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Chapter 87: Turning the corrupt into magical

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Song Xinran and Wen Chen both burst out laughing at this comment from the audience member.

Song Xinran’s shoulders were shaking with laughter, but he kept on stirring the pork sausage in the pan, and Wen Chen tried to hold back his laughter for a while, explaining to the confused audience, “You’ve got it all wrong. How can this dish be poisonous? Eating this type of food, the mouth will produce a hot and spicy feeling, and even make people get a numb tongue, but this feeling can be lifted by drinking milk. The viewer who feels it is too spicy, you can think back to what you just ate. Did you accidentally eat a whole chili pepper, so that the spicy taste in the mouth burst?” Wen Chen said, as he picked out the chili peppers, cut them into small pieces and put them in a corner of the bowl. He pointed to them, “This is one of the important components of the blood soup; the chili pepper, which is the source of the spicy taste. As usual, if you can’t eat spicy food, you’d better not touch these. Of course, even if you have a good tolerance for spicy taste, you shouldn’t eat them all at once, so that you won’t lose your tongue.”

After that, Wen Chen took out a few small plates. First, he took out a few big chunks of pig’s blood and ate a piece himself, so that the audience could also try the taste. The audience was taught to be careful and only dared to bite into a piece the size of a corn kernel, then closed their eyes to experience the taste of pig’s blood.

The ingredients in the game were naturally beautified. The pig’s blood was not stinky, not to mention, it was made into a blood clot and dipped in spicy soup making it more mellow and elastic, with a slight chewiness. The people who ate it opened their eyes, showing surprise.

This pig’s blood, the taste was actually particularly good! Aromatic and spicy, who previously said ‘toxic’?

Immediately, some viewers called the ‘poison’ brother to the front. Did they really eat a large mouth full of chili! It’s really not bad!

The audience, who had tasted the unexpected deliciousness, of course, did not continue to hold back and ate the unfinished pig’s blood in one bite, and then urged Wen Chen to give them another bite.

Wen Chen smiled and good-naturedly gave the audience a few more pieces of pig’s blood as he went on with his explanation.

“The method of making pig’s blood, as you can see, is as simple as putting a little bit of salt in cold water and pouring the pig’s blood in. It will naturally solidify after a while. Fresh pig’s blood, made into blood soup, when eaten crispy and popping, the spicy flavor can cover a little bit of bitterness in it. Eating by itself may make you sweat, but I have to admit, it is a very refreshing thing.”

In response, the audience said, [What, bitter? There is no bitterness, the pig’s blood is delicious from head to toe, it’s a godsend!]

After feeding the audience the pig’s blood, Wen Chen took out slices of pork, bean sprouts, cabbage and potatoes, all of which were covered with thick soup and tasted fresh and spicy, which made the audience exclaim with pleasure!

[This pork is really cut so thin, oh. Putting it into the mouth I only feel a little, but the taste is really good, I can eat 100 slices alone!]

[Bean sprouts and cabbage are also delicious. Both are crunchy texture, in addition to the flavor brought by the chili pepper, they have a little bit of sweetness too. They also feel very spicy relief. Oh!]

[You’re wrong about the front. Why is the cabbage spicy? Obviously, because it absorbs the super spicy soup, okay? I feel that it is spicier than pork and pig’s blood to come!]

[Why, pork, bean sprouts and cabbage, which is not as good as the soft potatoes ah! I declare, from now on, my life is potatoes. It’s so delicious!]

[Hmph, it’s clearly the bean sprouts that are the most delicious!]

[I vote for pig’s blood, it’s the soul of hairy blood wang!]

[All of you stop arguing! The anchor is ready to clip out the brain flower!!!]

Yes, Song Xinran put the piece of pork brain in the preparation of blood soup. He took Wen Chen chopsticks and a spoon to keep it intact and put it in a small bowl.

The audience watched with bated breath while Wen Chen was clamping the pork brain, not daring to make any noise, and no one was even posting pop-ups for fear of an accident that would cause the intact brain to break open in front of them.

Although the broken can also continue to eat, the complete pig brain would be more delicious! Finally, the brains were put into a small bowl, and Wen Chen changed the spoon and scooped a piece off the edge of the brains, not greeting the audience and eagerly stuffing it into his mouth.

The audience who was waiting to be fed, ????

We said we are your little baby, the first bite of brain, you actually did not give us to eat? No more love!

“Mmm…” Wen Chen squinted his eyes and let out a satisfied sigh, then opened his eyes to share his feelings with the audience after eating. “This is a completely different texture from pig’s blood. Soft and sticky, smooth and tender, but also some face, like a spicy red bean paste, the kind of melt-in-your-mouth silky. The smoothness can only be felt when you really eat it in your mouth.”

The viewers who started to gulp like crazy. Thank you, we don’t know what red bean paste tastes like, okay? You say it, hurry up and feed us a bite TAT.

From the first mouthful of pork brain flower delicious, Wen Chen embarrassed smile, hurried to pick up the spoon to do the feeding work, the audience also finally ate their longed-for brain flower, exclaimed that the taste is really incredible, why the pig brain will be so delicious, this is not scientific!

