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Chapter 125: Lin/Bai (7) Would You Like to Be With Him Forever?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey’s eyes are burning


“Proposal?” Bai SiNing caught the point, he blushed and muttered in a low voice, “We just got together today, would it be a little too soon?”

This man was really anxious, one second he was confessing his love and the next second he started planning to take a step closer.

Lin XiuYong laughed slowly, “I didn’t say now, I haven’t bought you roses yet. Besides, I’m anxious to get you home, afraid you’ll run away.”

It was easy to coax this person to become his boyfriend, of course, he must hurry to latch on.

“I’m not going to run away. You’re so nice, why would I run away?” Bai SiNing tightened his arms and pressed his face against his chest, rubbing around like a puppy. He liked the smell of Lin XiuYong’s body, a clean scent with a hint of tobacco, somewhere between a teenager and a man, just right. The only regret was that he couldn’t smell his pheromone.

Bai SiNing didn’t mention it, the sadness had to be kept to himself. He just brought himself closer, maybe one day he could smell a miracle.

Lin XiuYong didn’t know what he was thinking, just felt a little tickled, avoiding his breath to pull the topic back, “So, how about proposing with roses?”

His tone was pleading and forceful, making it impossible to refuse. Even in the second that he just said it, he had gone through the entire process from proposal to marriage in his head. He was greedy, at first they just wanted a kiss, liked, and now he wanted more.

After the wedding, Bai SiNing would be his forever. Everyone would know that his other half was called Lin XiuYong. Bai SiNing made up a scene surrounded by 39,600 roses and found himself so straight that he was moved by such a cheesy romance. He compromised and said, “Then buy the roses first.”

“Okay, I’ll do it as soon as possible.” Lin XiuYong smiled, not wearing the pair of gold-rimmed glasses, revealing the hidden handsomeness, looking very deep and nice. The two of them were moving really fast, as if they were going to finalize their lifelong event in one day.

Bai SiNing had never thought about what his future other half would look like and what his last name would be, but if it was Lin XiuYong, he seemed to have a lot more to look forward to in his future life. He often envied Gu Ang and Ye Fei, who had met someone very early to spend their lives with, a beautiful and enviable love.

And now, he had one too.

The day was spreading out and a little more light was coming into the room.

Bai SiNing glanced at the shimmering light outside the window and added, “The combination lock was broken by me, will we really not be able to get out?”

His tone was curious, not panicked. It was just that the combination lock was broken in the spur of the moment, and now that they were together, he wanted to go out and show their love. After being stimulated by Gu Ang and Ye Fei every day for a long time, he also wanted to show off as much as he could.

Lin XiuYong had a hitch and played with his hair in front of his forehead, his tone was very sure, “We won’t be unable to go out. It’s my laboratory, how can there be just one entrance? However, I want to stay here with you for a few days before going out, will you?”

He had a thousand ways to lock Bai SiNing up, and of course countless ways to get him out. And if it was Bai SiNing who left hand in hand with him, he would be happy to show him his supremely clever design skills.

“What about Lin Bai Bai? And your work…”

“I’ll arrange it tomorrow, just say yes.”

Bai SiNing was arranged clearly, and he was secretly relieved again, feeling that it was too good to be with Lin XiuYong, who had a particularly good brain. He didn’t have to think about anything, this person would help him think it through. Bai SiNing sighed with relief and said happily, “Then we’ll stay for a few days.”

His expression was happy, as if he was going to have a small holiday. The two of them cuddled up against the bed and just held each other quietly, without feeling awkward. Bai SiNing liked it when Lin XiuYong hugged him, wrapping his arms around him from behind, a very secure position. The quilt was so warm that even his heart became soft.

Lin XiuYong lowered his head and kissed the top of his hair, asking softly, “Are you sleepy?”

“Not too sleepy, awake after a short sleep.” Bai SiNing twisted his body with difficulty, and hugged the person with the opposite hand, which seemed to be not enough on the first day of the relationship. In addition, Lin XiuYong was so distressed, he had the obligation to accompany him.

