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Chapter 114: Parallel (5) Dog, I’ll Kill You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is losing mojo


When they came down from the mountain, it was already close to evening time. It got dark early in winter, and the road was foggy everywhere. The group descended the mountain carefully, fearing that if they weren’t careful, they would slip and roll down.

Gu Ang grumpily took Ye Fei’s hand, walking calmly. After the two of them talked about their issues, and both of them were a lot more relaxed, at least the gap had been cleared. As for how to face the future, they still have a long time to adjust slowly.

Gu Ang shook Ye Fei’s hand, as if he was back in the old days of studying. He walked two steps and looked at Ye Fei sideways, the corners of his mouth never came down.

Ye Fei was helpless by the sight and reminded, “Look at the road, you’ll fall down later.”

“It’s a good feeling to get back what you lost.” Gu Ang thought of the conversation they had just had, and sighed again. He put Ye Fei’s finger in his hand and played with it, as if to confirm from the physical touch that it was actually happening and not a figment of his imagination.

Ye Fei hooked the messy hand and grunted softly, “Next time you disappear without a word, I’ll spank you.”

Gu Ang frowned and glared at him unhappily, “You’re so perverted.”

“I have something more perverted, want to try?” Ye Fei pinched his fingertips, lowering his voice.

Gu Ang grunted coldly, looked away and looked down at the road. He walked for a while before he said, “No, they’re going to drink later, you should drink less, you’re driving tomorrow.”

Ye Fei shook his head, “I’m not drinking, for safety’s sake. If you want to drink, you can have a couple of drinks.”

He thought Gu Ang had too much on his mind, so it was good to indulge a little. He gave Gu Ang permission, but he didn’t expect that when it came to drinking, the child simply turned over. Round and round, one cup at a time. In less than half an hour, his cheeks turned red.

Ye Fei clip cigarette, one hand still had to protect the crooked people. The next few also drank too much, falling to the east and west, and began to raise their voices to provoke a drink when they saw someone.

Gu Ang wasn’t a bad drinker, but also couldn’t afford this kind of shouting style drinking, and soon got completely drunk. He wasn’t a bad drinker, and didn’t make a fuss, but only looked a bit changed, dizzy and leaned against Ye Fei.

“Don’t drink, huh?” Ye Fei looked down and pinched his face, half in a complaining tone, “What are you messing with them for?”

Gu Ang lifted his eyelids, some confusion in his eyes, but his voice was firm, “I can’t lose, I’m a fierce Alpha.”

The persona had to be held, and couldn’t collapse.

“Yes, you’re the most fierce, so fierce that you can’t sit still.” Ye Fei teased.

The Qi brothers came together, “Gu Ang, hiding behind Ye Fei with what ability, do you dare to continue?”

Gu Ang bounced up from Ye Fei and spoke aggressively, “Come on!”

“Don’t pour any more for him, he’s not in a good mood lately.” Ye Fei took his place and drank two glasses of wine. He knew that Gu Ang looked heartless, but his mind was hidden deeper than anyone else’s. But he was just using the drink to numb himself.

Gu Ang turned his red face, staring at Ye Fei left and left for a while, reached out to hold his face and kissed. As if it wasn’t enough, he rushed to his mouth and kissed it twice more in confusion and sweetness.

The alcohol was so strong that it made him want to tell the world what he was thinking. He yelled out into the infinite darkness, “I love Ye Fei so much!”

Somewhat childish, and bold and fearless. The cascading mountains echoed wave after wave.

Ye Fei put out his cigarette and laughed dumbly. Had he known that drinking worked so well, he should have gotten someone drunk on the day of the divorce. Then solve the problems one by one, it was delayed for three months.

Shen Fei Zhou was blown up by this roar of brain pain, he was annoyed, while rubbing his temples spat, “I know, I know, why are you roaring?”

His heart was going to be abused into slag, this person also inserted a knife into his chest.

Gu Ang explored to pick up his collar and asked fiercely, “Do you like Ye Fei too? No, he’s mine, you can’t steal him.”

“Fuck, you’re really drunk, wash up!” Shen Fei Zhou mumbled, not bothering with the drunkard.

Ye Fei laughed so hard that she thought he was really cute to the point of explosion. How could he have drunk this much, yet still keep his possessiveness in mind.

Gu Ang hasn’t forgotten about choking with Shen Fei Zhou and was about to get up. He even began to move his limbs, “If you like Ye Fei, let’s fight, I can beat you anyway.”

