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Chapter 119: Lin/Bai (1) Bite on His Fingertips

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KCM (too lazy to type it out)


A chaotic blackness suddenly erupted into a huge fire. Bai SiNing felt himself being viciously pushed away and stumbled a few times before he could stabilize his footing.

“Go, go now!”

“No, I’m staying to save you.” Bai SiNing shook his head, his face full of tears.

His father in front of him was covered in wounds and blood was pouring out in huge gushes, soaking his clothes, “Little Bai, you can’t save us.”

Weak and powerless to fight back.

His mother, bracing herself in the pool of blood, reached out to touch his face, “Live well.”

These were probably her last words, and his last words.

Bai SiNing floated in mid-air like a ghost, looking down on the world from the third world. He saw himself shaking his head desperately, tears falling down worthlessly, “I shouldn’t have come back, I led them here by accident. I’m not going, I’m going to fight them.”

“Silly boy, you’re just going up there to die.” His mother smiled weakly at him, “Hurry up and go.”

“I won’t!” Before Bai SiNing had time to react, he was shoved into the cabin by his father and ordered to flee. He lay on top of the glass, looking at the wall shattered by gunfire, strewn with bodies and rivers of blood. Countless twisted Zerg flared their tentacles, spitting out nasty venom.

Pressing his knuckles against the glass, he saw a nine-star Zerg pierce his father’s heart with a sharp mouthpiece. In quick succession, his mother was thrown into mid-air, and when she fell again, she was punched a dozen meters away. Helpless, unwilling, but powerless.

It was as if the Zerg’s weapon had been poked into his chest, and he could hardly breathe. What was this? Was it an illusion, or was it real? He couldn’t identify it, but the shuddering feeling of tangibility lingered.

Bai SiNing’s eyelids fluttered violently, and he felt he could barely catch his breath. Everything turned into nothingness as his eyes suddenly darkened. Whether it was a nightmare or reality, he could no longer distinguish. He couldn’t open his eyes, as if he was trapped in this nightmare.

After a darkness, he was transported into another chaos. In the midst of a group of enemies chasing him, he saw Lin XiuYong with a wounded arm. The man was wearing a dark uniform with the Institute’s logo embroidered on his chest. His face was pale from blood loss past, and he was leaning against a low wall with his head bowed to stop the bleeding.

“Someone from the Empire?” Bai SiNing asked.

Lin XiuYong made a sound, but didn’t look up, and continued to wrap the bandage carefully. The bandage looked like a temporary cut, uneven in length and stained with mud. But Lin XiuYong’s fingers were nimble and he quickly tied a beautiful knot.

“Come with me.” Bai SiNing took his hand, his voice was cold, “If you’re more inquisitive, your life is gone.”

Lin XiuYong’s voice was even colder than his, “How do I know if you are friend or foe?”

Bai SiNing looked at him for a few seconds before saying, “Either way, you’re dead.”

His face was cold and his words were few, a look he wasn’t familiar with.

Lin XiuYong was convinced and smiled faintly, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

The two men advanced through the artillery fire with their heads down and felt their way into a bunker. Bai SiNing turned around and set up his guns, one at a time. Not many bullets, but good shots, and the search party that came was wiped out.

Bai SiNing breathed a sigh of relief, “Okay then, goodbye.”

“You’re leaving now?”

“It’s safe.”

Lin XiuYong lifted his eyes to look at him, “What’s your name?”

“You don’t need to know.” Bai SiNing glanced at his wound to make sure the person was okay before adding, “Can’t touch it later anyway.”

“I’ll have to find a chance to thank you when we get back to the Imperial Star.” Lin XiuYong sat on the ground, his clothes covered in dust, but his eyes were bright.

Bai SiNing looked at the time, “No need, I have to go.”

That he didn’t seem to know Lin XiuYong, the two conversations were few and far between, barely saying anything politely.

Bai SiNing frowned, not quite liking that cold self. He tried hard to open his eyes, but his eyelids were heavy and dull, and there was no strength in his body. His fingertips seemed to be pricked, Bai SiNing nerves were suddenly awake, only to feel his face was full of tears.

Indeed, it was a dream. Luckily it wasn’t real, the fear brought by the fire was too real. He looked down at the source of the pain, only to find that his fingertip had been pricked by a medallion pin, piercing into his flesh and soaking up a trace of blood.

