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Chapter 91: Human transportation in the time of ancient blue star

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Village chief, this time there is really a reason, you can rest assured, the chicks are fine, they have become my pets.” Tang Ying explained with a sincere face, but also did not release the chicks for the village chief to see.

In fact, even he himself was not sure how the chickens, which were taken as pets once, would look like when they were released again. The thought of the “Mother Hen” title, his heart resisted.

“Humph, young man, do not fool the old man, since you took them as pets, let out to the old man to see, so that I can rest assured that the animal chicklets are okay and then I will continue to sell more to you.” The old village chief did not let up, looking at Tang Ying, his gaze was like he was looking at a chicken-killing maniac.

The players next to him wanted to applaud, “Yeah, yeah, Easy Victory, let your pet out for everyone to see, there’s nothing to hide.”

Someone else whispered, “It’s better to put the title on the chickens while they’re out. It’ll taste better with the food, hehehehe.”

Tang Ying’s ears were sharp and he heard both of these words. His face darkened, but he also knew that if he didn’t follow them, he wouldn’t be able to pass this level.

I’m a fake face in the game anyway. Who would have thought that the one with the title of Mother Hen would be Adjutant Tang from the Admiral’s side?

Easy Victory Life could do things, so what did it matter to Deputy Tang Ying!

“Mn, I’ll release them. Village Chief, you should stop looking at me like that, I’m not that kind of person.” Tang Ying sighed and called out the system panel and selected Pets.



“Kiri chirp chirp!”

A string of five yellow plush dumplings, strung like iced tanghulu in a neat line, or orange or fragrant orange flavored, appeared at Tang Ying’s feet. They were bouncing in place, but they were also so good that they didn’t run around and kept in a neat line, as if they really thought Tang Ying was their mama.

A player with a dark heart saw this, and stepped forward to intentionally scare them to see if the five chicks would run and jump around because they were too frightened.

Then, a magical scene appeared. The little chicks fluttered their tender wings and actually flew up in the air, like a small round ball, halfway away from their Mother Hen, and always flying around Tang Ying’s side. First, they flew up around his legs in a circle, then rubbed their heads on his waist, then played with Tang Ying’s hands, as they tried to dance on his palms, almost fighting because of the number of chickens, then finally stepped on Tang Ying’s arms and continued up to make a nest on top of his head.

The five chicks weren’t heavy, but gave Tang Ying the feeling that he was wearing a fluffy alien hat. What made him feel uncomfortable instead were the burning eyes of the players around him. Especially the female players, who, one by one, morphed their hands into hearts, as they stared starry-eyed, non-stop, at the chickens, full of maternal light. Ahhhhhhh! The chicks are so silly and cute, they want to have them!

Although they didn’t want to admit it, the rest of the male players also squirmed and said, “It’s… It’s pretty cute.”

Finding that the players didn’t laugh at him because the chicks didn’t match his fierce image, but instead showed envious expressions, Tang Ying also put his mind at ease and decided to add more fire as a revenge for these people’s ‘gazing’ on the sidelines.

“The five chicks together only occupy one pet compartment, and what they were when they were taken in is what they will be in the future, and they will never grow up again. They have two skills, one is to give me a 10% increase in affinity, and the other is to increase the individual weight of farmed poultry animals. And there’s more.” Tang Ying smiled and put on the title of Mother Hen, “This new title is also good, while wearing it increases the progress of poultry breeding 20%, the number of eggs harvested doubled. haha, with pets and titles, I raise chickens, ducks and geese will not be able to do so with half the effort?”

The onlookers were also stunned, they thought they were coming over to watch the fun, but it turned out that the pets and skills people got were top notch, and the clowns were actually themselves?!

“This is also too cool, the future of the big chicken breeder is only for Old Brother Easy Victory!”

“Oooooh, such a cute little chicken boy with such useful skills. Really cute and not useless.”

“Now I just want to know how in the world did you manage to make five chicks become a pet at the same time. Shouldn’t there be five pets under normal circumstances?”

This was a good question, everyone’s ears pricked up to hear Tang Ying’s answer.

Tang Ying didn’t mind telling them the answer, and directly told them about the Taming Grass Ball and how he used it. This caused a commotion among the players.

“Taming Grass Ball! I can’t believe it’s the Taming Grass Ball again! I thought that using only two Grass Balls to take down the boar was already a good use of it, but now the facts tell me that I can still take down five chicks using only one Grass Ball! Ahhh, why wasn’t I the one whose house collapsed in the first place?”

“It is true that our imagination is too poor. Only we can not think, not that this game where you cannot do it. I hope the village chief’s store can sell this grass ball ah, then I will buy a lot!”

“Hey, brother Easy Victory…You still have an extra Taming Grass Ball, right? Can you sell me one? You quote a price, I absolutely will not blink and take it out!”

Because of the admiration of the crowd and the drifting Tang Ying who quickly focused on again, he coldly and ruthlessly gave a refusal answer, “No, I don’t want to sell such a precious item. You guys can’t have it.” For such a good thing, he would first go back to ask his own people if they want it back. If not, then that would be another story.

After he bought five more chicks from the village chief, Tang Ying left in a hurry. The rapid departure of the back, it was as if there was a ghost behind him chasing him.

