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Chapter 86: Large intestine and brain soup~

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The next morning, Song Xinran woke up in his new home. He sniffed the scent of the sun on the brand new silk quilt, and an unspeakable loneliness came over him so that he couldn’t help but shrink his head under the quilt. Yesterday afternoon, he moved in with the assistance of his parents and siblings, who helped him pack his bags, then made sure that there were robot police patrols around the villa all day long to keep the residents safe, before they had to leave the Sweet and Sour Pork Star because of work. Before they left, they agreed with Song Xinran that they would send a ‘family representative’ to visit him every weekend.

Song Xinran huddled under the blanket for a while, but soon regained his energy. He had to try to prove to his parents, siblings and Master Bai Li that he was a big boy now, so how could he be depressed by this temporary loneliness and isolation? What’s more, today was a big day in his live-streaming career. A small transparent rookie anchor like him was actually going to collaborate with another food anchor. He’d spent all last night re-watching past Old Dream of Stars’ food tasting live-streams.

When the other party reached out to him yesterday, Song Xinran agreed without even thinking about it. It was a great opportunity to work with his new idol, something he hadn’t even thought about before!

Song Xinran washed up and got in the game at 9:00. Because of the day’s live broadcast, he discussed it with Wen Chen late last night before they decided which dishes to make. Some of the dishes needed to use more advanced ingredients, so he agreed with Wen XingYao in advance that he would plant batches of those ingredients and he would pay him for them.

Wen XingYao was the highest character level in the game, as he had risen to level 17. The ingredients that Song Xinran needed were also unlocked only at level 17.

“A total of two types of peppers are unlocked after level 17, namely red chili pepper and green pepper, both of which I planted, so take them all if you need them.” Wen XingYao took out a big handful of fresh peppers from his backpack. The small, red pepper tip was thin and sharp, and as he got closer, Song Xinran could smell a faint spicy scent. The green peppers were each the size of a grown man’s fist, with shiny skin, and looked very beautiful.

“Thank you, Brother Demon Xing!” Song Xinran took the large handful of peppers from Wen XingYao’s hand and sweetly thanked the man. “How many copper coins do these cost in total? I’ll give them to you.”

“No need. These peppers aren’t worth much money. You can just take them.” Wen XingYao waved his hand and refused. Since he opened the land in his courtyard to 100% full value, each plant could harvest a large number of crops, and just kept the high quality and left the good quality which were sold to the village chief. He had really saved a lot of family money.

The ones for Song Xinran, although they looked like a lot, in fact were only ten of each kind. As he said, they really weren’t that very valuable.

Song Xinran repeatedly confirmed, but found Wen XingYao really didn’t want to be paid. He bit his lips as he thought, then proposed, “Then when I cook them, I’ll send some over to you and Master to eat. I can’t take Brother Demon Xing’s ingredients for nothing.”

The little one had a persistence that Wen XingYao didn’t expect. This time he didn’t refuse, but nodded his head and agreed.

Song Xinran ran away happily. He had to hurry back to continue the preparations.

At 10:30, Wen Chen arrived at Song Xinran’s doorstep, as the two of them met up to discuss the content of the live broadcast in more detail. At five minutes before eleven, Song Xinran quietly boarded his own live stream without choosing to start the broadcast, but together with Wen Chen, kept an all-black screen and read the pop-ups sent by the players who came early with great interest.

[Damn it, why isn’t 11 here yet?! God knows how excited I was last night when I found out my two favorite anchors were going to collaborate, it was like a double serving of ecstasy!]

[Nutritional fluid and dishes are ready. I believe this time I will no longer be the poor little one who looks at delicious food with drool and tears flowing together. I am sublimated!]

[I don’t know what kind of dishes Peachy Boy and Evil Dream will bring us, but I’m sure I’ll like them all…]

Song Xinran, Peachy Boy?

Wen Chen, Evil Dream?

The two silently glanced at each other, both wondering how in the end such a name was passed on. Even if it was indeed taken from their game name, why did it sound like a strange sense of ridicule? Still, it didn’t matter. The audience could call them what they wanted. When the live broadcast started, let them experience ‘the evil of society.’

Thinking about the menu they decided on last night, both Song Xinran and Wen Chen showed  meaningful smiles.

At eleven, Song Xinran started the broadcast on time. After he greeted the audience with Wen Chen, they got down to business.

Song Xinran said, “As you all know, last night a large group of wild boars came to the village, and after nine of them were picked, the village chief took care of the rest and distributed them equally to all the players. Old Dream of Stars and I got two bowls of pig’s blood, one pork sausage, one pork brain, and two pieces of pork. We were lucky that they were all pork.”

Wen Chen went on to say, “Because of the limited ingredients, we briefly discussed and decided to make these dishes: duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup,[efn_n].毛血旺. Spicy Duck Blood Soup was originally invented by Xu Funquan, a hawker, when he mixed hot chicken and duck blood. It later became a cultural icon dish of Shanghai. A hearty Asian soup that tastes both sour and spicy was considered medicinal because duck blood promotes blood circulation, removes toxins, maintains beauty, aids digestion and warms the stomach. The garlic was believed to be beneficial for the spleen, stomach and kidneys. [/efn_note] simmered pig intestines, 1Dongpo pork belly, 2and stewed potatoes with pork belly,3 and since the previous ones were all meat dishes, we are ending up with making a spicy stir-fry with cabbage. But right now, we have decided to make simmered pork intestines and pig brains.4

When introducing these, both of them were smiling and calm. They did not feel that they were talking about anything bad. The viewers in the studio first cheered after the painful wait for the food broadcast to finally begin, but when they heard exactly what the two were planning to do, their faces split open.

