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Chapter 115: Daily Life (1) Go Out, It’s Contagious

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey’s comment: HuangHuang is not the husky.


“Big daddy—”

Ye Fei took a candy bar, put it in front of HuangHuang, with a loving look and followed the instructions. He moved his lips and patiently read it again, “HuangHuang repeat after me, big daddy. Call it right, and this candy’s for you.”

“Beat daddy.” The little brat sat with his legs crossed, indifferent.;.

Just one lick, who are you looking down on?

Ye Fei plucked the candy paper, swept the candy around the tip of his nose, and said seductively, “Call out.”

HuangHuang smiled innocently at Ye Fei and repeated, “Beat daddy, beat daddy.”

The pronunciation was clear, the spelling was clear. Deliberately like, eyelids a lift, provocative like looking at people. That expression, the exact replica of when Gu Ang owes a beating.

Ye Fei, “;”

HuangHuang was very talented in language, at two years old he could already speak very coherently. He was very smart and gifted. But when it came to Ye Fei, he was always slurring his words.

Ye Fei sometimes even wondered if this little brat was doing it on purpose. He kept smiling awkwardly and exhausted all his patience, “It’s not a fight, it’s a big one, two words.”

“What does a child know about three and four sounds?” Gu Ang lay on the couch, throwing cherries into his mouth.

Ye Fei pinched the candy stick, angry, “Whose problem is this? It’s all because you keep saying you’re going to beat me up and teach him a bad lesson.”

Gu Ang shook his leg, in a happy mood, “I didn’t teach him, it’s my son who is smart.”

“Your son is not my son? You don’t care either.” Ye Fei was incredibly tired, pulled his hands back, self-loathing, “Not teaching anymore.”

HuangHuang was sharp-eyed and took the opportunity to grab the candy from his hand and clutched it into his palm. He quickly crawled from the floor to the sofa and handed it to Gu Ang, “Little father, here you go.”

“Son, good boy.” At the double standard treatment, Gu Ang stroked his head and raised his eyebrows provocatively at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei deeply felt that he was being ostracized. In this family, everyone was against him and there was no place for him. He stood up, took Gu Ang’s hand, and decided to take his wife back from his son. Ye Fei lowered his eyes and said softly, “It’s been a long time since you’ve trained, come downstairs with me to practice a few hands?”

“Practice what? I’m going to go downstairs with HuangHuang.” Gu Ang moved his hand away and didn’t move, maintaining a lazy posture. It wasn’t easy to take a day off and rest for a while, so he had no intention to move at all.

Ye Fei’s expression was unhappy, as he walked to the stairway, raising his voice towards downstairs, “Mrs. Zhang, come up for a moment.”

The nanny answered downstairs and hurried upstairs, “Mr. Ye, what’s wrong?”

“Watch HuangHuang, we’re going to the basement to train for a few hours.” Ye Fei was light-faced and serious. He was wearing comfortable home clothes, hands idly in his trouser pockets, his expression was still a serious like in the army, a bit shocking at his young age. When these words came out, they were quite capable of bluffing.

“General, you guys are really hard working.” Mrs. Zhang took her apron and wiped her hands, nodding repeatedly, “OK, I’ll watch him. You guys don’t worry.”

Ye Fei hmmed and lifted his chin, signaling to take over.

Mrs. Zhang quickly walked over and picked HuangHuang up from the floor and placed him on the sofa, sitting side by side and turning on the TV. HuangHuang liked to watch TV dramas, his restless limbs quieted down all of a sudden. His big eyes blinked and stayed in a good posture, not moving a muscle.

Gu Ang was squeezed out of his position and forced to get up, “Let him watch less for a while, it’s not good for his eyes if he watches too much.”

He admonished in a few words, changed into a sports coat and followed Ye Fei to the basement. Just inside the door, Ye Fei mysteriously closed the door and clicked the lock. He wrapped his arms around Gu Ang’s neck and lowered his head to give him an impatient kiss, his eager look made Gu Ang laugh.

Ye Fei helplessly bit him, to catch back the attention of the person, “Since this brat can talk, our space is gone.”

The two used to make out casually at home, regardless of time and place. But as the baby grew bigger and bigger, the word got around, and some behaviors had to be avoided. Ye Fei had a headache, but nothing could be done. He counted the time every day, and even asked how old the kid had to be to be able to attend the kindergarten and could be sent over at the earliest, thinking that he could keep some distance from the little devil.

It was good to give each other a little space.

