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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


The ultimate goal of Tang Wenshao’s plan for the past few months was to link the existence of Xie Quan to the beta re-differentiations. In this way, Xie Quan would attract the attention of the people in the imperial capital, and Xie Quan would be forced to join them.

However, he never expected that Major General Ji from the imperial capital would believe in Xie Quan so much that he would be so biased that he would simply hide all the evidence pointing to Xie Quan before being discovered by others. Even the current police warrant for Xie Quan was based on the murder of Márquez and Xie Dongye, it had nothing to do with beta re-differentiation.

Even the wanted notice disappeared after the police arrived at Tang Wenshao’s base.

The evidence left in it, together with Ji Cheying’s testimony, was enough to prove that Tang Wenshao was a suspect and that Xie Quan did not “abscond”, but was taken away as a victim. In this case, Ji Cheying’s failure to comply made Tang Wenshao’s months of planning go to waste.

But what did Tang Wenshao’s efforts to fizzle out have to do with Ji Cheying, who was just being more cautious? In addition to Tang Wenshao, there was another person who was very dissatisfied with Xie Quan’s suspicion, that was the police department’s police officer Schiha.

He was hoping to get a promotion and a raise with the capture of Xie Quan, but after all the hard work, the result was that Xie Quan was innocent! How could he not resent this? But just as he was about to continue his investigation, a higher-level prosecutor arrived at the police station with a warrant for investigation.

“Officer Schiha, you have been reported to have colluded with a smuggler selling illegal medical devices, you need to be suspended from duty to cooperate with the investigation.”

He took the warrant and looked at the words carefully, his heart beating like a drum in his chest, but he couldn’t hide the whispers of his colleagues around him. His face turned red, his heart seemed to have a thousand words to say, but in the end, he could only lower his head, put down his hands and leave.

At the hospital, Xie Quan, who had changed back into his hospital gown, finally got better after a day of rest, and he slept for a full day before waking up. After all, he had been really tired lately.

Sitting on the hospital bed, he looked at the light meal, and then looked up at the man who was grinning from ear to ear, holding his terminal and handling business.

His voice was gentle and clear. “When will I be discharged from the hospital?”

Ji Cheying didn’t even look up. “The doctor said to wait.”

Xie Quan stared at Ji Cheying. “Are you keeping me in the hospital?”

The doctor did not allow him to leave the hospital before, and he still felt puzzled at that time, but now that he thought about it, it was probably all this Major General Ji’s intention.

When he heard Xie Quan’s question, Ji Cheying didn’t stop. “Why am I holding you in the hospital? The doctor said that your surgical wound has the risk of deterioration. Your wrist was broken and it will take the bones one hundred days to heal. Your forehead, throat, those small and large…”

Originally, Ji Cheying wanted to dismiss Xie Quan’s idea of being discharged from the hospital, but as he spoke, his voice suddenly tightened. Once he said it, he realized how much this person was tossed around. Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan with sunken eyes and spoke coolly, “Stay.”

He had broken his own bones by trying to save himself.

Xie Quan didn’t get it, and he pushed his plate away a bit. “What do you want?”

He had not told anyone about his Yan Bai identity, but he did not look like he wanted to turn the matter over.

“I have nothing to do with your case either.”

Ji Cheying’s hand paused a beat as he put his terminal down, leaned back in his chair, and then looked at Xie Quan seriously. The gaze was long and distant, as if he was thinking. After a few seconds, he slowly said, “Then you have to tell me the relationship between you and Tang Wenshao, I can only know after listening to you whether you have anything to do with this case or not. Tang Wenshao spent so much effort, months of preparation, just to plant evidence on you, you have a grudge against each other?”

Xie Quan’s warm voice took on a bit of cold hardness. “I told you, I don’t know.”

Hearing the unchanged answer, Ji Cheying leaned forward and put his long fingers against the dinner plate, then slowly pushed the plate back to Xie Quan, who had pushed it away.

Then, Ji Cheying said in a flat tone, “Then you should see me a lot in a short time.”

Xie Quan lowered his eyes and looked at the plate that was pushed in front of him again, and the tasteless food inside, very unhappy, he frowned. “Is the Empire’s major general so idle?”

Ji Cheying looked at Xie Quan, who was not looking good, but hooked the corner of his mouth and said shamelessly, “The Empire’s major general is very busy, but I am not the Empire’s major general, so of course I am not busy.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door and Henry walked in with a letter and greeted, “Major General, Mr. Xie.”

Ji Cheying responded casually.

“…” Xie Quan looked at the man who had just said he was not the Empire’s major general one second, but answered frankly the next, and was really puzzled, “Didn’t you deny you are the major general?”

Ji Cheying raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t admit it.”


Ji Cheying said, “It was my other personality that was talking, what does it have to do with me?” Turning his head, he asked Henry, “What are you doing here?”

Xie Quan had lived for so many years, but this was the first time he had seen such a shameless person. Do people in the imperial army rely on how thick their cheeks were to determine their rank these days? But if so, his cheekiness was more than a major general and was at least admiral or marshal level!

Henry also did not know what kind of love play Major General and this Xie Quan were playing, he consciously did not bother to ask more. Henry took a few steps forward, handed the envelope in his hand to Xie Quan. Then he said, “I came to the hospital to check on the situation, by the way, I’ll give this to Mr. Xie.”

Xie Quan took it and saw that it was from the resident management office.

Henry said, “The man who was guarding the apartment received it this morning, and I saw that it was from the Resident Management Office, so I was afraid it was something important, so I brought it along.”

Ji Cheying heard the words “Resident Management Office” and his eyes sank.