The late night, so many lonely and miserable nights, now finally more a pillow person. He saw the slight arc at the end of Lin XiuYong’s eyes, so he assumed he was happy.

When the sky got a little brighter, Lin XiuYong finally picked the person up and prepared to move under the bed, “Then we’ll wait for the sunrise together. There’s still an hour or so before the sun comes out. This side is very open and you can see a beautiful view.”

“Watching the sunrise…” Bai SiNing reached out and hooked his neck, his brain spinning, suspicious, “How come I didn’t find you so romantic before? Have you used these routines on others before?”

He did, indeed, always find something strange to focus on.

Lin XiuYong was so smitten by him that he couldn’t help but explain, “Whose place did I use? You didn’t give me a chance either.”

Bai SiNing hummed lightly, “It better be.”

“What about you, have you ever liked anyone else before?” Lin XiuYong asked, following his topic.

Bai SiNing tried to think back for a while and didn’t say anything.

Lin XiuYong’s expression sank a bit, “It seems that there is.”

“My primary school tablemate was quite handsome. I peeped at him every day. In junior high school, I sent water to the class next door, but he ignored me, so I didn’t follow up. High school…” Bai SiNing broke his fingers and counted them one by one.

Lin XiuYong gnashed his teeth, “Bai SiNing, you’re quite capable.”

Although he didn’t know the last name, just listening to the understatement of the description, he wasn’t too happy.

“No, it’s not even a done deal. At best, it’s a spring fling.” Bai SiNing looked innocent, his hands spread, a scum look. He said it with a straight face, trying to shift the blame. “I haven’t been in love yet.”

Lin XiuYong closed his eyes and decided not to bother with him. Anyway, he had already followed him, the spring heart was budding.

Bai SiNing was still desperately provoking fire, “Are you jealous? Lin XiuYong is a big jealous blob, control freak…”

His words haven’t finished, when he was held down and kissed, with a threatening tone, “Don’t forget that I’m still locked up in the laboratory. Be careful I  don’t put you in here for life, so you can’t escape anywhere.”

“Oh, a big pervert.” Bai SiNing didn’t feel scared at all, and even found it a bit cute. Then, he was spanked by the big pervert with a popping sound and the flesh on his butt became red.

Bai SiNing liked this kind of Lin XiuYong, before, he was too cold and impersonal. Now there was more joy and sorrow, a few more earthly fireworks.

“Well, I’m teasing you, get up and watch the sunrise.” Bai SiNing lifted the quilt and shrank back, “I don’t have any clothes.”

Lin XiuYong got up, pulled open the closet in the lounge, picked a shirt and threw it to him, “Wear this.”

Bai SiNing’s eyes widened, “What about the pants?”

“Don’t wear them.” Lin XiuYong replied in a concise manner.

Bai SiNing blushed red and cursed the pervert while putting on Lin XiuYong’s shirt obediently. He was shorter than Lin XiuYong, and his shirt just covered his red-battered buttocks, which was a bit of a cover-up. The two steps were casual, the hem of the shirt would follow the shake, revealing two long, thin white legs. The black shirt looked erotic against the white skin.

Lin XiuYong stared at him for a while and complimented, “Baby, you’re overly attractive.”

“I’m shy, don’t look.” Bai SiNing reached out and covered his eyes, and the two of them fought their way back to the lab’s large room. There was a large floor-to-ceiling window there, and Lin XiuYong had closed the curtains before, so Bai SiNing hadn’t had time to notice.

As soon as the curtains were opened, a whole stretch of mountains and a sky gradually dyed red was revealed.

“Wow, you can really see the sunrise.” Bai SiNing was a bit excited and jumped over, jumping up and down, leaping for joy.

Lin XiuYong followed behind, one hand pulling the hem of his shirt for him. Although no one was nearby, just in case. He took the person into his arms and sat down folded, quietly looking into the distance waiting for the sunrise. He used to do the same thing when he had insomnia.

