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Chapter 112: Parallel (3) I’ve Got You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey doesn’t like the abuse


Gu Ang froze, never expecting this man to come rushing in for this reason. He frowned and asked, “Who… who got pregnant?”

“Your dog got my dog pregnant.” Ye Fei repeated word for word, “What about it?”

Gu Ang turned his head sideways, looked at the two tangled dogs, and thought it was unbelievable, “HuangHuang is a female?”

Ye Fei nodded his head and gave a muffled cry, “Yes.”

Ye Fei would choose a female dog? Gu Ang felt his brain hurt. He leaned against the side of the car, flicking his fingers at his body in annoyance, “When did this happen? Are you sure it’s my dog’s fault?”

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, and said with mockery, “What? You still don’t want to admit it? Are you going to be a family of scum?”

The output of this sentence was super cruel, hitting the red heart, rendering people completely speechless. Gu Ang licked his lips, his momentum weakened, “Not that, I’m just surprised… How can that be?”

He really wondered, they hadn’t even met each other a few times, when did the two dogs have a secret relationship? The only time he could think of when they were at the vet, “Ah, was it the last time in the back seat…”

“I think so. Calculating the time, it should be around then.”

Gu Ang, “…” He was still holding on to his last hope, “Isn’t she spayed?”

“The vaccination isn’t finished, so I haven’t had time to do it yet.”

Ye Fei lifted his eyes and swept him a glance, coolly inserting his knife, “How would you be responsible?”

Gu Ang thought, How the hell should I know what to do! The first time he became the father of a dog son, this kind of shit happened, and also the ex-husband’s dog got pregnant, even a dog blood ethical drama wouldn’t dare to write this. He was so angry that he had nowhere to vent his anger.

He could only pull open the car door to carry Min Min out of the car, with a burst of scolding.

“What’s wrong with you?! Have you ever seen a beautiful woman? It just took you a few minutes to get into trouble!”

“The dog that caused trouble, are you happy now that you’re a father?”

“Now people are coming to the door, and you just grin and giggle.”

Min Min simply ignored his curses, as soon as he got free, he jumped out of the car and pounced on HuangHuang. His mouth was open and his tongue was lickingthe other husky’s face all over.

Gu Ang was also too lazy to pull him away, he felt a headache. He sighed and fell into contemplation, “How many months do dogs usually give birth to cubs?”

“About two months, counting the time, she has already been pregnant for a month. In another month she’ll give birth.” Ye Fei seemed to understand, slowly and methodically continued to reason, “So, this month, you can’t go. You have to let Min Min stay with her until the end of the birth.”

“Stay with her for a month…” Gu Ang was calculating in his mind, if the two dogs were to meet, wouldn’t he and Ye Fei run into each other every three days? He had managed to gather his mood, and now he was stirred up in a pool of ripples again.

Ye Fei saw him hesitate and thoughtfully helped him plan, “Aren’t you going camping with them next month, then resume your job after camping.” He took a look at Gu Ang’s face which was wrinkled together and continued to lobby, “Anyway, I took a long leave, so I have time this month.”

The two of them used to spend every day in the barracks, and the accumulated leave could be taken for half a year. Based on this, he made this reasonable request.

“Let me think about it.” Gu Ang lowered his head and was torn inside.

It felt like a trap. And he was just like before, time and time again, foolishly jumping into it.

Ye Fei hmmed lightly, “Do you want the puppies to be born without a father?”

“Okay, I’ll stay. What do you want me to do?” Gu Ang had no choice but to compromise.

Ye Fei loosened his expression and lifted his chin to point at the madly playing dogs, “Just let them play for half an hour every day, like today.”

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay.”

After tossing the dogs, Gu Ang felt that standing around wasn’t an option. He opened the trunk and took out the luggage he had just stuffed in, “Let them play in the garden while I talk to my boss about reinstatement.”

