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Chapter 99: Cat shock.jpg

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Wen XingYao was awakened by the heat.

It was as if his whole body was trapped in a confined and stuffy space, with only a small air vent bringing in cool, lingering air to give him a brief breathing space. There seemed to be a furry thing stuffed in his mouth, which his teeth were grinding on unconsciously, while there was also a sharp pain in his tail.

Wait! Tail?

In the darkness, Wen XingYao opened his dark golden pupils and burst out of the nest, not realizing how cute he looked with his round cat eyes open but dazed.

As he looked at the surroundings which were completely different from the game, Wen XingYao reacted with hindsight. Was he in his real body, and had restored human consciousness?

So now, he should be in Li Bai’s, or rather Bai Li’s home? When he thought of this, he raised his head a little more, and soon, a little pointed chin appeared in his line of sight.

Continuing upward, the lips were slightly open, the color was a light red, the corners of the mouth naturally turned upward, giving the impression that the owner of the lips should be a person who loved to smile. After that was a straight nose, tightly closed eyes with thick and arched eyelashes that cast a shadow in the moonlight. Plus eyebrows that were hidden in his messy bangs, and he was only vaguely able to see some angles. By now, the whole face had been printed in Wen XingYao’s large cat pupils, which glittered like jade in the dark, as if they glowed.

The owner of the face was still unaware and asleep. Even because the cat’s paws that were originally pressed down were missing he unconsciously fumbled for a short while. No cat’s paw was found, and then he fell asleep again.

This person…This should be Bai Li, right? He hadn’t expected him to look like this in reality.

Gentle and harmless. That was Wen XingYao’s first impression of him.

Wen XingYao didn’t notice that his observation of Bai Li seemed a little too detailed, so detailed that he even forgot about the heat that kept coming out of his own body.

His body felt like a fire was burning him from his stomach to his throat, and then spread to all his limbs. Even his body’s fur seems to be tainted with this heat.

Wen XingYao retracted the line of sight cast on Bai Li’s face, then step by step with difficulty got out from the nest. In the process, his memory of the period of being a cat also slowly crept in, and Wen XingYao’s cat face was filled with CONFUSION1, then instantly became a mask of pain.

Cat shock.jpg

No…This is not something his infancy would do! He would never, ever admit that the one who rolled around in his memory and screamed softly at people “Mimi Mimi Mimi” was him as an infant! And what happened a few hours ago, Bai Li actually looked at his…

It was horrible! The memory!

The heat in his body rose a few degrees, making Wen XingYao confused as to whether it was the body itself, or the sudden emotion of embarrassment.

The thought of inspecting the surroundings while Bai Li was asleep was gone. Wen XingYao squatted on the edge of Bai Li’s pillow, silently contemplating his human (cat) life.

As he was thinking, he couldn’t help but move his eyes from Bai Li’s face to…

His human…Oh no, Bai Li, and his imaginary image did not seem to be much worse…

Since Bai Li looked like this, he seemed to be able to forgive him for what he did before.

After a few moments of reprieve, Wen XingYao finally accepted the fact that he had regained consciousness, and got ready to clean up his own mess from his infancy. The most important thing was to explain everything to Bai Li in the game. Wen XingYao decided that he would tell Bai Li about it the next time he entered the game.

He hoped he wouldn’t blame him too much then. The idea that he would soon be able to communicate in real life and in human language, Wen XingYao became a little apprehensive and felt his heart beating faster and faster.


This was not a feeling, his heart was really beating faster. The hot feeling that had just subsided came up again, Wen XingYao only felt in his sea of consciousness, which had suddenly erupted for a moment, that from afar came a large, dense blackness, that surrounded his consciousness with the speed of lightning. His world was left in pitch black again.

“Fuck!” Before he completely lost consciousness, even if he had a good temper, he couldn’t help but curse out such a word.

How come it was so hard to regain consciousness, and not the kind that was already stable?

When would he wake up again? It was unknown.

Losing the support of human consciousness, the big cat changed back to the state of being drunk having eaten grass and wood clear spiritual qi, and dizzily fell to the side. Lying down, he slept again.

Bai Li, who was suddenly covered by the cat’s head, was unfortunately awakened, and helplessly moved Supreme away from his face. He was careful not to disturb his sleep, muttered “Supreme’s sleeping position has not been good since childhood,” then shoved him into his arms and fell asleep again.

While he slept until dawn, both the cat and the man didn’t remember what happened in the middle of the night. Or maybe Bai Li remembered, but didn’t keep it in mind.

After he took care of the vegetables on the balcony, Bai Li began to prepare breakfast for one person and one cat. The first thing that he did was to put his hand in the space pocket, but he inadvertently pulled out an empty one. Looking at the palm of his hand where nothing appeared, Bai Li was surprised to find that the place where Gusteau’s “pot of vegetables” had been placed was mostly empty, with only some prepared food left in the corners.

Well…This was a situation that would have happened sooner than later.

Bai Li felt a sudden pain in his brain, he grabbed a few food items, while he thought about the game. Should he go to Demon Xing or apprentice to learn a few dishes? Otherwise he and Supreme would be sitting on the mountain. For now they could eat boiled vegetables for the next few days.

It was difficult being an Agricultural Deity, ah!

Bai Li couldn’t wait for Gusteau to come through at this time, so he had to worry about what to eat every day. Normally he provided the ingredients, Gusteau provided the craft, and they both could be satisfied, how good was it!