A cigarette burning, sitting from dark to dawn. At that time, his heart was bitter, because he couldn’t see the way to let go, but also couldn’t see Bai SiNing’s thoughts. Now his state of mind was very different, holding the person he liked in his arms, even waiting for dawn had become a sweet thing.

Bai SiNing’s chattering didn’t stop, from time to time rambling talk, mixed with a lot of questions.

Lin XiuYong patiently answered all of them, and by the way, he taught him a lot of astronomical knowledge, which made Bai SiNing admire him more and more. Lin XiuYong knew everything, he was simply a god.

“Tell me, if we have a child in the future, what if his IQ follows mine?” Bai SiNing fell into a serious worry, after all, Lin XiuYong was so smart, if not inherited, it would be a bit of a pity.

Lin XiuYong’s expression moved, only to pinch his waist with his fingers, “Willing to give me children?”

“Mn, I like little kids, Huang Huang is really cute.” Bai SiNing lowered his eyes, “But that’s the way Beta’s physique is, it’s not always a hit.”

His tone was light, as if he was just chagrined at his own physical problems. Lin XiuYong kissed his face sideways, moved by his naïve and simple love. He said in a low voice, “Let’s do it a few more times, I can hit it.”

He used to be alone, with only a crippled family Omega dad, never experienced the joy of a family of three, his childhood was crippled. But Bai SiNing’s offhand remark made him start to have expectations for the future. The proposal had to be prepared a little faster, and he couldn’t wait any longer.

Starting a family with Bai SiNing probably became his next hope.

Bai SiNing smiled and scolded him for being a rascal, and was attracted by the sunrise in the sky, “The sun seems to be coming out soon, it’s so beautiful.”

He was too poor in language to say anything more beautiful, and just stared blankly into the distance. The sunrise broke out from a large cloud, tinting the surrounding area with a layer of gold, and all the scenery became instantly animated. The light gradually became brighter, Bai SiNing’s hair was dyed lighter, and even his pupils became brighter.

Lin XiuYong stared at the sunrise for a while, reached out and stroked his chin, gently embraced him and kissed him shallowly. Infinitely lingering. He used to wonder what it was like to watch the sunrise with Bai SiNing. Now that he knew, a sense of happiness spread throughout his body.

The two of them sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window for a long time, until it was completely bright, when Lin XiuYong pulled Bai SiNing to get up. “The floor’s cold, don’t sit for long. Do you want to go take a nap? I’ll make you breakfast and call you when it’s ready.”

Bai SiNing shook his head and said with a smile, “I’ll watch you do it.”

The two young people who have just fallen in love were so sticky that they couldn’t be separated even for a moment.

“Okay, we don’t need to eat much, it will be fine.”

Lin XiuYong took him to the small kitchen next to the side, where he only kept the bare necessity of food, so he could only ship up something basic. He skillfully cooked two bowls of noodles and fried eggs on top to garnish.

“You’re great, I love you more and more.” Bai SiNing sat on the glazed table, wiggling his legs and turning into a giant baby. He leaned back lazily and propped himself up on his hands, not even wanting to move his chopsticks, letting Lin XiuYong feed him clip by clip.

Lin XiuYong was very patient with him and really fed him one bite at a time. Only when he finished eating did he finish his own bowl quickly.

The two of them stayed in the lab for three days and ate all the food stored in the lab.

In the middle, Gu Ang called to make sure they were okay, and then left it alone. The three days really became a mini vacation, not having to think about anything and focusing on love.

Bai SiNing ate and slept, and didn’t get out of bed much. He was tormented by Lin XiuYong, used all the positions, and occupied the laboratory. In addition to back pain and leg pain, he was tired. The man was so lustful and possessive that he was breaking him.

On the fourth day, Bai SiNing grunted and finally couldn’t help but propose, “Why don’t we go out today?”