Gu Ang’s palm was against his shoulder, mercilessly laughing at him, “Liar, do you really want to train with me?”

“I’ve had enough training in the barracks.” Ye Fei rubbed his head and whispered, “I just want to spend some time with you alone.”

At the end of their junior year, the two men regained their official ranks and entered the army, which at one time became a good Red Flame story. Three years after graduation, they became admirals. How many people dreamed of this? They didn’t know how many exciting things happened behind the scenes. It was the group of admirals who put their lives on the line to keep the peace of the Empire. It was just that being in a high position at a young age made them really busy.

Ye Fei felt that he had less and less time for Gu Ang, so it wasn’t easy to be at home, but still had to find time to accompany that mixed-up devil. Admiral Ye’s post-marital life, counted up, was full of bitter tears.

The door to the training room was unlocked, and he reached out and pressed Gu Ang against the wall, slurring his words, “One more kiss, I miss you.”

The kisses fell on the lips one by one, slowly calming the impatience.

“Counting the days before today, I haven’t seen you for half a month.” Gu Ang also had some emotions. He was also busy, the two of them were in different jurisdictions, almost not meeting at all. It had been a long time since they’d done it, and when they did, it was a dry fire.

Ye Fei was a bit emotional, his fingers naturally went to the hem of the shirt, “Mn, so hurry up.”

Gu Ang raised an eyebrow and looked around the training room filled with mecha equipment, iron plate machine guns everywhere. 

Do it here? You play wild. 

He didn’t say anything, his back against the wall, letting the man move.

Ye Fei pressed the person’s hand against his waist and grumbled, “You don’t initiate.”

“You take the initiative, you do.” Gu Ang was amused, his earlobe was heavily sucked, and he spat at him again, “Big brother, you are so slutty.”

After the marriage to Ye Fei, there was really day by day without shame and impatience. They were really in a hurry, he reached out to hook Ye Fei’s neck, comfortingly deep kissing him back. Their tongues touched, their hearts beat faster. The clothes were just half taken off when the communicator in Ye Fei’s pocket started vibrating.

This time it was Gu Ang’s turn to be a bit dissatisfied, he tsked, “How come there are still people looking for you on your day off?”

“Let’s see, I think there is a temporary matter.” Ye Fei half hugged him, clicked on the public play.

The adjutant’s voice came through, “Admiral, there’s a problem at the border, you need to come back to make a decision.”

Gu Ang sighed and spread his hands with a look of I knew it.

Ye Fei let out a hum, his agitation faded and he returned to his businesslike tone, “Okay, I’ll be right over.”

He put away the communicator and buttoned Gu Ang’s unbuttoned buttons back one by one, just like a holy monk.

Gu Ang’s expression was dissatisfied, leaning lazily against the wall to look at him.

Ye Fei kissed him and said soothingly, “I’ll come back soon.” 

Gu Ang pulled his sleeve, his tone tinged with aggression, “Admiral Ye, you’re just throwing me away?” He swept his head down to see his reaction, “What about it? You stirred up the fire.”

“There’s really something going on, so solve it yourself.” 

Work it out yourself? That came back really like a scumbag, cold and uncaring. Gu Ang disdained with a cold snort.

Ye Fei wiped a handful of his lower lip with his fingertips, “I didn’t lie to you, didn’t you just hear it?”

“Who knows? Maybe you have someone outside, looking for an adjutant to cover…” Gu Ang pretended that it wasn’t appropriate not to scratch.

In fact, he just wanted to drag a few minutes to stay a little longer. The thought of not being able to see each other again made him feel quite upset.

Ye Fei saw through his small mind, but still explained, “The more you say, the more outrageous you sound, I only have you.” He rubbed Gu Ang’s neck, “Let’s continue tonight, okay?”

“You’re really boring.” Gu Ang bumped him with his knee and finally let go, “Go ahead and come back early.”

Ye Fei took several deep breaths to push back the restlessness in his body. If they did this several times, they’d probably get sick.

Gu Ang watched Ye Fei leave in a hurry, tasteless. He thought that the child upstairs had company, so he was happy to have peace and quiet. He stayed in the training room to practice shooting for a while, and punched sandbags for an hour before returning upstairs with a head full of sweat. When he came out of the shower, he walked past the small living room and stopped in his tracks.

Gu Ang frowned at the picture broadcast on the TV, the female lead crying extremely ugly, stammering to death. He wrinkled his brow, what the fuck was this blood ethical drama? Most likely the nanny liked it, so she took HuangHuang to watch it together.

