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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Kyfayar returned to the living room, Lilianna was talking to Augusta about her meeting with Herbert. He sat back next to Augusta, his ears filled with Lilianna’s cadence.

“…I was the bridesmaid, and he was the best man. We fell in love at first sight at Miranda’s wedding. It’s like being hit by Cupid’s arrow.” Lilianna looked at Herbert fondly. “I think he must be the one for me.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” Herbert took Lilianna’s hand affectionately. “I’ve never loved a woman more than I love you. From the beginning to the end of the wedding, my heart was on you, and I almost lost the bridegroom’s wedding ring. When I spoke at the wedding, I was confused, forgetting all the words I had prepared in advance. When I saw you, I felt like I lost my soul…”

“Herbert, it must be fate that made us meet…”

The two exchanged a deep kiss.

Augusta watched with an ugly expression. People say that the IQ of men and women in love is negative. Now it seems true! Lilianna seems to have cerebral palsy, and the man seems to have been born with no brain! Why should I tolerate these two guys showing love under my roof and releasing their detestable hormones?!

“Augusta, what about you? How did you and Kyfayar get together?” After the intimacy, Lilianna started to explore Augusta’s private life with her inborn talent of gossip. She did not know whether she was really curious about her friend’s love experience or simply wanted to expose their lies of pretending to be lovers.

Augusta took a sip from his teacup. “It’s nothing special. Unlike you and Herbert’s wonderful love at first sight, Kyfayar and I came together naturally.”

“So you have been in love with each other for a long time?”

“Oh, almost. It’s hard to be bored with each other every day.”

Kyfayar was shaking with emotion. Didn’t Lord Augusta agree with the saying ‘love grows over time’? Although he is not interested in me now, can we get along with each other for a long time, is it possible to have feelings? So do I still have hope?

Lilianna raised her index finger and tapped her lips, her eyes moving as she thought. “But Kyfayar has only been in your house for more than a month? You’re really moving fast.”

“Strike while the iron is hot!”

“Sweetheart,” said Herbert, “I’m curious. You said Kyfayar was sent by Lord Cavaldien. Why did he send a werewolf to Mr. Augusta?”

“I don’t know, honey. Who can guess what Cavaldien thinks?”

There was a stir in Augusta’s stomach. The tea he had just drunk seemed to ferment and his mouth was full of acid. What ‘sweetheart’ and ‘honey’? It was too nauseous! He was going to throw up!

“Because my home was broken into some time ago,” Augusta resisted the urge to roll his eyes. “Cavaldien meant to make Kyfayar my bodyguard.”

“Your house was broken into? I thought all of you magicians cast protection spells on your houses and so on…”

“I was careless. Now that I’ve set up a defense spell, no one can enter the house without my permission.”

“Did you lose anything valuable? If it can’t be disclosed, it’s okay…”

Augusta chuckled, “It’s not important, it’s just a research note.”

Lilianna exclaimed, “Research note! Isn’t that important? You are too broad-minded!”

“Oh, I was prepared. Since I was a student, I’ve been writing notes in a magic ciphertext. To crack the notes, I have to hold a corresponding decoding book. The stupid thief only stole the notes, not the decoding book. He won’t understand a word of the ciphertext in the notes, making it a waste of time!” Augusta held up his head with pride.

Herbert said with admiration, “You are worthy of being a great mage. You are very smart.”

Lilianna snorted, “I never thought about this. When I go back, I will change my notes into a secret text full of anti-theft magic.”

“Ah, sweetheart, don’t think too much…”

“I didn’t think much of it before, Herbert!”

Herbert said with a wry smile, “Yes, yes, you are right.” He sighed and looked at Augusta with sympathy. The other party must know how difficult it was to get along with the wayward witch. However, Augusta just looked at them with a smile and a look of schadenfreude.

“By the way, since Kyfayar is a werewolf, there must be trouble when the moon is full, right? How do you deal with it? Why, Kyfayar, what’s the matter with you? Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

At the mention of ‘full moon night’, Kyfayar’s painful memories immediately arose. He held his stomach in his arms, and his expression was wilting like a withered plant. Augusta’s face was more ugly than Kyfayar’s, the smile on his face couldn’t hold, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop twitching.

“No! It’s no big deal.” Augusta exclaimed, “There is a vast forest nearby, which is my private property. Kyfayar stays in the forest during a full moon. And… And in order to prevent him from running around and scaring the residents nearby, I put magic barriers in the forest. Absolutely safe, hahaha, absolutely safe!”

“You think too well! Are the forests around your house your land?” Herbert exclaimed, “You’re quite rich! Unlike me…” He took Lilianna’s hand apologetically. “I’m afraid I can’t accumulate such a huge fortune even if I try my whole life so that you can live a rich life.”

“No, Herbert, don’t say that! I am very satisfied with my life now! What’s more, I’d like to be with you, whether in poverty or wealth.”

