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Chapter 93: Mushroom Village

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

[The owner is big brother ‘What Are You Playing?’ I heard my friend talk about it. They now have a lot more contributions than the second place, and second place can’t catch the height. I especially want to know, big brother in the end you have how many games? Why don’t you name it yourself?]

The owner returned a simple “hmm” under this layer, with a very big brother style. This also made the netizens quickly exclaim that he was worthy as the emperor, as if there was no other fun in life except games. After that the topic returned to what kind of name should be given to the village. After all, the netizens were attracted by the title.

[The game is called Carefree Farmstead. Why don’t we call it Carefree Village? It’s smooth and catchy.]

[Carefree Village is good. I followed the others on StarNet to look for ancient books. I saw a poem, ‘Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely see the southern mountains’. Very beautiful mood, ah!]

[There was an ancient text on the Ancient Blue Star called “Peach Blossom Source.” I feel being called Peachy Village or Peach Blossom Village is also good. Listening to it makes me think of a large peach blossom forest.]

[Interstellar Village, Interstellar Village! We are the Interstellar People, we should also have something to do with the game…]

The above names of the village had a lot of netizens agree to them. All the good ones were taken, and then there were all kinds of whimsical ideas from the netizens, some for commemorative reasons, some simply for the sake of hilarity, knowing that the name would certainly not be chosen, but take it and be done with it!

[Is it bad to call it Food Village? Have you forgotten the various cuisines in the game? That ‘Food Basket’, cheap and affordable. Those who have eaten said it’s good. I think the name Food Basket Village is also very good!]

[Farming Village is also good. Planting people, planting souls, planting fields are all people! Planting seeds, getting a good harvest, having food in the field, no panic in your heart! Farming the meaning all of us (cloud) players to want to play the game!!!]

[Dreaming that this is just the starting point of the players’ journey of farming. In the future there will be more and bigger towns in the game, so let’s name the village ‘Newbie Village’ and remind the maker of the game to update the game content more often (dog head).]

[Back in the day, I noticed this game because I saw Big Brother Demon Xing’s yard full of mushrooms. Mushrooms are great, beautiful, delicious, special and nutritious, so guys, how about Mushroom Village?]

The appearance of the word “Mushroom Village” and the mention of Demon Xing, the famous Kryptonian big brother, immediately led to the enthusiasm of netizens for “archaeology.” ‘Big brother village’, ‘Kryptonian village’, ‘koi village’, ‘rich village’ and other terms related to Wen XingYao appeared in the floor of the follow-up post.

If Wen XingYao himself had seen this, he would have been pleased that he could still participate in these things. After all, because of Bai Li’s irregular online time and not enough reasons, Li Bai and Demon Xing’s names weren’t in the top 50 player contribution list.

Maybe they really liked the name ‘Mushroom Village,’ or maybe they were sure that What Are You Playing? wouldn’t choose such a childish name. The floor where the village name appeared was topped.

There was a top comment function in the forum. As long as certain readers had rewarded enough forum coins, this comment would appear directly below the content of the post.

After about an hour, the netizens’ desire to take names slowly subsided and realized that they hadn’t seen the owner appear in a while. Just when they thought the owner was just talking for fun and deliberately teasing them, the owner bubbled up once again.

This time, he directly brought his game name.

What Are You Playing?, [Thank you all for the advice you gave. I did a count over here and found that the number of people who agreed with the name ‘Mushroom Village’ was the highest. If I do end up being number one in contribution, I will respect everyone’s choice and name the village ‘Mushroom Village.’ Thanks again everyone, I’ll go ahead and get busy. Wave.jpg]

The end was adorned with a very old cadre style system self-expression, but it made the netizens Hahaha suddenly stuck in the middle.

Wait! What did the big brother say earlier? They seem to be hallucinating. The big man said he wanted to name the village ‘Mushroom Village’? Don’t…Mushroom Village sounds cute, but still a little childish, ah! Aren’t the first three more appropriate than Mushroom Village?

The netizens snapped back to their senses and looked back to find that it was not their illusion, the big guy really seemed to have decided. The netizens who regretted hurriedly called up the game name of the big brother, but their messages were like small stones thrown into the sea that were never heard from again.

It seemed that when the big man said “to get busy” it really was to go get busy. He really deserved to be the game emperor, ah. Obviously he was only a little short of the last, or went to fight a breath to do it to the end.

The spirit was indeed commendable, but the netizens and players who realized the fact that the name Mushroom Village was almost a nail in the coffin were not laughing.

Was it too late to regret?

