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Chapter 120: Lin/Bai (2) Rushed to Catch the Mistress

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, dead.


Bai SiNing stammered, “What are you doing?”

His nose was a little blocked, so he spoke with a little milk voice.

Lin XiuYong was so softened that his heart skipped a beat. He slightly lowered his eyes, staring at the redness and swelling and said, “I want to tell you that there are no bugs in the house, it was me who bit you, so don’t be afraid.”

“Oh, then I’m relieved.”

“You don’t have anything else to ask?” For example, why did I bite you? Twice.

Bai SiNing’s ears were a little red, and the tingling sensation at his fingertips seemed to be delayed, and only now did it spread throughout his body as an afterthought. He swallowed his surprise little by little and slowly spoke out, “Do you take me for a pet dog?”

Lin XiuYong, “?”

“It’s just that… don’t you always bite Lin Bai Bai’s ear? I always felt you were treating me like a pet, and I was.” Bai SiNing waved his hand with a big grin, looking like he didn’t care, “Well, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this little fetish of yours.”

“Mn, thank you so much.” Lin XiuYong pulled the corner of his mouth. He had already hinted at this point and he still didn’t understand, this fool. He was ready to confess his love, but not now. If Bai SiNing had left without thinking clearly about him, the direction of their relationship would have been a mystery. He made a deal with the Institute, and after helping them with their experiments these two weeks, he would be transferred to the military area close to where Bai SiNing was located.

Three years have passed, two weeks, he could still afford to wait.

Bai SiNing collected his fingertips and pinched his palm little by little. The fingertip was broken, but thinking that Lin XiuYong bit it, he wasn’t so concerned. It seemed like he couldn’t think of anything valid to talk about, and it was time for the other to leave.

“Should I go to see you off tomorrow?” Bai SiNing raised his head slightly, looking at him with some effort. This person seemed to have grown taller again, obviously he used to be only a little shorter than him, and now it seemed he only reached the tip of his nose.

Lin XiuYong shook his head, “No, I leave very early. Sleep well by yourself.”

He was thinking that if Bai SiNing missed him during the two weeks he was gone, he might be able to see his heart clearly. This long tug-of-war between the two of them had really taken up all their time and energy.

Bai SiNing nodded very gently, gritted his teeth, and made a detainment anyway, “It’s late, why don’t you sleep at my place today?”

He blinked and stared at the person hopefully, his eyes looked like they had fallen into stars. It didn’t feel that it was such an ambiguous thing to ask someone to stay overnight late at night. Lin XiuYong was about to say that Lin Bai Bai hadn’t walked and his luggage hadn’t been collected yet. But his heart wasn’t that hard in the end, and he couldn’t say such cruel refusal words.


Bai SiNing smiled, his eyes curved. His voice softened again, sweet and mushy, not at all like a soldier who would soon be enlisted, “Then I’ll make your bed.” 

“I’ll do it, aren’t you still drunk? Don’t move around.” Lin XiuYong pressed his shoulders and shoved the person back onto the sofa. He skillfully dragged out the tatami mats from the storage room and laid them on the floor, then took the quilt he had covered many times and stacked it on top.

Sometimes when he was late for experiments, he would stay overnight at Bai SiNing’s. In addition to toiletries, there were also several sets of common household clothes. In fact, except for the intimate actions between lovers, they really looked like an old married couple.

Lin XiuYong loosened two buttons and looked around, “Where’s my pajamas?”

“I washed it for you, it’s hanging on the balcony.” Bai SiNing propped his head up and watched him go in and out. It would be nice if he never graduated, so he could see Lin XiuYong every day.

But time toggled forward, and they couldn’t stop at the campus forever.

Lin XiuYong came back from the balcony to collect his clothes, hanging loosely on his elbows, “Do you want to shower first, or should I?”

Bai SiNing replied, “You can go first, I’ll sit for a while.”

“Okay. Don’t fall asleep, you’ll catch a cold.”

Bai SiNing saw the bathroom door close before he quietly took his finger out and looked at it. There was still a ring of bite marks on it, a small piece broken off near the nail, and a bit of semi-dried blood. He conditionally radiated into his mouth and sip, and then jerked out, his expression a little panicked.

