt at all to be held by the dragon’s horn. Second Cub tilted his head and called, “Awooo…”

He shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to change back to his adult form when they were down there… Second Cub didn’t think that much, he thought that this group of people were going to die anyway, so it was okay to see them.

Ning Chu was a little angry, “What if others saw you?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in the force of these dragons, not to mention the presence of Wuuth, a human detector, but Second Cub was too reckless to show up without even saying hello.

Second Cub hung his head, “Aowu…”

He knew it was wrong and would never dare to do it again.

Ning Chu’s anger couldn’t be held for long, he sighed, let go of Second Cub and rubbed his head. He couldn’t bear to hit him, and it was humiliating to have such a big dragon beaten. But there must be other punishments, so Ning Chu said coldly, “I won’t take you with me when I go out.”

Second Cub wailed and fell down in the grass to try to make Ning Chu change his mind by pouting.

Next to him, Eldest Cub came to Wuuth’s side and pawed at the storage bag he was carrying.

Eldest Cub’s eyes showed worry. The human Ning Chu brought back must have had a use, he wasn’t dead in it.

Wuuth went forward to give the bag to Ning Chu, Ning Chu thought of the living person inside, feeling a tad nervous.

He didn’t reach out to take it, “Wait… I’ll change the coordinates first.”

Ning Chu opened the game and selected【Change Coordinates】.

2,000 currency was successfully deducted, and the system popped up a prompt:【Please select new coordinates on the map】.

A complete map appeared in front of Ning Chu’s eyes, the current coordinates of Dragon Island was in【Beast Ridge Wasteland】. The system was very user-friendly, the map not only marked every big and small place name, but also the places and routes that Ning Chu had been to.

Following the route, Ning Chu finally found the word “Lough Valley” and clicked on it.

【New coordinates confirmed, current Dragon Island (【Dragon Island 01】,【Dragon Island 02】) will depart in five minutes, please prepare the island residents~】

The flight speed of Dragon Island was fast, so Ning Chu asked Eldest Cub and Fourth Cub to go to the other island to calm the young dragon group and keep them from running around, while Second Cub and Third Cub took charge of this island.

Five minutes later, the two islands shook slightly and Ning Chu subconsciously grabbed Wuuth’s hand beside him. This function was used for the first time and it was unknown what the situation on the road would be. Wuuth’s reaction was even greater, as he quickly pressed Ning Chu into his arms and looked around vigilantly.

The good thing was that the vibration was only for a short while, Dragon Island soon stabilized, except for the wind blowing a little bit, there wasn’t much difference. At this time in the sky above the beastly wilderness, a transparent cloud was moving fast, unable to be caught by the naked eye.

Ning Chu’s game was still open, and the coordinates of their location on the map were moving toward their destination, showing an estimated time of 72 hours. He pushed Wuuth away, “Okay… we’ll be in Lough Valley in three days.”

Wuuth could feel Dragon Island, or rather this space, moving beneath his feet. Still frowning, he held Ning Chu’s wrist tightly and did not let go, making sure everything was safe and sound before letting go.

After changing the coordinates, Ning Chu then put his eyes on the storage bag in Wuuth’s hand. Fifth Cub didn’t notice this and was playing with the leaves that were constantly being blown by the wind. Ning Chu didn’t want her to see any Church people, so he pulled Wuuth to the back of the mountain quietly.

After the dragons around the back of the hill were chased away by Wuuth, Ning Chu let him release Vito. Suddenly seeing the sunlight and the vast greenery, Vito weakly raised his hand to block his eyes. He looked half-breathless, and Ning Chu, fearing he was faking, tied him securely to a tree with vines.

The vines touched the wounds on Vito’s body and beads of sweat broke out on his forehead, his face as pale as paper.

Ning Chu feared that he would really die, and used healing magic to heal his wounds, at least to save his life for now.

Under the effect of light magic, Vito’s face looked much better, as he stared at Ning Chu’s hand, “Light and wood…” He remembered that the person beside Ning Chu had dark magic, his eyes turned to Wuuth and muttered, “What a wonderful combination.”

Ning Chu didn’t bother to talk to him and urged the vines to tighten, “When did you guys find your way here?”