“Okay, thank you Mr. Gu.” Mrs. Zhang stood up and rubbed HuangHuang’s head again before saying, “Then I’ll leave first.”

“Bye, Granny.” HuangHuang greeted politely.

As soon as the nanny left, Gu Ang laid down on the sofa and hurriedly switched back to cartoons, “Baby, watch this.”


When he saw his favorite show was cut off, HuangHuang pouted so much, a kettle could be hung off of it.

“This is for kids to watch.” Gu Ang patiently explained, “When you grow up, then look at those.”

HuangHuang turned around, staring at the cartoon bear chasing rabbits, his expression indifferent. This rabbit definitely couldn’t fight and would be eaten, there was nothing to see.

Gu Ang fiddled with his hair, which was still dripping, and leaned back on the sofa, his fingertips chilled. Just to suppress the agitation, he took a cold shower, feeling a little dazed in the head. The tip of his nose itched, he covered his nose and sneezed.

HuangHuang turned his eyes from the cartoon and looked at him, his little face scrunched up into a ball, “Little daddy, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Gu Ang pulled a tissue and rubbed his nose, his voice was a little muffled, “You can continue to watch.”

HuangHuang didn’t move, eyes staring straight at him, and suddenly a cry came out. He huffed and puffed and grabbed Gu Ang’s sleeve, trying to stop it, but cried more and more, “Little daddy, I don’t want you to die.”

“What is baby saying?” Gu Ang laughed dumbly and reached out to pat him on the back, “It was just a sneeze.”

“You’re bleeding! Oooh, you’re dying, I can’t let you go!” HuangHuang stretched out his chubby little hand and wiped it on his nose, a handful of bright red. Just like in that ancient drama, a man was stabbed by a knife, dying in 3 seconds.

After a day, he was buried in the earth, full of mud and sand. It was scary to think that little dad was going to be buried and he was going to live alone with Ye Fei. HuangHuang hugged Gu Ang and cried more than once.

Gu Ang cursed, just hold it for a long time, probably on fire. He hurriedly pulled a tissue, tilted his head just to stop the bleeding, and sneezed. Gu Ang threw the paper ball into the trash can, turned his head to look at the panicked child, and hurriedly softly coaxed, “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid, it’s probably just a cold.”

A cold! What did this word mean? HuangHuang frowned and thought about it, as if he had heard this word before in another episode. It was contagious, got lung disease, and killed people! He struggled internally for a while, and with no one else in the house, he suddenly felt a heavy responsibility. He had to save his little dad and live well.

“You, you lie down.” HuangHuang pressed him on the sofa with a fierce expression, “Lie down, don’t move, oh.”

Gu Ang blinked, still not understanding which part of the process he was now in. He spread his hands and obediently spoke, “Okay, won’t move.”

“Mn, good boy.” HuangHuang patted his cheeks and rolled off the couch with his little pout. HuangHuang ran to the bathroom, trying to pull a towel dipped in water and give Gu Ang a compress. That was what they say on TV, put a pat on the forehead and you were alive and kicking the next day. But the place where the towel was hung was too high, and he tried to stretch his legs, but he couldn’t reach it.

He struggled to drag the small stool next to him, and then bent over the edge of the stool to climb up. Wiggling his body, he stretched his arms to their fullest length and hooked his fingers, finally pulling the towel off. On the small stool, he turned on the faucet to wet the towel, and patted it twice to squeeze out the water inside.

HuangHuang carried the pile of wet towels, slowly barefoot back to the sofa.

“What are you doing…” Gu Ang didn’t have time to finish the question, a large pile of unwringed towels were thrown to his face, water droplets along the unscrewed towel slipped into the neck. From head to toe, the coolness penetrated the heart. Mn, more useful than just a cold shower.

Gu Ang frowned and reached up to wipe the water with his palm.

“Don’t you move!” HuangHuang saw him struggling, very anxious to press the towel back, almost covering the person to death. His fat legs straddled Gu Ang, ripped his robe open again, and frantically began to press his chest.

While pressing, while very rhythmically counting, “One-two, one-two.”

This was the enhanced version of CPR, Gu Ang almost died from the toss. He let out a breath, “Baby, thank you, but no need to do this…”

“No, I have to save you, or you’ll die.” HuangHuang said with a straight face, “On TV, it’s all… it’s all like this.”

Gu Ang thought, Which TV show are you watching? Next time I won’t let you look. He patiently slowed down his tone, “Look, it’s not bleeding anymore, I’ll just drink some water.”