Ye Fei gave a hum and went into the Qin family villa with a dog in one hand. He took the communicator out again and glanced at it, the screen still showed the dialog box with others. When selling the house before, the agent had refused to reveal the buyer, making it very mysterious and suspicious. It wasn’t until he asked his friend at the real estate office to investigate behind the scenes, after a while, that he was slow to get a reply.

This morning, he saw the name and the head of the household was Gu Ang. The moment the name popped up, his heart, which had been numb, suddenly beat wildly. He had really died completely, planning to slowly forget this relationship.

When this information came out, those emotions that had been buried deep in the dust were instantly rekindled. Now he was very sure that Gu Ang still missed him. Otherwise, no one would have the mind to spend such a high price to buy a family’s wedding house.

Gu Ang must have had some difficult reason, so he rashly proposed to separate. Ye Fei thought of the days when Gu Ang inexplicably disappeared and Qin LeHe who suddenly committed suicide.

After those things happened, the first thing Gu Ang said to him when he came back was that he wanted to divorce. 

Ye Fei pursed his lips. His strong sixth sense made him intuit that these things were necessarily connected. If Gu Ang wouldn’t tell him, he’d find out for himself. But the premise was that the person had to stay first. Ye Fei entered Gu Ang’s house again with dignity, and he circled around to check it out carefully. The room was clean, very clean, all the places were free of dust, extremely white, seemingly cold. He quietly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, fortunately he was in time.

If he ran away, he didn’t know when they would meet again.

He knew Gu Ang’s character all too well, he bore everything by himself, and when he couldn’t, he would just hide without saying anything. When Bai SiNing passed away, he was clearly grieving to death, but still insisted on military training every day. At that time many people said he was cold and heartless, his adjutant was killed for him, but he still could act like nothing happened.

Only Ye Fei knew how sad Gu Ang was. Many nights when he couldn’t sleep, he could only turn over and sit up, sitting dumbly by the window. He was just used to being strong and didn’t know how to handle his sadness, so he let himself pretend to live a normal life.

And this time, after they both divorced, Gu Ang took a rare long vacation. So it seemed that in this relationship, the little friend wasn’t any better than him.

Gu Ang reached out and ripped the cover off the sofa, “Sit down. I thought I was going to leave, so I packed it all up.”

Ye Fei lifted the pile of fabric and found an empty space to sit down, “Mn, are you planning on not coming back?”

“Not for a while.” Gu Ang looked at him sheepishly and gave him a hard look, “After all, there’s nothing to stay here for.”

He said the words against his heart, not daring to look at Ye Fei again. It was too much to hold on to, and only to be forced to part with. Ye Fei didn’t mock him, only stared at the person thoughtfully. His eyes were full of inquiry, his gaze made Gu Ang’s heart tingle. He didn’t know which action he would not do well to reveal the breakage of his mind. But no one knew the real reason why Qin LeHe committed suicide, and even if the Ye Family had great ability, the suicide note was only read by him.

Thinking of this, Gu Ang was relieved again. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled twice in a very untimely manner, and he rubbed it awkwardly, explaining, “I left in a hurry and haven’t eaten yet.”

Ye Fei held back a laugh and tried to tease him. He kept his surface indifference because of the relationship between the two, “Let’s go to my place to eat, I bought food.”

“I can order takeout…”

Ye Fei looked at the two dogs in the garden that were getting mushy, “You’re willing to let them both separate so quickly?”

Gu Ang looked over with his line of sight and gave a tsk, “How come they are suddenly so close after fighting like that last time?”

“The two of us also fought before we got together.” Ye Fei reminded him. That fight, it meant a lot.

Gu Ang licked his lower lip, remembering that kiss after that fight. His eyes fell on Ye Fei’s lips, thinly pursed together and looking really comfortable to kiss.

Ye Fei caught his little movement and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Gu Ang rolled his throat and looked away, “Nothing. Let’s go then, I’m hungry.”

