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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

I’m only saving you for your experience points, alright? Why else would I bother? My fingers are frozen stiff from having to drag you all this way! Ye Xi thought to himself, but replied instead, “I was forced into marrying Young Master Huangfu. Since you helped me escape, of course I had to save you.”

It was super fake.

“Hmph.” Dugu cast a quick glance at the first aid kit in Ye Xi’s hand, then slowly released his hold on Ye Xi. He slid down with his back against the wall and panted as he sat on the ground, “Give it to me.”

Ye Xi almost fell over himself as he opened up the first aid kit and placed it next to Dugu.

Dugu lifted up his shirt to reveal his wounded abdomen. He pulled various medical equipment out of the first aid kit, then extracted a bullet out of himself and treated his wound like they did in the movies. It was a bloody mess with crimson icicles all over the floor. However, Dugu seemed like he did not feel the pain at all. Other than his face looking particularly pale from losing so much blood, he seemed calm and composed, there was not even a quiver in his brow.

How could he have lived so long without freezing himself to death? Ye Xi mumbled to himself. He kneeled submissively next to Dugu, hoping to use ‘warm sympathy’ to extract the assassin’s affection. He mustered all of the strength in his body and asked in a sweet, high-pitched voice, “Does it hurt?”

It was common knowledge that most of the assassins from novels grew up without love. All they needed was for the ingenue protagonist to give them some warmth and comfort, and they would forget all about their training and turn into morons.

Dugu shot him a sidelong glance and hmphed, “No.”

Thinking Dugu was being sarcastic, Ye Xi quietly shut his mouth, “…”

Dugu paused before he hmphed again, “I don’t feel pain.”

Ye Xi, “…”

Then you probably don’t feel cold either.

Dugu explained as he looked down and continued treating his wounds, “To make us fearless before death and pain, all the assassins from the Assassins’ Guild had the part of their brain that controlled pain removed as children.”

Like petting a large dog, Ye Xi patted the top of Dugu’s head and comforted, “It’s probably best that you don’t feel pain, otherwise it must hurt so much right now.”

Dugu was caught off guard by Ye Xi’s actions and stared at him with mind-boggling disbelief, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Not at all.” My hand is a bit cold, but that’s about it. Ye Xi stowed his hand away in his pocket. He was calm and unafraid, his performance genuine.

What’s there to be afraid of from a virtual assassin? If you stabbed me to death, I’d just be restored to life from the last save point.

Dugu paused for a moment, then coldly hmphed again before looking down again to treat his wound. The assassin who grew up without any love in his life finally found someone who was unafraid of him. His long-frozen heart began to show signs of melting.

Once he finished applying bandages to his gunshot wound, he rested against the wall looking as if he was done. A layer of frost quickly formed on the wall behind him.

Ye Xi had to softly remind him, “Hey, your nose is still bleeding.”

Dugu wiped his nose with his hand and found it covered in icy blood, “…”

Ye Xi lied with a phony earnestness on his face, “You knocked your nose on the car door when you fell.”

It wasn’t because I fell when I tried to carry you, alright!

Male Extra No. 3, whose intelligence seemed to have been removed at the same time as his pain perception, did not suspect Ye Xi at all. He re-opened the first aid kit to treat the wounds on his nose. Once he was done, an adorably silly bandage was added to the middle of Dugu’s handsome face. In contrast to his sharp, icy expression, the effect was riotously funny.

Ye Xi took one look at him and could not stop himself from breaking into a grin.


“Hmph!” Dugu was stunned by the bright, innocent smile from the beautiful youth before him. A faint blush appeared on his handsome face, then he awkwardly looked away.

H-He is smiling at me!

He is…smiling…at a murderous, cold-blooded monster like me, a creature who belongs to the darkness.

So, after twenty plus years, Guild Master Dugu’s literally and figuratively frozen heart was melted by Ye Xi’s accidental smile.

Ye Xi’s mind wandered as he grinned.

Why does this male extra like to hmph so much! He should change his name to Dugu Hmph, hahahaha!

But if I follow this naming convention, I should be called Ye Haha, hahahaha!

And the Chief Executive who pees electricity should be called Shenkachu, shenkashenka-chu! 1 

“Ahem.” After a long pause, Dugu quietly cleared his throat before introducing himself, “I am the Thirty-Second Guild Master of the Buried Love Assassins’ Guild. My family name is Dugu.”

Buried Love Family? Why don’t you start a dance battle? 2 Ye Xi’s mind wandered back to the present. He suppressed the maniacal laughter in his head, and with the corners of his lips slightly raised, he replied, “My family name is Murong, I am Young Master Huangfu’s fiancé.”

Don’t ask me what my full name is, I honestly don’t remember.

Dugu was again momentarily dazzled by Ye Xi’s smile, then sharply turning his head to one side, “Hmph. I know.”

“Are you feeling alright?” Ye Xi carefully edged closer to inspect Dugu’s wound, “You lost a lot of blood earlier, do you need to go to the hospital?”

Dugu examined Ye Xi with the icy gaze of a lone wolf. After a long pause, he gave a low, slightly hoarse chuckle, “Are you worried about me?”

“Of course.” Ye Xi nodded.

Dugu self-deprecatingly stretched out the corners of his mouth, “If I die, no one will hold you hostage anymore. It won’t be such a bad deal for you.”

With radiant eyes, Ye Xi firmly clutched Dugu’s hand, “No, you must live on.”