But what could be done about it? The name was liked by them, the vote was also theirs, and the big brother believed in it. They could only blame big brother’s seriousness.

This big brother was not afraid to take the name of the waste! TAT

Since this was the case, the game players who had been bubbling in the forum were given a huge responsibility. They needed to submit new material before big brother came back to determine the village name! They needed to stop him, tell him that the forum was a misunderstanding, and beg big brother to change to another village name!

The next morning, the players came online and hurriedly checked the details page of the mission, and found that after one night, the koi and cherished tree species had reached the required number for the mission, and the remaining glazed stones were only 10 short.

Luckily, everything was still in time, as long as they were fast enough to find someone, the nightmare wouldn’t happen!

The players who came up with the task patted their chests and breathed a sigh of relief, and were about to go out to find someone, but they quickly stopped in their tracks.

Wait, they didn’t even know what the game emperor looked like, right?

The players looked at each other and all could see the confusion in each other’s eyes. None of the people present knew the big man.

What should they do then? The agreement was to find the big man and stop him, only to find out that the other party didn’t even know whether it was a man or a woman, old or young. This was too tragic, right? The worst was yet to come.

The players got together for a discussion and finally decided to go to the side of the village chief to squat. The material was to be handed over to the village chief. As long as they guarded next to the village chief, they would definitely be able to spot the person they were waiting for.

Unfortunately, before they reached the entrance of the village, they heard the voice of the village chief resounding in the void, so that all the players who were in the game could hear it.

“Thanks to everyone’s efforts over the past ten days or so, the residence of my wife and I will be completed soon. At that time, you are welcome to visit. I will prepare gifts with my wife, we will sweep the couch to welcome you. In addition, the villager, What Are You Playing? has made a great contribution to our residence, so I will give him the naming rights of the village, please let him come and give our village a suitable name!”

Players who came online with a mission to find “What Are You Playing?”, !!! No, no, no, no, no!

They came back from the shock and ran in the direction of the village chief, shouting something out of their mouths as they ran, but it was impossible to hear them because of the wind. The expression of each and every one of them was fierce, so that other players passing by them could not help but worry, as they looked at the situation. Were they there to seek revenge?

The running players didn’t care what other people were thinking, they could already imagine, as What Are You Playing?, the big man, took from the village chief’s hand paper and pen and filled it in with a big wave of the pen. At the top he wrote “Mushroom Village.” In this way, the dust had settled and there was no more room for maneuvering.

They thought about the same thing, when they ran to the destination, watching the ordinary-looking player seriously writing on a piece of paper. The two words “don’t” had not been shouted out, the system notice came out.

[Ding dong. The village is officially named Mushroom Village! Everyone in Mushroom Village, you should also work hard on your farming today…]

The players who were running wildly froze. Several of them turned on their feet and almost fell on the ground to gnaw on the mud.

They were rushing, but in the end they were a step late. They were the sinners of the whole village. Ahhh! They did not complete the task, and their faces were covered with blank expressions. Their brains directly lost the ability to think.

What Are You Playing? walked up to the player nearest to him. With a bit of confusion and hesitation on his face, he asked, “Just…Were you the one who was calling my name?”

“Well…Yes…It was me.” The player slowly came back to his senses, and almost cried out, “Big Brother! How can you be so fast? We brothers purposely came online early to block you, but we didn’t expect to be a step late. How can you take the votes in the forum so easily? The netizens were actually joking. I didn’t expect you to believe it, oooh…”

What Are You Playing? gave the other player a strange look, still puzzled, “But, isn’t Mushroom Village a good name? Simple and memorable. I like it.”

Player, “…” You can’t guess what the big brother was thinking. You wouldn’t understand even if you guess.

Since the big brother said that he thought the name sounded good, and things had become final, it was too late to say anything now. The player weakly said, “Big brother, be happy.” Then he said goodbye to What Are You Playing? and left.

He’d better think about how to explain to the netizens back in the forum, so why not just bring the big guy’s words exactly as they were! The big brother said Mushroom Village sounded good. They haven’t entered the game yet, so just look at it, hum…

After he thought about what to say, the pressure on his body suddenly reduced. For the remaining half of the road, he was humming a song as he walked.

The more important thing now was to witness the completion of the village residence.

Players called their friends, and those who were not online also hurried to inform them to get online. Remembering the garden-style residence they saw in the pictures at the beginning, they couldn’t help but feel impressed and looked forward to the final look of the residence.

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I actually quite liked the name Carefree Village..

July 2, 2023 10:55 pm

I kept imagining a house with a huge mushroom on top. Interesting name, very funny! Thanks for the translation!

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