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Chapter 108: But They Didn’t Turn Back

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey thought the crossing over plot was over hahaha


As if a pot of cold water poured over his head, his whole person instantly sobered up, Ye Fei’s arm had a few more scratches. Gu Ang’s fingertips pinched his skin and spoke in a muffled voice, “No, he will cry.”

HuangHuang’s screams came out intermittently, getting louder and louder. This situation, for a while, wouldn’t stop. The child couldn’t speak, but could imitate, babbling in a tone like a replica of Gu Ang’s screaming. The awkward atmosphere of the room was particularly striking, giving him a headache.

“Big brother, why don’t we just forget about tonight?” Gu Ang tilted his head and gave him a kiss, propped himself up, and intended to get up. This kind of thing, once it was interrupted in the middle, it was very difficult to mobilize the emotions again.

What was more, with the eyes of their son next to them, the scene was bizarre to think about.

Ye Fei: “?”

He forcefully grabbed Gu Ang trying to escape, with a strong force firmly in control, not letting him run. The prey had reached his mouth, how could he let it go halfway through the meal?

Ye Fei rubbed Gu Ang’s buttocks, lowering his voice, “No.”

“Your son’s blindly humming there.” Gu Ang glanced sideways at the cradle, his face showing difficulty, “Although he’s young, during early education it’s not a good influence. Listen to what he’s learning.”

“Ancestor, is this the right time to talk about this?” Ye Fei, helpless, spoke in a hoarse voice. He had just made it halfway through, and it was killing him to call a halt. HuangHuang, realizing no one was paying attention, began to tearfully wail. He was so noisy, it distracted both of them.

“Annoying spirit.” Ye Fei rubbed his brow, his chest was tight and short of breath.

Gu Ang reached out and nudged him, “Get up and coax him. Him crying all the time makes my head hurt.”

Ye Fei held a stifled breath, his heart turned to ashes, and finally got up to coax the child. He was naked and didn’t bother to put on his clothes, so he walked straight to the cradle. Fingers touching the handle, he casually moved the cradle, his action very perfunctory. Ye Fei gritted his teeth and threatened, “Hurry and sleep.”

At this moment, fierce and vicious, even the expression of loving kindness was saved.

“Oh~~” HuangHuang grunted at him with an aggrieved face, quarreling like a trapped beast issuing a whimper. 

I told you that if you bully the little father, you deserve to be annoyed to death.

“Go to sleep.” Ye Fei poked his fleshy face with his fingertips, with a little resentment. He couldn’t wait for HuangHuang to grow up overnight and go out to study in a residential school to give them some space.

Gu Ang lazily lay on all fours on the bed, reaching out to command, “You can’t do this, you have to pick him up and coax him.”

Ye Fei really had no choice but to bend down and pick up HuangHuang, walking around the room with his buttocks bare. The back of his hand gently stroked his back constantly in comfort. After barely half an hour of coaxing, the little one finally tilted his head and fell on his shoulder. His mouth was opened a little, leaving a patch of saliva on his shoulder.

Ye Fei pulled out a paper towel and wiped it, balled it up and threw it into the trash lazily. He carefully put him back into the bassinet and made a gesture to Gu Ang: “Go to sleep.”

This time he didn’t dare to make too much noise, Ye Fei gently lay back on the bed, not daring to make a sound. He looked at the time on the bed, it was already 2:00 am. He rolled over and propped himself on top of Gu Ang, pinching his somewhat sweaty cheeks, wanting to continue the unfinished exercise they left halfway. In a low, coaxing tone, he said, “Gently this time.”

“More? I’m really sleepy.” Gu Ang muttered.

“…What happened to the promise to let me do whatever I want tonight?” Ye Fei’s forehead was bruised and sore. It wasn’t easy to solve the annoying spirit, and now even the reward was gone.

Gu Ang saw his disappointed face, so he reached out and rubbed his waist, “I’m really sleepy. How about I’ll help you with my mouth? It should be a quick battle.” 

He turned a corner and was complimenting him, praising his endurance.

Ye Fei action paused, as he quickly curved the corners of the mouth. In the past, when he begged Gu Ang to use his mouth, the man had all sorts of ways of avoiding the topic. And now he threw a straight ball, directly to the heart, making his heart and liver flutter.

