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Chapter 118: Daily Life (4) May Have to Make a Mark

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey: …


In September, Ye Fei returned to the capital’s First High School and became an instructor for the new students’ military training. It was Gu Ang’s fault for talking too much at the time, so Director Zhang followed the vine and made this unreasonable request. The army also needed positive publicity, so they agreed to do so.

Thinking about this, Gu Ang regretted it.

On the first day of military training, Ye Fei came back with a big bag full of gifts.

Gu Ang wrapped his hands around him and looked him up and down with a cold grunt, “From the students?”

“Yeah, they’re all kids.” Ye Fei threw the pile of fancy things on the sofa, and said softly, “Give it to HuangHuang.”

The little one who was sitting next to him playing with blocks lit up his eyes and rushed over to open them. In addition to food, there were dolls, roses, love letters, it was a mess.

Gu Ang casually drew a love letter, pink, painted with love. On the cover was written in beautiful handwriting, “To my most handsome officer Ye”. He didn’t even have to open it, he knew what was written inside.

Ye Fei rubbed his head, “Want to read it?”

“No, don’t they know you’re married?” Gu Ang threw the love letter to the side, full of displeasure, “How can students nowadays be so active? Too passionate and too frank.”

Ye Fei sat over and squeezed on the sofa with him, legs next to legs. Seeing the expression on his face, he touched his knee again, “I know, they’re so gossipy, how could they not know?”

Gu Ang was angry with himself, frowning and pushing Ye Fei, “If they know you’re married, why are they still like this? It’s your fault for being too attractive and annoying.”

He had long been aware of how good-looking Ye Fei was, but this person’s temperament was cold. How many people were watching from afar, not daring to come forward? Nowadays, high school students could be bold, specializing in teasing the kaolin flower.

“What can I do?” Ye Fei hands spread, in a scum tone.

“No, I’m not happy.” Gu Ang frowned and his brain rattled. Faced with a group of young ones, there were so many unknown love rivals, so he was unhappy.

Ye Fei thought his reaction was too amusing, a nervous look of a kitten protecting its food, if he had a tail, it would have to stand up into a fluffy one. He pinched the back of Gu Ang’s neck and said soothingly, “I’m not going to cheat on you, why do you worry?”

Gu Ang glanced at him and sat cross-legged, “It’s not a matter of cheating, they can’t covet you.”

“Can’t covet.” HuangHuang squatting on the ground and squeezing the doll, has a model.

Ye Fei was amused by the same tone of voice of a small and a large, “My family is so domineering, ah.”

Gu Ang didn’t say anything, took out his communicator and clicked on the forum of the capital First High School. As expected, the posts about Ye Fei were red.

“This year’s officer is so handsome! I said three words to him today, so much so that my legs got weak!”

“You’re still talking to people?”

“Students come to ask questions, can I not answer?” Ye Fei reached out and blocked the screen to stop people from scrolling down, “Don’t look.”

Gu Ang stubbornly knocked his hand away, “I want to read it.”

The next post, “high-definition large image, 360 degrees without dead angle capture Admiral Ye.” Clicking on the title, a few clear sneak peeks popped up on the screen.

Ye Fei was wearing a well-fitting camouflage uniform, hands behind his back, with a slender and straight posture. His skin had been tanned recently, and his expressionless face looked cool and hormonal.

Gu Ang thought to himself, if such an instructor stood in front of him, his heart would be beating. He probably couldn’t carry a few minutes, and would have to fall under the camouflage pants. The response was even more exaggerated, a water screen of “ahah handsome, want to fall in love with him.”

Gu Ang didn’t hold back, gritting his teeth and pressing the screen, going clickity-clackity, [He’s married, and has a child.]

The ID of the star mammoth A was soon disliked, almost as a group.

[What, yy can’t I?]

[The handsome instructor is there for us to appreciate him. Why do you care so much?]

[I’m sorry I have a wrong outlook, I want to dig the wall.]

[There’s nothing online about his wife’s picture, they’re probably ugly.]