“… You’re nuts.” Shen Fei Zhou was too lazy to care about him.

Ye Fei hurriedly stopped people and dragged him in the direction of the tent, “You guys keep drinking, I’ll take him away.”

If they stayed any longer, when he thought back tomorrow, he would be so ashamed that he would want to kill himself.

Gu Ang’s arms were strangled and he turned back with a face full of anger, but when he saw it was Ye Fei, he instantly relaxed and lost all his hostility. He tilted his head and asked in a gangly manner, “Big brother, what are you doing with me?”

“I’m afraid some drunk will make a fool of himself.” The tent wasn’t far away, and Ye Fei easily dragged the man inside. Once the zipper was closed, the tent looked dark, blocking out the starlight from outside.

Gu Ang blinked and stared at him, his hands scratching at him carelessly, “Why don’t you turn on the light? I can’t see you.”

“There’s no light.” Ye Fei returned stiffly.

Gu Ang was a little disappointed, blinking for a while, fished out the communicator from his pocket to open the lighting mode, patting Ye Fei’s face. The white light was blindingly bright, and he said with a smile, “I can see clearly, you look really handsome.”

Ye Fei was shaken to blindness, hiding to the side, “Stop for a while.”

“Why? Don’t you like me?” Gu Ang pulled his wrist, a little aggravated.

“I don’t dislike you.” He was just about to throw up from the light. Ye Fei tossed his communicator aside and smashed it into the quilt, and the light became dim.

The tent was shadowed by the shadows of the two men, near and far. Ye Fei smoothed out the hair in front of Gu Ang’s forehead, a little distracted. He slid his fingers down the bridge of his nose and wiped the corner of Gu Ang’s mouth before pulling him into his arms and giving him a solid kiss.

Gu Ang was drunk, alcoholic, and his mind was in turmoil. He reached out to pull Ye Fei’s clothes, but the force was too strong and half of the buttons were ripped off.

Before the button was halfway down, someone outside yelled, “Turn off the lights, you two are casting shadow porno outside!”

When the light shone, it was a shadow play scene. Ye Fei stopped moving and blushed. He moved quickly and quickly flipped out his communicator, turning it off, plunging the tent back into darkness.

The kiss was interrupted and Gu Ang was a little impatient. He grabbed Ye Fei and kissed him again, and the cold hands dug into his neck. His brain was dizzy, a chaos of thoughts in his brain.

Ye Fei was simply tantalized by this action. He clasped Gu Ang’s wrist and flipped his remaining sanity, “We’re still outside, so behave yourself.”

Most of the people outside were still awake, so if there was a little noise here, it would become a live broadcast. It wasn’t clear what people were talking about. Now he would like to carry people back and find a place to clean up the child. It just wasn’t the right time or place.

Ye Fei moved some thoughts, he clicked on the communicator recording, and followed the good advice, “Light, do you want to do it?”

“Yes.” Gu Ang nodded heavily as the alcohol washed over him.

“Then we go back and do it tomorrow, okay?” Ye Fei raised the corner of his mouth and followed the words down.

Once he heard this, Gu Ang was a little upset, “You want to wait for tomorrow? Just use your hands.”

Ye Fei thought to himself, You have a clear head on this matter. He patiently guided, “Tomorrow, we don’t need to use our hands, let’s do it for real.”

Gu Ang froze for a moment, not understanding the meaning of the words, and asked dumbly, “How… how?”

Ye Fei felt bad, like an old fox who had abducted the little white rabbit. He slowed down his speech to make sure he heard every word, “Let me take you, we’ll be prepared, it won’t hurt.”

“No way.” Gu Ang refused with a face that had its own bottom line even when drunk.

Ye Fei said again, “You can just lie down, you don’t have to make any effort, it’ll be comfortable.”

Gu Ang was wound up, his limbs were now weak, he really didn’t even want to move a little. After a few seconds of contemplation, he said firmly, “Okay, then I’ll lie down, you do it.” As if afraid of Ye Fei regretting, he hooked his little finger, “Pinky swear.”

Ye Fei didn’t expect things to go so well, he was afraid that Gu Ang would wake up to renege, and repeated, “Then it’s agreed, I’ll press you. The one who reneges is the puppy and has to learn how to bark.”

“The one who regrets is the husky!” Gu Ang thought of the two stupid dogs at home and nodded again heavily.