“No, I can’t save you, it’s contagious!” HuangHuang said to himself, “We can’t let big daddy come back later, it’s not good if he gets infected.”

Gu Ang froze and spoke hesitantly, “Aren’t you afraid of being infected by me?”

“No!” HuangHuang buried his head in the nape of his neck, “I like you the most.”

Gu Ang was touched, in the end it wasn’t in vain to raise this son. He reached out and patted HuangHuang’s back, and decided to follow his example, “Then pour me a glass of water, okay?”

“Will it be better if you drink water?”

“It will.”

Getting new knowledge, HuangHuang hurriedly climbed up from him, rolled off the sofa and squatted next to the coffee table with the teapot to pour water. The teapot was a little heavy, and he held the teapot handle with both hands before HuangHuang leisurely poured a full cup.

“Here you go.” A milky voice sounded, his hands shaking.

“Thanks, baby.” Gu Ang finally pulled the piece of towel off and took the glass of water and drank it in one go.

“Cup, give it to me.” HuangHuang reached out and snatched back the cup. He picked up the teapot, poured another full cup, and ordered, “Drink again.”

Gu Ang had no choice and finished another cup. His mouth was wet, and before he could ease it, the cup was snatched away again.

“Again.” HuangHuang refilled the cup.

Gu Ang couldn’t hold it up and raised his hand to refuse, “I really can’t drink anymore.”

“No, you will die.” HuangHuang made a serious face to educate him, “You can’t be capricious.”

“Don’t hang your mouth on death every day.” Gu Ang glanced at him, still resigned to pick up the cup to finish the third cup.

The titular admiral was bullied by a child and was unable to fight back. The son of his own, what else can he do, but spoil him.

HuangHuang seemed to have caught the straw, and began to frantically pour water to Gu Ang. By the seventh cup, the teapot finally reached the bottom.

Gu Ang rubbed his stomach full of water, fell back into the sofa, mouth light to water, “Enough, I’ll get well soon.”

The words just fell, and he sneezed. An actual cold.

HuangHuang glared at him, looking serious.

Gu Ang, “…”

“You see, not well.” HuangHuang rubbed his sore calves then stood up to get the kettle.

Gu Ang couldn’t stand it, felt out the communicator to send a message to Ye Fei, [I can’t handle your son, hurry back.]

He also didn’t expect the child to be so innocent, catching a thing and not letting go.

On the one hand, it was really quite moving. The innocent and simple little child, not so much big right and wrong, would only simply be good to a person. He seemed to know nothing, but also seemed to know everything.

He was pure and tender, and he couldn’t bear to destroy that childish innocence. On the other hand, he really couldn’t drink anymore. His stomach was like a big water jug, shaking in all the water. Gu Ang was on the verge of collapse, resisting the urge to sneeze.

“How do I get this?” HuangHuang had returned from the kitchen with a full supply of water, holding the kettle in his arms and froze.

Gu Ang lazily pointed to the socket next to it, “Put it on and just press the red button.”

With a snap, the kettle light came on. Gu Ang stared at the kettle, which began to heat up after a while, and wanted to pinch himself. Fuck, wasn’t this making yourself suffer?

Ye Fei took the time to reply: [What’s wrong?]

Gu Ang breathlessly typed: [You’ll know when you get back.]

While sending the message, the water was boiling.

Gu Ang was afraid of the child scalding, so he hurriedly got up and moved the kettle out and poured hot water into the teapot. He pulled HuangHuang’s hand away from the hot water and took the opportunity to educate, “This water has just boiled, it’s very hot, you can’t drink it now.”

“Little daddy is so silly, there’s ice.” HuangHuang broke away from his hand and ran into the kitchen to rummage through the cupboards again.

Gu Ang stared at his chubby back, “…”

Why did he have a son who was too smart? Waiting online, it’s quite urgent! It was late at night before Ye Fei returned. He went upstairs and saw Gu Ang lying on the sofa with a lifeless face, out of breath, “Things were a bit complicated over there, so I’m late.” Ye Fei walked over to him and touched his head, pushed the watery hair away from his forehead, “What’s wrong?”

“Your son made me vomit.” Gu Ang described the cause and effect, raised his finger and pointed to the kitchen, “He went to boil water and get ice again. At the third pot, the first few cups, I don’t remember.”

Ye Fei laughed until his body trembled, and was pressed back by Gu Ang’s vicious expression. He held his expression, but he couldn’t hold back his laughter in the end, “You also have a day of defeat.”

