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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Wuuth didn’t understand why Ning Chu was suddenly acting like this, he approached and took Ning Chu’s hand in front of him, “What’s wrong?”

If he wanted to teach him to wear human clothes, didn’t he have to take them off first? Ning Chu not only blocked his face, but also closed his eyes tightly, desperately trying to shake off the images in his mind, almost suffocating. When Wuuth held his wrist, Ning Chu was like a scared rabbit, scrambling to get free while backing up, “Put on your clothes first!”

Wuuth moved a little, let Ning Chu go, and after a moment said, “Okay.”

Already done? Ning Chu moved the clothes away, revealing only one pair of eyes, and then slowly opened his eyes. Wuuth was already dressed in his clothes, the same unchanging black. He looked at Ning Chu in silence, obviously unaware of what he had just done.

If this dragon didn’t really know anything, Ning Chu would almost suspect that he did it on purpose. He wanted to get angry but couldn’t, feeling both embarrassed and a bit ashamed.

Ning Chu adjusted his breathing, trying to let the heat on his face subside, and shoved the clothes in his hands into Wuuth’s arms, “I’m not teaching anymore, you can put them on yourself…”

He turned his head to leave, but Wuuth pulled him closer.

Wuuth’s eyes showed confusion, “Why?”

Ning Chu suddenly backtracked, as if he wasn’t happy. Wuuth was at a loss for words, not understanding what he had done wrong. Ning Chu stopped in his tracks, and didn’t shake off Wuuth’s hand. He always seemed to be able to recognize Wuuth’s aggrieved emotions, even though his expression didn’t change much, and it may not make any difference to others.

Wuuth just standing so openly in front of him, at first glance, he had no human shame… and it was Wuuth who stripped naked, not himself.

Ning Chu’s heart softened, as he sighed silently, but he ultimately stayed. He took back the clothing, while saying, “You can’t… take it all… off at once either.”

Well at least leave a pair of pants… 

Wuuth’s expression began to become confused. When he put his scales away, he would naturally remove them all at once. How could he do what Ning Chu said without taking it all off?

Ning Chu locked eyes with Wuuth and realized from his confused look that something was wrong. Wasn’t the speed at which he had just undressed and dressed a little too fast? And he didn’t see where he put the clothes he took off.

Ning Chu knew that Wuuth’s clothes were scales, and he had asked a question out of curiosity, but didn’t know exactly how he did it. He hesitantly asked him, “You… take them off again? “

After saying that Ning Chu shamefully blushed, he kept silently reciting in his heart that he didn’t mean anything else, really didn’t. When Wuuth took off enough, he would make him stop… 

While Ning Chu was thinking, Wuuth’s clothes instantly disappeared without a trace, without giving Ning Chu the slightest mental preparation. He sucked in a breath of cold air and closed his eyes, “Put them back on!”

Wuuth put the clothes back on and lowered his eyelashes and whispered, “Okay…”

Ning Chu then reopened his eyes, his expression a mess. No wonder, so he removed them like this. The sudden two strokes caught Ning Chu off guard, and he could no longer withstand the third shock.

Since he agreed to teach Wuuth how to dress, he had to teach him how to undress first.

“You can’t just do that…” Ning Chu couldn’t care less about being shy, as put the clothes in his hand aside and reached out to take off Wuuth’s jacket.

The jacket came off smoothly, then the belt, Ning Chu pulled it, but the belt didn’t budge at all. Ning Chu was stunned, and continued to pull, but it still wouldn’t budge, as if the belt was firmly sewn in place.

He vaguely sensed the problem and tried to unbutton Wuuth’s shirt again.

Sure enough, the top button was also fake, except for the collar, there wasn’t even a seam at the edge.

Ning Chu completely dumbfounded, “You… you this…”

He quickly guessed the reason and couldn’t help but laugh.

Wuuth followed Ning Chu’s gaze and looked down, and undid the button himself.

Ning Chu didn’t know what to do once again. Wuuth didn’t know how to undress, he didn’t know the composition and construction of a set of clothes, only learned the basics. It just so happened that he used to keep to himself and wasn’t seen to be out of place.

Ning Chu sighed, “This isn’t going to work, so you’ll wear your own.”

This was more difficult than he thought. He could change his clothes and lay them in the dragon’s nest…  

“No.” Wuuth spoke out sharply, taking Ning Chu’s hand, “You said you’d teach me.”

His face sharply had “no going back” written on it, putting Ning Chu in an awkward position, “But… it’s actually easier for you to put them on yourself.”

Wuuth was silent for a moment, “I want to learn.”

Just now, Ning Chu took off his jacket, making him realize that “teaching how to dress” was a way to get Ning Chu closer to him.