It was just a meal, it wouldn’t kill anyone. The two of them took the two dogs and walked out of the neighborhood. After crossing the road, they entered the Qing House. Since they moved into the new house, Gu Ang hasn’t come back here. It had been two years, and the furnishing was still exactly the same as before.

Ye Fei also didn’t greet him, threw a pair of slippers at him, then took off his coat and went into the kitchen. Gu Ang seized the time and entered the door like a long-lost proper palace, checking carefully with his waist for traces of other people’s presence. The only thing in the entrance was Ye Fei’s slippers, and there was only one cup of water on the coffee table, and half a box of cigarettes sitting next to it.

It seemed that no one else had lived here yet. Realizing what he was doing, Gu Ang hammered himself hard. What was the point of caring about these details when they were divorced?

Even if there wasn’t one now, there would be one later as time passes. Besides, Ye Fei had so many suitors, but if he met one that was as stalkerish as he was to his liking, it wasn’t impossible to change them.

Thinking about it, Gu Ang was a bit lost. Those assumptions were like needles, poking the heart with a dense pain. He exhaled slightly and went around to the kitchen door, asking politely, “Can I help?”

He thought Ye Fei would politely say no, but instead the man said, “Help me cut the onions.”

“Oh, okay.” Gu Ang froze and took off his coat, threw it on the back of the chair next to him, rolled up his sleeves and went into the kitchen.

He thought to himself, It’s really not the same as before.

At that time, Ye Fei didn’t want him to get his fingers wet.

Gu Ang stifled the onion, peeled it, put it in the water and washed it. The onion spread out like a circle, emitting a pungent smell. Gu Ang blinked and continued to finish the work set by Ye Fei. But the onions were so smelly that they made his eyes water. He lifted his hand and wiped his eyes with the cuff on his elbow, feeling more and more irritated. Tears seemed to have gotten lost in his eyes and soaked out of the corners of his eyes little by little.

Since the divorce, he had kept his emotions well under control. Now in the same room with that person, the situation was very different, those pretentious emotions spread up. He didn’t know if it was the onions or the heartache, but tears were pouring down one by one, and they didn’t cost anything.

Gu Ang felt that he was too pretentious, the titular intergalactic fierce Alpha, was bullied by an onion and cried. Ye Fei turned around and saw a red-eyed child. He pulled two tissues and wiped the corners of his eyes, “Why are you crying? Is it the smell?”

“Mn, this onion is too strong.” Gu Ang stiffened his head, blaming the onion.

“You’re really a young master who hasn’t done any housework.” Ye Fei washed his hands, took a basin and filled it with water, and clanged it in front of him.

Gu Ang looked down at the basin with a puzzled look, “What is this for?”

Ye Fei sighed, walked around him from behind, put his left hand into the basin of water just as he was squeezing the onion, and took the knife handle with his right hand. Then follow the direction of the grain and cut down with a slice. “Put it in the water so it won’t seep.”

Gu Ang was flustered by this sudden closeness, his back tensed up straight, he didn’t even dare to breathe. It was like he was almost in Ye Fei’s arms.

He could even feel the hair on the back of his head, rubbing against Ye Fei’s chest.

The smell belonging to Ye Fei was piled up between his nose and breath.

He didn’t move, and didn’t dare to push him away.

Ye Fei saw that he didn’t move, and, as if nothing had happened, continued to slice and dice with his hand.

Gu Ang blinked, his eyes didn’t feel sore anymore, but the back of his neck was tingling.

His hand was still being held by Ye Fei, soaking in the cold water together, the sweat in the heart of the hand little by little faint.

Gu Ang’s heart was beating wildly, what was this?

As two people who have been separated, this action was really a bit too intimate.

However, he finally did not push away Ye Fei.

He was too fond of this hug behind him, just a little bit of warmth made him feel jumpy.

When the onions were finally cut, Ye Fei let go of him as if nothing had happened, “Forget it, go out and wait, you’re in the way.”

