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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Quentina and Kyfayar, dressed in aprons, with long sleeves, and dust covers on their heads, worked together to clean the dusty attic. They dressed like doctors sent by the CDC 1 to an Ebola epidemic area.

Kyfayar followed Quentina dejectedly. If he had wolf’s ears, they would be drooping listlessly now.

“What’s the matter?” Quentina was keenly aware of Kyfayar’s anomaly.

“Miss Quentina, Lord Augusta must hate me! What should I do?” Kyfayar, with a sad face, told the female vampire that he had run around naked during the full moon and was arrested then sent to the police station.

“Augusta said that I made him lose all his face, and he has been ignoring me these days. What should I do?”

After listening to Kyfayar, Quentina looked like she had a headache, “This… What can I do? If it was me, I probably wouldn’t want to talk to you…”

Kyfayar let out a pitiful sob.

Quentina gave a long “Er —” sound. “Don’t be sad! Augusta is a hard spoken but soft-hearted person. Even if he is very angry, he won’t make you leave! Maybe in a few days, his anger will be gone and he won’t remember it! “


“This… I don’t know if it’s true. It’s never happened before…”

“You might as well not say it!” Kyfayar looked more desperate.

“Otherwise it will be so!” Quentina clapped her hands. “How about a good word for you in front of Mr. Augusta?”

“Will that work?” Kyfayar’s eyes lit up.

“Maybe. But it can also backfire. Mr. Augusta doesn’t like to be nagged.”

Kyfayar lowered his head again, “Forget it…” He grabbed the broom in tears and intended to drown himself in a sea of ​​dust.

All of a sudden, they heard an earth-shaking roar echoing through the whole house, “What are you talking about?! You’re bringing your boyfriend to my house?”

Augusta had been upset for days. Whenever he saw Kyfayar, the humiliating memory of taking a police car to the police station would come to his mind, making him want to find a stone to smash his head in with. 

That stupid werewolf! It’s true that people say ‘pets cause trouble and owners suffer.’ It’s Kyfayar who is stupid. Why was I involved?! Ah, ah, ah! I don’t have the face to go to Radier again! How will I face Adalee, Antosa, and the great master in the future? I’ll be laughed at to death!

Otherwise… Why don’t I just send the werewolf away?

No, I can’t. Augusta immediately rejected the idea. If Kyfayar is sent away, won’t I just be like the irresponsible owners who abandon their pets? Kyfayar is just a werewolf. As a human being, there is no need to see him in the same way. Otherwise, will it not be self-deprecating?

So these days, Augusta gave Kyfayar a lot of work and asked him to go with Quentina to clean up the attic that had been dusty for years. In this way, he would see the werewolf less for a while and get less angry.

It’s a pity that God wouldn’t let him do this. Even without Kyfayar, there were still people who made him angry.


The phone rang in the study. Augusta, who was studying a large black book, lifted himself from his desk and grabbed the phone. He asked rudely, “Who is it?” 

“Oh, it’s impolite not to say hello,” a familiar female voice came from the other end of the phone.


He heard it correctly. The voice was his friend (nicknamed ‘best friend’ by many people), the witch Liliana.

As soon as he heard her voice, Augusta’s heart lit up with a nameless fire. He roared, “You still have the face to call me?!” 

“Why can’t I call you?” Lilianna sounded surprised. “How’s the unicorn? Is he home safe?”

“How many days has he been back before you thought of calling?” Augusta snapped, getting angrier, “Anyway, you still have the face to talk about the unicorn! At the beginning, you said that you would borrow him for a few days and send him back in person after the wedding. What happened?”

“Ah, I have a special situation here. Listen to my explanation…” Lilianna’s voice dropped with a guilty tone.

“I don’t want to listen! The unicorn has told me all about it!”

“Oh, yes! That’s great. I don’t have to waste my breath then.”

“What’s with your tone? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you notice that I’m angry?”

“Yes, but you’re a grumpy, moody character anyway, so I don’t care.”

“You —” Augusta choked. “I don’t want to talk to you!”

“But aren’t you still talking? You are strange today. What’s the matter with you?”

“Because of you!”

“What mistakes have I made?” Lilianna cried innocently, “Why do you always put a shit pot on my head?”

“You find your boyfriend in silence, but you don’t tell me. I heard it from the unicorn! If not for him, were you going to keep it from me for the rest of your life?”

“I was going to tell you…”

“Such sophistry! Did you have a date with your boyfriend last time? Well, love is more important than a friend, so you will lose a friend forever!”

