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Chapter 82: It’s a pity

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The three stood outside the courtyard door and witnessed the scene of the hut’s collapse. Under the fierce impact of the boar, the planks were smashed into pieces, as they crackled on the ground and the dust flew, so in a flash, the place where the hut had been became a ruin.

When the dust fell again, and the boar had completed the task, he went back to Gray Scales’ side, while it asked for pampering by grunting and grunting, as it used its big head to arch into Gray Scales and caused him to stumble.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Gray Scales dodged and cursed.

“Hahaha!” Jiang Huaibi laughed next to him. After she laughed, she went over to check the status of the ruins. When she saw the broken pieces of wood, she couldn’t stop nodding. “Good, good! This boar hit really evenly. There are some boards that are still quite intact,” after she said that, she squatted down and began to pick up the still complete planks.

Gray Scales looked stunned. “No way, Big Sister. Those are already turned into garbage, why are you still stuffing them into your backpack, ah?”

“Who are you calling Big Sister? I’m not even an adult yet! Besides, these aren’t trash, they’re still new, so I’m keeping them!” The seventeen-year-old girl wrinkled her nose in displeasure, but didn’t stop moving her hands, as she quickly stuffed her backpack with the planks she found useful.

Bai Li had long become accustomed to seeing this, so he also went forward to help Jiang Huaibi pack.

“Hey, hey, thanks…” The young girl smiled with arched eyebrows.

As the only person on the scene doing nothing, Gray Scales felt inexplicably embarrassed. Instantly goaded, he also went over to Jiang Huaibi to help.

The number of planks produced by the collapse of a small hut was still quite a lot, so the three searched carefully, and occasionally chatted.

Jiang Huaibi mysteriously gave Gray Scales a wealth code. “I think, after today’s incident, there will certainly be many people who also want to collapse their houses, so they can replace them with a stone house. Gray Scales, have you thought about doing this as a business? A little boar crash business? It will certainly be very popular. You just have to pay for the loss of other people, then you let your boar get paid for every collapse of a room. If you charge a few hundred copper coins to pay for the loss won’t you quickly earn the money back?”

When he thought of his empty wallet, Gray Scales was tempted for a minute, but still had some  concerns. “Can this be done? I feel like it’s amazing that you would come up with this idea. With a few more people like you, it’s not going to be too hard to get those houses…”

“Hey, how can it not work! The first time I asked you to help me collapse the house, you didn’t even have to recommend yourself. People with this idea will come to you. Li Bai, do you think I’m right?”

Bai Li, who had been holding back a spurt of laughter, nodded gently. “Heart’s Jade is right. There is a good chance that this will happen. Even if you aren’t sure, you can still try first. Why not?”

Yeah, why not? If no one came to him, he didn’t lose out. If someone came to him, it was almost like making money for nothing! Let the boar bump into the house, once and for all, and not only would he earn money, but it would also let the boar consume more of its energy. This was a great idea, that will kill two birds with one stone!

Gray Scales wiped his face hard and made a fist, “I’ll do it!”

Jiang Huaibi nodded in satisfaction. “Yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s it, duck!”

When Gray Scales found his next client, she would be able to follow suit and start the business of cleaning up debris…

Bai Li gave Jiang Huaibi a thoughtful look. He always felt that the little girl had other ideas in mind.

“By the way, Big Brother Li Bai!” Gray Scales happily called Bai Li’s name. “The way we have met is fate! Do you need my business? I’ll just let the boar lightly hit your place, and you can change to a new house! If you need it, I will even help you hit it for free!”

He wanted to help out his idol.

The gentle smile on Bai Li’s face was gone, replaced by a stiff mouth and a dull gaze. He never thought that he would become the first ‘victim’ of this new business!

“No, I don’t plan to change my house for now,” Bai Li said weakly. Since he didn’t want Gray Scales to show a disappointed and sad expression, he changed his words, “We can add each other as friends first, and then I can call you when I need it?” Or he could help Gray Scales to promote the business!

Gray Scales was happy again, and busily he and Bai Li added each other as friends.

After the debris in Jiang Huaibi’s yard was cleaned up, it was time to say goodbye. Gray Scales waved at the two of them, and took his boar in the direction of home.

Bai Li looked at the back of a man and a pig as they slowly went away. So big a pig, so thin a man. After they had walked a long distance, he almost couldn’t see Gray Scales’ figure, but could still see the boar’s butt.

“Li Bai, what are you thinking about?” Jiang Huaibi asked curiously.

The people have left, so why not go home? It wasn’t regret, that he wanted to call Gray Scales back to give his house a little push also, all right?

Bai Li quickly came back to his senses, and said to Jiang Huaibi, muddled. “I was thinking, the boar is so big, didn’t Gray Scales ever think he could sit on the boar?”

Such a big pig, it was a pity not to use it as transportation.

Jiang Huaibi, “!!!!”

How could that be done? How did she not think of it? Suddenly, I want to catch a big pet too!

Bai Li finished the plan, shook his head regretfully, said goodbye to Jiang Huaibi and went back to his own yard. Meanwhile, Jiang Huaibi, who was extremely shocked, drifted away, opened the fence gate of the yard and walked in, having completely forgotten that she could tell Gray Scales that idea through the method of sending him a message.

When she did finally think of that method, she mulled over the fact that Gray Scales was almost home and she became too lazy to tell him. Well, since they could meet again in a short time anyway, she would tell him face to face when the time came.

Bai Li returned to his yard and looked at another neighbor’s house with a sense of purpose. He found Demon Xing in the yard. He was sitting alone at a round wooden table with a huge fish tank, while he silently stared at the fish in the tank.

Curiosity reared its ugly head. Bai Li turned a corner and walked to the side adjacent to Demon Xing’s house.

Fortunately, when they made the fence, they didn’t make it too high, so it was easier for them to communicate through the fence.

“Demon Xing, what are you doing there?”

Wen XingYao heard Bai Li’s voice, looked up, and saw the other party was seriously surveying him. The confusion in front of him seemed to be blown away by a breeze, and he found someone he could talk to with abandon.

“Li Bai, do you want to come over to my house? I have something I need to trouble you with on my side,” he said in invitation to Bai Li.

Bai Li naturally wouldn’t refuse, and in less than a minute was standing on the land in Wen XingYao’s yard.

“Why do you want me to see?” Bai Li surveyed his surroundings, only to feel that being surrounded by crops in all directions was a novel experience. In the front and back, left and right, Demon Xing really deserved his persona of loving farming, ah…

“This is it.” Wen XingYao pointed to the fish tank on the table. The golden koi in the tank wagged its tail excitedly because of his pointing, “I went online today and the system popped up a prompt saying that this fish wanted to recognize me as its master. I clicked yes. Its skills are also good, it can increase my luck value by 10% during the following period, but now there is a question. The fish…Can it live out of the water?”

He can’t just take the fish tank wherever he goes!

Bai Li…Bai Li hadn’t really thought about this question _(:з”∠)_


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June 21, 2023 1:25 pm

“So big a pig, so thin a man.” 🤣🤣🤣 I wonder how big that boar is for Bai Li to say that you could sit on it!

June 21, 2023 3:55 pm

thanks for chappie:)

June 22, 2023 12:58 am

I’m thinking along the lines of a pet carrier bag. I remember seeing some people with what looked like a duffelbag with their cat inside it way back when I took my own cat to the vet.So maybe a water insulating bag to carry the fish? 🤔

Thanks for the chapter!

July 7, 2023 3:55 am

Thanks for translating and editing.

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