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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat                                 


The sixth station was a brand new station. Most of the soldiers were selected from the main planet for the new battalion. Pei Yutu, himself, was also a step by step from the grassroots, so quite sympathetic to the grassroots soldiers. He intended to give everyone time for the process of adaptation, and then later let them undergo intensive training. Of course, this was also because he was also selfish. He wanted to give Ping Mo a few more days of wedding leave and himself a little more benefit.

Instructor Ping had no problem with this, and simply took the opportunity to renovate. The sixth station covered a spectacular area, comparable to the remains of the deserted base, so Pei Yutu and Ping Mo’s accommodations also grew to a full 5,000 square meters.

Pei Yutu was very satisfied with the new address. It was large enough and separated by a courtyard, so he could make out as much as he wanted, and absolutely no one would disturb them! There were soldiers outside the gate, and inside the gate was surrounded by trees, gardens and lawns, a swimming pool, swings. It was a peaceful atmosphere of life.

However, Instructor Ping’s biggest priority was the interior. He wanted to install a weapons showroom, used to display his precious military daggers. Originally, he only planned to have a few custom-made shelves like the main planet house, but somehow Madame Dai heard about it and firmly believed that it was too painful for a wife to live in such a frugal way, and enthusiastically sent a team of designers and several decoration teams to strive for quality.

Instructor Ping then supervised the work during the day, during the night Pei Yutu pestered him with the husband/husband life. Surprisingly, everyday they had no leisure time, mainly because the newlyweds’ nightlife consumed too much energy, so his temperament actually had a little bit of a soft omega feeling.

Ping Mo was a big contributor to the elimination of White Hole, and everyone in the Alliance knew that omega. He was a household name.

The general public was always more interested in lace news, so when that “super sweet pheromones event” happened, it spread by word of mouth, which added fuel to the fire. Over time, everyone’s deepest impression of Ping Mo was that he was a ‘super sweet omega.’

He was also particularly beautiful.

When the new recruits in the sixth station had free time for training, their favorite thing to do was to peek at “sister-in-law” Ping Mo. Of course it wasn’t that kind of lewd voyeurism, just young alphas could not help but look at the beautiful omega.

“Sister-in-law is good-looking! When can I become a lieutenant colonel, and get such a beautiful wife?”

“Come on you, it’s not that easy. There are few such young lieutenant colonels in the whole Alliance. Our Lieutenant Colonel Pei isn’t yet thirty years old.”

“Have you forgotten that our sister-in-law’s rank is even higher than Lieutenant Colonel Pei’s?”

“That’s a gender bonus, right? Now that omegas’ statuses are getting higher and higher, politicians will promote omegas to make themselves more prestigious.”

“Anyway, I still think he broke into White Hole alone. His courage is impressive.”

“And then have that courage as a delicate soft omega. Let me tell you, yesterday I saw Lieutenant Colonel Pei feed him candy! The super sweet fruit gummies!”

“He likes to eat candy! It’s so cute! Just like I imagined!”

“Too cute!”

“Sister-in-law is so cute!”


Everywhere Ping Mo went, he received a series of enthusiastic “Sister-in-law” greetings, which often caused him a toothache. Pei Yutu read the situation, and quietly discussed it with his wife. “Why don’t I give them an order to call you by your official name from now on?”

Ping Mo was torn for a while, but refused, “Forget it. It’s more like family.”

Pei Yutu was so sweetened by the word ‘family’ that he thought he must have saved the galaxy in his last life. How else could he have been lucky enough to marry such a good wife?

However, the name ‘Sister-in-Law’ didn’t last long before it was replaced with the respectful, ‘Instructor Ping.’

What happened was this:

The weapons showroom was finally renovated, and the recruits were almost acclimatized. Ping Mo had been idle for too long, and was really itchy, so Pei Yutu followed his wife’s wishes and announced the start of army training with a wave of his hand.

At first when the new recruits heard that the chief military instructor was Ping Mo, they were happy to run around. Before they even started training, they sprayed perfume, cut their hair, and strove to show their best face in front of their beautiful sister-in-law. If they could make the beauty smile, it would be worthwhile. However, after only one day, the mailbox outside the office of Lieutenant Colonel Pei received a thick pile of anonymous letters of distress.

Pei Yutu opened a few of them and pieced together what had happened.

On the first day of training, his wife organized a huge fight in the name of a ‘touch test’ and beat up all the recruits who doubted his ability with his hands, and then started his devil’s training non-stop.

Miao Fan, Pei Yutu’s perpetual second-in-command, reported warily, “Colonel Ping usually looks pretty and well-behaved, but I didn’t expect him to be so heavy-handed when training soldiers.”

Lieutenant Colonel Pei’s eyes lit up as if he had found a soulmate. “You also think he’s pretty and well-behaved? My little Mo is just a little bit quick-tempered, but very kind-hearted and responsible. You can’t find a second more suitable military instructor. Until now those old guys in the Military Ministry have still complained that I’m digging corners through the back door.”

“…” Miao Fan thought to himself, Why do your words sound so perverted?

“Pei Yutu, Instructor Ping’s ability is no doubt, but you should discuss with him about a little restraint. With this intensity of training, what if something happens?”

Pei Yutu, “When I first, no, the second time I saw him at the AMTC, do you know what the situation was? I also thought this man was too violent, but now it seems that he is actually kind to the students. You can rest assured that Ping Mo knows his boundaries. He’s just…he’s too good. He’s the ex-Raptor Captain, and as a senior, wants to tutor poor students. The means will be more or less violent, but if he isn’t how can they get better? So what is the main complaint?”