Lin XiuYong just bit it and he just put it into his mouth, wasn’t that… an indirect kissed?

Hishand froze in the air, up and down. He acted as if he had blasphemed the gods, wanting to break his fingers off. Bai SiNing stared at his fingertips, his mind was in turmoil. Probably because of the too much wine, he really wasn’t right today. How could Lin XiuYong be placed in such an ambiguous position?

Thinking about this, his cheeks were getting hot.

When Lin XiuYong wiped his hair and came out, he stared at the tomato face and asked, “Are you very hot? Your face is really red.”

“A little, it’s almost summer.” Bai SiNing rubbed his cheeks to hide his panic.

He got up with an awkward smile and rushed into the bedroom to get his pajamas, “I’m going to take a shower.”

He couldn’t face that person after what he had just done.

Bai SiNing opened the shower head and stood in, the air was filled with a rich lemon scent. It was the smell of the body wash he had bought for a long time, and apparently Lin XiuYong had just used it. Bai SiNing thought about it and his mind wandered off again.

What was the smell of Lin XiuYong’s pheromone? He was a Beta and never smelled it. He thought it probably smelled really good. It was probably a cool, light, fragrance that fit his temperament.

Bai SiNing pursed his mouth and didn’t know until he did. He squeezed a large pile of shower gel in his hand and rubbed it, and smothered a giggle. Anyway, now it smelled like him, sweet and sour lemon all over. He was very good at comforting his happy-go-lucky self, one minute he was sad, the next he could get his mind right.

By the time he came out of the bathroom in his pajamas, Lin XiuYong was sitting in the living room smoking. The ashtray was also specially picked by him, a Little Bai dog holding a barrel crookedly, silly and cute. He watched Lin XiuYong flick the ashes in, went over and patted his shoulder, asking, “Not sleeping?”

When he looked down, he really smelled a very light lemon smell. Bai SiNing was in a good mood and curved the corners of his mouth a little more.

Lin XiuYong took the cigarette away to avoid fumigating the person. He looked at the person seriously, and there was a surge of emotion under his eyes, “Sleep after you smoke.”

“Okay, I’ll go in then.” Bai SiNing returned to behave, but was disappointed. The person left him behind and didn’t say more than a few words, pig brain.

Lin XiuYong exhaled half a mouthful of smoke and looked at him, “Good night, good dreams.”

“Mn, you too, good luck tomorrow.” Bai SiNing finished his words before slowly closing the door behind him. He leaned his back against the door and stroked his beating heart for a moment before falling back into bed.

What would happen tomorrow, who knew—

When Lin XiuYong got up, it was only six in the morning, dawn. He tidied up the living room and folded the bed back into the storage room before gingerly opening the door to Bai SiNing. His sleep was heavy and still poor. The blanket was almost turned over to the side of the bed, and most of his waist was exposed.

“There’s nothing I can do about you.” Lin XiuYong pulled over the quilt and wrapped him up tightly. That section of the white waist instantly disappeared, revealing only the same white shiny neck.

Lin XiuYong propped up the bed, resisted the urge to bite his neck, lowered his head to lift his forehead of broken hair, and quickly touched his brow before slowly getting up. He took out a rustic peace amulet from his pocket and stuffed it into the money clip on Bai SiNing’s bed, carefully blocking it behind the group photo from yesterday.

The peace amulet was given to him by his father, saying it was very spiritual and had been enlightened. Lin XiuYong stayed in the lab all year round, so he didn’t really need this, but Bai SiNing was following Gu Ang to the military camp, and needed a peace of mind more than he did. The regret of his previous life had become his heart disease.

He hoped he was safe at all times, so that he could have more time to spend the rest of his life with him. After doing all this, he closed the door very lightly. There was nothing to be sad about, anyway, they would see each other soon.

About all this, Bai SiNing knew nothing, the brow kiss, with the morning fog had long been dispersed. He thought of Lin XiuYong and him under the same roof, and slept peacefully.

When he woke up, the place was empty. Bai SiNing wasn’t fully awake from his hangover, but the good thing was that he drank the sober soup yesterday, so it didn’t hurt. He sat on the bed for a while before he remembered to send a message to Lin XiuYong.