Gu Ang stared at the latest reply and thought, Ugly my ass. After the birth of their child, they both tried to keep a low profile and had Lin XiuYong clean up all the photos of their marriage and Luminous support group online. They also took down all the videos of their previous live matches, with only Red Flame keeping backups internally.

After a few years, few new people knew what Gu Ang looked like. Now, he had become the “ugly wife” that people talked about. Gu Ang was so angry that he impatiently pointed to the comment, “Am I ugly?”

“Not ugly, super handsome.” Ye Fei laughed so hard that he thought Gu Ang was so cute.

Gu Ang thought about it, pulled Ye Fei’s collar, pulled him to him, and held him firmly in place.

Ye Fei leaned against his forehead, dodged back, “HuangHuang is watching, what are you doing?”

“Marking, to confirm you belong to me.” This behavior was analogous to small animals, circling the territory, there was no difference. He inclined his head, precisely confirming the top of the collar, to ensure that anyone else could also see the location, and heavily sucked.

The small sharp teeth grind into the skin, little by little to pierce deeper, almost to bite bleeding.

Ye Fei could only let him do whatever he wanted, just loosely circling the person. After a while, he reached out and put his hand against Gu Ang’s chin, “Okay, that’s enough.”

Gu Ang stepped back a few inches and looked at the small red mark with satisfaction, “Mn, it shouldn’t go away for three to five days. When the color fades, I’ll make a new one.”

Ye Fei touched his neck, which was a little warm, and gave a very soft muffled sound. His husband was in a good mood, so he let him go.Thinking about Gu Ang’s somewhat over-reactive behavior, he admonished, “You’re coming into heat, pay a little attention lately.”

Gu Ang would show strong possessiveness whenever he was near his estrus, as he was now. At this point, it was estimated that the Alpha hormones remaining in his body were at work.

“Got it.” Gu Ang replied lazily. 

Gu Ang was satisfied and went back to the barracks the next day with confidence. When he was watching the new recruits’ training, he went into the forum to check the reactions to today’s edition.

[General Ye’s wife is really ugly, right? They only dare to declare their sovereignty behind his back.]

The picture below was a scene from Ye Fei’s training today. The strawberry on the neck, a red small hickey, not covered up, looking full of jealousy.

Gu Ang profoundly felt that he may have a generation gap with the young people now. How was it ugly? He could make another one. Full of grievances, he lazily held up his gun and easily aimed at the moving target across the way, hitting the red center.

The new recruits below looked at the bull’s-eye, and they all started to cheer, “The boss is so handsome.”

Gu Ang’s self-esteem was greatly satisfied, even pulled the trigger several times, each hitting the ten rings. After shooting, his mood didn’t become better. He raised his voice and looked at the new recruits who had just joined the team, “Listen up, the following people, now one by one will do moving target shooting. For those with an average of nine rings or less, the penalty is three hundred push-ups.”

“Ah, boss, nine rings is too difficult for us.”

“This is a moving target, it’s killing us.”

“I can’t do it, not even 300 push-ups…”

“I’m afraid I’ll miss and hurt someone.”

“Cut the crap and start.” Gu Ang’s face was cold, with the appearance of a serious instructor. His mind unconsciously wondered how Ye Fei treated those high school kids.

Ye Fei looked fierce, but in fact, he was gentler than anyone else. After all, they were facing a group of underage people, who would definitely not be stricter than themselves, and maybe even let them off the hook. In this way, the group of fangirls and fanboys wouldn’t be more crazy.

The more brainstorming, the more it added to the problem.

Gu Ang blackened his face, waited for everyone to finish practicing, and handed those who didn’t pass the line to Bai SiNing, “Keep an eye on the rest to finish.”

“I say, why have you been in a bad mood all morning?” Bai SiNing had been staring at him for half a day, and there was no smile on his face. After all, they had been friends for many years, and he could see the breakage at a glance.