Lin XiuYong put his clothes back on and let out a hmm, “There’s no more food, so it’s really time to go out.”

Not because there was no food!

Bai SiNing rubbed his legs and put on his pants and cursed fiercely, “Beast.”

“It’s me.” Lin XiuYong shamelessly admitted, “Want to find Ye Fei and the others for dinner? We haven’t told them the good news yet.”

“How about we pretend we’re not together first and then show them a face.” Bai SiNing’s mind spun and he quickly wrote the script, “Let’s say you confessed your love to me, I rejected you, and then the two of us are now ordinary friends. In the midst of everyone’s dismay, we both kiss.” Bai SiNing got more and more energetic, “Just say that, and wait for a reversal, I’m so looking forward to seeing their faces!” He noticed that Lin XiuYong didn’t say anything, and pulled his sleeve again, “OK, act with me a little.”

Lin XiuYong had another plan, he nodded slightly, “OK, let’s call Yin WenXuan and the others together, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them.”

“Yes, yes, yes, their expressions must be wonderful too!” Bai SiNing was a little excited and hurriedly urged, “Let’s go, let’s go home and change our clothes first, it’s tonight!”

Lin XiuYong led him to the other side of the lab, past the dark passage with a secret door. Again, it had the same combination lock as the main door, but it looked more complicated and stronger.

“You shouldn’t be able to break this one.” Lin XiuYong spat with a smile, while lowering his head to enter the password.

Bai SiNing padded over and asked curiously, “What’s the password?”

“The date of the day you saved me in the last life, so you can’t guess.” Lin XiuYong said indifferently, and with a snap, the door opened.

Outside light filtered in, the daylight was bright. Bai SiNing followed behind, nodding silently. If it was that day, then indeed, he, a pig brain, wouldn’t have known at all. He only now reacted with hindsight. What “give you three days to consider”? What “unlock the code and let you leave”? This person simply didn’t want to let him go! But he had been eaten dry, what else could he do? He could only admit it. Moreover, he was willing to suffer.

The two of them went back to Bai SiNing’s house and took a quick shower, and then quickly met someone to set up a bureau for the night. Bai SiNing finished the script he made up, and pretended to be in the group, [Although we two didn’t become one, it also doesn’t prevent us from continuing to be friends.]

The group was full of ellipses floating by, looking extremely helpless. They seemed to be really speechless, not even willing to say more.

Bai SiNing was in a better mood after he had tricked someone. He changed into a t-shirt with a collar, the hickey on the neck was covered tightly, and only then was relieved to go out the door. Recently everyone was graduating, it wasn’t too busy, they were basically stepping on the arrival. The only thing was that Lin XiuYong didn’t book the usual Moon River House, but chose a new lodge, which looked good.

Just entering the door, Bai SiNing hadn’t settled down yet, when the crowd began to attack repeatedly.

“What’s wrong with you? How come you’re still rejecting people?”

“Just this handsome and infatuated top Alpha and you actually don’t want him????”

“Lin XiuYong is so pitiful, waiting for you for three years. You rotten hearted man!”

“Bai SiNing, you want to stop thinking about it?”

Shen Fei Zhou concluded his speech, sighing, “I understand Lin XiuYong, not being able to chase someone is really sour.”

After saying that, he also cast a resentful glance at Gu Ang.

Bai SiNing’s heart was happy, but on the surface still had to be tense, to finish the act.

“Oh, there’s no way to force this relationship thing. Brother Lin and I are still good friends now, and it’s fine.”

Lin XiuYong stood behind him and nodded with a calm face to match his, “Yes, good friends.”

“Little Bai, you’re living off green tea.” Jiang HeYi snapped.

Bai SiNing pulled out a stool and sat down, making up a smile with eight teeth, “Okay, I’m buying everyone dinner today, can you be a little more gentle with your mouth?”