The player who offered to buy a Taming Grass Ball also knew in his heart that his idea was impractical, so when he heard Tang Ying’s rejection, he didn’t feel much loss, but comforted himself that it was better not to ask for something that didn’t belong to him.

However, there were also people who, with their super thick skin, and money offensives, managed to get a Taming Grass Ball from the warriors of the military department.

This old man was the same as Wen XingYao as a star warrior, but acted much more high-profile than Wen XingYao. After he got the Taming Grass Ball he did not rush to use it. He also didn’t follow the example of Tang Ying to tame the five chicks, but ran to Starnet, and tried to find inspiration from the ancient books about catching pets. He searched, and searched, and searched and finally got a little idea through a certain historical untraceable picture.

By the end of the day, he decided to set out to catch a pet. To witness this historic moment, he even invited Mo Song to help him live-stream the exciting process.

Mo Song also liked to get together with this kind of hilarity and readily agreed to do so.

At the request of the viewers in the live stream, Mo Song asked the question, “Long-winded, Scrupulous Son, the viewers are curious about the conditions you used to impress the other party so that he agreed to sell the Taming Grass to you. Can you tell the viewers in the live stream if it’s convenient?”

Long-winded, Scrupulous Son was a young-looking boy,  handsome and open, with a smiling look that made the audience regardless of gender all weirdly shout. “Brother, I can. I spent a total of 300 gold coins, ten silver fishing rods, and a set of ‘Darkstalkers’ men’s clothing to get it. To be honest, I was a little heartbroken when I handed it all over, but if I managed to catch the pet I want, then it was all worth it!”

‘Darkwalker’ was a set that only appeared in the Dress Surprise Box. For players who wanted to open this set of clothes, its value was immeasurable. Even Mo Song gulped quietly and pinched his thighs off-camera to keep himself from looking too drool-worthy.

He was asking as a qualified interviewer, “Wow, that grass ball is really worth too much. If it were me, I would definitely trade it to you too!”

A certain male player dressed in black was watching the live stream while he rubbed his shoulders which were sore from being hammered by his companions. He nodded his head. Hmmmmmmmm, yes. It’s not that I’m not strong-willed enough, it’s just that the other side was giving too much…

“Now that the grass ball is in hand and we have a suitable target, let Long-winded, Scrupulous Son take all of us and go capture this expensive pet!” Mo Song said to the camera and followed behind Long-winded, Scrupulous Son.

Long-winded, Scrupulous Son took people all the way to an inlet at the edge of the forest, which was also a fishing spot where it was easier to catch sea fish. However, because of the distance, few players purposely walked to this side to fish.

Faced with Mo Song’s confused expression, Long-winded, Scrupulous Son gave a smile and explained his idea, “What I intend to catch today is an aquatic animal, but not a fish. It belongs to the shrimp class. It lives in the sea, and can only be found in the sea. Earlier, because of boredom, I ran almost everywhere in the map where there is a water source, and just happened to have caught it right here. The source of my inspiration…In fact, it is a picture from the Ancient Blue Star period. That picture appeared in the packaged collection, called ‘what expression package.’ It’s not convenient to pull out for you to see now, I can describe it. A cartoon human with flat bangs, sitting on top of a shrimp with a big red body and a long body, the shrimp has a rein tied to its head, and the end of the rope is held in the human’s hand, while the human shouts ‘Let’s go, Mantis Shrimp!’ 1I think this kind of shrimp should be the human’s transportation during the Ancient Blue Star period, right? Pictures of perhaps not living, but mechanical products?”

“But it does not matter, we can experience the fun of riding a living thing in the game. Today, I’m going to catch a bunch of Mantis Shrimp and feed them the ‘Taming Grass Ball’, maybe they will merge after being taken in and then become a giant Mantis Shrimp. Anyway, please give me your blessing. I’ve paid a high price to give you all an experiment. Let’s hope it works!”

There were already viewers who quickly went to Starnet to look up the relevant terms and also found the picture Long-winded, Scrupulous Son spoke of, looked at the cozy, arrogant human on the back of the Mantis Shrimp with a bitchy little expression, and many hearts longed for it. If Long-winded, Scrupulous Son really caught the Mantis Shrimp and made them successfully merge, would they be able to ride on the Mantis Shrimp too?

When the next game quota was released and they were lucky enough to grab the quota, could they ask Long-winded, Scrupulous Son to let them sit on it too?

For a while, the pop-ups were filled with words of blessing and early leg hugs.

Bai Li was also watching Mo Song’s live stream. Of the five live streams, his favorite was Mo Song’s live stream. Not to mention the many tricks, both the players involved and the audience watching the live stream had a lot of whims that sometimes, even he, the game designer, couldn’t help but want to meet the dreams of the players.

Take the present, for example. His previous setting was that individual tiny animals could be taken as pets by players in groups, but they did not ‘merge.’ However, he wouldn’t mind sending the player named Long-winded, Scrupulous Son a pet skill, so that the small prawns he caught could really merge into a giant version.

After today, he would also design a few more weird skills, as a matter of entertainment mode. As Bai Li’s mind moved, the game settings quietly changed.

Under the live camera, the prepared Long-winded, Scrupulous Son took out a long net, put it into the water, and sprinkled ten advanced fish bait crushed powder into the net, then held his breath as he waited for the arrival of the shrimp.

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