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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Long Lang was also a quality alpha, but there was no comparison between his strength and Pei Yutu’s. He was beaten unilaterally. Pei Yutu punched and scolded.

“Your sour words cheat other omegas. My Ping Mo wouldn’t use a few sweet words to abduct people!”

“Who’s your first love? Just because my Instructor Ping looks good? What a noble thing to say! You’re such a fucking pervert at a young age!”

“If you really cared about him that much, why would you wait so many years? It’s just a craving for his body, you bitch!”

“Don’t even like to talk about all the shit you’ve done… Using an inducer to make him have sex in public? How did you come up with such a bad idea? You’re such a bitch! Are you so degenerate that you can only use inducers to make an omega go into heat?”

“And you want his heart? I didn’t even get his heart!”

Pei Yutu scolded, then felt aggrieved, couldn’t help but point at the saint, “But you are right about one thing. That surname Ping is a wolf. He took my body, and then ran away. If I didn’t hold my breath, still hadn’t given up, would he even remember who I am?”

Ping Mo, who was watching the battle, “…”

Although Pei Yutu said it aggressively, his fist was not light, as Long Lang was beaten out of breath, Instructor Ping struggled to remind him, “Pei Yutu, don’t kill the man.”

Long Lang was the current boss of White Hole, and it made more sense to catch him alive than bring him back as a corpse. But Teaching Assistant Pei heard the words and didn’t do it. He said, jealously, “You still feel sorry for your old lover?”

Then there was a heavy punch.

As Long Lang was dying, the ‘rescue’ men from White Hole finally arrived, led by an alpha wearing a single eye patch. Long Lang had ordered them to meet him in the study later.

At first they smelled Instructor Ping’s pheromones and hesitated to enter, until they heard the sound of beating and Pei Yutu’s cursing inside, then they rushed in. The crowd was all affected by Therian’s super-concentrated omega pheromones, and one by one, their faces turned red. The first thing they did was to look not at Long Lang, but at Instructor Ping, who found it too hard to move.

Ping Mo, “…”

Long Lang, “…”

Pei Yutu, Fuck.

Pei Yutu, although he had the upper hand, and wounded many pirates, the other side had more people, or the opportunity Long Lang “stole.” Pei Yutu wanted to chase, but also because Ping Mo was here, if they got away, so many alphas would eat him alive.

Ping Mo watched Long Lang get rescued by the pirates, and for the first time in his life, hated himself as an omega. If there was still strength, Instructor Ping even wanted to rip out his glands. He did not want to drag anyone down, especially Pei Yutu!

The reinforcements came a little late, Pei Yutu gave them Long Lang’s escape direction, and then handed over the remaining pirates to them. He carried Instructor Ping away. Ping Mo hands weakly hooked around his neck, and gritted his teeth, “Lock me into the mecha cabin. You go command the battle.”

However, Pei Yutu just held him tighter. “I won’t! These alpha’s are like tigers. They can break into a starship, so what good would a mecha be?”

Ping Mo, “But you’re a commander, a soldier!”

Pei Yutu, “I’m a man first. An alpha.”

The tequila-scented pheromones were intensifying due to passive arousal, and Ping Mo couldn’t help but feel his cheeks burning, as he said in annoyance, “This is a battlefield! What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking of you!” Pei Yutu suddenly raised the tone, holding his omega in his arms as he strode through the cannon fire of the White Hole base camp. “You still want to leave me behind.”

Ping Mo shut up. It was indeed wrong of him to have left without saying goodbye earlier.

Pei Yutu, as the commander, had the highest authority. He found an Alliance Army flight mecha, with the command to open, and stuffed Ping Mo into it while he followed in the same movement. He simultaneously closed the hatch at the, then viciously kissed Instructor Ping.

Punishment-like bites, fascination-like licking and sucking. When the lips and tongues finally separated, Ping Mo’s lips were swollen, and his cat ears and tail were also exposed. The mecha cabin pheromones were at an unprecedented concentration, full of ambiguity, but Pei Yutu’s eyes held no lust, his eyes were actually red.

Tears fell without warning. One. Two drops.

This man who was not afraid of anything, this one meter nine bear-like man was actually not horny in such a sensuous atmosphere, but was crying.