“You deserve to be scolded, your reflex arc is so long, and now you’re still so desperate.” Gu Ang gave a provocative look and silently moved his favorite dish out of the way.

Bai SiNing deflated his mouth, a little resentful. This game wasn’t as fun as he thought it would be. Obviously he had promised Lin XiuYong, so why make a fuss? To make himself suffer? These people were too bad, simply taking the opportunity to make personal attacks on him. But when he thought about it, he really didn’t agree. He was indeed right to be scolded.

Lin XiuYong looked at a wrinkled little face of his, squeezed his hand under the table and asked softly, “Keep acting?”

Bai SiNing blinked and stubbornly made an air sound, “Hold on a little longer.”

He pulled his hand out and gave a wary glance at the crowd; no one was paying attention. Everyone was eating their own food, as if they had really only come for a meal. Ye Fei’s side was handling the seafood for Gu Ang, the fresh meat was put on a plate one by one and then handed to Gu Ang. Bai SiNing watched blearily and wanted it too. He was spoiled by Lin XiuYong and turned his head to look at the other pitifully.

Lin XiuYong stretched out his chopsticks to clip some, and replied good-naturedly, “I’ll peel it for you.”

“Wait, don’t get it for him. Make him get it himself.” Gu Ang hooked the corner of his mouth and pressed Lin XiuYong’s hand. His tone was provocative and made the heart clog.

Bai SiNing, in the end, didn’t hold back, exasperated to stand up, hooked Lin XiuYong’s neck and kissed him. It was a very wild one, biting Lin XiuYong’s lower lip little by little. The side began a burst of coaxing, but he didn’t care.

After kissing him, Bai SiNing wiped his mouth and stood up, with a smug face, “I lied to you, we’re together. We’re together. Hmph, you’re tired of eating dog food, right?”

He sounded a bit arrogant as he watched everyone’s reaction, but everyone’s expressions were calm and nothing changed.

The plot didn’t go according to his imagination, making Bai SiNing a little anxious, “You don’t believe me? Really!” He said incoherently, “We talked about it two days ago, he’s my boyfriend now.”

Gu Ang finally couldn’t stop laughing, “Bai SiNing is so silly.”

“How am I silly?” Bai SiNing looked confused, still not clear about the current situation. What the hell? What was with the look that everyone was watching the show?

“Baby, look out the window.” Lin XiuYong couldn’t bear to see him anxious and hurriedly pressed the switch of the floor-to-ceiling window, and the black glass window turned transparent and slowly opened.

A large area of roses were neatly piled up in the night, flaming red into a patch that seemed to spread to the sky. In the somewhat dim twilight, it looked delicate and moving.

Bai SiNing didn’t react, slightly opened his mouth and hesitantly let out a “Huh?”

“Thirty-nine thousand six hundred roses, I’m using them to propose to you.” Lin XiuYong smiled and kissed him, “Sorry, I conspired with them to cheat you.”

Shen Fei Zhou exhaled and smothered a mouthful of wine before speaking freely, “It suffocated the old man, almost revealed.”

“Mn, I think we can act okay.” Gu Ang nodded slightly, affirming himself.

Ye Fei coaxed him, “The acting was so explosive, I almost believed it.”

It turned out to be a game within a game, everyone already knew the truth, and still cooperated with the play. Bai SiNing was so angry that his face turned white and red, muttering, “And you guys still scolded me.”

“I was just messing with you, was it fun?” Gu Ang replied lazily, “Then again, I’m serious when I say you’re an idiot. We have watched you for three years, finally enlightened to cultivate the right fruit. If we wait any longer, we’re tired of waiting for the crowd.”

This was true, Bai SiNing deflated his mouth, and looked at the large rose again. He asked uncertainly, “Is it true that you’re going to propose to me? It’s not just another little game, is it? I’m not good in the head, don’t lie to me.”

“I’m very serious.” Lin XiuYong stood up and pulled him towards the floor-to-ceiling window, leading the man to the middle of the rose and carefully steadying him.

