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Chapter 88: Ancient Food

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The chain reaction left by the end of the food broadcast was huge.

The players in the game, each of whom had more or less a part of the boar’s body in their hands, had struggled to find recipes before the live broadcast started, and they were very blind even if they found the recipes. Fortunately this time Song Xinran and Wen Chen appeared and gave them hope.

Almost all of the players were silently squatting in the live stream, as they took out small notebooks and frantically made notes. Some even pretended to be real viewers and asked questions in the pop-ups; asking Wen Chen whether there was a specific standard measurement of ‘the right amount of salt’, ‘the right amount of oil,’ ‘the right amount of sugar’ and other seasonings, and whether their ‘right amount’ was the same amount, or whether they each had their own measurement.

After more than an hour of live broadcasting, the players were tired. They hadn’t expected that cooking was actually a lot of learning!

Fortunately, they only needed to make a few dishes. They had the wild boar meat, pig blood, pig underwater and so on successfully made, after that they didn’t need to enter the kitchen.

If their idea was known to the outside world, they would be shouted as ‘wasteful’!

Song Xinran and Wen Chen’s live broadcast ended up attracting nearly 15 million viewers. The majority of those viewers silently exited the live stream after the broadcast, and chose to lie in their gaming pod and slowly reminisce about the delicious food that seemed to remain in their mouths. The few netizens who loved surfing on Starnet, on the other hand, were the first to kill in the forums and build up a tall building for that live broadcast.

[Ahhhhhhhhh! The food in the history of the Ancient Blue Star is so amazing! How come something like pork sausage can be made so delicious? I so want to travel to the Ancient Blue Star period to experience the endless food for myself, ah! 5555…]

[Not to mention the pig intestine, the pig blood in the blood soup is not bad. Soft and tender, just out of the pot is also particularly hot. The taste of chili is also very special. I grew to such an old age, but it’s the first time I ate this! I’m too moved!]

[There is also that Dongpo meat. Ahhhh, it’s too good. Originally I looked at the top of the thick layer of fat (do not spray me to eat more, you did not see the fat, spray me, I don’t care) and thought it would certainly be very greasy. Can you guess the results? Surprisingly, it actually melted in my mouth! I also did not feel that it was fatty, and could only tell my mouth was filled with flavor. I was intoxicated with it.]

[And yet! I can’t imagine what it would taste like if the taste sync and smell sync were all turned up to 100%. Just thinking about it makes me faint with happiness!]

[@Bai Li @Carefree Farmstead V, give us a hint. When exactly will you upgrade the virtual reality game builder? Only 5,000 people are in the game, but there are hundreds of millions of poor eyes waiting to go in! TAT.]

[@Taste Ancient Food V @The Imperial Research Institute V. I also do not expect you to research the export of rich new nutrient solution and improve the taste of crops, but begging you to contact the Carefree Farmstead game maker to cooperate! If the game’s food could all be reproduced…oooooh. Even at only 30%, I’ll also admit that the taste definitely exceeds all the nutrient solution that has ever been made. If you collab, I will buy everything, ah!]

This proposal was approved by everyone as soon as it came out, and netizens began to frantically @ the above two existences, trying to get the other side to notice the game Carefree Farmstead through their efforts.

Did the other side notice? Yes, they did.

Was it taken to heart? Not really.

At this time, the largest nutrition solution research and development company in the empire, Taste Food, was conducting its monthly seminar on new products. The man sitting at the head of the meeting table tapped his fingers on the table, which was particularly harsh in this quiet environment where the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

“Why don’t you go on, huh?” The man asked the others in a deep voice. His gaze was like a snowy razor blade that caught the face of each researcher for several seconds. “I spent so much money to bring you into the company, and it wasn’t to let you make a bunch of messy garbage for me! Stinky tofu flavored nutrient solution? Are you trying to disgust the buyers, or me? If we really develop it, our company will be sprayed by those buyers and forced to close down in a minute, believe it or not!”

The man’s expression became more and more angry and fierce, one hand on the table. The back of his hand already had bruises, and his fingers were knocking one by one, almost smashing a hole in the flat table. This pressure came strongly and abruptly, like a big mountain, and the people in the conference room almost couldn’t breathe.

This was a manifestation of the Genetic Collapse Disorder instability about to face an outbreak.

The researchers and other staff in the conference room, many of them were Ancient Blue Star people without much combat power. How could they withstand such pressure? There were already people who had gouged their hands hard on the desktop, as their arms and shoulders trembled slightly from the force of their fear.

The life assistant standing behind the man quickly stepped forward and took out a needle from the medical bag he was carrying, stuck it in the man’s arm, then pulled out a bottle of refreshing candy and poured out several capsules for the man to take in a hurry.

The others in the meeting room watched quietly and carefully. They didn’t dare to make any move even though they almost saw their boss’ Genetic Collapse Disorder explode. One of the reasons for this was that the boss’s assistant had injected him with a ‘sedative’ that temporarily controlled the riot, which could be relieved by entering a gaming pod in time to vent the desire for destruction in the virtual reality game.