Bai SiNing glanced at his watch; it was seven in the morning. He stared at the medallion for a moment before remembering that today was the graduation ceremony. Last night he had tried on and tried off his bachelor’s dress with excitement, and seemed to have fallen asleep holding it afterwards. Bai SiNing rushed to get up, washed up and changed his clothes to go out. By the time he arrived at the school, the auditorium was already full of people.

Gu Ang waved at him through the crowd, “Little Bai, this way!”

“You guys are here so early, and HuangHuang is here too.” Bai SiNing rubbed the youngster’s head and sat down next to him.

HuangHuang smiled and showed him his neat teeth, “Hello, godfather.”

“Where’s your other godfather? Is he not attending the graduation ceremony?” Bai SiNing went around his hair and didn’t see Lin XiuYong’s figure.

Ye Fei replied, “He seems to have been delayed on the road, I don’t know if he can make it.”

Bai SiNing sighed, “It would be a pity if he couldn’t make it.”

Moreover, he hoped Lin XiuYong would see him getting his diploma. Although, compared to these outstanding friends, he was the asteroid that had been covered up by the light, he also wanted to see the moment he shined.

On the stage, the principal was reading the names of the outstanding graduates one by one, and the outstanding graduates were of course Ye Fei and Gu Ang. The two of them went to the stage and swung around quite a bit, causing a cheer.

Bai SiNing hugged HuangHuang and waited quietly on the stage. When his name was finally read, Gu Ang came down and handed over the child to him and walked up to the stage. When he received the certificate, he reflexively looked down the stage, seeing the seat empty, his heart sank. His eyes swept to the side door next to him and was about to withdraw his eyes when he saw Lin XiuYong, who had arrived late.

It was very rare to see him have such a hurried look. The corners of his mouth unconsciously raised as his eyes met. Bai SiNing breathed a sigh of relief, showed him his sharp tiger teeth, and waved the certificate in his hand. Smiling like a fool who had never seen the world.

When the principal finished his blessing, he hurried down the next steps, gasping, “Why are you so late? I missed your name.”

“Didn’t miss it.” Lin XiuYong smiled and handed over the flowers in his hand, “Happy graduation.”

Bai SiNing scratched his head and looked down at the large handful of sunflowers, vibrant and still carrying the dew of undried water. His fingertips pinched the flower stalks and his cheeks reddened slightly, “Thanks, I forgot to buy you flowers.”

“It’s okay, I bought them for you just fine.” Lin XiuYong reached out and rubbed his head naturally, “I’ll go get the certificate first, see you later.”

Bai SiNing froze and nodded his head, watching him stride onto the stage. Only then did he realize that Lin XiuYong was dressed quite differently today than before. He was dressed in a formal suit, with a proper tie, and his hair was combed up to reveal his cool eyebrows. In three years, the teenager had grown into a man’s appearance.

When they first met, Lin XiuYong had white skin, looked thin and was tall. After several years of training in military school, his shoulders were wider, and when he raised his hand, the taut suit outlined the lines of his strong muscles, looking just right.

Bai SiNing stayed for a few seconds before withdrawing his eyes. When he returned to his seat with the flowers in his arms, Gu Ang snickered, “From Lin XiuYong?”

“Mn, it’s so pretty.” Bai SiNing bowed his head and held it carefully, afraid of crushing the petals.

Ye Fei joined the team, “We graduated too, why are there no flowers?”

Gu Ang chimed in, “That’s right! Are you looking down on us? We don’t deserve it?”

“Oh, how should I know? Ask him yourselves.” Bai SiNing pursed his lips, his eyes fluttering.

Gu Ang snorted and lazily folded his legs, “Okay, I have to ask later.”

The words just fell, Lin XiuYong took the certificate and returned to his seat from the next aisle.

“We all graduated, we’re all good friends, so how can you treat us differently?” Gu Ang pointed to the large bunch of sunflowers, and had to provoke internal conflicts.

Lin XiuYong glanced at him and spoke mockingly, “If I send you flowers, wouldn’t Ye Fei beat me to death?”

Ye Fei imagined the scene and nodded slightly, “That makes sense.”