Pei Yutu wasn’t ashamed, as he cried and said, “Ping Mo, I’ve been waiting for you for 126 days, I won’t lose you again.” Pei Yutu repeated in a hoarse voice, “I have waited for you for 126 days. I have searched for you for 126 days, I have been expecting news of you every day, and counting the days. Every day that passes, there is one more point of despair.” He suddenly took Ping Mo into his arms. “I’ve never been afraid of anything in my life, but when I thought something might happen to you and I’d never see you again, I was so afraid that I couldn’t even sleep. I often got up in the middle of the night and stared at the signal tower of the fourth station, hoping that the thing would send back news of you.”

“Finally, I got you back, I want you to be well.” After saying that, Pei Yutu resisted the physical urge, got up and went to the cockpit.

 Ping Mo didn’t know where his strength came from, but he violently yanked him down, “What are you doing?!”

Pei Yutu, “To get you to a safe place.”

“No!” Ping Mo said, “This is desertion, you’ll be court-martialed!”

Pei Yutu shook off his hand, “I’m not afraid! Nothing is as important as your safety.”

Pei Yutu got into the cab and whispered at a volume only he could hear, “Even if you’re angry with me, even if you never liked me, I’ll accept it, as long as you’re safe.”

Ping Mo watched the man go into the position room, and closed his eyes in dismay. He knew that he was powerless to stop him, and his heart regretted it even more. I really did not expect that the titular Team Leader Ping would one day also become a burden to others.

Such a burden was better than being a cat, etc.!

Pei Yutu had just started his mecha when he heard a cat yelp and subconsciously turned his head to see a small white cat scurrying deftly over. Although the four paws and claws were still a little weak, they were much stronger than the immobility while being human, and even the smell of omega pheromones in the mecha compartment faded.

The milky cat jumped onto Pei Yutu’s shoulder. “Meow, meow, meow!”

–Go back to the battlefield, you don’t have to worry about me!

Indeed, in this way Ping Mo was in no danger. Neither the enemy nor the ally would deliberately hurt a small kitten. However, at that very moment, Pei Yutu’s military terminal rang out.

Miao Fan’s voice broke in the continuous artillery fire, “Chief Pei, we are under ambush here. Requesting support, please reply!”

Ping Mo was right, the battlefield needed a commander. Instructor Ping had sent the coordinates of several important bases of White Hole to the Military Ministry. They were now involved in a confrontation with White Hole’s team and also divided into several ways, some were responsible for the base camp including Pei Yutu.

The capture of Long Lang was naturally the most important task, and the commander couldn’t let him escape.

Pei Yutu piloted the mecha, turned around, and flew along the artificial space station at low altitude while deploying the battle plan in detail.

A big stone fell from Ping Mo’s heart. He didn’t want to disturb Pei Yutu, so he softly jumped off his shoulders, silently curled his paws and shrank into a small ball. The old expert had recommended practicing switching between human and cat forms, and now it was coming in handy. The other advantage of being a cat was that he could temporarily suppress his overflowing omega pheromones, and temporarily relieve the discomfort caused by the bonding heat.

He just needed to hold on until the end of the battle.

Pei Yutu had already laid a net outside the base camp. Long Lang didn’t escape, but he did disappear. Pei Yutu rushed to Long Lang’s last known location, and after some thought, got off the mecha with the cat in his arms.

“Captain, we located the coordinates of the White Hole bandit leader’s car, but when we tracked it to here, he suddenly disappeared, and this is his mecha. The person disappeared out of thin air eh? Where did you find a cat?”

Pei Yutu ignored him and asked, “What is the accuracy of the coordinates?”

The soldier replied with trained precision, “Five hundred meters! Sir, do you want to start a carpet search?”

Pei Yutu nodded, “Search immediately!”

As soon as he said that, the cat in his arms suddenly jumped down.

Pei Yutu rushed to chase after it, but stopped before he bent down to hold it, “Ping-Mimi, do you have something to tell me?”

The subordinates thought that their commander might be crazy. How could he talk to a cat when the war was so critical? Even if the little kitten was cute, now was not the time to tease a cat! However, the little kitten actually gave a response. It nodded like a human, and then trotted with its four paws in a southeast direction.

The cat seemed to be a little weak, not fast, and ran for seven or eight minutes before it finally stopped, then scratched the ground with two paws. Pei Yutu couldn’t stand it. He pulled out the dagger from his waist and followed the digging. The subordinates saw this. How could they be willing to let the chief do the rough work himself? They all began to work together, and after a while, actually dug up a steel plate!