“Forget it, can’t bear to toss you.” He thought that Gu Ang just barely recovered, so he hesitated for a few seconds, before covering Gu Ang with the quilt, “Sleep. I will go to the bathroom to solve it.”

After he finished, he was ready to get up.

Gu Ang pulled him, buried his head down with a red face, whispering, “I told you that tonight…”

The words that followed were inaudible, all a blur of water stains. He bent over and concentrated on licking and kissing that spot repeatedly. The long-lost feeling rushed to the top of his head, making Ye Fei’s whole body tingle, a second ascension. It was worth it to be treated like a purgatory by the annoying spirit.

The two slept until noon before waking up after each other, one was excited, the other was tired.

The nanny came over to carry HuangHuang away to feed him, and he was gone in a second. Gu Ang got up and washed up, looked in the mirror and touched the corners of his mouth that were broken open, and couldn’t help but let out a tsk. He turned to look at Ye Fei who came in and complained, “It’s your fault, my mouth is sore.” As soon as he made a sound, he felt a pain in his throat and spat out one more sentence, “My throat is also swollen.”

The resistance was too deep, his throat was inflamed.

“I’m sorry, you’re the one who’s too seductive.” Ye Fei now recalled the hot lips and tongue last night, and the tightening of his lower abdomen. He got to the back and lost control somewhat overwhelmingly. Ye Fei said curtly, “I’ll go make you honey water.”

Gu Ang glared at him, “There won’t be a next time anyway.”

He was trying to speak as concisely as possible now, but when he said one more word, he felt his throat burning.

Ye Fei thought of last night and concluded, “Next time, I’ll make sure to get rid of HuangHuang first.”

“Fuck… The point is not…” Gu Ang waved his hand and pointed to his throat again, giving up the struggle, “Forget it, don’t want to talk.”

Ye Fei pushed him downstairs for brunch and added, “You really need to say something today, I have a video conference with all the travelers this afternoon to discuss the fight against the Zerg.”

“I can turn off the mike.” Gu Ang had a cold face and barred the steps.

With his behavior, he expressed his silent protest to Ye Fei. The two simply finished eating and went to Lin XiuYong’s forty-third base. Once the projection opened, the light screen of several people, including Shen Fei Zhou, appeared in the room.

Gu Ang opened his mouth and greeted first, “Throat inflammation, you guys talk, I’m listening.” He coolly snapped his baseball cap, “Don’t call me.”

“Weren’t you fine yesterday?” Lin XiuYong frowned at him, then looked at Ye Fei, “Why’s the injury on your arm getting worse? Did you not use any medicine?”

Ye Fei coughed lightly, “On the way back, I was scratched by a wild cat.”

Gu Ang, who was stuck in the sofa, had red cheeks.

Shen Fei Zhou reminded in a serious manner, “If you were scratched by a cat, you have to go get an injection”

Gu Ang interrupted with a hoarse voice, “Okay, let’s talk about business.”

Lin XiuYong suddenly comprehended and coughed lightly. These two were probably playing too wildly, doing sports with injuries. He licked his lips and recapped the situation he explained to Qi Cang yesterday.

After speaking with a dry mouth, he looked at the crowd again, “This attack on the Zerg, because it’s only a beginning, the number of participants won’t be too many. But if we can win this time, the future direction will definitely change significantly.”

Gu Ang opened his mouth with difficulty, “Therefore, everyone has a great responsibility.”

It was said that it was a tentative attack, but once it started, it would be more rampant. This truth, as long as they were soldiers, was quite clear in their hearts.

Shen Fei Zhou finally sorted out the relationship and complained, “To ask a few of us to fight against a Zerg that is enough to exterminate a planet’s number? Did Lord Qi Cang misunderstand us?”

“I’m with Dog Shen on this one. Although a few of us are quite capable of fighting alone, surrounded by the Zerg army, we will have to die alive there, and get eaten.” Jiang HeYi, who had always liked to raise barbs with Shen Fei Zhou, concurred on this rare occasion.

Ye Fei shook his head, “Definitely not single-handedly. But this is a test attack on Imperial territory, so it’s a little hard to get the Federation to intervene on this. We still have to solve it internally.”