If you’re going to die, at least profess your love for me first!

Three seconds later, Ye Xi withdrew his hands and breathed warm air onto them while he rubbed them.

Dugu watched Ye Xi with a strange expression, he asked, “Why must I live on?”

Ye Xi racked his brains for a heart-warming, inspirational story, but came up empty. As Dugu watched him with bright, expectant eyes, Ye Xi cringed and forced himself to continue, “…for me?”

Dugu hmphed as he turned his face away.

Ye Xi awkwardly sat down at his side.

Fuck! I released my special attack too early.

However, a few seconds later, Dugu turned around and whispered in a low voice, “There is food and water in the trunk of my car.”

Ye Xi, “Did you want me to get it for you?”

“Mhm…” A faint blush appeared on Dugu’s icy cold face, he looked uneasy for a moment, then whispered, “You wanted me to live for you.”

It’s still on! Ye Xi jumped up enthusiastically and scampered outside to the car.

Dugu sat on the ground with a hand covering his abdomen. As he watched the little master hop away like a little bunny to bring him food, a trace of tenderness flickered across his icy cold gaze.

Ye Xi rummaged through the car and found some rations and bottled water, as well as a sleeping bag. He held all of these in his hands, then inspected the area surrounding the factory. The land was remote and desolate, there were not even many strands of grass, let alone fresh flowers. So Ye Xi was forced to return on an empty stomach.

Dugu quietly released a pent-up breath when he saw Ye Xi enter the room.

“I thought you weren’t coming back.” He said.

“What kind of person do you think I am?” Ye Xi knotted his delicate eyebrows in annoyance.

Dugu revealed an almost imperceptible smile as he whispered, “Sorry.”

Ye Xi tore open a packet of bread rolls, then used up all of his strength to twist open the cap on a bottle of water. As he handed them over to Dugu, he lowered his eyes and replied, “It’s alright.”

Because I am totally that kind of person, hahahahaha!

I just haven’t gotten my hands on your experience points yet…

Dugu bit into a bread roll, then pointed to the other one, “Eat.”

Ye Xi shook his head, “I can’t.”

Dugu looked surprised. He bit into his instantly frozen bread roll and sighed, “You’re right, a young master from the Murong family has probably never tasted anything so miserable before.”

“No, that’s not it.”

I used to eat bread rolls with spicy tofu sticks 3 all the time when I played video games all night! 

Ye Xi explained, “I have a weak constitution, so I can only eat fresh flowers. I get a stomach ache if I eat anything else…and there are no flowers near the factory.”

“Oh…” Dugu’s gaze immediately softened. He looked at Ye Xi as if watching a small pool of water in his palm. “But flowers keep falling from your hair.”

It seemed like none of the male organisms in this world could resist such a delicate and fragile ingenue character design.

Ye Xi retorted, “How are they any different from dandruff?”

Dugu was lost for words, so he loudly munched down a frozen bread roll.

He asked, “Where do you want to go from here? If you want to go home to the Murong family estate, you can take the car. It’s fine, I won’t die.”

“I can’t go back.” Ye Xi garnered his emotions as he recalled the most tear-jerking scene from Your Name 4, a movie he watched a few days ago before being transported to this world. With a face that was on the verge of breaking into tears, he explained, “My father was the one who forced me to marry because he is afraid of offending the Huangfu family. If I go home now, I’d just be captured and sent back to Huangfu…I have nowhere else to go.”

When he heard that Ye Xi was being forced to marry, Dugu’s jawline tightened in anguish. He lamented, “I shouldn’t have missed.”

“It’s not your fault.” It was the author who made you miss afterall. Ye Xi asked, “What are your plans?”

Dugu sighed, “An assassin who fails his assignment does not deserve to live. According to our guild rules, other assassins from the Guild will come to finish me off.”

“Will you resist?” Ye Xi asked as he imagined the spectacular scene where assassins walk away from their assignments and kill each other instead.

“Yes.” Dugu found a few tablets from the first aid kit and swallowed them with the icy mixture in his hand. He continued in a cold voice, “Both of us have nowhere else to go right now. Will you go on the run with me? The world is so big, there must be some place where Young Master Huangfu won’t find you. How about it?”

Ye Xi clapped as he knelt submissively on the ground, “Sounds good.”

Actually, the Chief Executive knows my exact location at all times, you naïve male extra!

Dugu reached out apprehensively and patted Ye Xi’s hair, “We will rest here tonight, then leave in the morning?”

“Okay.” Ye Xi nodded. He felt his head going bald from Dugu’s icy touch.

Dugu watched the little master with tenderness in his eyes, “I’m sorry that you have to go hungry tonight, but I can’t even stand up right now.”

“It’s fine.” Ye Xi dismissed Dugu’s apology with a wave of his hand, indicating to him that skipping a meal was no big deal. Afterall, he had only one proper meal since arriving in his world. He had been famished for so long that he could almost let go of all earthly desires! 5


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Translator Notes:

  1. Reference to pikachu, an electric rodent from the Pokémon series, whose catchphrase is pikapika-chu.
  2. Chinese visual punk celebrities like ZangAi Jiazu aka ‘Buried Love Family’ were known for posting videos of their dance battle moves on social media.
  3. A type of cheap junk food
  5. Reference to Buddhist monks who reach a higher state of zen by casting aside their earthly desires, including tasty food.
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