“Ye Fei went to high school to become an instructor. He has so many admirers, I have a headache. The most outrageous thing was that they actually said his wife was ugly, so they could dig the wall.” Gu Ang sneered, and added, “Damn, military training will take another month.”

Theoretically speaking, Ye Fei still had to be missed by that group of brats for a full thirty days.

Bai SiNing looked at him with the expression that people in love were idiots. He sighed, “No, wouldn’t it be over once you show your face? Just you standing there, who would still dare to covet big brother Ye?”

“…You’re making some sense.” Gu Ang was awakened and raised his eyebrows. Blaming himself for his anger, his brain was a bit short-circuited.

Bai SiNing nodded, with the tone of a person who had come here, “That’s what I did. The Institute of brother Lin, too, always has school freshmen coming over, annoying as hell. After I’ve been there a few times, no one has confessed to him.”

“You’re quite a deterrent.” Gu Ang laughed and scolded.

“Not really, just show your love twice more.” Bai SiNing licked his lips, “Aht, ah, go quickly.”

“Okay, while it’s still noon, I’m going now.” Gu Ang patted Bai SiNing’s shoulder, “I’ll leave it to you.”

Bai SiNing waved his hand, “I’ll take care of it.”

Gu Ang knew that the Capital’s First High School was very strict, so he probably couldn’t get in directly in his uniform. He went home first, rummaging through his locker to find the fake school uniform Ye Fei got last time and put it on top of his uniform.

By the time he arrived at the school gate, it was 11:30 pm. He took his name tag and walked in with a big smile on his face, not panicking.

The same gatekeeper from last time stared at him left and right, “Why do I see you look so familiar? Why are you here now?”

“I took the morning off, I had an afternoon class.” Gu Ang replied vaguely, “I’ll go in first.”

He walked quickly inside, and before he could move two steps, he was stopped by the doorman, “Eh, you’re not the senior class 5…”

Fuck, he was recognized.

Gu Ang ran away, and the doorman shouted after him, “Haven’t you graduated?”

“I’m repeating my studies!” Gu Ang didn’t turn around, answered loudly and ran fast into the school.

It was worthy of being the first high school in the capital, even the doorman has such a good memory. Gu Ang found a toilet, took off his school uniform and hugged it casually, revealing the military uniform inside. He washed his face, looked in the mirror and ruffled his hair, and the golden stars on his shoulders faintly shone, making him look very dignified.

Having been here once, it was a breeze. It was class time and there were few people on the boulevard. He followed the stairs down and easily found Ye Fei in the field.

The man was casually turning around, checking the students’ military posture. The students below were staring straight at him, eager to put their eyes to their faces. Bold and direct, belonging to the straightforwardness of young people.

Gu Ang stood under the tree for a while, waiting for him to finish.

“There are still five minutes, everyone hold on.” Ye Fei spoke in a deep voice, and as soon as he turned around, he saw Gu Ang under the tree. The cold expression instantly softened a lot, and even the corners of his lips were unconsciously lifted.

In the end, his husband didn’t hold back and ran to see him. And also very naughtily wearing his military uniform, flaunting the military.

Ye Fei knew all too well what was going through Gu Ang’s mind; he liked his possessiveness and his jealous reaction. It was also nice to be liked so openly and passionately.

Five minutes went by a little slowly. Ye Fei looked at his watch three times and finally said, “Dismissed.”

Once the order was given, the team that was standing tall instantly broke loose and became lively.

Several girls gathered around, chattering, “Instructor, what are you smiling at? You’re so charming.”

“My husband is here.” Ye Fei waved at the shade, gesturing for Gu Ang to come over. His voice was soft and lazy, and when he called husband, there were a few hints of doting.

“Ahhhhhhhh, is that the handsome brother under the tree?” The girls turned around and a scream came from the crowd.

Ye Fei smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

They covered their mouths to silence the screams and watched the man in uniform stride over. Since it was autumn, the thin, long military jacket was lifted a foot, revealing the dark shirt and narrow waistline inside. The hem of the shirt was flattened and tucked into the pants, looking like a pair of legs and thin and long. The officer was a bit of a gangster, with his shirt buttoned loosely by two, revealing a nice collarbone.