“What do you mean? Do we have to drag our classmates along to die?” Qi MingFeng frowned, and a moment later his eyes suddenly lit up.

Everyone seemed to have an unspoken tacit agreement and turned their gazes towards Shen Fei Zhou in unison.

The corners of Shen Fei Zhou’s mouth twitched and his body unconsciously leaned back, “Don’t look at me, it’s creepy.”

He read the unkindness in those straight eyes.

“Lieutenant General Shen, within our group, you’re the only one with an army under you, right?”

“Lord Qi Cang really has the foresight to send this scum like you along with him, so he’s waiting here.”

“Dog Shen, you have finally come in handy, making mother cry.” A few people commented, soon the shivering Shen Fei Zhou understood them clearly. As an Imperial lieutenant general with a sufficient number of troops could be sent over as long as Qi Cang agreed. This secret experiment of suppression of the battle, of course, would be with all with their own best people.

Shen Fei Zhou’s brain buzzed, finally coldly retorting Jiang HeYi, “Roll away, who’s your son?”

Jiang HeYi smiled and shook his pill head, “Anyway, the army dispatch is in your hands.”

“You can send people, but I’m just a lieutenant general. Those of you with big families can’t say no to some blood.” Shen Fei Zhou counted shrewdly and smashed the abacus on each family’s head one by one.

Ye Fei agreed, “The Ye Family can send hidden troops to participate.”

No one knew what the magnitude of this trial was exactly. When it first happened, each one was a student and had little impression. Furthermore, to say that the information, after crossing back was even more untraceable. They could only be as careful as possible and be prepared for everything.

Seeing Ye Fei’s state, the remaining several people have agreed one after another to let their families support.

Lin XiuYong put the forces together, determining that their foundation was stable enough. He pushed his gold-rimmed glasses, and his expression was calm, “Since your soldiers are united in one place, should you choose a general commander? This way it will also be easier to move troops.”

Shen Fei Zhou coughed twice, touched his blond hair with hairspray, and made a show of speaking, “I have the most soldiers, so I will be the commander-in-chief, right?”

Pei, on your small arms and legs, no one will obey you. Why don’t we fight and whoever wins will be the commander?” Jiang HeYi flexed his muscles, unhappily retorting.

When Gu Ang heard a fight, his sickly expression suddenly came to life, “Come on, who’s afraid?”

Ye Fei pressed him, “What fight?”

“HeYi, Gu Ang, you’re all suitable to be commanders.” Good old Yin WenXuan complimented the two, then revealed his true purpose, “But the commander-in-chief still needs a calm person, for example, me.”

The crowd snickered, and an argument broke out, without anyone falling behind. Everyone was an admiral and had absolute confidence in matters of leadership. 

It was so noisy around Lin XiuYong that his ears hurt and his headache was splitting. He leaned on the edge of the sofa and rubbed his brow, “It’s better to engage in scientific research… Peace… Why don’t you admirals just vote?”

“OK, let’s write a note, we will shine brightly together.” Shen Fei Zhou actively proposed.

These several admirals, like quarrelsome, fighting schoolchildren.

A minute later, Lin XiuYong stared expressionlessly at the light screen and read the slips of paper one by one.

“Yin WenXuan voted for Yin WenXuan.”

“Jiang HeYi voted for Jiang HeYi.”

“Qi MingFeng voted for Qi MingFeng.”

“Qi MingYu voted for Qi MingYu…”

Tch, why did you all vote for yourselves?” Qi MingFeng said unhappily, “Brother, why didn’t you support me?”

“Giving you the army, I’m afraid we’ll all be wiped out.” Qi MingYu analyzed with a serious face.

The hearts of their own family weren’t together, and they couldn’t tell the difference between victory and defeat.

Lin XiuYong continued to read, “Ye Fei voted for Ye Fei.” The next second, he choked, “Shen Fei Zhou voted for Shen… Gu Ang?”

This vote caused group ridicule.

“Gu Ang is married, what’s wrong with you? If you didn’t choose yourself, you could’ve voted for me, huh? “

“The dog can lick even now? You’re too good, ah, Shen Fei Zhou…”

“No, you just pretend to be different. How could you turn your head and vote for others?”