Ye Fei was satisfied and carefully put the recording away before putting the person down, “Then go to bed early today and get well.”

Gu Ang didn’t know he had so many ideas. He grunted, rolled over a few times, and fell back to sleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he had a splitting headache and was almost out of it. Gu Ang came out of the tent, and the others were already packed and ready to go back.

Ye Fei saw him get up and simply started packing. The tent was dismantled, the stand was collected, and quickly packed and thrown into the trunk.

“What did I do… yesterday?” Gu Ang stood in place, hammering his head, feeling full of mush.

Ye Fei looked at him and smiled, “Don’t you remember?”

“I just remember that many people poured me wine, and then I blanked out.”

Gu Ang’s brain was blank at this point, he seemed to be hugging Ye Fei to confess his love, “Don’t forget to remember, pack up and get in the car.”

Gu Ang let out an “oh”, but felt that the person seemed not quite right. The subtle expressions seemed to reveal a hint of treachery. He always felt that when he was messed with. He rubbed his neck and was about to help when he felt a bit overwhelmed, “Forget it, I’m getting in, I have a headache.”

He walked over and greeted the others one by one, then lazily got on the passenger side. He didn’t know if it was the hangover or the wind, but his cheeks felt hot and feverish.

Gu Ang squinted and lay down for a while before Ye Fei put all his things in the car. He helped Gu Ang put on his seat belt and put his hand on his forehead, “Not feeling well? It feels a little bit hot.”

“It’s uncomfortable.” Gu Ang half-closed his eyes, not bothering to open them, “Maybe I’m still sober.”

Ye Fei gave a hmm and started the car while pulling the small quilt from the back seat to cover him up, “Sleep a little more, next time you won’t be drinking so much.”

He was like a worried old father who wanted to tie Gu Ang’s hand with a rope. But, after a while, Ye Fei found something wrong. The carriage was cramped and the air was airtight, and soon a hint of white peach oolong aroma spilled out, gradually intensifying. The taste was fragrant and soft, but with a strong oppressive force, wantonly provocative.

Ye Fei wrinkled his nose and switched to autopilot. He sidled up close to Gu Ang and sniffed, combined with Gu Ang some signs of fever, a guess floated up. The child, it seemed that his susceptible period had arrived. He suppressed his heartbeat and sat back, tickled.

The susceptibility period, then wasn’t it just the right time to carry out last night’s appointment?

Ye Fei wasn’t sure about the double A real gun. He read a lot of theoretical knowledge, but in this sensitive period, he was afraid to tease him too crazily and hurt him. He thought about it, first shopping online for some of the must-haves delivered on the same day, filling in the address of Qingfu. It would take most of the day to drive back, and by the time they arrived, it was estimated that the stuff would be almost there.

Gu Ang heard the movement next to him and slightly opened his eyes, “What are you giggling about all by yourself?”

“Hmm? You’re awake.” Ye Fei touched the corner of his mouth that seemed to be a bit smug, “I laughed at you for drinking wine and getting your susceptible period.”

Gu Ang’s nose twitched, smelling the smell of his own pheromone. He cursed, “Fuck, it’s about time.”

Ye Fei asked him, “What do you mean?”

“Just in time for us to make up, otherwise I’d be all alone, how pathetic.” Gu Ang said it with ease, not thinking about what Ye Fei had planned in his mind. He reached out towards Ye Fei, “Give me a hug.”

“You’re really, really clingy.” Ye Fei laughed and bent down to hug him. He touched his head sideways on the neck, “At night, come back to Qingfu with me, okay?”

Gu Ang said in a muffled voice, “Don’t you want to pick up the dog? I don’t even know if the puppies were born yet.”

Ye Fei said vaguely, “They’re fine, we’ll pick them up tomorrow. It’s late today, let’s get some rest.”

“Oh, I’m quite looking forward to seeing the pups.” Gu Ang relaxed and leaned against his shoulder, “Then I’ll go back with you.” He paused for a moment and added, “One day, let’s move back.”

He meant moving back to the wedding house.

Ye Fei used his hand to push down the messy hair at the back of his head, “After a roundabout way, the head of the household changed from me to you, and also paid a large amount of agency fees for nothing. Was it fun?”

“It’s nice. If you don’t listen to me, I’m the head of the household, I’ll let you sleep wherever I want.” Gu Ang looked arrogant.