The Imperial Research Institute’s candy, 2,000 stars a piece, could only suppress it for a maximum of five minutes. Five minutes was probably just enough time for the Therian to rush into the nearest gaming pod. PLus that sedative could not be used excessively. Frequent use would produce antibodies, and the effects would get worse and worse.

The man stood up violently from his seat, chewed the candy in his mouth, coldly spat out the word “Adjourned,” and walked towards the door.

Genetic Collapse Disorder was a major disease. As long as one awakened as the Therian gene in Interstellar people, they would generally get this disease. The symptoms only varied in severity. Therefore, the empire required all companies to allocate an equal number of public gaming pods in offices, so that employees could enter the virtual reality games for ‘treatment’ in the shortest possible time when they had a Genetic Collapse Disorder attack.

Tasty Food was a mega-corporation with a dedicated break room on each floor with gaming pods, and that’s where the man was headed. Instead, it was the man’s assistant who helped his boss clean up the mess, and informed the people in the conference room that the meeting would continue tomorrow at the same time. After the notification, he too chased the man’s back as he left the conference room.

After the man left, a silence lasted for another ten seconds or so before someone exhaled a fierce breath and said, “Saved.”

The others nodded gently, and expressed their agreement with this statement.

But were they really saved? In the last six months, the boss’s Genetic Collapse Disorder had become more and more frequent. If he wasn’t rich enough to use ‘sedatives,’ he would have left his planet and gone to Hope Star.

Many employees were quietly muttering in their hearts whether the boss’s Genetic Collapse Disorder would have an uncontrollable day. If that day did come and the boss happened to have an attack in the company, would they be in danger?

But it was still too early to think about it. The benefits offered to the employees of Tasty Food were very good and the wages were very high, so even if they had to face the boss’ horror for a few days every month, no one wanted to quit.

“I saw you looking down at your optical computer several times. You’re talking to a boyfriend and secretly sending messages during meeting time, right?” Qiao Fengying asked Yu Xiaoyue,  who was sitting on her right hand side, with a gossipy expression.

“How is that possible? I don’t have a boyfriend, Ying Ying. Don’t talk nonsense, ah!” Yu Xiaoyue shook her head frantically, then she explained the reason, “I was looking at our company’s star blog account. Suddenly many netizens sent messages to this account, saying something about letting our company go and cooperate with a virtual reality game to produce a delicious flavor of nutrient liquid…”

Yu Xiaoyue was only 23 years old this year, and was an ancient food intern. Because of her patient and meticulous work style, plus a gentle and kind personality, she was assigned to look after the “Taste of Ancient Food V” blog account. She needed to release the company’s new policies, new products and reply to the various private messages of netizens every day.

For fear of missing important information, she gave the account a special setting to block messages that were obviously advertisements, while if it was a normal private message from a user, the optical computer on her wrist would generate a slight electric current, which served as a reminder and also stimulated hand acupuncture points for physical therapy.

However, just now, the frequent private message reminders made Yu Xiaoyue seriously wonder whether her bracelet had an issue. How could so many people come looking for them at the same time? Her hand was almost numb…

The game was called Carefree Farmstead, and she couldn’t help but wonder if the designer of the game had paid a high price to buy a water army with the intention of reaching cooperation with their company.

As an ordinary person who hadn’t awakened the Therian gene, Yu Xiaoyue wasn’t concerned about virtual reality games. In her shallow perception, all virtual reality games were the same, fighting and killing, full of blood and violence, and not what she liked to play as a peace-loving girl.

A few years ago, she was curious about a virtual reality game that was a big hit, but ended up crawling out of the gaming pod with a pale face and throwing up. After that, she never went into a virtual reality game again. Anyway, she was an Ancient Blue Planet person and did not have that horrible Genetic Collapse Disorder, so it did not matter whether she played the game or not.

“Huh! Virtual reality game? How can this field be related to our company? It’s too strange, right?” Qiao Fengying was also an Ancient Blue Star person without Therian genes, but knew more about virtual reality games than Yu Xiaoyue. After her initial confusion, she immediately became interested and pestered Yu Xiaoyue to tell her the name of the game.

“The game is called Carefree Farmstead. Ying Ying have you heard of this name?” Yu Xiaoyue asked.

Qiao Fengying shook her head in confusion. She was only interested in the top ten virtual reality games. Other games were not in her consideration at all. And because of her busy work status, she also did not have time to soak in the forum to understand, so she had not even heard of those words.

“I haven’t heard of it, but the name of such a game is quite rare. How about this? When we get off work today, let’s check on Starnet together?” Qiao Fengying suggested.

This was a good suggestion, only then could they understand what kind of game it was and decide whether to report to the company’s higher management and to know how to reply to those private chats. Yu Xiaoyue was about to nod her head, but someone from behind the two coldly spoke out.

“In my opinion, you shouldn’t waste time, the boss will never agree to cooperate with a virtual reality game again.” The person who spoke was an old employee in the company.

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