“Sorry, I don’t know how to cook.” Gu Ang raised his hand and pretended to wipe the end of his eyes to shield his bursting red cheeks.

Ye Fei neatly threw the ingredients into the pot before looking back at him, “It’s not the first day I know.”

Gu Ang took a few steps back and leaned against the kitchen door.

Unrestrainedly, he looked at Ye Fei from top to bottom thoroughly.

Truly, too much like him.

So very afraid of losing control and exposing his emotions.

He resented himself for being too aggressive in character at first, and if he hadn’t stimulated his mom, maybe it wouldn’t have gone as far as it did today.

But it had already happened, and he wanted to do something more to remedy the situation to no avail.

Ye Fei moved quickly to prepare a few dishes, set the table, he also got dog food and meat for the two dogs. The two faced each other before sitting down to eat.

Gu Ang, who had little appetite for a while, ate Ye Fei’s dishes and took a few more bites.

“You’ve lost weight, eat more.” Ye Fei pushed the food in front of him and put some more into his bowl.

Gu Ang finally spoke, “You don’t have to be so nice to me.”

The more tender he was, the more uneasy his conscience was.

He didn’t expect Ye Fei, who seemed to be able to read minds, to speak lightly, “I’m being nice to you so that your conscience will be troubled.”

This statement had the meaning of tormenting each other to death.

Gu Ang looked up and crashed into his eyes.

He blinked, and only after a long time did he speak with difficulty, “You really do still hate me.”

It was true, who would be open to such a thing?

“Mn, I hate you and want to beat you to death.” Ye Fei’s tone was light, saying the cruelest words.

Gu Ang clenched his chopsticks and stopped talking. He sped up his eating, almost wolfing down his food. Embarrassed, self-condemned, and overwhelmed, he just wanted to quickly escape from this uncomfortable scene. But five minutes later, he put his bowl down, “Thanks for the hospitality, I’m done eating, time to go.”

“Remember to bring the dog over tomorrow.” Ye Fei reminded him, “A month, not a day less.”

Gu Ang opened his mouth, not knowing what to say. He did promise, but he didn’t expect things to go in such a direction. It was clear that he was only saying that the two dogs would see each other every day, so how did it turn out that he wanted to come to the house to share a meal? But he did mean well, and if he refused, he would look more like a scum. Thinking about it, Gu Ang could only be forced to agree.

Ye Fei finally agreed to let him leave, “Okay, I won’t send you.”

The next month, Gu Ang went to Ye Fei’s house every day at noon, on time, to report. The two of them didn’t mention the old days, and often went about their business, like a pair of friends who have known each other for a long time. One cooked, the other ate. The two dogs grew more harmonious and stopped fighting. They spent every day with their heads together, lying in the garden in the winter sun.

Gu Ang thought, if they could get along like this, it would also be good. But every time he got closer to this person, he couldn’t help but want to get closer. People were greedy and always had a desire for more. He even selfishly thought, if only Ye Fei would never find anyone else… That way they would be satisfied even if they remained such strange friends. But from the beginning to the end, Ye Fei never made a move that crossed the line, and the sudden back hug that day seemed like an illusion.

It seemed like this month’s engagement was really just to keep the two dogs company with each other.

By the end of the month, Shen Fei Zhou reminded everyone to get ready to leave the next day, the group sent the meeting time and place. The relationship between the two eased up quite a bit, and Gu Ang asked him, “Why don’t you also come, take it as a break?”

Ye Fei hummed, “HuangHuang is about to give birth. I sent them both to the vet, so there are professional people watching, I’m more at ease.”

Gu Ang didn’t expect Ye Fei to agree so quickly, and for a moment was a little confused, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll miss her delivery?”

“No, the doctor said the due date is still a week away.” Ye Fei’s fingertips touched the table, “If you don’t want me to go, I won’t go.”

Gu Ang scratched his head, trying to think of the right words, “That’s not it.”

This thing all the way emanated deliberateness, he always felt that something wasn’t right, “You said HuangHuang is about to give birth, how come it doesn’t show at all on her belly?”