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, and his heart trembled. He did have something to hide from Gu Ang, and if the kid found out… He suspected that he would really sleep in the basement for a month straight. It seemed that tonight, it was necessary to have fun in time.

Ye Fei exhaled and let go of the person, “What do you want to eat tonight? Order takeout, or I can cook.”

“Just eat something, I don’t have an appetite.” Gu Ang slumped in his chair, slouching, “I want to go home and lie down.”

“Okay, whatever you want.”

The car ride was smooth and boring, and Gu Ang’s susceptibility was getting worse, and he was a little restless. He moved around in the seat, but couldn’t find a comfortable sitting position.

Tossing and turning for half an hour, he was a little impatient, “This route is so long, how come we’re not there yet!”

He was asleep the whole time, not feeling much.

“What’s your hurry?” Ye Fei lost his smile.

Gu Ang grunted coldly, “I’m not feeling well, you have to help me relieve it.”

It wasn’t like it hadn’t been done before, although it was just short of the last step, but it was better than being anxious like this now. Since it was said that they had chosen to make friends in the past, they should certainly play the necessary role of boyfriend.

Gu Ang was a bold man, pulling Ye Fei’s hand, hinting, “Or else, you can help me now.”

Ye Fei was helpless, barely able to draw back his hand to put it back on the steering wheel, “You’re really little crazy, wait until we get back and talk.”

The autopilot was turned on again to at least to ensure safety. He knew Gu Ang’s current situation, when the susceptible to a period came, he was tortured hard. If the little friend was an Omega, he could release pheromone himself to pacify him. But he was as strong as he was Alpha, two high concentrations of pheromone once out, would only provoke the war.

In the past, both men avoided pheromone collisions. Their actual susceptible period would overlap, and the scene would be a disaster. He quickly swept a glance at Gu Ang and couldn’t retract his eyes.

Gu Ang’s breath began to thicken, cheeks tinged with a faint pink, he opened his mouth, and revealed a tongue tip. No matter how he looked, it was attracting crime.

Ye Fei turned back to manual acceleration and sped up the car to the fastest speed.

“Why are you driving so fast?” Gu Ang’s hair was blown by the wind from the open window, and he asked in a low voice.

Ye Fei straightened his jawline and continued to press the gas pedal to the bottom, “I’m in a hurry too.”

After a wild ride, they arrived home an hour early.

Gu Ang saw a small box hanging on the door handle and was about to reach for it when Ye Fei snatched it, “Don’t take it, go in.”

“What is it?”

Before his words could fall, he was pushed into the door by Ye Fei and held against the wall for a kiss. But for a second, the uncontrollable brandy pheromone floated out some, and mixed with the white peach oolong. The two sides of the pheromone met, and both of them were a bit agitated.

Gu Ang fingertips tug on Ye Fei’s coat, “Go upstairs.”

“Hmm.” Ye Fei saw him walking slowly, directly lifted his hand to pick him up and walked upstairs with big steps.

Gu Ang struggled, “Fuck, why are you carrying me? This is so girly!”

Ye Fei said back in a dumb voice, “It’s faster to walk this way.”

“You…” Gu Ang always felt that something wasn’t right, but couldn’t tell what.

Today’s Ye Fei seemed different from the usual. He seemed to be in more of a hurry and had lost his previous gentlemanly demeanor. He looked at him with aggressive eyes, like a wolf that had seen its prey.

Gu Ang’s mind was foggy, he thought it was probably an illusion. He was gently placed on the quilt by Ye Fei, and before he could get up, he was held down again and plunged into the quilt cover.

Gu Ang was too lazy to struggle and lay on all fours, tilting his head back for a kiss. But soon, Ye Fei took back the home stretch. Like a strong general, he was occupying his territory.

“Why are you so impatient today?”

“I’ve waited for this day for a long time.” Ye Fei kissed his lower lip, getting bolder and bolder.

Gu Ang jolted, suddenly waking up to his intentions. He pushed the man away, but found his back against the bed, with no way to retreat. The two of them met eye to eye. The pheromone was still raging in the air pressing against each other, but for them it was like a signal, “Big brother, don’t.”

“Why not?” Ye Fei calmed his breathing and looked straight at him.

Gu Ang grinded his teeth and glared at him, “Didn’t we have a deal before?”

It was clearly agreed that since they wouldn’t give in to each other, they wouldn’t make it to the end. But just now, Ye Fei clearly wanted to… 

You’re crazy, you’ve gone back on your word!