In the end, everyone didn’t care whether it was scientific or not, after eating the first dish of blood soup, their expectations were greatly raised, and it didn’t take long for Song Xinran to serve the second dish of the day, braised large pork intestine.

The audience, who prided themselves on having seen the world before, were smiling and perverted. Here it comes, here it comes! The pig’s intestine wrapped in the braised sauce is coming towards them! What are you waiting for, just eat it!

This time, without Wen Chen’s help, the viewers, who were watching the live broadcast alone, opened their mouths wide without any image and, like a digger, put the piece of pork intestines covered with sauce into their mouths.

Pork intestines in their mouths were also glutinous, and not good to bite open, but viewers had said that this thing was really chewy and more fragrant, making them want to eat more. The previous worries about the pork intestines were left behind, and everyone had only one thought in mind, eat, eat, eat, eat! Eat all the pork intestines they could see!

Even Wen Chen tried to take a piece of pork intestines with his chopsticks, but was stopped by the audience who suddenly noticed his behavior, screaming, [No! Anchor! Don’t eat it yet, let us all finish it before you move your mouth! I don’t want to let go of a piece of this delicious food!]

Wen Chen, “…” silently put down his chopsticks, and refused to explain.

The heart of this group of viewers who had no position to speak and spit, previously they refused firmly now they wanted to eat it and were calling it fragrant. Whether it was men, women, the elderly or children, they could never escape true fragrance.

Wen Chen knew that he and Song Xinran had made the right choice.

In less than ten minutes, there was no longer a piece of braised pork sausage in the view of all the viewers. The satisfied audience licked their lips with enjoyment and directly grabbed Wen Chen’s job.

[At first I was quite afraid of this kind of thing that had been loaded with wild boar rice fields altogether. After the start of the live broadcast, have been doing psychological construction, and then it turns out that all the worry all along was in vain. This pork sausage does not have a bad taste at all, bite like meat, but has a rich grease, plus the seasonings, wrapped by that thick sauce, the taste is really superb! The only drawback is there is too little, really too little! I have not eaten enough QAQ!]

[The nutrient solution in my hand does not smell good anymore. Originally when I ate the blood soup, the nutrient solution was used as a tool to quench my thirst, and when it came to the pork intestines, the contrast between the two really made the nutrient solution as bland as water. If I didn’t have to rely on it to fill my stomach, I really don’t want to eat the nutrient solution anymore oooh!]

[You know there will always be good food in Carefree Farmstead! As long as the ingredients are edible, regardless of the smell and odor, they can be turned into magic!]

The number of viewers kept on boasting and howling, and the number of viewers kept on rising, all of them were friends and family who called over to taste the delicious food together, and all kinds of gifts fell into the live broadcast room like a big rainstorm. The live broadcast was only halfway through, and it had already set a new high in revenue.

After that, Song Xinran made Dongpo pork, stewed pork with potatoes and spicy fried cabbage one after another. The audience felt a bit tired of eating too much meat, and their numb taste buds were hit by the crispy and spicy cabbage, which made them feel reborn.

After Song Xinran and Wen Chen said their goodbyes together, it took a good half minute for the audience, who had been fed with food, to realize that the live broadcast was actually coming to an end.

It’s over.

No! Yes! Aah! The viewers shouted for Song Xinran to cook a few more dishes, but they were coldly rejected.

“No, we’ve already used up all the ingredients we prepared, and we’ve all eaten to our satisfaction, haven’t we? In order to prevent you from eating too much to digest, let’s end here. If you don’t feel it’s enough, I will continue the usual live broadcast at 18:00.” Song Xinran meekly waved towards the live camera, ignored the wails of the audience, and closed the live broadcast.

After he split the proceeds of the day’s live broadcast with Wen Chen and sent him out the door, Song Xinran took out the food he had set aside in advance and walked towards Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s houses.

This was what he had discussed with Wen Chen before the broadcast started, and the other party agreed. Bai Li and Wen XingYao had also just exited from the live broadcast and were waiting for him in the courtyard because they guessed that Song Xinran would come over later.

“Master! Brother Demon Xing!” Song Xinran greeted the two happily, pulled open the fence door and ran in. “You’ve been waiting for a long time, right? I have set aside a part of the finished dishes for you. You should try it!”

He took out the same dishes that appeared in the live broadcast. Compared with the live broadcast, these were small portions, but for two or three people to eat, it was also enough.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao were very generous and ate them all.

Bai Li, the master of the family, couldn’t help but ask about Song Xinran’s life after he moved.

“Don’t worry, Master, I’ll be able to adapt soon.” Song Xinran proudly patted his chest. “I will remember to help Master to explore whether there is a suitable house for sale nearby the rest of the time. Just wait a few days, and I will come to your home to look for you, ah. I don’t know if Supreme took good care of the plants for Master while I was away. I think so. Supreme is so good!”

Wen XingYao, who wasn’t concerned about the matter, suddenly heard the name, Supreme, and his ears pricked up.

From Song Xinran’s words, he deduced that Song Xinran should be helping Bai Li to take care of the plants together with his infant form, and that they seemed to have a…well, a competitive relationship?

As he thought of this, Wen XingYao’s eyes quietly darkened, and he seemed to know why he had faintly rejected Song Xinran the first time he saw him in the game.

Cats, or lions, were territorial.

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