In the beginning, it was because Tang Wenshao had planted people in the resident management office that so many innocent people were killed, and also successfully lured Xie Quan to Noel City, sowing many misfortunes. He couldn’t help but speculate, “Did Tang Wenshao send this?”

Xie Quan moved slowly as always, thinking as he tore the envelope open a little. Then he mused and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

It should be a reply to his previous application to move.

Opening the envelope and glancing inside, the sheet of paper began with the official letter document. After looking carefully inside the envelope, lifting his head and resealing it, he nodded and said with certainty, “Mn, it is indeed my previous application to move.”

Ji Cheying was slightly relieved to hear the answer. “Oh.” But then, in response, he wrinkled his nose. “Moving? Where do you want to move to?”

Previously, he wanted to move because he wanted to investigate Noel City, but at the same time, he felt that Xie Dongye’s family and Ji Ming were troublesome.


“I wanted to move before, but I don’t need to now.”

The matter of beta re-differentiation had been clarified, so he didn’t need to stay in Noel City anymore.

It was only when this topic came up that Ji Cheying suddenly realized that Xie Quan was not that cheap nephew, and that he had even been led to Noel City. Now that things were over, there was no reason for Xie Quan to stay in Noel City.

So where would he go next?

The Empire’s borders were so vast that there were more than 400 cities of all sizes. Yan Bai’s whereabouts had always been mysterious and no one knew where he was.

It was only by chance that Ji Cheying met him here this time. If they were separated…would he ever see him again?

Ji Cheying was still thinking about this question until he left and came next door to look at the situation of the victims.

Henry, who had been following him, finally found a chance to say, “Major General, since the case is over, His Majesty will call you back to the capital soon, right?”

Although everyone knew that His Majesty sent Ji Cheying to Noel City to take charge of the investigation, the truth was this was a warning to Ji Cheying. But now that the case was over, even if His Majesty wanted to punish Ji Cheying, there was no reason to keep an Empire’s five star major general here.

The thought of finally leaving this little place and going back to the military department made Henry sound a little cheerful, but seeing Ji Cheying’s face that didn’t seem very happy, Henry thought Ji Cheying was upset about what happened in the imperial capital. He tried to comfort, “This time we’ll stay away from that Third Highness, we can’t afford to mess with him, so we should avoid him.”

Ji Cheying turned his head, then took the materials in his hand and knocked Henry’s head.

He dropped those materials into Henry’s hand, and he dropped a sentence in a cold voice, “Don’t presume or talk about the royal family.” Then he left with a big stride.

In the afternoon, Xie Quan’s ward had an additional visitor.

It was Xie Yi.

Compared to the last time they met, only a few days had passed, but he had matured a lot. He was not dressed as stylishly as before, but in a simple black suit and white shirt. Walking into the ward and looking at Xie Quan sitting by the window, his voice was a bit hoarse. “I just came from the funeral.”

It was Xie Dongye’s funeral.

“Mom didn’t let me come, but I still wanted to come and see you.”

Xie Quan turned around and faced Xie Yi, seeing the exhaustion as well as sorrow on Xie Yi’s face, his eyes moved slightly. “What do you want to see me for?”

Xie Yi said, “Mom said that you killed my father.”

Xie Dongye did not necessarily know before he died that this Xie Quan was not his nephew, and Xie Yi and the others were even less likely to know.

At that time in Xie Quan’s revenge, Xie Dongye family’s property was sealed, and now Xie Dongye was also killed by Tang Wenshao, Janice was really heartbroken. She usually disliked Xie Dongye, regretted marrying him, but this man was there when she abandoned her pride as omega and wanted to spend a lifetime together.

Janice didn’t know Xie Quan’s true identity, nor did she know the real reason why Tang Wenshao killed Xie Dongye.

However, she knew that Xie Quan was there. And that was enough for her to transfer all her hatred to Xie Quan.

When Xie Quan heard Xie Yi’s words, he didn’t refute them, he just asked, “So what?”

In a way, Xie Dongye did die because of him.

Xie Yi clenched his fist. “I will ask mom to return all the property that belongs to you, from now on, we won’t see each other anymore.” His voice hung heavily like lead. “I just wanted to tell you this.”

Then, he went away.

Only after Xie Yi left did Xie Quan let out a faint sigh.

In the middle of the quiet ward, he suddenly spoke softly into the air, “Xiao Bai, forget it, withdraw all the reports against the Xie Dongye family, there is no need to keep the evidence.”

Xiao Bai spoke out in confusion, “Mr. Quan won’t continue?”

“Forget it.”

In his hand was the envelope that came from the Resident Management Office, and inside it was something besides the response to the original move application.

Ji Cheying was right, it was indeed from Tang Wenshao.

Even if it wasn’t Tang Wenshao, it was “their” group of people.

It was a genetic test sheet. A thing that would prove his lineage. On the back of that piece of paper was written a list of addresses located in the imperial capital.

It seemed that a trip to the imperial capital was really necessary.

It was the wrong time.

The various big screens on the street have recently been showing interviews with various princes and princesses as well as live events unannounced. At such times, these high and mighty highnesses all appeared to be incredibly approachable.

After all, the crown prince was to be elected and they needed the support of public opinion.


The author has something to say: 

Ji Cheying: Ji Cheying is the Empire’s major general, what does it have to do with me, Ji Ming?


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October 6, 2022 8:29 pm

JC is quite a formidable yet gentle and quick thinking character.
I felt a little sorry for Xie Yi here; not for Janice though.
XQ’s lineage… the story continues…
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Thank You for the new chapter (⁠ʃ⁠ƪ⁠^⁠3⁠^⁠)❤️

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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