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Chapter 117: Daily Life (3) You’re Worthy of Love

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, playing her 5th mobile cat game


Ye Min was more powerful than the two of them could’ve imagined, and he was doing very well in the kindergarten. After a few months, he had become a big brother among the kids. In a short period of time, he had enlisted all the kids to become his buddies. They were really impressed by the nonsense he said from TV shows. All the teachers thought he was good and obedient, and gave him little red flowers every day. The boys and girls who liked him could form a class… 

Gu Ang concluded that he was worthy of being his son. Charming and powerful. At last, the boy wasn’t at home with nothing to do, and he was eager to go to school every day. He and Ye Fei were happy to be free and had a good time.

However, the two were busy again in the barracks, and couldn’t be bothered. The Empire and the Federation had been in harmony since the last Zerg war. When the Zerg would come back, they didn’t know, they could only be prepared for the unexpected.

Ye Fei and Gu Ang, as liaisons, were in frequent contact with Federation Marshal Ling JunHan. He had invited the couple to his home several times, but Ye Fei brushed him off.

Calculating carefully, HuangHuang’s holiday was coming, and thinking of the previous holiday scene at home, Ye Fei had a headache. He finally set a time, summer vacation to go to the Federal, as a short trip.

Before leaving, Ye Fei was packing his bags. Gu Ang folded some clothes and handed them over, leaning on the edge of the bed to see his husband loading daily necessities on the list. He was so meticulous, a stark contrast to his big-hearted self.

Gu Ang lazily spoke, “Nothing to bring, I’m just going for a few days.”

“Mn, it’s mostly my son’s little toys.” Ye Fei stuffed the dolls that HuangHuang slept with every day into the suitcase, and put in a few battleship models before zipping it up.

Gu Ang licked his lips, casually asking, “I haven’t seen Old Ling for a long time, I wonder if his Little Bai has been better behaved lately? I’m afraid HuangHuang will be afraid.”

“The little one is bold, he should be fine.” Ye Fei’s mind flashed back to the fierce little animal, “Besides, Little Bai is different from other white tigers.”

Gu Ang’s bad heart picked up gradually, as he smiled, “If he cried, it must be very funny.”

HuangHuang had grown another year, not crying and looking cooler. Gu Ang often felt that he had become an independently thinking adult, not the same fun as when he was a child. He has a lot of bad taste, and now he was adding to it, picking and choosing opportunities to tease the little one.

Ye Fei kindly laughed, “You’re really a real father.”

Gu Ang put his hands in his pockets, looking at the door where HuangHuang was standing, “A child is born to play.”

HuangHuang heard the end of his words, and imitated Gu Ang putting his hands in his pockets, “Play what?”

“Tomorrow you’ll know.” Gu Ang said mysteriously, his mood very good.

“Stinky dad.” HuangHuang hummed, dragging his small suitcase out of the door.

Ye Fei bent down to pick up the little one and walked quickly into the hatch, “Let’s go, the ship is ready.”

In the end, it felt new, he wanted to play it cool, but it was hard to hide a three-year-old child’s foolishness. HuangHuang got on the airship and started to turn around inside excitedly, asking questions.

Gu Ang at first also explained, but later directly threw him a brief history of the universe audiobook, “Listen to it yourself.”

The little guy finally quieted down, his little finger poking around on the screen, waiting patiently for the pages to turn automatically. The cabin fell into silence as the light outside faded, as they were about to enter the universe.

Gu Ang entered the cockpit and sat next to the pilot’s seat, propping his elbow on the console, “Are we in star trajectory yet?”

“Almost there, I’ll cut autopilot right away.” Ye Fei skillfully maneuvered the ship, maneuvering smoothly without a single bump.

“My husband is so handsome, he can do everything.” Gu Ang greatly appreciated the person and didn’t mince words in praise.

Ye Fei’s finger switched the buttons and raised the corner of his mouth slightly, “Don’t you know how to do it too? Blind praise.”

For soldiers, piloting a spaceship was a basic skill. This child had too thick of a filter and felt good about everything he saw.

Gu Ang pursed his lips and felt that as long as he stayed with Ye Fei, even the boring little things would become fun. He reached out and took Ye Fei’s empty right hand, his tone open, “Just praising you.”

“Okay, make the best of it.” Ye Fei’s smile deepened as he watched the ship smoothly enter orbit and switch to automatic mode. He stood up from the driver’s seat and stood behind the back of the chair, lowering his head to envelop the person in his arms. His chin rested on the top of his head, rubbing it with a hitch, “Why are you so sticky today? You’re so mushy.”