[Are you there yet?]

There was no reply, he was probably busy. He was a little overwhelmed by the sudden graduation and the sudden emptiness of his busy life. Bai SiNing got up slowly, washed up, and cooked himself a simple lunch, which tasted mediocre, but he ate it. He ate it with his legs crossed, while he brushed the video with boredom.

A message popped up on the top of his communicator, from Lin XiuYong. Bai SiNing clicked on it, and it was a picture of Lin XiuYong’s hand holding Lin Bai Bai, whose head was tilted to the side.

[We’re all here.]

He smiled and was about to reply, when his eyes pointedly found another hand in the place of Lin Bai Bai’s stomach. A small one, very slender fingers, index finger with a small peach heart decorative ring. This hand size and accessories were definitely not Lin XiuYong’s.

Bai SiNing frowned slightly.

The phrase “we” wouldn’t include this small peach heart, right? But to ask who else was next to him seemed a bit trivial.

He swallowed his doubts and re-edited his message: [How are your colleagues doing?]

Lin: [Fine, I’m going to dinner with them later, be good.]

Bai SiNing deflated his mouth, look, again this tone of treating him like a pet dog. He stayed home alone and didn’t go anywhere, could he not behave? He went to dinner with a beautiful Omega and didn’t even bother to say anything to him. Humph, with a new love, forget the old one. He was full of that tiny hand, and couldn’t help but imagine what the owner looked like.

Lin XiuYong generally didn’t let others touch his dog, when walking on the road someone wanted to touch, he would politely avoid them. Just the first day of work, he let people touch the dog. Or maybe this girl had already had an intimate relationship with him?

Bai SiNing was blocked by his own brain, a hundred claws scratching his heart. He thought and thought, but couldn’t find an exit, so he could only send a message to Gu Ang: [Brother Lin seems to have a girlfriend… with him in the same institute.]

After a while, there was a slow reply.

Gu Ang: [? Are you still drunk?]

Little White BaiBai: [No, I’m serious. He sent me a picture of a girl hugging a dog with him.]

Gu Ang: [No way.]

Little White BaiBai: [Why would I lie to you?!]

He saved that picture, circled the part of the little peach heart ring with a marker, and sent it over.

[Look! This little girl ring!]

Gu Ang was silent on the other side.

Bai SiNing felt that Gu Ang agreed with his guess and typed with some urgency, [Who is this person, do you know?]

Gu Ang: [I don’t know who it is… but you don’t like him, why do you care so much?]

This comment kind of poked at the point and left him speechless. Bai SiNing was choked, his fingers stuttering on the keyboard. Yes, Lin XiuYong had been single for so long, it was normal for him to find a girlfriend. Even if there really was such a person, he should hold the attitude of blessing. It was a bit petty to treat your good friend like this.

He wilted his head and replied: [No, I just think if he really fell in love, he should tell me, ah. Aren’t we good friends?]

Gu Ang: [Why do people need to report to you when they fall in love? The one he will kiss in the future will definitely be his wife. You should have been aware of this earlier.]

Bai SiNing almost died.

Gu Ang probably felt that his move to force people to have an epiphany was a bit harsh, and added, [If you’re really curious, just ask him?]

Bai SiNing gave a lazy “hmm” back. He grabbed a cushion and hugged it, slowly stroking it. Since they went over together, they should be the same class of graduates. Lin XiuYong was either at school or in the lab every day, so it wasn’t likely that he was away from school. Excluding other possibilities, it should be a classmate of Red Flame.

Bai SiNing exhaled and muttered: I’m free anyway, I have to find you out. He looked up Red Flame’s large group of yearbook students and went through the avatars one by one. After looking at six or seven hundred of them, he finally found the owner of the little peach heart.

The avatar was a girl with a sweet smile, holding two fingers in a victory pose, with the ring just entering. It was exactly the same, the same small peach heart.

Bai SiNing’s heart was blocked, but he reluctantly admitted that she looked pretty good. He clicked on the opening image, the friend page wasn’t visible to non-friends. He cursed an expletive, flipped out his small number and ran over to add her as a friend. There was some presumption, but it was the only way out.