Miao Fan, “Oh, they’re just dehydrated. No big deal.”

Pei Yutu said with certainty. “You see? I told you Ping Mo had a sense of proportion!”

With the unconditional support of the No. 1 head of the sixth station and under the dedicated guidance of Instructor Ping, in less than a month’s time, no one dared to peek at Sister-in-Law in the entire station. Even the snakes fled when they saw Ping Mo’s back. If they met face to face, everyone also gave a salute, and shouted “Military Instructor.” No one who didn’t have eyes dared to call Ping Mo ‘Sister-in-Law.’

Instructor Ping was a bit satisfied with this, but also a bit unspeakably lost, “The entire station calls me ‘military instructor.’ It sounds like they became my subordinates again.”

Pei Yutu, on the other hand, had no qualms about it. He came out of the bathroom, as he dried his hair and said, “What’s the big deal? Who doesn’t know we’re a couple?”

Ping Mo was lying on his back with his legs crossed, as he flipped through a copy of Modern Light Weapons and replied, “That’s right.” 

Besides, it was too gay to call him ‘sister-in-law’ at every turn.

Pei Yutu was very dissatisfied with his wife’s behavior of reading the magazine without looking at himself, and deliberately strutted around in front of him. He intended to show off his taut and firm abs, but unfortunately, the reply was, “Go over there. You’re blocking my light.”

Pei Yutu, “…” Lieutenant Colonel Pei stopped, and grabbed the military magazine that was competing with him. While Instructor Ping was wondering if this man had itchy skin. Pei Yutu turned into a giant dog, pounced on him and grunted, “Stop reading, and look at me.”

At the same time, tequila-flavored alpha pheromones spread.

Instructor Ping, from neck to calf wasn’t spared. All over, he was decorated with ambiguous red marks. Surname Pei felt like it wasn’t enough large, dog-like pampering, and begged for another round. This time, Ping Mo had an iron heart, and put down the harsh words, “Dare to fuck me once more, and you will spend the night in the guest room.”

Lieutenant Colonel Pei was threatened, and begged for second best. “Then we can take a shower together, right?”

In reply, Instructor Ping closed the door with a bang, so sharply that he barely missed Pei Yutu’s nose. Lieutenant Colonel Pei rubbed his nose, licked his lips with a sense of satisfaction, and reassured himself. “I can’t eat a fat person all at once. Let’s talk about it tonight.”

“Hey, why are omegas so delicate? You can’t stand it after one time. Ah, I really miss my susceptibility period. My Mo loved me, and cooperated in any way. With my indomitable body, when will I reach my next susceptibility period?”

Pei Yutu guarded the bathroom door for a long time, but still couldn’t wait for his wife to come out, and finally couldn’t help but tap on the door. “If you don’t have the strength to take a bath, should I rub your back?”

There was another minute of silence. Only after a few moments did a breathless “meow” come from inside.

Pei Yutu, “?”

Pei Yutu did not hesitate to push open the door. There was really no Instructor Ping’s body, only a palm-sized kitten, with a round head and big eyes, and two small ears that drooped down listlessly, the furry body was still wet and looked pathetic.

When he saw Pei Yutu, he gave a milky “mimi” sound, and licked his nose helplessly.

Pei Yutu, “…Even if you’re running away from your husband, you don’t have to turn back into a cat in the bathroom. Look, your fur is all wet.”

“Slap!” Lieutenant Colonel Pei received a paw slap.

Pei Yutu dried the cat’s fur, turned him back into a fluffy, round ball, and slept with him for the rest of the night before he realized, “Can’t you turn back?”

“Meow, meow, meow, meow!”

Although Pei Yutu did not understand cat language, he still heard a positive reply from the string of cursing meows.

This was not a game! If his wife didn’t return, it would directly affect his quality of life.

In the past few days, the soldiers of the sixth station relaxed like it was New Year, for no other reason than the devil military instructor Ping Mo took a leave of absence.

“I don’t know where Instructor Ping went, I hope it is a vacation. Let him rest a few more days. I also want to rest a few more days. I can’t bear the Raptor’s high standards and strict requirements.”

“It shouldn’t be a vacation. Instructor Ping and Lieutenant Pei’s relationship is so good that if he was on vacation, they would go together.”

The crowd nodded their heads and agreed. Someone said, “Maybe he went back to the main planet for a meeting. Don’t forget, Instructor Ping is still a colonel. These big leaders go back to the main planet from time to time, and it is very normal.”

“Eh? There’s a kitty? Ho, really good-looking! Mew mew mew. Kitten, over here!”

Instructor Ping shook his fur, and walked away with his tail cocked.

It’s good that no one suspects I’ve turned into a cat, Ping Mo thought silently in his mind.

It’s one thing to let people know he was an omega. It was even okay to let people know that he was a Therian. However, turning into a cat, or even having cat ears and a tail was so personal that he’d be tempted to kill people – even his own children – if they knew.

Luckily, no one suspected.

Ping Mo put down his heart, but Pei Yutu became increasingly unsettled. It had been several days in a row, and his wife still showed no signs of turning back into a human being, which was definitely not good. Not to mention his own stifled desire, he couldn’t even see Ping Mo’s body and he was also really worried. Was there a pheromone problem again?

Pei Yutu handed over the work of the station to Deputy Miao Fan, held the cat into his arms, and went straight to the main planet to see the doctor.

Instructor Ping was lying in Pei Yutu’s arms, while his two paws kneaded his arms with only his round head showing, as he nervously licked his nose.

After reading the blood test report, the old expert said calmly, “Nothing serious, just overindulgence.”


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