When Gu Ang walked in, the girl in the lead was slow to speak out, “A perfect match, right? It is true that the men who can be looked at by the instructor are extremely handsome.”

“Yes, yesterday there were people on the forum guessing that his wife was ugly. If this is ugly, other people shouldn’t live.”

“Well if I don’t deserve it, I admit it.”

“Really eye-catching, I want to apply for this officer to be an instructor too!”

Gu Ang listened to the whispers and was in a much better mood. Bai SiNing was right, show your face and nothing will happen.

Ye Fei took two steps toward him, took his hand and tugged it in his palm, openly, without hiding it.

The girl asked again, “This handsome brother is so possessive that he planted strawberries for the instructor.”

Gu Ang blushed a little and coughed uncomfortably.

Ye Fei hurriedly relieved the situation, “Well, after the dismissal, everyone should hurry to eat lunch. We’ll leave first.”

Gu Ang pulled him slowly out of the crowd and sighed with relief, “It’s done.”

“You really ran over.” Ye Fei squeezed his palm, “Isn’t the army busy?”

“Busy, but I threw it to Bai SiNing.” Gu Ang whistled moodily, “It’s more important to declare ownership.”

Ye Fei grabbed him by the neck and called softly, “Light.”

“What?” Gu Ang responded to his burning gaze, a bit sheepishly, “I know I’m childish, don’t say it.”

Ye Fei’s fingers were hard, snapping the man to himself and giving him a sideways kiss on the cheek.

It was light and airy, like a feather falling.

He wrinkled his nose slightly and smelled a very faint smell of white peach oolong.

Gu Ang froze in place, not expecting Ye Fei to be so bold as to kiss him directly in front of so many people. His ears were red, his heart was fluttering, and if he had a mirror, he could probably see his cheeks were rapidly turning red as well.

“With that, now no one will covet me.” Ye Fei’s tone was sparse.

Gu Ang turned around and sure enough, the group of students hadn’t dispersed and were staring at the two of them in unison. He licked his lower lip, his heart beating like thunder, “It does work.”

“Mn, by the way, you should take the rest of the day off.”


“Idiot, you’re in heat.” Ye Fei scolded softly, ” I just kissed you for just a few seconds and it all smells like pheromone.”

“Ah, yeah?” Gu Ang slapped his head with hindsight and muttered, “You reminded me yesterday, just that fast…”

He himself wasn’t too accurate with the timing of his rut, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. When he said that, no wonder he was just so… The time of his estrus wasn’t quite accurate, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. In this way, it was no wonder that his heart beat faster just after a touch.

Ye Fei held him, intertwining his fingers, his feet hesitated for a few seconds, “Or, I’ll send you back.”

“I’ll go back on my own later, I’ll stay with you for a while.” Gu Ang was full of perverted waste, Ye Fei kissed him and almost made him react. Every time he went into heat, he got particularly clingy with Ye Fei. It was probably an Omega’s sense of belonging to the Alpha that marked him and needed to be soothed.

Gu Ang suppressed his pheromone and followed Ye Fei into the lounge with a serious face. This single room was behind the school building, specially vacated for Ye Fei’s lunch break. Once the door was closed and locked, the small space seemed cramped, and the smell of pheromone became stronger and stronger.

Gu Ang impatiently hugged Ye Fei to ease the restlessness inside.

“No more?” Ye Fei laughed at him, “I told you to not run around.”

It just so happened that if he were in the barracks at this moment, he might have caused some kind of trouble. Gu Ang rubbed his shoulder and softened his tone, “You might have to mark me, otherwise I won’t be able to get out.”

Ye Fei let out a hum and lowered his head to hug him, snapping him firmly into his arms. His fingertips caressed the gland very gently, and a little blue vein could be seen under the fragile skin.