“Two days ago!” Vito blurted out, and the vines on his body loosened up a bit. He swallowed the fishy sweetness in his throat and continued, “The first one we arrived at was the Dragon Island abandoned by the magic dragons.”

Vito led a team of people to find the hidden Dragon Island according to the coordinates transmitted back from the wooden box, and then based on guesses and inferences,they found the way over. He laughed while coughing, “I didn’t even think that there were only two of you.”

Still so young, no wonder they left behind the wooden box as an important clue, plus a whole four magic dragons that could change size freely… Those chapter people didn’t die unjustly.

“Wooden box?” Ning Chu rummaged through his memory about this thing and asked Wuuth to call Fourth Cub to him. The small purple dragon cub quickly came to Ning Chu, who removed the purple gem it was wearing around his neck, “Was it for this?”

Vito stared closely at Fourth Cub, “Yes.” He knew at once what Ning Chu was thinking and volunteered, “Don’t worry, this was the highest grade purple zhan stone, isolating all magical energy.”

So it was even more impossible to lay magic formations or spells on the stone, the only real danger was the box.

Ning Chu looked at him a few more times, put the gem back on Fourth Cub’s neck, and stroked his head, “It’s okay, go.”

Fourth Cub flew away wearing the jewel, his figure disappearing into the forest. Vito looked disappointed, and couldn’t help but say, “Where are the other few magic dragons? I want to…”

Ning Chu interrupted him, “What are you looking for the magic dragons for?” He added, “Not only you, but also your Church.”

Vito paused and answered, “To become stronger.”

This was a very honest answer, whether it was ever a constant search for the Dragon Island and the traces of magic dragons, or capturing other ordinary dragons to try to tame. There had always been legends about Dragon Island, yet what Vito didn’t expect was that there was more than one. His eyes looked around, “I’m curious, where exactly is this?”

There was no such place in the desert.

Ning Chu ignored him and continued, “I’ll ask one last question. Did you know about the Church’s capture and killing of the Leaf Dragon?”

Vito’s eyes were surprised, as if he hadn’t expected Ning Chu to ask this question.

“I was there,” Vito didn’t intend to hide it, “I opposed them killing that magic dragon, but…”

Vito wasn’t the squad leader for that operation and couldn’t make the decision.

The vines on him tightened again, and Ning Chu suppressed his anger, “Who are they?”

“The Pope’s son, Raph…” Vito breathed poorly and spat out a few words, when the vines on his body relaxed. He gasped, “There are a few others, I’ll give you all their names, but…” Vito added, “I have questions I’m trying to figure out, too.” Seeing Ning Chu’s silence, Vito laughed, “What are you afraid of? I’ll be a dead man sooner or later.”

He wasn’t willing to die with questions, then his soul wouldn’t be at peace.

Ning Chu nodded, “Okay.”

Vito was really cooperative and spoke a few names.

Ning Chu wrote them down one by one and put them away on a piece of paper.

Afterwards, Ning Chu asked Vito, “What do you want to know?”

“Who are you really?” As soon as Vito’s words left his mouth, Wuuth suddenly looked to the woods in the back. 

A slight sound came from Fifth Cub stepping on the grass with blank eyes.

Ning Chu turned his head and saw him, rushed over to pick her up, blocking Vito behind him and whispered, “Why did you come here?”

Fifth Cub had just played by herself for a while and found that Ning Chu and Wuuth were gone. Then Wuuth appeared and took Fourth Cub away. Finally Fourth Cub flew back alone, still without Ning Chu. Without asking Fourth Cub, Fifth Cub quietly found her way to the back of this mountain by intuition.

“Awo?” Fifth Cub looked curiously to see what Ning Chu was blocking.

All she saw was a piece of bloodstained clothes, as if it was a human? But how could a strange human come to Dragon Island? Fifth Cub was a little scared and hooked her paws on Ning Chu’s collar.

Ning Chu hugged her and walked away, “Don’t be afraid, Daddy has some business to take care of. Go and play with Eldest Cub first, okay?”

Vito was blocked by leaves and made no sound. He vaguely saw a green young dragon appear, but unfortunately didn’t see clearly. The excitement in his eyes when hearing what Ning Chu said, gradually turned to doubt. This human of unknown origin, called himself the dragon’s… father?