Shen Fei Zhou strained his neck, “I approve of him, can’t I?”

Although there was no way they could be a couple, the deep-rooted appreciation couldn’t be erased.

“Gu Ang voted for Ye Fei, Ye Fei got two votes for commander this time.”

Just as everyone was mocking Shen Fei Zhou, Lin XiuYong read out the last vote.

In an instant, the spitting stopped. Everyone replaced their pitying gaze and looked at the poor man.

“Brother Shen, you’re in mourning.”

“No shame, tenacious triangle.”

“Lap Dog Shen… ahahahaha.”

At this moment, Shen Feizhou was weak, pitiful, and helpless. He slightly raised his chin, reddened his face to maintain the last trace of pride, “This result is quite good, I have no opinion.”

What could be done? Voting for a vote was to show a face of love.

“Good, then for the next few months we focus on training every weekend.” Ye Fei made a prompt judgment.

Shen Fei Zhou raised his hands in annoyance, “Okay, meeting adjourned.” 


After this teleconference, all of them began to carry out intensive training at Shen Fei Zhou’s training ground. From physical combat, equipment, shooting, mecha, to Zerg combat simulation, improving and strengthening their personal qualities one by one. Their sportswear was soaked through layer after layer, but even sweating hard couldn’t stop everyone’s hard will.

Countless days and nights of training, just to be able to send a fatal blow to the enemy at the critical time. Bai SiNing was recommended by Gu Ang to join the training as the only one who didn’t cross over. Following a group of all-around admirals, his progress was rapid.

Qi Cang occasionally came to instruct, and more often than not, stood by to admire the results of his careful selection. The few outstanding young men in front of him, selected from thousands of generals, had successfully returned to the past and were about to change the future. This was the best decision he had made in his fighting career and was grateful to have such an opportunity to save the lives of the people.

Lin XiuYong also didn’t stay idle, after countless experiments, he researched a long-range particle cannon against the Zerg. Step by step, the optimization of the weapon was fit to the extreme.

At the same time, Jiang RuiYuan recreated a new mecha for each person suitable for combat. From weaponry, to manipulation habits, to protective measures, all elements were considered in every detail.

During this long preparation process, Gu Ang gradually found the feeling of the previous military camp preparation. The fall of a planet, what it meant, he knew very well, but he was also very nervous. More than anyone else, he understood the importance of this battle. This time he not only did it for the future of the Empire, but also for his adjutant, Bai SiNing, who had died because of him. It had to be done at full strength, there was no turning back.

Time passed quickly and slowly, and Gu Ang felt somewhat conflicted. He was looking forward to such a point in time, and couldn’t let go of the calm and quiet world of the three people now. No one knew what would happen after that battle. But there was no doubt that it was better to nip the nightmare in the bud to get rid of their anxiety.

In December, Gu Ang heard the latest news about Gu Shen’s and the Lu family’s execution — by a secret firing squad.

Although relations between the Empire and the Federation were eased, the crime of treason couldn’t be cleared. After all, he was his biological father, and Ye HongFeng repeatedly asked him if he wanted to see him one last time.

Gu Ang finally replied, after thinking for a long time, that he would take a look at him from afar during the execution. The day of the execution coincidentally happened to be the day before their trip to Silverwater, like a fated coincidence. He and Ye Fei went to the scene in a black suit, holding HuangHuang.

Gu Ang had a heavy expression from the beginning to the end, and hardly opened his mouth. His silence was in stark contrast to the little one with an excited face.

The room they were in was one-way glass, and in the last few minutes of the execution, Gu Shen looked around, but didn’t see him. Father and son’s eyes met across the space, and he saw Gu Shen become unusually old, with slightly disappointed eyes.

Maybe he was expecting someone. Maybe he was just hoping someone would show up to save him. A person pursuing glory and wealth to the extreme, and even before his death, he had no one to see him off. Even his own son was so obscured that they couldn’t see each other openly.

The muzzle of the gun was already against Gu Shen’s brow, Ye Fei reached out and covered Gu Ang’s eyes, “Don’t look.”

Gu Ang’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he heard a loud gunshot that shattered Gu Shen’s skull and pierced Gu Ang’s heart. The fatal entanglement between the two of them was finally over, and as his son, benevolent in the end.