Lilianna pondered silently.

“What? I’m right. Don’t you dare to say anything?”

“You, dude…” the witch slowly said, “are you jealous?”


“See I have a lover, but you are still single so your heart is not happy?”

“I, I didn’t say that! You don’t have to talk nonsense!”

“Don’t deny it. I know you so well, how can I guess wrong? What’s more, your sour smell is overflowing from the receiver. Oh, a man’s jealousy is terrible.”


“Well? So you’re not jealous of me?”

A cold sweat fell from Augusta’s forehead. He grinned, pretending to be calm and sneering, “Haha, of course not. Don’t use your little heart to disturb my gentleman’s belly. I’m just angry that you didn’t keep your promise and kept secrets. It’s none of my business whether you have a boyfriend or not.”

“Oh, I’m so glad that you’re so tolerant. Then you won’t object if I bring my boyfriend to your house?”

Augusta felt like he had been hit by a lightning bolt. “What are you talking about?! You’re bringing your boyfriend to my house?” He screamed.

“Last time I broke the appointment, I was not fair, so this time I will bring a gift to your home to compensate you. My boyfriend will also come along. You are my best friend. How can I not let you meet him? As long as you don’t get jealous or steal him away.”

“Who, who would steal him?!”

“That’s settled. This Saturday it is.”

“Very good. I’ll be waiting for you as always.” Augusta ground his teeth and said the last few words, and “bang!” hung up the phone.

His hands were on the table and the cold sweat from his forehead rained on the table, and even wet the pages. There was a crack in the door of the study, through which Quentina and Kyfayar peeped in. As soon as Augusta lifted his eyes, they closed the door in horror.

“Don’t hide, I saw you!”

The door of the study opened silently. The female vampire and werewolf youth stood outside with a giggle.

“We didn’t mean to eavesdrop.” Quentina nudged Kyfayar with her elbow.

“Miss Quentina is right! We’ve been listening to it the entire time!”

Quentina slapped him on the head.

Augusta gasped as if he had just finished a marathon, “Ah, I’ll tell you anyway. This Saturday, Lilianna is coming to visit. I want you to be ready. Quentina has to come over and cook in advance that day. Any questions?”

“Why so formal this time? You never let me stay, but Miss Lilianna will bring food anyway.”

“Because…” Augusta’s voice sank, “because this time Lilianna will bring…”

Kyfayar couldn’t help swallowing. He heard the chatter of the glass and the dust on the door. Lord Augusta was really angry! Amazing magic was surging out from his body, shaking the entire area as if like an unexpected earthquake!

“She’ll bring her boyfriend with her…” Augusta grabbed his hair, “That woman!!! She must have come to show off to me!!! How could she miss such a good opportunity?”

“Calm down, Mr. Augusta!” cried Quentina. “You’ll tear down the whole house!” 

“How can you calm me down!” Augusta bellowed, “I should have refused her! Damn it! But that would make me look like a chicken! Damn it!”

“But your reaction is not right. If Miss Lilianna is here to show off to you, why don’t you show off too?”

Augusta thumped on the table, leaving a crack in the mirror-like surface. Kyfayar shrank back. Augusta has this power… It seemed that his usual beating and scolding against Kyfayar was ‘mild’.

“What can I do? I can’t stop Lilianna from showing off to me unless I have a lover too.”

“Can’t you just find one?”

“Where can I find one?”

“You don’t have to ‘truthfully’ find one, just look for someone to pretend to be one. As long as Miss Lilianna ‘thinks’ that he is real, everything will be fine!”

The earthquake stopped. Kyfayar and Quentina were relieved as they held the door frame. Augusta stared at the female vampire, looking frightened. “It’s easy for you to say! Who would I ask?”

Quentina yanked Kyfayar’s collar and pushed him into the study, “Isn’t there a ready-made boyfriend here?”

Kyfayar was so scared that his heart stopped beating. “What are you doing?” he asked the female vampire in a voice no louder than a mosquito.

Quentina, with an impeccable smile, twitched her lips before saying, “Am I not saying something nice?”


Kyfayar sucked in a cold breath of air. “Miss Quentina, I have never heard such a beautiful language in my life. Please say a few more words!”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 疾控中心: Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention independent agency of the National Health Commission, based in Beijing, China.


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This is going to be good! GJ! Ms. Quentina! 🤩👏👏👏

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noname but i'm cute
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Quentina makes a pretty good wingman… or wingwoman 😂 I mean from the start it’s pretty obvious that she ships those two 😆 And thanks for the chapter 👍🏻

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