Gu Ang was wrapped in his arms and was filled with a sense of security. He lowered his tone and returned in a muffled voice, “I don’t know.”

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, they’d been together for years, and recently he’d grown more and more fond of Ye Fei. He liked him and wanted to express his love anytime, anywhere. Bai SiNing told him he was being compelled by Ye Fei, which was probably true. Love compulsion, there was no cure.

Gu Ang through the glass of the cabin, saw HuangHuang with his head tilted, and noticed he fell on the sofa, sleeping soundly. He was in a happy mood, “Our son is asleep, we can live in a two-person world.”

“Why do you look so disgusted with him every day?” Ye Fei pinched his earlobe, his hand was not too light, not too heavy, it made him tingle.

Gu Ang ducked to the side and uncomfortably explained, “He’s distracting you, I’m jealous.”

When HuangHuang was young, he disliked Ye Fei, always competing with him for favor. Now that he was a little older, father and son were getting along better. On the first night before he left, Ye Fei even spent the night building blocks with him.

Gu Ang sat alone in the master bedroom playing games, cold inside, just like a concubine in the cold palace. He was a little jealous since he thought that Ye Fei’s love should be his alone. He also loved his son, but that wasn’t the same, it was love paranoia.

If one liked someone, they wanted to occupy the whole place inside him.

Ye Fei dumbfounded, his husband really could eat flying jealousy. He gently coaxed, “I will always love you the most, no one can replace you.”

“Is that so?” Gu Ang hummed softly, although he knew the answer, he still wanted to confirm.

Ye Fei lowered his head and touched Gu Ang’s forehead, “I’m good to HuangHuang because he’s our son, the continuation of our love.”

“Oh, the reason is barely acceptable.” Gu Ang also felt a bit cautious and uncomfortable. Jealous over his own son, really the more he lived, the more he went back.

“Are you shy?” Ye Fei caught a flash of emotion from him. The fact that the kid cared about him was something to be happy about in itself.

Gu Ang let out a hmm, eyelashes fluttering slightly, tilting his head to ask for a kiss with great effort. Ye Fei was in the position of circling him, cupping his neck and fixing his upturned chin, lowering his head to kiss the corners of his lips delicately, tenderly and fatally. Half-asleep, Gu Ang opened his eyes and saw Ye Fei kissing him with great affection and devotion. His heart softened into a piece, wanting to peek more, when the light next to him suddenly dimmed and the ship entered star trajectory.

Gu Ang, a little out of breath from the kiss, nibbled the corner of Ye Fei’s mouth not so gently. He wiped his wet lips with his finger before breaking the atmosphere, “Fuck, we’re really mushy.”

He was the one who was obviously pampered, and now he was the one with the goosebumps.

“Don’t like it?”

“…I like it.”

Ye Fei rubbed his head, always feeling that after so many years, Gu Ang was still the same as before. Having an eighteen-year-old look with no change, his love hot. He inexplicably thought of the day of Gu Ang’s eighteenth birthday, when they hadn’t established their relationship yet, he took Gu Ang to see the starry sky.

At that time, they were still in the stage of improbability, the window paper wasn’t broken, the dark tide was surging, “Light, what did you wish for when you turned eighteen?”

Gu Ang still hasn’t slowed down from that kiss just now, his brain was confused, “Why do you suddenly want to ask this?”

“This nebula, it looks like the one we saw that night.” Ye Fei pointed out the window, a large charming deep blue floating past. It was just very similar, there were no two similar nebulae in this world.

Gu Ang took off his shoes and put his feet on the chair, falling into memory, “Mother’s health. Happy friends. Us making up.”

At the end of his sentence, the sourness that had been gone for a long time came up again. Gu Ang wiped away the watery mist that was coming up under his eyes, “All my wishes have come true.”

Ye Fei picked him up and squeezed him into a small seat, placing him on his lap and embracing him, “Light was so pathetic then, but so was I.”

People who loved each other, were carrying an anxious heart, afraid to miss each other.

It seemed like something that happened only yesterday, and four years have passed.

Gu Ang leaned his back against Ye Fei, staring at the twinkling stars in the distance, caught up in the emotions of the past, “I was thinking, if we never made up, we might as well have an accident in the universe. Dying together in the infinite starry sky is also quite romantic.”

Ye Fei laughed, “Dying young is magnificent.”

Two lonely particles fell together into the deep sea of the universe. In the second of life passed, an eternal burial together was very romantic, yet quite sad.

“No laughing at my childish ideas.” Gu Ang hit him at the back of his head.