Ye Fei reached out and fished up the coat next to him, carried the communicator out of his pocket, and found the recording.

“But yesterday, you promised me.”

“Crap, when did I…” Before Gu Ang could finish his sentence, he heard his own voice coming out of the recording.

“Okay, then I’ll lie down, you do it.”

“Pinky swear.”

“Then it’s a deal, I’ll press you. The one who reneges is the puppy and has to learn how to bark.”

“The one who regrets is the husky!”

Gu Ang, “…” He covered his face in pain, hating to immediately show what the hell he had said last night. It took a moment of reaction before he stammered an accusation, “I was too drunk for that to count. How could you lead me to say something like that!”

“We pulled the trigger, of course it counts.” Ye Fei clicked on the loop, over and over again, to lynch people. He asked slowly, “Or, do you want to be a puppy? Why don’t you bark twice?”

Gu Ang, “…” He felt that today’s Ye Fei wasn’t the same as usual. So he had been waiting for him here. Gu Ang argued, “I don’t remember anything.”

“I was afraid you’d cheat, so I recorded it. Your words can’t be trusted, can they, Admiral Gu Ang?”

Ye Fei reached out and pulled him back into his arms, lowering his head to continue the action he had just half done.

Gu Ang hated people who didn’t do what they promised. But now, he just wanted to hit his own face in retrospect.

“Then… with no preparation, I will probably die.” Gu Ang dodged left and right and got goosebumps. He felt like a fish on a chopping board, at the mercy of others. But reason stuck with him, he still couldn’t let go of that little pride.

Ye Fei hooked out the small box hanging on the door just now, showing a smile, “Bought it, everything is ready.”

“You bought all this!” Gu Ang stared at the ceiling, in despair. Why did he feel that he couldn’t avoid this disaster? He had actually tried to convince himself that it was no big deal to give in for love. But after all, after so many years of being an Alpha, there was a little bit of pride, he couldn’t break through the heart of the barrier.

He wasn’t only afraid of getting dirty, but also afraid of the unknown pain. When guns and bullets hit his body, he didn’t even frown. But this kind of thing, hell knew… What kind of pain would it be? Moreover, Ye Fei’s principal he had seen. Would it, when the time comes, bleed into a river?

Gu Ang was frightened by his own brainstorming and shivered, “No, I’m afraid.”

“It will be fine, I read the strategy.” Ye Fei lowered his head to kiss the tip of his nose, and touched his lips again, little by little to relax him. He felt the little friend in his arms relax, and his tense muscles loosened their strength.

“Trust me.” Ye Fei kissed him tenderly little by little, looking reliable.

Gu Ang felt that he probably went crazy to believe this man’s compulsion. He was dizzy, but he couldn’t hold back a breath of cold air. It fucking hurt like hell. He could feel Ye Fei’s caution, but inevitably, the whole person felt like being split in two. Perception had gone numb and his soul floated into mid-air.

“Get off.” Admiral Gu Ang was cranky and raised his foot to kick the man.

Ye Fei coaxed him, “It will be quick.”

Time was stretched infinitely long, like there was no end in sight.

“Is that better?”

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll beat you up.” Gu Ang blustered, but it was clear that the initiative had been handed over to Ye Fei.

Ye Fei could be as bad as he wanted, made him laugh, made him cry. He became strange and out of control himself. He couldn’t stabilize his pheromone, and the room was full of sweet smelling scents. In a trance, he seemed to see a gorgeous white peach blossom. How didn’t he scratch him to death?

Before almost passing out, Gu Ang thought this.

In the long time, Ye Fei gradually became familiar with the main points, making rapid progress, self-taught. He didn’t know how long it took, but Gu Ang finally fell back into his pillow, feeling like he had been run over by a battleship.

Ye Fei stood up and went into the bathroom, took a towel and wet it and came out to wipe the sweat off Gu Ang’s body.

“I was fucked by you?” Gu Ang’s mind was still dazed, a little dazed.

Ye Fei stifled a laugh, his body and mind soothed, “Yeah.”

“Laugh my ass off, there’s no next time.” Gu Ang just finished, reached out to pinch his arm, “No, next time it’s me.”

It was only fair that it was one person at a time.

Ye Fei laughed again, “Okay, next time you come.”

The first promise, who knew what would happen next time?