It was fun to have such an arrogant Gu Ang being bullied into being unable to fight back. It was the little friend who looked not in a good mood, and he swallowed his mocking words back into his stomach.

“Well, tell him quickly that you’ll take care of me.”

Gu Ang waved his hand with a desperate look, “If I keep drinking, I’ll wet the bed tonight.”

Ye Fei smiled and nodded, “Okay, I’ll save you.”

Before he could get up, he was pulled away by HuangHuang who came out of the kitchen with a tense little face, “You go out, it’s contagious.”

“I’m not afraid.” Ye Fei pressed his forehead and placed the person on the sofa, “HuangHuang worked hard, now hand over the upper and lower shifts, I’ll replace you.”

“I’ve been infected, you get out!” HuangHuang righteously refused, pulling Ye Fei’s hand even pulling and dragging, pushing out of the small living room and shutting into the next bedroom.

Ye Fei pulled the door open, revealing dark eyes, coaxing, “Let me in.”

“No, get out.” By HuangHuang’s resourcefulness, the door closed, he reached out and turned the key in the door.

Ye Fei outside the door, back against the wall, finally understood the Gu Ang, the same type of moving and desperate. The little brat was afraid he would be infected before locking the door, at least he still cared about him. A little bit of relief, and a little bit of helplessness.

It was hard to toss and turn until midnight, Gu Ang and HuangHuang slept in the master bedroom. He waited for the child to fall asleep, took out the key to the second bedroom from his small pocket, and gently went over to rescue his husband.

Afraid of waking up the kid, he held his breath and walked out the door barefoot. When unlocking the door, he didn’t even dare to breathe out, and gently turned the lock eye. It was obviously his own home, but it was like being a thief. It was hard to open the door, the two looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Gu Ang reached out and hugged Ye Fei, rubbed his head down and muttered, “Seeing you is like cheating.”

“Tomorrow, we can send him to kindergarten, I asked the teacher, he can send him even if he is more than two years old.”

Ye Fei carried the man to the bed and touched the tip of his nose, rubbing his ears together. The face of the little one flashed in his mind, Gu Ang was still soft in the end, “He’s too young, he will be bullied.”

“Who dares to bully this little devil…” Ye Fei reached out and placed his hand on him, his fingertips boringly pressing his abs.

“Fuck, don’t press, I’m going to pee.” Gu Ang punched him, soft and sappy like tone. He shook his head, “Next time, tell Mrs. Zhang not to show him messy TV shows.”

“Mn, it’s my fault too.” Ye Fei put the pot on his own head, “If someone didn’t lust for it, it wouldn’t be…”

Sneezing and nosebleeds again, making people misunderstand that they had a terminal illness.

Gu Ang thought of a series of follow-ups and nodded, “I do blame you.”

Ye Fei smiled and turned off the headlamp, leaving only the one dim light above the bed. The dull light then became ambiguous, falling on HuangHuang. The two nestled into the quilt, their limbs interlocked. Hot, very comfortable and cozy.

Ye Fei’s fingers made a mess and lowered his voice, “Since HuangHuang is sleeping, let’s finish what we started during the day.”

“Agreed.” Gu Ang nestled in his arms, tilting his head and closing his eyes, responding to the kiss with a hitch. Everything was agreed and ready to go.

Gu Ang’s heart was tingling and he had fully experienced the joy of being Ye Fei’s Omega. He hummed into a kitten and waited for the next move.

Suddenly, a fierce, childish voice came from the side. “Hmph, I caught you.”

Gu Ang reflexively looked over, staring at the door with a bewildered face. The redness on his face had not yet faded, and his mouth was open with a gasp. The little ones bare feet were on the ground, hair messy looking at him, full of anger. Panting, like a blow up blowfish.

“Baby, why are you up?” Ye Fei let out a long breath and reached over to pull the quilt to cover Gu Ang. He was also helpless, how could someone interrupt during the day and night, how could they be so miserable?

HuangHuang lifted the collapsed pajama pants, quickly climbed onto the bed, squeezed between the two, and lay down with a stubborn face and closed eyes, “Since the big father is also infected, then sleep together, die together.”

The crib in the second bedroom, a family of three, neat and tidy. Ye Fei, whose clothes were half undone, was neither in nor out.

Gu Ang sighed and looked at Ye Fei with a grave expression, “Okay, let’s send him to kindergarten tomorrow.”


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