“There is a shelter here!”

“No wonder he suddenly disappeared.”

“Quickly dig, be careful of the bandit leader running away from the other side of the passage!”

“This shouldn’t be the entrance, but it’s not far. Let’s split up and look for it again?”

Pei Yutu finally gave the order, “Search for the entrance! The terrain is complicated and full of cover, everyone! Watch out for ambushes!”

A few moments later, the soldiers lived up to their expectations and found the legendary entrance. Ping Mo was relieved, in fact he had never seen this so-called underground shelter with his own eyes, but only heard One Eye and others mention it in private. If this is Long Lang’s secret card, then he should be down there.

But what Ping Mo did not know was that behind a shelter, someone was looking at him coldly.

“Captain, there are signs that someone has just moved around, and there should be quite a few of them.”

Pei Yutu said in a deep voice, “Where is Miao Fan?”

Miao Fan answered from the group, “Captain Pei! I’m here!”

Miao Fan was not a stranger to Ping Mo, he had met him before at the Legacy Base, he was Pei Yutu’s second-in-command. He was in the same unit as Lu DongWang and Cao LingXin, he didn’t see Lu and Cao today, so he must have been sent to another location.

Just when Miao Fan was eagerly thinking that Pei Yutu wanted to follow him down to capture Long Lang alive, Captain Pei spoke up, “You are responsible for watching my cat.”

Miao Fan, “Huh??”

“Huh? What, huh?” Pei Yutu carefully tucked the cat into his arms. “Until I return, hold him well. If he leaves your sight, or loses a hair, you’ll need to resign.”

Miao Fan, who thought Pei Yutu would give him important tasks, “???”

Am I not your most trusted second-in-command? Besides, what’s there to protect a cat, no one is going to steal it, right? But even though he thought so, Miao Fan still held the cat diligently, and habitually carried out the tasks assigned by his superior seriously.

At this time, the small group of elite troops tracking Long Lang, basically followed Pei Yutu to capture the bandit leader alive, leaving only a few people outside, and this area was also exceptionally quiet.

Only the black smoke of the broken walls could vaguely see the original rich and elegant original appearance.

“I really did not expect a pirate leader to be here, life is so poetic.” A soldier said to Miao Fan.

Miao Fan also agreed, “No, but don’t forget that White Hole is built on human trafficking. His poetic life, how many people’s flesh and bone went up in exchange? How ironic -“

“Bang!” No sooner had Miao Fan said that than he fell straight to the ground! Someone fired a cold shot!

Behind the bunker, which had been quiet, a number of pirates suddenly emerged, facing the few remaining soldiers, and now the winners!

Ping Mo’s heart cried out, The tiger left the mountain! He must know that he knows this place, so early in the morning used his subordinates as bait, but he hid in the side?

Ping Mo secretly shouted “bad!” Long Lang was suspicious, so if he thought about it, at the beginning, did One Eye “accidentally” mentioned this place in front of him, or was it deliberately? No, this underground bunker was real. It should be from his early days of being watched all the time, so Long Lang knows this part of the past?

Several thoughts flitted through his mind, but that didn’t give him enough time to escape.

After a brief gun battle, Ping Mo, a stretched-out kitten, was easily captured.

Inside the armed mecha flying machine.

“You’re Ping Mo, right?” Although it was a question, Long Lang used an affirmative tone.

Long Lang was as breathless as the cat in his arms after being beaten up by Pei Yutu, but his spirits were surprisingly high. He stroked the soft white fur of the kitten in his arms and murmured, “Exactly like the information I have. Some Therians have the possibility of full transformation, while male Therians,  also known as ‘Therian Kings’, can freely control their bodies.”

Ping Mo instinctively arched his back, and even the fur on the tip of his tail hackled with a threatening harrumphing sound.

But a weak kitten was not a threat in Long Lang’s eyes, as he ordered, “Black Panther, send a message to the Alliance Army. Tell them that I have a hostage in my hands and ask for negotiation.”

Black Panther quickly got through to the other side and asked to be connected to the commander in chief. A few moments later, Pei Yutu’s voice rang out over the communicator. He gritted his teeth and said, “Long Lang, you’re singing to an empty city with me?”