Gu Ang was shy after the deed, “Where are my clothes?”

“Not showering? You love cleanliness so much.” Ye Fei reached out to pull him.

Gu Ang lazily fell back into the blanket, “No more, tired, I want to sleep.”

He just needed time to slow down and didn’t want to face such a scene again. He, titled the intergalactic fierce A, just because of a drunken bet was pushed down like that. Shame on him, really shame on him. But, then again. This thing was a little more comfortable than he imagined.

The next day the sun came into the room, Gu Ang slept until the afternoon, his brain was confused.

Ye Fei warmed up his cold food and instructed him, “I gave you medicine this morning, so be careful.”

Gu Ang didn’t know what he was talking about, so he muttered a few words and rolled over to get out of bed. It was only when his foot touched the ground that he felt a little stinging pain, “Fuck, Ye Fei, you’re really a dog.”

Ye Fei smiled brightly and was in a good mood. He ate him up, so he could scold him.

Gu Ang was in an irritable mood, he finished his meal sullenly and felt uncomfortable all over. Changing a few sitting positions, he felt hot all over. He held his hair for a while, “Let’s go pick up the dogs, I miss those two idiots.”

“Go now? Can you go?” Ye Fei was a little evasive and vague.

Gu Ang caught the unusual emotion and felt that there was something fishy about it. He coldly spat, “I’m afraid that if I stay at home, someone won’t be able to control himself and fuck me again.”

Ye Fei, “…” He had such a beastly image in Gu Ang’s mind now.

“Let’s go.” Gu Ang stood up and moved his steps with difficulty, urging.

Ye Fei had no choice but to take him to the pet hospital. On the way, he was apprehensive, but he could never open his mouth. He thought that if Gu Ang knew the truth, he might die on the spot. The two dogs had not seen anyone for a long time, and when they saw the two coming, they leapt straight out of the door of the cage, scattering the door frame all over the place.

The dogs were jumping around with their tongues out, lunging at their owners.

Gu Ang smilingly rubbed Min Min’s head, “Long time no see, have you been good?”

The lady in charge of the next car coolly spat, “This dog chewed up three of our sofas, remember to pay later.”

“Yes, he’s rather naughty, sorry.” Gu Ang saw that his son was in a good mood and rarely did he bother with the dog.

He rubbed the dog’s head before he let go of the leash and walked next to Ye Fei. Ye Fei’s back tensed up and hugged HuangHuang, wanting to say something. What reason should I find to get out of this?

Gu Ang rubbed HuangHuang and casually asked, “How is her body, when will it give birth?”

“Birth?” The little sister looked confused.

Gu Ang looked at Ye Fei and the dog in his arms suspiciously and pointed, “Isn’t she pregnant and about to give birth? Why is she still not responding? The due date seems to be almost over, right?”

The little sister looked at the person like a fool for a long time before speaking, “He’s a male dog, how can he give birth? Handsome brother, you’re kidding me, right?”

“Male… male dog?” Gu Ang almost broke his voice.

Ye Fei threw HuangHuang, calm on the surface, but panicked inside, “I’ll go pay.”

Gu Ang sneered, grabbed HuangHuang and pressed him to the ground, checking on all fours. His abdomen was flat, and then he looked down… Mn, no problem, 100% pure male.

The reason was that he felt sorry for him and hated himself for not taking care of his son. The whole month-long sincerity was finally wrongly paid for. Gu Ang held his breath, suppressed his fire, and kept his decency in front of people. He tied the leash and pushed open the door of the vet hospital with one hand. He didn’t go far and stood at the door like a god of doors waiting for Ye Fei to come out.

One man and two dogs, looking very aggressive. Ye Fei came out with his head down, and once he raised his eyes to see the vicious three lines of sight, he felt a thin sweat on his back. On both sides of the camp, he was obviously vulnerable. His strong sixth sense told him that the mountain rain was coming, the end was near.

Ye Fei licked his lower lip, his voice was dry, “Light, listen to my explanation.”

“Don’t want to listen.” Gu Ang grabbed the two dogs’ heads, along with last night’s anger, and smashed them all out of his head. His voice was cool to the core, “Lied to me and fucked me again, right?”

Ye Fei pursed his lips, thought about it, and it was true. He answered sheepishly, “…I’m sorry.”

Gu Ang didn’t hold back a punch over, almost shattering the person’s bones, “Dog, I’ll kill you!”


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