“You’ve never been pregnant.” Ye Fei replied.

Gu Ang let out a cry and didn’t ask any more questions. He stammered and asked for advice, “Then… tomorrow… let’s go over to them together?”

“Yes, at nine in the morning, I’ll drive over to pick you up.” Ye Fei pointed to the corner of his mouth and handed over a tissue, “Wipe your mouth. You don’t have to take the dogs back today, I’ll send them over directly later.”

Gu Ang took the tissue and wiped it before saying, “I’ll go with you, I have nothing to do.”

“No need.” Ye Fei interrupted him.

Gu Ang stopped talking, his fingertips fiddling with the carvings on the marble table top. Maybe he had crossed the line again by getting too far ahead of himself.

Ye Fei had his own schedule, and he really shouldn’t follow.

“I was afraid that you would find it troublesome.” Gu Ang was afraid of misunderstanding and hurriedly explained awkwardly, “If you don’t need it, forget it.”

“Mn, no need. See you tomorrow.” Ye Fei didn’t look up, and showed intention of wanting to kick him out.

Gu Ang understood and stood up, “Then I’ll leave now.”

He walked to the yard, bent down and stroked Min Min’s head, “Daddy is going out for a few days, he will send you to the vet hospital with HuangHuang these days. I won’t leave you, don’t be afraid.”

Min Min looked up, saw its master, and lazily rolled over. It reclined and barked twice at him with its tongue out.

“Be good then, and don’t cause me any more trouble.” Gu Ang reached out and gave him a hug before giving Ye Fei a wave through the window.

Early the next morning, Ye Fei’s car pulled up in front of the villa on time. Gu Ang carried the boxes and tents and stuffed them into his trunk. He naturally got into the passenger seat and just put on his seat belt when he saw the “Gu Ang’s Seat” sticker right in front of the seat.

Gu Ang was a little embarrassed and reached out to get the sticker off, “Why didn’t you tear it off… if people see it later, they’ll get the wrong idea.”

“I didn’t notice.” Ye Fei glanced at him and started the car with one hand on the steering wheel. He frowned at Gu Ang, who was seriously fiddling with the sticker, and added, “If you can’t tear it off, forget it.”

“It’s going to come off.” Gu Ang was a little annoyed, obsessively scraping the sticker with his fingertips, only to tear off the top layer of adhesive. It was his fault that he had to find a strong adhesive when he declared his sovereignty before. Now it was stuck so well that it became permanent, looking very mocking.

Ye Fei helplessly reached out and pressed the person back into the seat, “Be good and sit down. Leave it alone, you’re blocking me from looking at the reflector.”

Gu Ang didn’t dare to move as his forehead was pressed by a large palm. He tipped his tongue to his upper jaw and instantly behaved like a cat. The line of sight fell on the words “Gu Ang’s Seat” again, a clear reminder of their past.

They have been together for several years, without quarreling, having sweet memories. Everywhere he went, he would recall the relevant scenes, which was really torturous. Gu Ang closed his eyes, blocking his vision.

Ye Fei drove very smoothly and he drifted off to sleep not long after. When a painful sensation came from his cheek, he opened his eyes impatiently. In front of his eyes was Ye Fei’s enlarged face, and his fingertips were still pinching his face, “Awake?”

“Mn, did I fall asleep? Have we arrived yet?”

“It’s been a while, they’re all getting ready for the evening barbecue.” Ye Fei squeezed him again, his voice flowing with a bit of tenderness, “Didn’t sleep well last night?”

Gu Ang shook his head and rubbed his sore eyelids, “I haven’t been sleeping well lately.”

“Mn, I can see that. You don’t have any energy at all.” Ye Fei patted his head and pressed the unlock button, “Get out of the car, they’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Gu Ang froze and watched him get out of the car first, still a little unresponsive. What was Ye Fei doing? He needed to get out of the car.