[Hello, you won the store gift platinum ring, please contact me to collect the reward.]

The other side quickly accepted, and then typed a question mark. Apparently, she felt baffled.

Bai SiNing held his red face, and could only keep the act going, [The last time you bought a peach heart ring, you entered our lottery system and were drawn. I’d like to know if you’re coming with your husband or if I’ll send it to you.]

The other side replied: [Oh, my husband and I aren’t in the Empire right now, so it may take some time before we can go get it.]

Bai SiNing’s heart sank, it was over, she and Lin XiuYong had reached the point of buying a ring. He stayed with him every day, how did he not know anything?! Bai SiNing continued to set up, [The complimentary ring is a pair, so we also need your husband’s ring finger size.]

A number was quickly sent over. Bai SiNing found a soft ruler around his own packing, probably compared to, even the size was very similar. He was a little frustrated to click on the girl’s friend page, the latest one was a photo.

His breath froze, the fact seemed to be confirming his suspicions little by little.

She, hugging Lin Bai Bai, smiling brightly for the camera.

Bai SiNing didn’t want to ask questions, this was the nail in the coffin. Lin XiuYong was so rushed to go, in fact, because the girl was waiting for him, right? He was so miserable that he was worse than a dog. Lin Bai Bai was taken away, but he was left alone.

The other side was still asking questions, Bai SiNing was too lazy to reply, throwing the communicator onto the sofa. He took a pillow and covered his face, his heart was in a mess. Gu Ang’s words flashed through his mind over and over again, making him even more restless. In the future, he wouldn’t be the closest person to Lin XiuYong, he would put all his attention on his wife.

Everyone was in pairs, love and affection. And he, himself, was a single little wretch. The more Bai SiNing thought about it, the worse he felt, and fell asleep thinking about it. He dreamed that Lin XiuYong was standing in front of the priest wearing a nice suit and tied with a bow tie.

Next to him was the girl holding the dog, with a floor-length wedding dress more than ten meters long and delicate makeup, standing smilingly opposite Lin XiuYong. They were taking a vow of loyalty to each other, and were committed to each other. Bai SiNing looked at the two suspiciously, not knowing what expression to make. He grimaced and watched the whole process, not too happy.

When the ceremony on stage was over, he watched Lin XiuYong stride toward him.

The man spoke out gently, in the same tone he always spoke to him, “I’m getting married today, won’t you congratulate me?”

Bai SiNing stammered, “Congratulations…”

Lin XiuYong frowned and scolded him, “Why do you feel less sincere? You don’t want me to be happy?”

“I don’t like you being with her…” Bai SiNing pouted and spoke from his heart in his dream.

Lin XiuYong smiled faintly, “Don’t like that? Then let’s change it.”

The image flickered and the woman in the wedding dress changed to another face he didn’t recognize.

“This one… this one won’t work either!”

The woman’s face began to change wildly, one a second, so fast it was hard to see.

Bai SiNing’s eyes snapped open in shock, he was covered in sweat. He took a big breath before coming back to his senses and dreaming again. Bai SiNing looked out the window and it was already dark. It felt like he had only slept for a little while, but he had actually slept through the whole day. The dream was making his heart palpitate and was repeatedly emphasizing a fact to him. No matter who that face was, Lin XiuYong was always going to marry someone else.

A romantic wedding, to build their own little home. Maybe even have a cute child like Gu Ang and the others. Just thinking about that scene made Bai SiNing feel breathless.

He hadn’t realized before that he had such a strong possessive desire for this person. It was so strong that it seemed to have crossed the line of friendship. He watched the TV series for a while until eleven o’clock, and Lin XiuYong still hadn’t said good night to him. The person used to send it every day when he was in school, but now it was gone.

It was a tacit agreement, taken for granted. But now it was just a change of venue, as if the habit was broken. He was a little aggravated, and with his head in the clouds, he dialed the phone. By the time he reacted, the phone had already picked up there, and the background sound was a bit noisy.

“Little Bai, what’s up?” Lin XiuYong seems to be talking to the person next to him to go out for a while, after a while, the voice over there was a little quieter. Listen carefully, he could hear the rustle of some leaves shaking. With a snap, he lit a cigarette.