It was a pity that before he transmigrated, Gusteau went down to the world to look for his daughter, so it should be impossible for the two to meet again.

Bai Li lamented, gently wrapped his arms around Supreme who was drinking hot goat milk, and felt really sorry for them both.

“Meow?” Supreme gave Bai Li a milky rub, right as a comfort.

After he entered the game, Bai Li found that the atmosphere between the players had become a little different.

It wasn’t like their swords were drawn, but the eyes looking at each other already looked like they were looking at competitors. The players in the game should have seen the announcement last night and knew that they had a tough battle to fight in a few days, so they had practiced in advance.

“Master!” Song Xinran trotted all the way over and, relying on the fact that no one was around, shouted loudly what the two of them called each other in private.

“Hm? Little Song, you’re online so early?”

Since Song Xinran started live streaming, he usually came online around 9:30 in the morning, spent half an hour cleaning his yard, and then went to prepare the ingredients needed for the live broadcast. When the live broadcast started at 11:00, a busy day would follow.

But now, it was only about eight and he was actually in the game.

“Hey, Master, I saw the announcement you sent yesterday, and because of the excitement, I didn’t sleep all night. Today I thought to come on early to play the game,” Song Xinran explained. “Before I was curious about how you intend to use the other two game places. I didn’t expect you to use them directly as a reward to players. You’re too generous!”

“It’s okay.” Bai Li didn’t think it was anything. “Anyway, these two numbers remain useless in my hands, so I simply took this opportunity to give them out.”

“Well, that’s true.” Song Xinran nodded, then looked at Bai Li with big eyes and mentioned, “Yesterday my mom and dad, brother and sister, they also saw that announcement and came to tell me that there was a way to get game quotas. They seem to have guessed that you are the designer of the game because of your name, but I told them not to bother you. It’s not like they can’t grab a game slot. They can still grab one next time they have the chance.”

“It’s not difficult for them to guess my identity, my name, the origin of your game slot. The identity of the only five game anchors in the game, our neighborly relationship, all together it’s a good guess.” Bai Li didn’t mind his identity being known, it was just a matter of time anyway, but he was quite surprised that Song Xinran would think of helping him to stop people.

Still it was good. There were still six people in his family, and the two game spots wouldn’t be easy to split.

“Hey? This seems to make sense when you think about it.” Song Xinran suddenly realized, no longer wondering if he accidentally gave a slip of the tongue. “Master, this time, you will also participate in the event right? Then we can go together to participate in the competition?”

Song Xinran was referring to the corn-breaking contest, which he could participate in three times a day, and he thought it would be more fun if he could participate with someone he knew.

But Bai Li shook his head, and said mysteriously, “I think you’ll regret this decision.” More than that, he would not say.

Even if he was the designer of the game, it wasn’t good to reveal the specific rules in advance.

Song Xinran didn’t ask more questions, just made two very good “oh oh” sounds, and looked a little thoughtful.

At this time, Bai Li felt a little movement from the next hut. Creak, the door of the small hut seemed to open a crack.

However, when he looked over, what he saw was the door being reopened then quickly closed. The snap of it shutting cut off the possibility of him looking at the person inside the house.

Bai Li, “?????”

What happened to Demon Xing? Was it because he suddenly remembered something important and went back offline? Or did he leave something in the house and go back to look for it?

Bai Li pulled out his friends panel and saw that the other party was still online, so he was more inclined to the latter possibility and planned to care for the other party when he came out again.

“Oh, he probably had something to do, he’ll be out later,” Bai Li smiled, and explained Wen XingYao’s behavior.

“Mm-hmm.” Song Xinran felt that his master was right.

However, although the two of them waited, they didn’t see Wen XingYao come out of the house. Finally, Song Xinran thought of something that he had to do, so he said goodbye to Bai Li with an apologetic face and left Bai Li’s house.

After Song Xinran left, Bai Li gave a strange look to the door of Wen XingYao’s house, shook his head, and went to do his own business.

Wen XingYao’s house.

Wen XingYao sat on the chair, and kept drinking the cold tea, as he tried to calm himself down. However no matter how expensive the tea was, it couldn’t achieve the effect of calming the agitation in his heart.

Over the course of the night, the memories of his infancy had been thoroughly integrated into his human consciousness. Unlike the fragments he remembered last night, Wen XingYao now knew exactly how his infancy met Bai Li, how he logically lived in Bai Li’s home and stayed by his side to eat and drink. He was so impressed by his juvenile behavior, his possessiveness towards Bai Li and his rejection of Song Xinran that he now has no idea how to face Bai Li. It was undoubtedly very difficult to communicate with people without changing your expression when you know everything.

Wen XingYao held his forehead with one hand, and found a barely justifiable reason for his behavior of opening and closing the door.

He was really embarrassed to face Bai Li in such a situation, at least…at least let him take it easy for a while. Wen XingYao decided to water the forum, and then browse Starnet to calm down a bit. Then he saw the announcement Bai Li put up last night.


Why is there so much going on this month? The “Village Chief’s Residence” mission had just ended, and now there was a “Corn Master” event?

If this continued, would he ever be able to find a chance to tell Bai Li everything?

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Translator Notes:

  1. purposely in all caps


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July 8, 2023 4:16 pm

Is Gusteau the God of Food? I don’t quite remember if this name was mentioned at all! 😭

when you see the reflection in the mirror
when you see the reflection in the mirror
July 10, 2023 7:21 am

the longer you dragged the chance to tell him everything, the harder for you to explain things, you know… but, take your time..

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