“Next time you can’t run around, you smell everywhere every time you come into heat, I’ll get mad if someone else smells it.” Ye Fei touched his head sideways on the neck and murmured in a low voice. When he said this, his voice was very light. But between the words, there was a heavy sense of oppression.

Gu Ang shivered a little and responded very softly. His waist was wrapped in large hands, so he could only give Ye Fei a small push, urging, “Got it, mark me.”

“Don’t move.” Ye Fei kissed the gland sideways, revealing his canine teeth, breaking it open a little and injecting the pheromone into it. He didn’t press the pheromone deliberately, and a whiff of brandy spread out, mixing with the white peach oolong.

“Oh.” Gu Ang’s brain was a little chaotic, trembling slightly, while spreading out his glands to a greater extent. His fingertips embedded in Ye Fei’s back, feeling his legs go a little weak. The raging, intoxicating, brandy scent. Like the waves of the sea, it drowned one straight away. He unconsciously held Ye Fei tighter, feeling this Alpha branding him, making him slowly belong to him.

The marking had been done so many times that they had long been bound in life as one that couldn’t be separated. As the markings deepened, Gu Ang’s taut back slowly relaxed. The tingling sensation covered the pain of the earlier tear and ran through the internal organs, making his toes tingle.

Breathing a little more heavily, Ye Fei injected the pheromone all over and then licked the broken wound comfortingly, “Is it better?”

“Much better, but…” Gu Ang had trouble speaking. He looked at the small single room with a small bed next to it, the covers folded properly. The door had just been locked, so no one would probably come in. But the view was a little bright, and the blinds were open, so maybe someone would pass by. They were on the first floor, it wasn’t very safe.

Ye Fei twisted his lips with his fingertips, “But what?”

Gu Ang shook his head, “Forget it, I’m better, I’ll go back after sitting for a while.”

Ye Fei stared at him, his dark pupils like the bottomless sea, full of emotions. He followed his lead, “Light, as long as you ask, I will say yes.”

Gu Ang squeezed his voice out of his lips, “I want to… Do…”

His lips moved slightly, and he finally spoke out the rampant thoughts in his mind.

Ye Fei didn’t say anything, hugging him in silence.

“I know the location isn’t quite right.” Gu Ang took a deep breath and inhaled a bit of brandy pheromone, trying to calm himself. Only that smell leapt into the body, the impatient thoughts were even more suppressed. Wanting to deepen the entanglement, he couldn’t wait a moment.

Ye Fei wrapped his arms around his waist and laid him down on the crib next to him. Gu Ang was thinking as his back pressed up, the small square quilt was messed up by his pressure. He felt Ye Fei’s knees rubbing against the sides of his waist, burning with heat. He was so bad, pulling down a man who abided by the rules.

Gu Ang tilted his head and pressed his lips together, “Either?”

“Yes.” Ye Fei uttered, his voice hoarse.

No one could refuse the invitation of their beloved Omega who was emitting a sweet fragrance and compelling people. Gu Ang smiled, his eyes looked like they were decorated with stars. He hooked Ye Fei’s neck, lightly teasing, “We’re so bold, so capricious at school.”

“I said I’ll say yes whenever you ask.” Ye Fei restrained himself and carefully unbuttoned his shirt. The white piece of skin was made transparent by the sun, perfect for leaving marks.

Ye Fei did the same. Gu Ang gave him one hickey, and he returned ten. 

Gu Ang narrowed his eyes and gasped lightly, “Wait, the curtains aren’t closed.”

Ye Fei gripped Gu Ang’s skin with his teeth, bullying little by little. He fished a signature pen out from under the pillow and threw it at the switch button that controlled the blinds. Without turning around, but with uncanny precision, the light suddenly dimmed. As long as no sound was made, no one would know.

Gu Ang’s uniform loosened halfway, reaching for Ye Fei’s trouser belt of the same color, complementing, “Not bad for my beloved Admiral Ye.”

Admiral Ye took his training feats to the extreme.

No matter what he did, he was a hundred times better.


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