“So, don’t dwell on it.” Lin XiuYong raised his eyebrows slightly and brought the words over.

Bai SiNing pouted slightly, so that’s why only he got one. Causing him to have a small happy moment, thinking that he was unique.

Lin XiuYong caught a small flash of emotion on his face and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, let’s take a group photo later, I brought a Polaroid. After all, after graduation, we probably won’t be able to see each other very often.” Here, Bai SiNing’s voice lowered, “When are you leaving?”


“Ah, so soon.”

Lin XiuYong agreed early on with the research institute then on the condition that he would go there after graduation. The research institute he was in and the military area he was going to, were separated by a long distance. Probably, he could no longer send a message to come out to meet each other. He fell into a very confused emotion, and couldn’t explain why. Just, there was a little bit of sadness. Lin XiuYong meant a lot to him, was a good friend, was his big brother, and also saved the life of his family, his benefactor.

After three years, he seemed to have gotten used to this person around, couldn’t leave him, and couldn’t part with him.

“Then I wish everyone an open and safe future!” The principal finished his concluding speech and the group dispersed in a frenzy.

Bai SiNing followed the group outside and found an open space with great difficulty.

Gu Ang grabbed a student, “Please take a picture for us.”

“Please do.” Bai SiNing handed over the Polaroid and instructed, “Press four times.”

One for each person to keep as a souvenir.

“Okay, let me know when you’re ready.” The students were very enthusiastic, quickly half squatting, and posed for the photo.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei were standing on one side holding hands, while Bai SiNing was carefully standing to Lin XiuYong’s right. He thought about the last picture, and had to take a better picture, but the corners of his mouth were shaking unnaturally.

The classmate looked at the posed crowd and said, “I’ll start shooting.”

Bai SiNing pursed the corners of his mouth, trying to make himself smile more naturally. The moment the shutter was pressed, he felt his head being pressed by a large hand and fell uncontrollably towards Lin XiuYong’s shoulder. When his head tilted, the hair touched his neck.

Photos slid out of the camera one by one, he didn’t dare to move, half of his neck became stiff.

What was this? His heart was racing. Bai SiNing blinked and could smell the faint smell of laundry detergent. Fresh and clean. The two have had physical contact before, accidentally holding a hand, touching a head, or hugging. However, the current position was really a bit strange.

“Okay, four, just right.” The classmate held the photos and announced the end of the photo shoot.

Lin XiuYong let go of him and took a step forward to take the photos for inspection as if nothing had happened.

Gu Ang came over and glanced at them, “The shots are quite good, but Bai SiNing is like a fool.”

“Let me see.” Bai SiNing anxiously took the photo, was about to rebut it, but then swallowed the words back. His eyes were wide open, he forgot to raise the corners of his mouth, and he had a surprised expression, indeed like a fool. He slumped his shoulders in demoralization, “No, let’s retake it.”

Lin XiuYong took one and put it in his money clip, “This one is fine.”

“No, it’s ugly, and you put it in your wallet!” Bai SiNing was furious and tried to grab it, but he wasn’t as tall as the others and couldn’t reach it. He regretted that he didn’t do a better job of expression management, and when Lin XiuYong saw that photo later, he would think of his silly self.

Gu Ang put away his photo and casually asked, “Let’s go eat? I have booked Moon River House, Wei YangZe and the others are coming too.”

“Mn, let’s go.” Lin XiuYong stuffed his money clip into his suit pocket and started walking.

Bai SiNing sullenly followed behind, still thinking about the photo. Why did he make such a stupid face? Damn, so stupid.

The dinner was the same as usual, with a lot of joking around and everyone acting happy despite the sad graduation scene. Bai SiNing was a little bit silent, and it was rare that he didn’t stammer and shout, pouring himself cups of wine. He wasn’t a very good drinker, and after one bottle, he was slightly dizzy. After smothering a few cups by himself, he held a glass of wine and walked towards Lin XiuYong, “Come on, cheers! Thank you for the three years of care.”

Lin XiuYong steadied him on the stool before saying, “What an exaggeration. Can you still drink? Your face is all red.”

“Yes, of course I can, don’t underestimate me.” Bai SiNing topped off his caked red face and gently clinked his wine glass with him, “I’ll drink.”