He didn’t want to miss any opportunity to get close to Ning Chu. Wuuth was very insistent, holding Ning Chu’s wrist and not letting him go, and Ning Chu was helpless. But after all, it was he himself who first wanted to teach Wuuth… he had stayed in the human world for quite long, had not eaten much human food, had only learnt how to put on clothes halfway, which made Ning Chu inexplicably feel heartbroken.

He finally compromised, “Okay…”

Ning Chu prepared himself psychologically, first, he found a pair of shorts from the clothes and handed it to Wuuth, “These are the pants, put these on first.”

In order to prevent Wuuth from wearing it backwards, he purposely told him that side was the front and taught him hands on. Wuuth took it and Ning Chu immediately closed his eyes.

When Wuuth put on the pants and told Ning Chu, Ning Chu opened his eyes again. With this layer of cover, Ning Chu’s mental capacity was much stronger.

Next came the pants and shirt, Wuuth had a frown between his eyebrows, moved clumsily to put them on, and learned how Ning Chu taught him to fasten the buttons. Ning Chu didn’t dare to look at them, and when Wuuth finished doing the buttons, he realized that he had done the whole row wrong.

He had to ask Wuuth to unbutton it again, and Wuuth’s frown got tighter and he almost ripped the button off when he wasn’t paying attention. Ning Chu saw that he was having too much trouble and couldn’t bear to watch any longer, so he offered to help him.

A row of buttons, under Ning Chu’s hands, quickly got undone and redone.

“There,” he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and felt that he had moved too fast just now, so he coughed lightly, “Have you learned it?”

Wuuth stared at Ning Chu’s hands, “No.”

“……” Ning Chu almost suspected Wuuth was doing it on purpose, and said in a good mood, “You’ll get it with practice later!”

Wuuth’s eyelashes trembled slightly and she said honestly, “Okay.”

The last ones, the vest and jacket, were the least difficult, not to mention the shoes.

After putting them all on, Wuuth looked like a new person. The overall color of the outfit was light coffee, no longer as dull as black, adding a touch of youthfulness to Wuuth’s aura. The size also fit well, and Ning Chu looked at it with satisfaction, “Not bad.”

Wuuth didn’t even look at his new clothes, reached over and touched the side of Ning Chu’s face, “Your heart was beating fast.”

Ning Chu stiffened and ducked his head sideways slightly. He was nervous just now, especially when he was doing Wuuth’s buttons. As a normal person who had a crush on Wuuth in every way, it was hard for Ning Chu to stay calm when he was dressing him in such an intimate way.

Ning Chu squirmed, “It’s because you’re clumsy…”

He turned back into what Wuuth had seen before, panicking and wanting to flee, and Wuuth subconsciously hugged him gently.

“Don’t be afraid,” Wuuth’s palm brushed Ning Chu’s stiff spine and soothed, “Ning Ning, don’t be afraid.”

Ning Chu was held by him, and in the closer proximity, his heart wasn’t beating as fast as before. After changing clothes, Wuuth’s scent was a bit unfamiliar. Ning Chu’s nose brushed against the hardened collar, and he raised his head in the process.

Wuuth happened to be looking at him and came close to give him a kiss on the corner of his lips. He was tempted to kiss Ning Chu directly on the lips, but subconsciously thought he might not like it, so he probed carefully first.

Ning Chu’s heartbeat, which had only calmed down, intensified again, and he struggled slightly, “What are you doing?!”

He only wanted to teach Wuuth how to dress, this development was a bit inappropriate. Wuuth couldn’t let go, and his free hand touched Ning Chu’s face, and the place he had just kissed, “Don’t be afraid, don’t resist me.”

This sentence made Ning Chu inexplicably stop struggling, unable to say anything to refute. The fingertips that gently touched his cheek moved to his lips, as Ning Chu looked at Wuuth and whispered, “Don’t get too far ahead of yourself…”

At this moment, behind Wuuth suddenly came a soft crack.

Both of them froze and looked at the dragon egg inside the room.


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October 6, 2022 4:01 pm

Darn the interruption! But… new baby dragon!!!! 🥰

October 6, 2022 7:32 pm

Bet Wuuth’s got a hot body 😏
Please loosen up, NC; he’s admitted to having a crush on Wuuth, in every way, so maybe he’ll give in soon. I hope so!
New arrival…
Thanks for translating and editing.

October 7, 2022 3:39 am

Ning is falling for Wuuth and may be willing soon to love him openly❤️☺️

December 4, 2022 9:42 am

I’m sometimes find it cute yet helpless with how innocent ml is 😅😆 always mistook mc’s embarrassment and tells & comforts him cautiously to not be afraid hahahahha

Wowwwieee our youngest is a papapablocker 😆 haha

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