Long Lang smiled pleasantly, “Captain Pei, I won’t beat around the bush with you, I believe you have seen the bodies of those soldiers. Ping Mo is in my hands, now withdraw the mecha group outside the space station, or I will kill him. Pei Yutu, don’t be hesitant. I’m at my wit’s end, I’m going to die one way or the other, so why don’t I pull him along with me? If I can’t share his bed in life, let’s assume I’ll die in the same cave with him.”

“You fucking bullshit!” Pei Yutu roared.

Ping Mo also became impatient. The most important part of the whole mission was to raid the White Hole base camp, and if they let Long Lang go, they would lose all their work. If they really agreed, not only would Pei Yutu’s future be ruined, these extraterritorial pirates would continue to get away with it. Pei Yutu shouldn’t agree.

Ping Mo didn’t dare voice that, only hoped that Pei Yutu still remembered that he was a soldier, and to put his love aside.

However, after a moment of silence, the other side said, “Let me hear his voice to make sure he is still alive.”

Long Lang poked Ping Mo with his finger. Ping Mo closed his mouth and pretended to be dead. Long Lang had no choice but to pull his tail again, as he coaxed. “Just scream. Now that White Hole is only partly exposed, as long as I live, I will treat you well. I promise you will forget the past.”

“Sir, is this cat mute? Slap him twice, it must scream, or else just drop it on the ground. I don’t believe it won’t make a sound.”

“That’s enough!” Pei Yutu suddenly said, “I promise you.”

Immediately a series of objections came from the communicator. Pei Yutu growled and forcefully issued the order to release. Ping Mo’s heart sank, but was also inexplicably sour, a hot warmth surged in his heart. This person, really for his sake, could do this kind of thing.

But how can he do that?

Long Lang’s mecha was in full view of everyone, but after entering the “safe zone”, he was still not satisfied.

Long Lang made a second request of Pei Yutu via a temporary communication from the anti-detection coordinates, “This request is personal, I can’t stand the thought of my beloved omega being marked, and I don’t want a scrap unless you detonate your own mecha. What can you do for him? You don’t want your future. I admire you. But what about your life? Do you dare to give up your life for him?”

Without waiting for Pei Yutu’s answer, Ping Mo, with strength from nowhere, rose up and grabbed Long Lang, and left three bloody marks on his face.


Long Lang rubbed his face and raised his hand to stop his subordinates from grabbing the cat, but he deliberately and viciously said, “A cat that even scratches its master has no need to live!”

By this time, they had already escaped from the encirclement, and Pei Yutu gestured to his subordinates to do his best to track them, while agreeing, “I can promise you! But you’ve gone back on your word, I want you to swear.”

A few soldiers in the mecha cooperated by sending Captain Pei’s orders to the team, and waited for their captain to continue delaying them, but to their surprise, Pei Yutu actually pressed the button to detach the cockpit!

This was the mecha’s emergency self-help plan, but Pei Yutu was not saving himself, he was ‘killing himself!’


“Captain Pei!”

Pei Yutu barked, “You are to follow the original plan I deployed! I’m sorry, Long is a madman. He can do anything. I can’t watch him get into trouble. This is the first time in my life that I, Pei Yutu, am ashamed of the Alliance, and it will be the last time.”

But I don’t regret it, I have been born and died for Alliance since I was eighteen, and I want to be selfish this time. Maybe after this time, the little wolf named Ping will remember me. If that’s the case, then it’s not a bad idea to die.

Pei Yutu closed his eyes, exhaled, left the soldiers in the cabin behind, accelerated the cockpit, and stopped at a safe distance from them before continuing to contact Long Lang, “I’m ready, you can swear.”

But there was no response on the other end, only the sound of a noisy scuffle.

“You’re fucking delusional!” The voice was weak but sharp… it was Ping Mo!

Pei Yutu instantly tensed up, a bad feeling of panic arose in his heart, and the next moment, he saw a sudden explosion of fire in the dark universe.

The soldiers who were ordered to search for Long Lang’s mecha’s location came out of their holes and rushed like arrows to rescue him, but everyone knew that a man’s body would not survive after such an explosion.

Only one cockpit remained in place, and Pei Yutu’s voice was hoarse and dry, “He detonated the mecha.”


The author has something to say: 

Instructor Ping will be fine, the next chapter will be sweet!


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