“Not laughing at you.”

“You obviously laughed.”

They quarreled like elementary school children.

Ye Fei tightened his arms and pressed the person deeper into his embrace, “But now is better, I want to be with you for a long, long time.”

Gu Ang hummed, “Although it’s a bit pretentious to say it, but I’m too happy now. I don’t want to die, I want to live well.”

He thought to himself, this time with a new wish. To live an ordinary and peaceful lifetime with Ye Fei.

“Okay, every year from now on, I’ll bring you to see the nebula.” Ye Fei said, “If you can’t fly the spaceship anymore, let HuangHuang learn and let him bring us.”

Gu Ang laughed out loud, “Finally, we have found the role for our son.”

He looked into the distant starry sky, the stars shining in the black curtain. Each year’s appointment was filled with infinite hope. The voyage was long, and without speaking again, the two sat quietly together, watching the landscape change next to them. Gu Ang loved this kind of time, forming a quiet, tacit understanding, the presence of this person around, let people feel at ease. Just sitting for a long time spoiled the atmosphere.

Ye Fei’s legs were a bit sore and numb, quietly padding his feet to ease, “Not sleepy? Do you want to take a nap?”

“Not sleepy. I want to stay with you.” Gu Ang pouted.

Ye Fei’s strong nerves numbed, and he secretly moved a little, “Okay, stay as long as you want.”

After half an hour, Ye Fei asked again, “Still not sleepy?”

Gu Ang was unhappy and muttered, “Why are you always rushing me?”

Almost the next second, he was about to blurt out, “Do you not love me anymore? Don’t you want to sit alone with me to look at the stars?” But once the words were said, his image as a fierce Omega wouldn’t be applicable. No, he had to swallow it back.

Ye Fei finally couldn’t resist, stiff-faced as he spoke, “Baby, you’ve been sitting on my lap for four hours, and I’m numb.”

Gu Ang didn’t expect this reason to be so funny, he snorted out a laugh, “Should’ve told me earlier, I’ll get down.”

He propped up Ye Fei’s thigh and moved to the side, successfully returning someone’s muffled grunt. Ye Fei reached out and rubbed his stiff muscles and sighed, “Almost paralyzed, really… all romance has a price.”

“Shocked, a man hugged his husband and looked at the stars for four hours, his lower limbs were paralyzed.” Gu Ang laughed while massaging him, “Feeling better?”

Ye Fei slowed down and moved his feet a bit, “Much better.”

“Come on, let’s go see if our poor son is awake.” Gu Ang reached out and pulled him up, and they went back to the hall. The short date alone was over and it was back to life as a family of three.

The little one was sleeping soundly, making light breathing sounds. Gu Ang stared at him for a moment, and the idea of mischief came back to him. He reached for the pen on the table, unscrewed the cap, and raised his hand to draw on HuangHuang’s face. The little brat only moved his lips slightly, and didn’t wake up.

Ye Fei lowered his voice, “What are you planning?”

“I want to draw him a beautiful face.” Gu Ang, who was very playful, squatted next to the sofa and added three strokes while adding a small black dot to his nose, successfully turning the little boy into a little cat. He nodded in satisfaction and admired his masterpiece.

Ye Fei leaned on the edge of the sofa, expressionlessly took out his communicator and took a picture of the cute little face. After thinking about it, he sent another status, “My cat”.

The following replies were quick.

[Is it so original to draw on your son these days?]

[Thank you, I’m impressed by the cuteness.]

[Admiral Ye can’t draw, leave it to me!]

[Wait, auntie will send a cat ear to the little one tomorrow.]

Ye Fei finished reading the comments with a stifled smile, and all she could think about was the cat ears. He thought he should draw one on Gu Ang too.

HuangHuang was finally awakened by the movement, rubbed his eyes and asked in a milky voice, “Are we there yet?”

“Almost there.” Gu Ang stifled a smile, watching him talk, the whiskers on the side of his mouth followed the movement, very vivid. Sure enough, children were born for their parents to play with.

“What are you guys staring at me for?” HuangHuang frowned smartly.

Gu Ang shook his head and collected his expression, “Nothing. Want to get up and look at the starry sky? It’s beautiful.”

HuangHuang sat up from the sofa and walked to the cabin of the airship with his little legs, staring at him. Inside, the lights were on, and his face was reflected in the glass like a kitten. He turned around and looked at the two men critically, “What’s wrong with my face? How did it turn into a kitten?”

“You found out. I’ll wash it off for you later.” Gu Ang coaxed him, “I was just playing games with you.”