Thinking that it was a graduation party anyway, Lin XiuYong didn’t stop him. Bai SiNing loosely squeezed the wine glass and drank it all in one go, “Again.”


“Mn, there won’t be many chances to drink with you in the future.” Bai SiNing sat crookedly, his eyes hazy underneath.

Lin XiuYong asked tentatively, “Can’t let me go?”

Bai SiNing drank another glass of spicy wine, choking his throat. He coughed twice before saying, “I can’t let go.”

“Why?” Lin XiuYong stared at him, emotions welling up under his eyes. He had hinted at Bai SiNing many times before, but the child wasn’t enlightened, and it really didn’t work. He was afraid that if he acted too obviously, this person would avoid him. Now it was going to be separated, if he really ignored him, he couldn’t do anything about it.

So he could only slowly, little by little, lure him in.

Bai SiNing thought for a while, many images flashed through his mind, the more he thought about it, the more sad he felt, “No one will play with me, no one will pet Lin Bai Bai with me. I can’t pet the dog’s head.”

Lin XiuYong gave a dumbfounded laugh, he and that stupid dog had the same status, he still wasn’t enlightened. This was probably the most difficult question he had ever done, three whole years, and still couldn’t get the answer. He was also a bit bored, the mouth of that cup clinked with Bai SiNing’s, “Cheers.”

The two of them had a chat and soon finished another bottle.

Bai SiNing stood up and grabbed his shoulder, “I’ll tell you what…”


The second half of the sentence wasn’t even spoken, and the person collapsed.

Lin XiuYong was helpless and rubbed his brow before he swept the person onto the sofa next to him. Bai SiNing looked like he had fainted, his eyes were tightly closed and he wasn’t moving. He took off his suit jacket to cover the person and stood staring for a while. Bai SiNing wasn’t a bad drinker, not crying, not fussing, dizzy and sleepy. His eyelashes fluttered obediently, his hair messed up by the sofa, looking cute.

If he pinched him, would he bark? Lin XiuYong’s heart came up with this thought, and he slightly propped up his forehead again. He was led astray by this child, why was he thinking about such messy stuff?

He watched for ten minutes and was grabbed by Wei YangZe and continued to drink. This group of people was crazy, letting themselves go the last time.

Three hours passed, and finally fell into a piece of east and west. Lin XiuYong was afraid that Bai SiNing would catch a cold after sleeping for a long time, and walked back to the sofa to call him. He finally didn’t hold back, reached out and pinched his face. It felt delicate, but also a little soft. It was obvious that everyone was training in the wind and sun, how come they couldn’t get a tan?

“Wake up, get up and go back to sleep.” His voice was soft, his lips pressed against the person’s ear.

Bai SiNing was a little tickled by the noise, rubbed it and rolled over.

“Get up, I’ll spank you if you don’t get up.”

Bai SiNing dazed, heard the words spanking, reflexively opened his eyes. But his alcohol-filled brain was really not awake, his eyelids were very heavy, very heavy, the next second they closed again. He frowned and stared at the person for a while, and pulled the suit jacket on his body, before gradually regaining consciousness, “Brother Lin.”

Spanking, that must be a hallucination. How could such words come out of Lin XiuYong’s mouth?

“Dizzy?” Lin XiuYong helped him up and leaned back on the back of the sofa, and reached out to touch his cheek again, “It’s hot.”

Bai SiNing nodded slightly, “Very dizzy, I want to vomit.”

His voice was very soft, without much strength. Lin XiuYong didn’t hear him and came closer, “What did you say?”

“I said I want to throw up.” Bai SiNing was breathless, his voice was almost a mumble.

Lin XiuYong raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a bewildered expression.

Bai SiNing waved his hand haphazardly, “Forget it, it’s okay, it’s too noisy.”

Lin XiuYong looked at him as if he was drunk to the point of delirium and frowned slightly, “I’ll take you back.”

“Mn, I need to say bye to them before I go.” Bai SiNing shook him and stood up, locking his eyes on Gu Ang’s back, baring his head and pouncing on him.

“Brother Ang, I can’t stay. I have to go home first.” Bai SiNing, with a big tongue, still didn’t forget the theme of today’s share, “Happy graduation to everyone.”