There was no mention of getting back together, nor was there a need to pull away and play hard to get. Every time they crossed paths, it was baffling. Gu Ang shook his head making himself dizzy and got out of the car. A group of people had already occupied a large location, some people were setting up tents, and other people were busy barbecuing.

Gu Ang walked over quickly and greeted them lazily, “Sorry, I’m late.”

“Long time no see.” Shen Fei Zhou was like a skewer master, busy, so he took the time to look at the two men and asked, “Did you make up?”

Jiang HeYi gave him a crutch, “What nonsense are you asking? Two months have passed, of course they’ve made up.”

“The guys next to me are from the R&D center, the one in the middle is Lin XiuYong, the head of the R&D institute, and the others are from their group.” Yin WenXuan introduced, “We’ve just met them all, so let’s take you over there and get to know each other.”

Gu Ang nodded, “Okay.”

The two of them went to the other side and were introduced one by one. There were so many people that he couldn’t remember a few names. Gu Ang was somewhat face blind, and he forgot all of them after a glance.

In addition, his recent mood wasn’t good, so he didn’t want to deal with such social occasions. Finally, he was relieved to have met all the people. He couldn’t help with the barbecue, so he silently took the tent out of the trunk, chose a flat spot, and silently assembled the stand by himself. He half-crouched to set up the tent, while casually looking for Ye Fei’s figure.

The man stood in a loose posture, standing with another man. The two men were talking about something, and he suddenly smiled and looked relaxed. From a great distance, he was visibly pleased. What was that man’s name again?

Gu Ang rubbed his brow, it seemed to be the section chief of the research institute just introduced by Yin WenXuan, Lin Something-Young. He gritted his teeth and poked his brace into the small opening of the fabric with an indignant face.

Ye Fei was obviously a person of few words, and never said anything on the scene, but now he was chatting so happily with the person he just met.

What? Is it that he’s ready to meet someone brand new after the divorce? It had only been three months since they separated, and he was already so eager to start a new life. Gu Ang looked up and took another look over there, the man was the same height as Ye Fei, also wearing a black coat. He was a good-looking man with a very elegant posture, wearing elegant gold-rimmed glasses and looked like the same type of person as Ye Fei.

Gu Ang hid in the corner and was silently jealous, but couldn’t do anything. He let Ye Fei go free, and now he couldn’t get in the way when he met someone he liked. He now regretted asking Ye Fei to come on this camping trip. If he didn’t show up, he wouldn’t have met that Lin.

Gu Ang hung a face of resentment and soon got a bigger tent. He looked over again across the distance, still chatting, chatting to death. But thinking carefully, Gu Ang deflated.

If there was no surname Lin, there would be a surnamed Zhang, surnamed Li, or surnamed Zhao. There were too many good people in this world, Ye Fei used to turn them away, and now, he was single and of high-quality. He thought, no matter who, as long as they have met Ye Fei, they’d fall in love with him.

Gu Ang’s heart was sour and annoyed as he walked over to the barbecue.

Shen Fei Zhou handed a chicken leg over, “This is ready, do you want to eat?”

“No appetite.” Gu Ang licked his lips and asked in a low voice, “The one surnamed Lin, what’s his origin?”

Shen Fei Zhou glanced at him, “Lin XiuYong? I just told you. He’s the research institute’s section chief. He seems to have been in the same class as you guys at Red Flame, right, you didn’t know him before?”

“I don’t know him.” Gu Ang shook his head. In other words, he was also in the same class as Ye Fei. No wonder, he was chatting so happily, they had a lot of common topics. Gu Ang flipped through the five skewers in front of him in annoyance, and had no place to vent his anger and depression. He knew there would be a day like this, but he didn’t expect it to come so soon. He couldn’t resist and asked again, “Is he single?”

“Don’t touch it, it’s almost baked.” Shen Fei Zhou knocked off his hand flipping the skewer, “Why are you asking this? Don’t forget, you have a boyfriend, and if you mess around with flowers, you will be struck by lightning.”