No words, waiting for him to speak.

Bai SiNing was stuck and didn’t know which thing to say. He pulled the hair in front of his forehead and spoke dryly, “You haven’t gone back yet?”

“No, today’s the welcome party, still drinking.”

“Oh, it’s eleven o’clock, I thought you had gone back to bed.”

The two were silent for a while before Lin XiuYong spoke slowly, “I’ll tell you when I get back.”

Bai SiNing sighed with relief, as if to confirm that Lin XiuYong still remembered their silent good night agreement. He licked his lower lip, which was a little dry, and murmured, “Mn, I know. I’m just afraid that you… afraid you’ll drink too much and no one will take care of you.”

Although, it seemed that he himself wasn’t that good at taking care of people. Most of the time, it was Lin XiuYong who took the responsibility of taking care of him. He heard a light laugh across the table, “No, I can drink very well.”

“Then, then…” Bai SiNing’s eyes closed, as he gritted his teeth and asked the question that had been tormenting him all day, “Do you have a girlfriend now? Why didn’t you tell me?”

The tone was a little impulsive, rampantly rude. But he couldn’t care less, he wanted a crisp answer.

“Girlfriend?” Lin XiuYong’s tone was calm, like he was deliberately waiting for him.

“It’s the girl who was holding Lin Bai Bai, wearing the little peach heart ring.” Bai SiNing stammered, somewhat vain.

He himself didn’t seem to have much of a position to run to interrogate him.

Lin XiuYong’s tone was a little lighter, “How did you know there was a girl hugging him today?”

Bai SiNing almost bit his tongue, he sent the picture with the ring circled, and said stiffly, “Look at this hand, I guessed.”

No sound came from the other side, and there was another soft laugh.

Bai SiNing almost jumped up from the sofa in anxiety, “What are you laughing at?”

His mind seemed to be insightful, like standing naked in the sunlight with no secrets.

“Little detective, she’s not my girlfriend.”

Lin XiuYong’s voice contained a smile, seemed to be in a good mood to explain, “Her boyfriend and I are at the research institute, she just came to visit the class.”

Bai SiNing cupped his communicator and reacted for a moment before he realized he had been holding his breath. So there was a boyfriend, but it wasn’t Lin XiuYong. He was so shocked and delighted that he could no longer speak without thinking, and popped out whatever came to mind.

“But you still let her hug Lin Bai Bai!”

“Bai Bai was a little airsick and not too comfortable. She’s a military doctor, so she helped me take care of her a little. When I sent you the photos, Bai Bai kept moving around, so she helped me hold her down for the photos.”

After finishing in one breath, Lin XiuYong smiled and asked, “Is this explanation satisfactory?”

“Ah, so it’s like that.”

Bai SiNing scratched his head, his scalp tingling with embarrassment. He made a mistake, causing himself to brainstorm so much. Obviously it was just two pictures, he was overreacting and simply laughed. He pinched his palm with his fingertips and listened to the even breathing on the other side, not knowing how to proceed.

Lin XiuYong’s voice lowered a bit more, slowly stating a fact, “I think you should know that I have been single.”

“Yes, yes, that’s right.” Bai SiNing reddened his face, not caring whether he could see it from across the room, and nodded his head haphazardly, feeling that he was really being a bit unreasonable. He wasn’t very good at handling such awkward conversations, talking fast and furiously, crackling and popping beans, “Well, your colleague is waiting anxiously, so go back quickly. Tell me when you arrive home, good night!”

After saying that, and regardless of the opposite reaction, he snapped the phone and hung up, breathing heavily. With that risky guessing, Lin XiuYong would think he was more stupid. Not only silly, but also very dumb and presumptuous.

Bai SiNing grabbed his hair haphazardly, almost pulling his hair bald. All of his behavior today… Why was it as if he panicked in the Palace and rushed to catch the mistress? He closed his eyes, as his short-circuited brain finally connected to the line, resuming his thinking.

If he thought about it, he was looking at the photos with a larded heart, was jealous, and afraid that Lin XiuYong had someone else. Thinking more carefully…

Bai SiNing slapped his head and came to his senses.

Oh, he probably liked Lin XiuYong.


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