He was shameless, playing the role of a naughty parent to the hilt. HuangHuang didn’t look away and looked at the glasses again. He nuzzled, thought about it and said, “Forget it, it’s cute, don’t wash it.”

It was Gu Ang’s turn to choke, and only after a long time did he question, “Are you going to meet Uncle Ling with this face?”

“Mn, isn’t it good-looking?” HuangHuang nodded heavily.

Gu Ang, “…Good looking.”

The aesthetics of this cool cover of his family was a little different from the norm. HuangHuang really didn’t wash his face off until the end, walking around with a small cat face, very comfortably.

This time it was Gu Ang’s turn to feel a headache. The son of an imperial admiral, so nonsensical, may be laughed at by Ling JunHan and his gang of subordinates later.

Five hours later, the airship landed outside the garden of Ling JunHan’s house.

Before leaving the cabin, Gu Ang confirmed with HuangHuang one last time, “We’re going to meet a lot of people later, and we might have to take pictures.”

Ye Fei echoed, “Grow up, this is his black history.”

“Not washing.” HuangHuang with a small kitten face, strutted out of the hatch. In the end, since he was a child, his brain was completely different from normal human thinking.

Ye Fei was speechless as he carried the luggage and followed, “You see, the final loss is our face.”

Gu Ang tsked and wrapped his arms around, “He definitely did it on purpose.”

As soon as the little cat showed its head, it really attracted the attention of a bunch of people.

Ling JunHan stood at the door with a cigarette in his hand and looked up and down, “Your son, quite chic.”

A burst of suppressed laughter went around, but they had to hold back the laughter to say “Welcome Admirals”.

Gu Ang was embarrassed but had to act like he was calm, “It’s this year’s latest fashion, old Ling, you don’t understand.”

Ling JunHan lightly laughed, flicking the cigarette ash, “I don’t understand, anyway, not as cute as my family’s XinXin.”

Fake kittens and real big cats, how could you compare?

“I’m going to throw up, how come Duan WuXin didn’t bite you to death? As a marshal, can you have some marshal look?” Gu Ang rolled his eyes, held the little flower cat and walked towards the inside with big steps.

It was also strange how everyone around him named XinXin had a show love maniac boyfriend. Oh no, Ling JunHan the poor thing hadn’t chased people yet, so it couldn’t be considered a boyfriend. In front of his subordinates, he wouldn’t show his heart.

Ling JunHan arranged an exquisite dinner, and when they finished putting away their luggage, they went into the living room to eat. Gu Ang and Ye Fei sat side by side, opposite several high federal officials, while eating and discussing how to resist the Zerg.

HuangHuang ran away halfway through the meal and pulled out a little white cat who was lying behind the couch. The little animal was still awake, lazily twitching its ears and lifting half an eye.

“Daddy, there’s a big cat here.”

Gu Ang glanced over, “That’s a white tiger, named Duan WuXin.”

He was counting the generations in his mind, called uncle Duan, which seemed a bit strange.

HuangHuang squatted down, his face doubtful, “Why is a white tiger so small?”

“Don’t say he’s small, he will be angry.” Ling JunHan raised his voice and gave another tsk, “Control your son, don’t let him touch.”

Ye Fei sipped his wine and said lightly, “It’s okay, little Duan has a good temper.”

Ling JunHan’s face was black, “A good temper…” What a fart.

The subordinates were all afraid to speak, stretching their heads to watch the show. HuangHuang got interested and reached out to touch Duan WuXin’s back left and right, one moment he touched the claws, the other he pulled the ears.

Looking at Ling JunHan trepidation, fearing that the little white tiger would go crazy and destroy his home. But it seemed that Duan WuXin quite liked this little friend. He just lazily rolled over, without much movement.

HuangHuang asked curiously again, “Why is the little white tiger wearing clothes?”

Gu Ang didn’t know how to explain. If you tell the little cub that this little animal could become a human, it will ruin people’s outlook and scare him to death. His brain turned around and made up a random sentence, “It looks good in them.”

“Let them both play with themselves, let’s continue to talk.” Ling JunHan swept a glance at his subordinates, deterred them from looking around with his eyes, and brought the topic back, “The next Zerg attack will be in about three months, how many troops are deployed from the Empire’s side?”

Ye Fei was about to open his mouth when HuangHuang hugged the little white tiger and rolled into a fleshy ball. A man and a tiger rolled around on the ground and twisted into a mess. He was also afraid of messing with Duan WuXin and hurting the little cub, so he hurriedly got up and went over, “HuangHuang, let go.”