The two were close to each other as if there was some cue to start the romantic part of the evening love drama. Augusta gave a loud gulp of his drink, interrupting their pink atmosphere, “Eat some fruit!” He enthusiastically pushed the glass bowl full of fruit forward, “All the fresh fruits we picked this morning! Natural green organic food! Try it! Yes, and Quentina! Lilianna knows her craft best! Don’t mention it, or Quentina will be sad if you don’t like her biscuits!”

Herbert picked up a bright red strawberry and fed it to Lilianna. With a sweet smile, the witch peeled a grape and put it into Herbert’s mouth. They chewed the fruit and gazed at each other affectionately, immersed in their own world, completely undisturbed by others.

What’s the matter with these two?! Augusta’s heart was full of lightning and thunder. Why is it so greasy and crooked! Why stimulate me! Will you die if you don’t show love?!

The magician winked at Kyfayar next to him, asking him to find a way to interrupt the couple’s intimacy.

Kyfayar nodded knowingly, thinking, Miss Lilianna is really mean, why does she have to show off in front of Augusta in his own home? He must be jealous to see her so happy. I’m pretending to be his boyfriend just to let Miss Lilianna not be the only one showing off. As long as we are as affectionate as they are, they will have no way out!

So he grabbed a biscuit and called out, “My Lord, please eat this!”

Augusta didn’t respond at all because suddenly, a biscuit was put into his mouth and he almost choked to death! He had a choking expression and his face was flushed. Kyfayar was surprised and realized that he had screwed up again. His behavior was not like ‘feeding his sweetheart biscuits affectionately’, but clearly ‘attempting to murder his owner with biscuits!’

But things changed! Augusta didn’t swallow the biscuit completely, just grabbed half of which was still sticking out. Kyfayar hugged Augusta without thinking about it, took away the biscuit half and kissed Augusta briefly. The magician’s eyes were wide and he almost sucked the remains of the biscuit into his trachea, causing a tragedy.

Lilianna naturally noticed what they were doing.

“Did you kiss?” She covered her mouth. “Are you really a couple?”

Augusta gulped the biscuit into his stomach and coughed violently. Kyfayar offered him tea, patted him on the back, and scolded the witch, “Can it be fake? We don’t have to lie to you about this. If you don’t believe it, you can go to the great master Mowanya’s restaurant. Not long ago, we took part in an activity held by the restaurant, and the picture of us kissing is still pasted on the wall. Or ask Miss Antosa to send the electronic version of the photo right now, and you’ll see it!”

Hearing this, Augusta coughed even more. That damn picture! I forgot about that. Why did Kyfayar mention it! One day, I will go to the restaurant to destroy that photo completely and let it disappear from the world! However, I didn’t expect that the photo turned out to be evidence that Kyfayar and I are lovers. Kyfayar’s brain is working fast!

“Sorry, Augusta, Kyfayar, I suspected you were pretending to be lovers! Now I believe you are really in love. Like Augusta, I’ve been single for many years because I couldn’t find the right partner. After I met Herbert, I couldn’t even believe my good luck. I always thought it was a dream. Maybe I lacked self-confidence subconsciously and thought you were like me. Taking Herbert to your door also means showing off. Now I finally understand that I should not seek superiority from you. If even you can meet your sweetheart, I should wish you well. You must think I’m not qualified to be your friend!”

Augusta was stunned. This… What’s the situation? From just now, the development of things are a little unexpected! Why does a farce bring about such a happy ending of family ethics drama? 

He and Kyfayar were only pretending to be lovers! Although he was very happy that he had cheated Lilianna successfully, her sincere apology showed that his behavior of deceiving his friends was abominable. He opened his mouth and almost blurted out the truth, but at the last minute he closed his mouth. Who knows if Lilianna’s words are a trick to force him to confess! Can’t say! Never tell the truth!


“Please don’t say that, Miss Lilianna. In fact, I too couldn’t believe I could be with Lord Augusta.” Kayfayar stopped and looked shyly at Augusta. Seeing that there was no objection, he continued, “I’m probably as insecure as you are. How can such an excellent person like Augusta take a fancy to me? How could such a good thing happen to me? Every minute and every second I get along with him, I feel like I am dreaming. I hope I can become better and become a person worthy of him. You can understand my feelings. So I hope,” his larynx moved, and his eyes suddenly became dry, “I hope my Lord will be able to understand your reasoning too.”


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Werewolf Kayfayar self made pit is getting deeper🤣🤣🤣🤣

January 1, 2021 3:12 am

This family drama is so interesting but Herbert still seems suspicious to me. Let’s hope Augusta won’t punish Kyfayar for almost choking him with a biscuit. 😂

Thank you for the chapter!!!

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That’s rather lovely and one half of the pretend couple is sincere.
Thank you for the chapter.

November 15, 2021 8:41 pm

I’d gag and want to throw up if someone was smashing that much disgustingly sweet dog food in my face too. Single or not. And Augusta is obviously blind if he couldn’t miss that billboard sized hint from Kyfayar about his feelings. Good chapter!

March 5, 2022 8:00 am

What kind of friend shows off like this in front of her friend… how disappointing and disgusting.

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