Gu Ang looked back at him, signaling Lin XiuYong to hurry up and hold the person in place, “What’s he doing today, drinking so much?”

Lin XiuYong hooked the person’s waist and held him in place, “I don’t know, he’s happy.”

“I’m happy, very happy! I’m so happy to be able to study with you guys for three years!” Bai SiNing went over and touched Gu Ang’s head, “Brother Ang, I’ll be your adjutant soon!”

Gu Ang laughed at him, “You’ve had too much to drink and still remember this? Go back and get some rest, see you in a few days.”

Bai SiNing smiled at him, “You have to wait for me, wait for me together, no running.”

“Little Bai really drinks too much, it makes wine taste bad.” Wei Yangze spat next to him. He was a student who graduated last year, and he didn’t know why he was at the graduation dinner.

Lin XiuYong’s cold voice shot back, “Not bad.”

“You protect him, but also don’t chase him.” Wei YangZe said half-jokingly, half-serious, “Not to mention, when Little Bai goes to the barracks, he will be sought after. As a white and tender little Beta… the Alpha gang is not picky.”

The words were true, but it was hard to hear. Lin XiuYong’s face grew colder and colder, and he unconsciously tightened his grip on his waist.

“You’re the one who talks too much.” Gu Ang reached over and hit him, scolding, “What are you doing messing with the affairs of two people?”

Bai SiNing frowned and listened to a mouthful, muttering, “What are you talking about?”

Wei YangZe glanced at him, “Are you really stupid or are you just pretending to be stupid?”

Gu Ang laughed, “Probably really stupid.”

“Why are you calling me stupid? What did I do wrong again?” Bai SiNing wasn’t happy.

This topic was clear to the onlooker, the main subject was confused, so the truth couldn’t be spoken.

Wei YangZe shook his head, “I won’t tell you, you have to understand yourself.”

Bai SiNing sobered up a bit, but his mind was in turmoil. They seemed to treat Lin XiuYong and him as a pair again, but the two of them were obviously just good friends. How could Lin XiuYong like him? Someone as good as him must also like a smart Omega. Thinking about it, Bai SiNing was a little frustrated. He was just a mediocre Beta, a silly dog who couldn’t even pose for a good picture.

Bai SiNing shook off his head, “Forget it, no more. I’m going home, you guys take your time.”

Ye Fei nodded at Lin XiuYong, “Send him back and get him some more sober soup so he doesn’t get a headache tomorrow.”

“Okay, I know.” Lin XiuYong put away his glasses and put them in his pants pocket, “Then we’ll go first.”

“Bye, I guess we’ll see each other more often, so be good to each other.” Gu Ang said with a big grin.

Lin XiuYong showed a little light smile, “Yes, more often.”

How could he let go of the opportunity to see Bai SiNing?

Bai SiNing had half of his body outside the room, and turned around and ran back, “Forgot to take the flowers.”

He carefully held the flowers in his arms before smiling and saying, “Let’s go.”

Lin XiuYong stared at his small movements and felt that such a lively Bai SiNing was really much better than before. Warm, lively, like a little sun. He helped the person out of the room, and the two of them went down the stairs crookedly. Bai SiNing’s mind was clearer, but his feet were weak, and he almost fell to the ground several times.

Lin XiuYong grabbed his hand, “Let me carry you, don’t roll down.”

Bai SiNing stubbornly insisted on a few steps, and finally gave up, “Okay, carry me, please.”

He saw Lin XiuYong squatting in front of him, consciously on his back, and hooked his arms around his neck. In one hand, he held the flowers, the other arm grasping tightly. His fingertips accidentally poked the skin of the neck, and he quickly withdrew. Through the thin shirt, he could feel the heat coming from his back, and his heartbeat was slowly accelerating.

Bai SiNing was a bit shy and unconsciously pursed his lips, “It’s okay.”

“Mn, hold tight, don’t fall down.” Lin XiuYong didn’t seem to notice the inadvertent action just now, but only tightened his arms, lifted the person from the ground and walked steadily forward. The moon river building was very close to Bai SiNing’s house, a five-minute walk away, which was just a chatting session. The cold wind blowing outside the building, Bai SiNing shivered.

“Is it cold?”