“I like this little white tiger, his fur is so soft.” HuangHuang, with his smiling little face, rushed to the tiger ears baring a kiss.

The meeting was interrupted, Ling JunHan put his chopsticks down and watched. It was over, Duan WuXin hated it when people kissed him, he was going to get mad.

Just three seconds later, Little Duan WuXin was there, slowly transforming into a cute, beautiful boy. He lowered his head and pulled his clothes, blocking the exposed waist, and his clear teenage voice came out, “How did I change back?”

“How did he change back?” Ling JunHan was also full of question marks.

Gu Ang was dumbfounded, “Fuck, my son has this skill?”

HuangHuang sat dumbfounded on the ground, reacted after the fact, cried in shock, completely losing that little adult look. He huffed and puffed and covered his mouth, his face crying into a piece, still not out of shock, “Little white tiger, ho-ho-how did you become a human?”

Gu Ang was helpless, also got off the dining table, and quickly took the little one into his arms, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.”

“I want to go home!” HuangHuang ran into his arms to hide, and didn’t dare to approach.

Duan WuXin crouched in place, mumbling, “Sorry, I scared you.”

The words just fell, and he changed back to just that furry little white tiger. HuangHuang froze, like an illusion.

“How come this time it didn’t last a minute…” Ling JunHan squatted down and whispered, coaxing the little cub, “Kiss him again and change him back.”

“No.” HuangHuang shook his head, full of refusal.

Ling JunHan tried to squeeze out a smile that didn’t look kind, “Little one, do you want to stay here with uncle for six months?”

Since he could change once, he could come back a second time.

“Aren’t you a little too heartless?” Gu Ang was speechless, “You’re scaring him.”

Ye Fei coolly spoke, “After all, old Ling painstakingly tried to find ways to turn Little Duan back into a human, you have to understand. But don’t have any ideas about my son.”

Ling JunHan ignored the two, and continued to plead with the little cub, “Kiss him again, okay?”

HuangHuang took back that cold look, “Uncle, don’t you like little white tiger?”

“…It’s not that I don’t like him.” Ling JunHan glanced at the little tiger staring at him next to him, with a hand on the soft back soothing him, while deliberating the wording, “It is uncle, and I prefer him to be human.”

The words just fell, the back of the hand was bitten by the little white tiger. Not light or heavy, leaving an ambiguous circle of teeth marks.

HuangHuang seemed to accept this setting, as if in thought. He thought about it for a while before he spoke in confusion, “How come you don’t like small animals like my big dad?”

Gu Ang frowned, “Where does he like small animals? You don’t think he likes cats, that’s why you didn’t wash your face, right?”

Ye Fei’s head was full of questions, and was confused, “I can’t follow.”

HuangHuang didn’t say anything, Gu Ang felt that he had found the truth. He stroked the whiskers on the cub’s face that had been blotched and asked patiently, “Why do you think of yourself as a kitten?”

“One night, big daddy put cat ears on you, then he hugged and kissed you and made you meow.” HuangHuang nuzzled, trying to protect the few remaining whiskers, “Doesn’t he like kittens? I thought he liked the look, that’s why I kept it.”

Gu Ang, “……”

Reacting, his cheeks instantly burst into red. The two of them played tricks the other day and actually got a thorough look from the kid. He swore in his heart that next time, he would lock the door. Several high officials of the Federation at the dinner table held their red faces, as if they had heard some unbelievable news. Were all the Empire’s admirals so fierce? They were so open at home!

Gu Ang laughed awkwardly and gave the crowd a look, “Children talk nonsense.”

“I’m not talking nonsense, it’s true.” HuangHuang pulled out his voice, “Meow meow meow, that’s what you did.”

Gu Ang wanted to die in place. Their private matter was known to outsiders, Ye Fei’s face was also a little embarrassed. He cleared his throat, “Light, we’ve had our meal, let’s go back.”

“I agree.” Gu Ang rushed up, “It’s late, we’ll talk on the phone next time.”

They both completely forgot about the decision to prepare to stay here for three or five days on vacation. The wind comment was harmed, the scalp was tingling, and the 36th plan was to go.

Ling JunHan raised his eyes to look at Ye Fei, shocked, with a sly sigh, “Human-animal romance, not even ashamed of it.”


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Ahhhh!! The honesty of kids😆😆😆

Always lock the door when you are going to do rompy stuff!!

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July 1, 2023 5:02 am

Hilarious. HuangHuang is enchanting.
I wonder if he and Duan WuXin will meet again and have a future. The latter seemed to like him.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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Hh an DW I see a future cp 🤧

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