[Wait, wait! I won’t ask what duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup is first, that pork intestines and pork brains… Are those the two things I am thinking of?]

[Yes, right 0.0, if the organs on pigs are called the same as those on humans, then these two are their large intestines and brains. Panic face.jpg.???? This stuff can still be used to eat? Are the two anchors crazy!?]

[Peach, Old Dream, blink if you’ve been kidnapped!]

[Ahhhhhhhhh! Why! Why do you guys have to use these two things to cook, it’s just too horrible, even if you guys managed to make it, no one would dare to eat it, ah! TAT!]

[Oooh, reason tells me I should quit the live stream now to save my life, but my body and eyes won’t listen to me, still want to continue watching. What should I do, ah? I really don’t want to eat the pig’s large intestine and brain ah, how dirty ah…]

[Peach! Brother Peach, the sea of suffering is boundless, hurry and turn back to the shore. It’s not too late for you to give up, let’s make some normal food, that Dongpo sounds good!]

But Song Xinran, after reporting to the viewers what he was going to do, buried his head in the ingredients, and Wen Chen, who had nothing better to do for the time being, looked at the screen-like pop-ups and explained good-naturedly, “The two ingredients that you are afraid of we checked beforehand. The village chief treated it very cleanly, and eating it will not have any bad taste. Hmm? You guys ask if this is our innovative approach? Not at all. These two ingredients in the ancient Blue Star period are famous for being delicious. People would leave nothing on their plates, and those who had never eaten it before would also continue ordering it after they tried it. So everyone rest assured, we really are not messing around. In the case of duck’s blood soup…It is actually a food made from pig’s blood, with a lot of chili peppers put in it. It will be spicy when you eat it. If you are not used to eating spicy food, don’t eat too much at once. But we only have 30% taste sync and smell sync in the live room, so people won’t have the same strong spicy feeling in their mouths as we do.”

The audience’s indignant emotions slowly eased under Wen Chen’s soft voice of comfort and reassurance, and when they heard Wen Chen’s last words, their moods became a bit complicated again.

[I know, I know! Stop talking about 30%! We’re really so pathetic, we can’t even eat shit to catch up with the hot ones!]

[???? The front, say again I will report it!]

[Listen to what the anchor says. I suddenly am a little curious about the taste of pork brains, quickly tell me I’m not alone!]

[You are indeed not a person, I am also…knocking on a bowl and waiting…]

[Ok bla, bla. Since you are determined to do so. An ashen fan can only give up his life to accompany the gentleman. (PS: I learned this expression from ancient books!)]

“Don’t worry, everyone, we will definitely not let you down.” Wen Chen assured the audience, before going to give Song Xinran a hand.

As a newbie in the kitchen, having learned to cook live for only a few days, it was impossible for Song Xinran not to feel panic in his heart. He was just pretending to be calm to keep the audience from suspecting too much.

This time, with the addition of Wen Chen, an experienced food anchor, Song Xinran felt that everything was going smoothly. Wen Chen was like a qualified teacher, as he occasionally pointed out the irregularities in his movements and encouraged him in the areas he did well. This made Song Xinran enjoy the cooking process even more, and he wore a big smile the whole time.

Wen Chen not only gave guidance during Song Xinran’s cooking, but also seriously described to the audience in detail the aroma he smelled and the experience he had in mind. Even before the dish was ready, the audience was already salivating.

The viewers who were deeply poisoned said, [It’s just pork intestines, why don’t you serve it quickly?]

Song Xinran’s hand speed was not slow, and soon the first dish, Blood soup, was ready and served. It was called Boar’s blood and brain soup, but it was far from the Ancient Blue Star version. Due to insufficient ingredients, it was only a simple version.

Wen Chen sat at the table with chopsticks and started his tasting. He first fished up all the ingredients in the big bowl to show the audience, the thinly sliced pig’s blood, the brains that had been carefully put in but hadn’t broken open, the bean sprouts made from soybeans, the pork that was too thin and rolled into a ball, the peeled potatoes cut into pieces, the tender cabbage, and the spicy and fragrant red oily soup that covered it all. The top layer of red chili peppers was very tantalizing to the palate.

The audience, who had reservations earlier, looked straight at it!

What a red dish! What a dominating smell! The smell is addictive, and eating it makes people…

[Ow!!! My mouth seems to be on fire! This dish is poisonous, guys hurry up and retreat!!!] An Interstellar person who had eaten spicy food for the first time in the game, let out a wail over what they hadn’t seen in the world before.


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Translator Notes:

  1. None of the pictures look that great, so here is the link if any of you want to look at it. Here.
  2.  东坡肉. Translator note: I’ve actually made this recipe many times before and it is so delicious. Really recommend this to pork eaters.  You can find Shaoxing wine, Rock sugar, and dark soy sauce on Amazon. I’ve attached an affiliated link to each one.
  3. Recipe here. You can buy Chinese Five Spice on Amazon.
  4. Again, none of the pics look great.


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