“It’s not very cold.” Bai SiNing replied cautiously. Perhaps it was because he had drunk too much wine, he felt that Lin XiuYong tonight was a little different from the past. In fact, Lin XiuYong had always treated him differently from others. He was a cold and aloof person, who didn’t have any expression for anyone. But when facing him, he could feel the pleasure from the heart in those subtle expressions. Moreover, he always had some small gestures that were very comfortable.

For example, touching his head, pinching his face, wiping his mouth with a tissue, feeding him food.

Bai SiNing wasn’t that stupid either, but he felt that Lin XiuYong kept him as a pet. This person was very caring, looked high and cold, but his heart was softer than anyone else’s. Perhaps, he was no different from that puppy, Lin Bai Bai. Thinking of this, Bai SiNing consoled himself in his heart again. It was good to be a pet dog, you didn’t have to be particularly good, a little cuteness would attract people.

Lin XiuYong seemed to sense that the person behind him was spinning his head, sideways, “Why don’t you speak?”

Bai SiNing didn’t answer his question, just asked a question back, “How did we meet in our last life?”

Lin XiuYong froze, “Why do you suddenly want to ask this?”

“Just curious.” Also wanted to confirm the truth of that dream in the morning.

“How did we meet…” Lin XiuYong pondered for a few seconds, and dark thoughts sprang up. He spoke quietly, “We met during the army fellowship, when someone harassed you and I saved you. Then we became friends.”

Bai SiNing was full of questions, how could it be completely different from what he saw? That dream was really a fake. He asked, “And then what happened?”

“Later, you fell in love with me and came to confess to me.” Lin XiuYong coughed lightly, babbling.

Bai SiNing let out a cry, “I confessed to you? I thought they said I said very little at that time? It’s not like someone who can do such a thing.”

Lin XiuYong’s face was expressionless, and he had already made up a complete plot, “So you like me a lot, that’s why you asked.”

“So, did you say yes?” Bai SiNing asked the exit apprehensively, his heart beating like thunder.

Lin XiuYong decided to give this story a sad ending, “Before I could, you died.”

Bai SiNing, “…” He froze for a few seconds before speaking slowly, “I’m so miserable.”

Lin XiuYong thought to himself, ‘You’ve got the wrong focus.’

He was about to add more fuel to the fire when he heard Bai SiNing say, “I dreamed about you this morning, I dreamed that I saved you, but I didn’t know your name.”

Lin XiuYong’s heart stuttered and fell into silence. That was the right way to open a story, a hurried crush that hadn’t had much time to cross paths. He and Bai SiNing met only a few times, but secretly got to know a lot behind the scenes. At first, he was curious about his identity, but later it gradually turned into a good feeling. And later on, at every chance planned encounter, he liked him a little more. Bai SiNing said little, he also didn’t talk much, the two were silent most of the time.

Lin XiuYong was also puzzled at that time, there were many people chasing him, why did he fall in love with Bai SiNing? He couldn’t explain. It was probably the metaphysics of emotions, love at first sight. It was just that this feeling, before he had time to say the words, wouldn’t end.

Lin XiuYong returned to his senses and said in a dumb voice, “The dreams are all fake.”

Bai SiNing murmured, “I hope it’s not true either.”

The first half of the dream was so distracting that he would have blamed himself if it was really a memory of his past life. However, everyone said that he became silent afterwards. If it was because of such a reason, it made sense. Bai SiNing was stuck in a tangle.

“So, I’m a little sorry that we didn’t make it in our last life.” Lin XiuYong turned the topic back.

Bai SiNing froze for a moment and added, “But I’m not the same now as I was then, I’m very silly and dumb. I really envy my future self, he must be great.”

I heard that in his last life, he became an adjutant at a very young age and was a good fighter. Bai SiNing was worth it then, Bai SiNing wasn’t worth it now. Bai SiNing thought that Lin XiuYong probably superimposed the regrets from that time on his present one.

Lin XiuYong was made to laugh and cry by this brain loop. It was a painful thing to fall in love with a single-celled creature. He carried the person upstairs, against the door, and entered the password with ease. Then he carried the person directly to the sofa, “Sit down, I’ll get you sober soup.”