Gu Ang, “…”

What the hell, this misunderstanding was too big. 

Shen Feizhou half-squatted, flipping over the skewer in front of him, and then muttered, “Don’t think that I like you, so I can let you do what you want. Ye Fei’s still here, so don’t mess with me. I’m very honest.”

“What are you thinking? I just want to talk about it.” Gu Ang glared at him, thinking that he really couldn’t communicate with this person. He picked up two skewers of chicken hearts and walked towards Ye Fei. The two were still leaning together, smiling and chatting.

Gu Ang coughed and interrupted the conversation with a stiff voice, handing the skewers to Ye Fei, “This is what you like to eat, here.”

Lin XiuYong turned his head sideways and spoke softly, “Just in time, I also love chicken hearts.”

“What a coincidence, then this one’s for you.” Ye Fei smiled and kindly shared a bunch of them with him.

Gu Ang stood in the same place, so angry that he was about to explode. The skewer he gave to Ye Fei, how could he share it with others so easily? He looked at Lin XiuYong with an unhappy face and spoke with hostility, “There are many more over there, you can go get them yourself.”

Ye Fei gave him a tsk, “Why are you so rude?”

Gu Ang felt a little embarrassed, he fiercely clenched his hand to keep himself decent. Come on, now he was helping people talk. How nice, they were progressing fast.

“Sorry, I meant to say that most of them are already baked, and there are other ones to choose from.” Gu Ang softened his tone, trying to distract Lin XiuYong.

Ye Fei took a bite of the chicken heart, “XiuYong, ask everyone to come over together.”

Gu Ang ground his back teeth, called him so intimately after only knowing him for a few minutes! He was so angry that he couldn’t stand it, but also could only hold it in himself. What could he do? It was himself who pushed the other away. Now he had a new favorite, so he would have to smile and say congratulations.

The two walked away shoulder to shoulder, and Gu Ang was left behind alone. He gambled and picked the farthest seat, looking at the two sitting next to each other from a distance.

Someone next to him joked, “Gu Ang, why don’t you sit next to your husband?”

“We see each other every day, what’s the point of sitting next to each other?” Gu Ang returned in a good-natured manner.

He wasn’t wrong, the two of them were seeing each other every day recently. It was a relationship that was no longer what people thought. When he thought of this, Gu Ang was even more convinced that Lin XiuYong was a green tea bitch. Everyone knew that the two of them were a couple, so why did this person have no eyesight at all, clinging to other people’s boyfriends like that? He now hated that he was sitting too far away and couldn’t hear what was being talked about over there with his ears open.

Just occasionally, he heard two people gently laughing. The meal was tasteless. The kebabs smelled good, but he had no appetite. Since the first day was a long day of travel, they proposed to take their time the next day and go back to their tents to sleep.

Gu Ang walked to his tent and bent down to unzip it.

“My tent stand is broken, so can I make do with you for a few days?” 

A voice suddenly came from behind him, which scared Gu Ang’s hand and almost scratched his nails. He turned around with a frown and saw a happy-looking Ye Fei. He finally finished talking with that person and only then thought to look for him, what a scum.

Gu Ang completely forgot that he and Ye Fei were now in a broken relationship. He hardened his voice in dissatisfaction, “Why don’t you go to that Lin XiuYong to sleep?”

With his hands in the pockets of his coat, Ye Fei leisurely answered, “His tent is small, and can’t fit two two people. I see that this is quite suitable.”

“Living with your ex-husband is suitable? You’re really good.” Gu Ang tugged annoyingly at the zipper and finally pulled it all the way open. He bent down and went inside, lying on his side on the air mattress inside.

Ye Fei took off his shoes and followed him in, sitting cross-legged next to him, looking at him with an intense gaze.

Gu Ang was shaken by the stare and asked impatiently, “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Ye Fei asked, “Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? How is that possible?” Gu Ang blurted out, “I’ve divorced you, I’m not jealous, don’t flatter yourself. Also, this is my tent, get out.”