Ning Chu didn’t say exactly what he had to deal with, and he used to tell almost everything to the other dragons, and Fifth Cub intuition told her that Ning Chu had something to hide from her. She gave a resigned “umph” and looked at Ning Chu with bewilderment.

Ning Chu gave Fifth Cub a kiss on her forehead, “Dad is teaching a bad guy… so young dragons can’t watch.”

When she heard the word “bad guy”, Fifth Cub cowered a little.

But she remembered that she was the most useless of all the dragons, and she was still small in courage. In the future, when Sixth Cub hatched from their shell, would they dislike her?

Fifth Cub plucked up her courage and grabbed Ning Chu’s face with her front claws, “Aowu!”

She told Ning Chu that she wasn’t afraid of bad guys and could help. To prove this, Fifth Cub broke away from Ning Chu’s embrace and flew to his shoulder and crouched down like the other little dragon cubs.

Ning Chu smiled a little, and the curve on his lips faded again.

Fifth Cub had hatched twice, and was much more mature compared to a real juvenile dragon. Ning Chu didn’t have to keep her close and protected, but he just didn’t want Fifth Cub to see Vito. Especially this person who said that he was present when Fifth Cub died.

Thinking about this, Ning Chu couldn’t control his emotions, and silently stroked Fifth Cub on his shoulder.

Wuuth approached and spoke out, “You can take her over.” He arrived in front of Ning Chu and also reached out to touch Fifth Cub, “Dragons are not that fragile.”

Ning Chu didn’t know, Wuuth was clear, as a member of the same race, he could feel more directly what Fifth Cub wanted to say. Fifth Cub wanted to become stronger, and that was a good thing.

Ning Chu hesitated for a moment and took Fifth Cub back into his arms, “If you’re afraid later, just talk to dad.”

Fifth Cub let out an “awoo” and lay down in Ning Chu’s arms.

Returning to Vito’s side, Ning Chu stroked Fifth Cub’s head and said, “This is the bad guy.”

Fifth Cub stared at Vito and thought his face looked a little familiar. But to a dragon’s eyes, humans looked the same since they all had two eyes, one nose and one mouth, plus too much time has passed. Fifth Cub, who had long since forgotten Vito, saw that Vito had several loops of vines tied around his body, so she stretched out a front claw, and added another loop to him.

Vito was covered by the leaves, he muffled a grunt, his eyes full of disbelief. This green dragon’s magic… and her eyes, he would never remember wrong.

But wasn’t she already dead?

Being stared straight at by Vito, Fifth Cub was a little uncomfortable, subconsciously tightening the circle of vines and turning her head to bury her face in Ning Chu’s clothing. The vine was stuck in the wound of the broken arm, and was too painful for Vito to make a sound, and his face was as pale as paper again.

At this time, Second Cub hurriedly came over and was relieved to see Fifth Cub in Ning Chu’s arms. Ning Chu smoothly put Fifth Cub on Second Cub’s back and let Second Cub take her away. He squeezed Fifth Cub’s front paws and said appreciatively, “Well done.”

Fifth Cub received the compliment and immediately left Vito behind, grabbed Second Cub’s neck fur and left with him. Only when the two little dragon cubs were gone did Ning Chu remove the leaves.

Vito gasped for breath and looked at Ning Chu with a gaze that was no longer the same as before. His voice trembled, “You… are not human?”

“Of course I’m human,” Ning Chu explained kindly, continuing to tighten the vines, “Any other questions?”

Vito saw that the Leaf Dragon came back from the dead with his own eyes, so of course he didn’t believe his words. His eyes were already lax and he was about to die soon, but he still braced himself and asked, “What exactly is your relationship with the dragons…?”

Partner? Contracted beast? Or something else… 

Ning Chu thought about it and felt that this wasn’t a good question to answer. He tugged the sleeve of Wuuth beside him, “What relationship do you think we have?”

Vito’s eyes were blank, and then slowly reacted. He looked at Wuuth, who stood aloof and barely spoke, and fear crept up his spine.


Author’s Note: 

What the hell is their relationship?! (Loudly)


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He’s daddy! Of course😇❤️

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I feel a little sorry for Vito, but a secret, it’s only a secret when no one knows. Thanks for the chapter!

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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