“Mn, there’s some in the fridge.” Bai SiNing lazily leaned back on the sofa cushion and stared at the person. His eyes were unfocused and wavering as he watched the person busy in the open kitchen. The man pulled out a pot to boil water, his cuffs rolled up a fraction to reveal his good-looking wrists. While cooking the sober soup, he didn’t forget to take care of the stove top, meticulous and thoughtful.

Realizing that he was admiring people seriously, Bai SiNing slaps himself. The next one was a bit hard, and he hurt himself.

Lin XiuYong turned around, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, hitting mosquitoes.” Bai SiNing opened his mouth and babbled.

“Right away, don’t sleep.” Lin XiuYong quickly turned off the heat, poured the soup into a small bowl and iced it with cool water across it to adjust it to the right temperature. He returned to the couch with the bowl and pulled the person up, “Drink.”

“I’m so braced.” Bai SiNing unconsciously pouted.

“Finish it, don’t leave a drop, or you will have a headache tomorrow.” Lin XiuYong’s tone was a bit forceful.

Bai SiNing pursed his lips and took the bowl anyway.

He was afraid of it being hot, so he tasted it carefully and found that the temperature was just right.

He took a big gulp and drank it down, and his whole body warmed up and got a little heated.

The soup went down a large part, Bai SiNing held up, there was still a small half bowl left.

He raised his eyes and looked at the other pitifully, “I can’t drink anymore.”

Lin XiuYong closed his eyes, “I can’t help you, forget it.”

“Mn, thank you for sending me back.” Bai SiNing sat cross-legged, wanting to talk to someone for a while longer.

But Lin XiuYong said, “Then I’m leaving, get some rest.”

Bai SiNing wanted to say something but stopped. Wanted to make him stay, but couldn’t find a reason to make him stay.

“Your suit got dirty, I’ll wash it and return it to you.”

Bai SiNing let out a whimper in his heart, glad to find a good excuse.

This way, he could run to visit the class openly and honestly.

Lin XiuYong was ruthless and wanted to force him, “No, there’s not much chance to wear it later.”

Bai SiNing dropped his eyelashes. Well, this person also didn’t want to see him that much. After thinking for a while, he lifted his eyes again, “It’s almost summer, will there be bugs in the house like last time? I’m too afraid of that spiky monster, you should check it for me quickly.”

Lin XiuYong, “…”

“Yes, remember last time at the field day, I got a big red mark on my waist from a bug bite, the one that brother Ang also had.” Bai SiNing gestured with his teeth and claws, almost lifting his shirt. He thought, I’ll put it off for a while. Then the memory of tonight would be sealed up, so that when he thought of him later, he could recall it.

Lin XiuYong sighed and spoke softly, “Hold out your hand.”

“What for?” Bai SiNing wondered, not knowing how the topic had jumped frequency.

Lin XiuYong repeated, “Hold out your hand.”

Bai SiNing froze and stretched out his left hand, trembling nervously. The tips of his fingers were white and shiny in the light.

Lin XiuYong, with his hands still in his pockets, bent down slightly and bit down on his fingertips. He showed his canine teeth, grinding them little by little until the fingertips had a large red mark.

Bai SiNing retracted his hand like an electric shock, feeling that even his tailbone was completely numb.

Lin XiuYong thought he was shy and raised the corner of his mouth, “Was it a red mark like this? I bit it.”

Bai SiNing: !!!

Oh my god, Lin XiuYong really did treat him like a pet dog! He sometimes bit Lin Bai Bai’s ear like this!


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July 1, 2023 8:04 pm

I can’t believe it, one is stupid and the other is not straight with his feelings. I will scream in despair for these two! Thanks for the translation!

July 5, 2023 5:19 am

OMG. There is really no hope for BSN; a single brain cell indeed. I want to kick his arse! 😂
I get that they’ve both been scared of being honest, in case they’ve misread the other and it spoils their friendship; but after so long and the number of less than subtle hints? LXY finally realised that he wasn’t going to get BSN to open up with subtlety.
Hopefully he’s now made it obvious. I love these 2 and they deserve a happy ending.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Last edited 2 months ago by WangXian31
July 6, 2023 8:39 am

Wei Yangze you were there bcoz you are part of the Gang🥰..

These two,, ohh when do they going to admit their feelings?

July 28, 2023 3:01 pm

Admit it already.

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