Ye Fei felt his palm slightly wet, and he lifted his right hand, only to see Gu Ang’s eyes in tears, “Light, don’t cry.”

Gu Ang shook his head, and with a slight blink of his eyelashes, his tears fell. It seemed that when extremely sad, one’s heart becomes numb.

HuangHuang reached out to catch the teardrop, and his chubby little hand went to muddy Gu Ang’s face. He didn’t know what the tear meant, but he didn’t want his little father to be unhappy.

Gu Ang looked down at the growing HuangHuang and suddenly felt a sense of destiny and ethical reincarnation. Maybe he was a little better than Gu Shen and would learn to be a father that people didn’t resent. 

By the time he and Ye Fei left the prison, fine snow began to fall outside. It was only then that Gu Ang realized how fast time had flown, changing from summer to winter in one night.

“Big brother, it’s snowing.” Gu Ang held HuangHuang’s hand to catch the falling fine snow.

The little one giggled and looked excitedly at the world that was gradually dyed white. Everything was new to him, and he was always sunny and enthusiastic.

Ye Fei hugged HuangHuang with one hand and reached out to tug Gu Ang’s hand into his.

The warm palm met the cold fingers and he asked in a low voice, “Are you cold?”

“It’s fine, let’s walk.” Gu Ang shook his head and squeezed the fingers that were wrapped around his finger. The two of them walked along the street for a while, and in a short while the top of their head turned pure white.

Gu Ang squinted at the cold, “After walking around like this, we should be able to grow old with white heads.”

He had some unexplained panic about tomorrow’s battle, and could only use such a nebulous reason for comfort.

Ye Fei replied with certainty, “You silly, of course.”

He pinched the tip of his frozen nose, took off his coat and put it on Gu Ang, and fastened the open collar.

Gu Ang was wrapped in a warm coat, and even his eyelashes were covered with falling snow. Ye Fei, of course, understood Gu Ang’s thousands of thoughts, regrets of today and worries of tomorrow. But this kid was an arrogant and confident little sun, and shouldn’t be like this. He reached out and took him in his arms, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, everything will be fine.”

Gu Ang wanted to say something else, thought about it, and then pursed his lips and nodded his head. He hooked Ye Fei’s little thumb, “Then let’s make a promise to see the first snow together again next year.”

“Not just the first snow.” Ye Fei corrected in rare romantic words of love. “Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, accompanying you to see them all.”

This promise made him feel at peace. Gu Ang was frozen cold, but his heart felt warm. He went home and took a hot shower, slept comfortably, and quietly waited for the next day to come.

He prepared for half a year, just for this moment.

When Shen Fei Zhou piloted the airship and stopped at the villa door, Ye Fei was dragging the two men’s suitcases out.

Gu Ang followed behind, and took another reluctant glance at HuangHuang in Qin LeHe’s arms. Qin LeHe was leaning against the railing of the revolving staircase, wiping her tears and telling him, “Be careful on the way, be safe.”

Gu Ang said softly, “Take care of HuangHuang, and take care of yourself.”

He walked to the door and held the door handle in his hand, ready to close it behind him.

“Daddy!” A childish and slurred voice came out, piercing the quiet.

Ye Fei and Gu Ang looked at each other, and with a difficult to describe surge inside, their hearts softened many degrees. After being taught so many times over and over again, this was the first time HuangHuang called out to them. The two put down their luggage and turned back again, walking quickly back to the little one.

Ye Fei pinched his little face, he was excited and his always bland emotions showed some reluctance. He gently begged, “Call out again.”

“Daddy!” HuangHuang obediently answered.

Gu Ang lowered his head and kissed his brow, “HuangHuang, be good, Daddy will be back soon.”

Outside Shen Fei Zhou was urging them over and over again, the time was almost up.

Gu Ang closed his eyes, ruthlessly pulled Ye Fei and turned to leave.

“Daddy, Daddy!” HuangHuang cried out, panicking, like he was about to lose his most precious thing.

But they didn’t turn back. Because they knew that they would definitely come back again. Trust the youngest generals of the Empire. They were invincible and undefeatable in battle.


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Huanghuang don’t cry, your Daddies will be back after the war..

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They have so much to fight for.
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The last scene was powerful.

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