He was getting annoyed, this person really knew how to pick a gun.

Ye Fei pulled his hand out of his pocket and propped his palm on the cushion, “They don’t know we’re divorced. If you want to avoid suspicion, I’ll tell everyone now. But it was supposed to be a happy camping trip, I don’t want to make a scene and upset everyone along with it.”

Gu Ang blinked, turned his back on him, and didn’t say anything.

Ye Fei added, “Anyway, your tent is so big, I can’t touch you.”

“Whatever, I’ll sleep.” Gu Ang pulled his coat hood over his head and pretended to be an ostrich. He half-closed his eyes and pricked up his ears. He heard the sound of rustling clothes next to him, and then the zipper was pulled down the tent.

Gu Ang didn’t dare to breathe, God knew how he got into the same tent with Ye Fei.

What was that man doing now? Sleeping or not? Did he stare at the back of his head? His limbs were a little sore, but he didn’t dare to turn over. Time passed very slowly, maybe an hour, maybe two hours, and he finally heard even breathing from behind him.

Gu Ang finally loosened his limbs and carefully rolled over. His calf had a cramp, he frowned, massaging it, while greedily watching the other.

Ye Fei took off his jacket, and only a quilt rested on his waist. His eyes were closed and his breathing was even.

Gu Ang propped his head up on his elbows, finally able to seriously look at the person over and over again. There was no fear of giving away emotions or being misunderstood. He quietly looked at the person he had loved for years, with mixed feelings.

Perhaps because of this regret, as the days passed, he would love more and more.

A few wild birds chirped outside, Gu Ang glanced at the time on his watch, it was already 3:00 am. He stayed in that twisted posture for four hours without moving.

Gu Ang moved a few inches to the side, his arm almost touching Ye Fei’s. He carefully stretched out his fingers to touch the person’s face, and quickly retracted.

Ye Fei was sleeping very well, with almost no movement. This little touch didn’t affect the person’s sleep. Gu Ang propped up his head for another 20 minutes and became more daring.

Fingertips from his forehead, along the curve of the tip of the nose, slowly fall to the lips. Gu Ang licked his lower lip, a little impulsively. He thought he was probably crazy to think such a thought. By the time he realized it, he had leaned down and touched Ye Fei’s lips.

It was just a very light touch, not much of a kiss. A single touch was enough, Gu Ang held his breath and slowly braced himself to pull back.

Suddenly, Ye Fei’s eyes slowly opened, in the darkness of the night, and their four eyes crossed each other. The emotions in the eyes were very complex, Gu Ang for a while, couldn’t read them. He couldn’t cope with the current scene, his brain was a mess, “I… because…”

“I won’t listen to your excuses.” Ye Fei squeezed his wrist and easily rolled over and pinned the man down. He cupped Gu Ang’s chin and kissed it heavily, “I got you, so you can’t run again.”


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June 25, 2023 4:50 am

Ohh ,, so these are the memory that brought back🥰

Sue R
Sue R
June 25, 2023 3:00 pm

Do you want puppies to be born without a father?.😂😂 What a hilarious nonsense!!!, but as it’s a ABO novel it’s acceptable.
I guessed HaungHaung didn’t even get pregnant it’s just an YF’s excuse to stop GA from going away.

June 29, 2023 8:36 am

“‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Fly” (from a poem by Mary Howitt) 😉😏
Too trusting and easily fooled ~ you’re doomed, GA.
YF is cruelly cunning, but then he’s in love and hurting too.
I would not have gone on that trip in a million years, feigning sickness at the very last minute if necessary.
Of course, I do want these 2 back together!
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 16, 2023 12:30 pm

Gu Ang is the most naive when it comes to love. And Ye Fei’s dog isn’t expecting, is it?

July 18, 2023 4:32 pm

I feel bad for LXY in this world, but it is nice to see him

Thank you for the chapter!

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