Bai SiNing looked around as he was surrounded by roses. With over 30,000 roses, it did look shocking. Not far away, a group of close friends were leaning against the floor-to-ceiling windows, standing in various positions, looking at him with smiles on their faces. Although usually joking around, this time all with a very sincere and serious expression.

Bai SiNing then reacted that Lin XiuYong was really proposing to him. On their fourth day together, Lin XiuYong brought him thirty-nine thousand nine hundred roses to fulfill the promise. The opposite Lin XiuYong kneeled down on one knee, took out the ring box prepared in advance from his pocket and opened it, looking at him with burning eyes. He seemed to have a whole starry sky in his eyes, reflecting Bai SiNing’s two small figures, looking like an incomparable god.

Bai SiNing moved his mouth, “Speak.”

Lin XiuYong was softened by his cute appearance and laughed for a while before speaking.

“Baby, maybe you think it’s too fast, but for me, it’s not fast at all. I have liked you for six years, more than two thousand days and nights. I have long planned for you to be in my future. I want to take care of you, protect you, love you well, and grow old in peace. By crossing back for you, I have shown that I love you, I’m willing to give my life for you, even. I love you, very much, more than you can imagine. So I want you to be brave and promise to spend the rest of your life with me.”

Bai SiNing’s palms were desperately sweating, his eyes slightly moist, his throat rolling, many emotions tumbling in his chest, but he didn’t know what to say. He was at a loss for words, completely stunned by the scene and the rose. Only then did he notice that Lin XiuYong was dressed extraordinarily formally today, with a two-piece suit that fit well, and even his hair was neatly groomed.

And himself, wearing a childish cartoon t-shirt, dumb and dumber standing in the middle of the rose, like a fool. This kind of ordinary, dumb, not quite enough IQ Bai SiNing… did he really want to spend the rest of his life together?

Lin XiuYong looked straight at him and said, “I have many flaws, I’m very possessive and paranoid, I will often be jealous, and I will always ask about your whereabouts. Such a Lin XiuYong, not too gentle and gentlemanly, would you like to be with him forever?”

Bai SiNing’s eyes widened as he tried to hold back his tears. With such a good man who loved him so deeply and went to such lengths to reunite with him, he could not say no. Besides, from freshman year to graduation, Lin XiuYong had been completely integrated into his life, becoming an inseparable part.

It wouldn’t be separated, nor could it be separated. If there was no Lin XiuYong in his life, he must feel regretful, right? This invitation to spend the rest of his life together was too tempting, and he was already deep in it. He shook his head, as if he felt the action was misunderstood, and nodded again desperately, “You’re good, it’s me who’s not good enough. But I’m willing, I’m willing to be with you all the time, to love each other all the time, for the rest of my life. I’m very stupid, so I hope you tolerate more, don’t dislike me. In the future, I will also try harder to love you.”

He spoke incoherently, and his tone didn’t match his words. There were really too many emotions rushing to his mind, and he didn’t know which one to express first.

“Then it’s a yes.” Lin XiuYong smiled at him and reached out to take out the ring and put it on his ring finger. Then touching him with his own, he said with a smile, “Now we really are a pair.”

Bai SiNing stared down at the rings, the silver ones glowing on his fingertips, the same style pair. He reacted for a moment before turning around and shaking his hand at everyone, “I’m getting married!”

“This reflex arc, it’s almost five minutes past. Bai SiNing is really silly, silly people have silly blessings.”

“Congratulations, the two of you grow old together, a hundred years of good fortune!”

“It wasn’t easy for Lin XiuYong, finally arriving at this step…”

“After the promise, shouldn’t there be a kiss?”

The crowd began to coax a kiss, in good fun.

Bai SiNing looked down and pulled Lin XiuYong’s hand, stammering, “Then kiss one well.”

It was only when the dog food link really came that he was a little shy after the fact. Although this day for Lin XiuYong came a little late, he finally gave his response. Not too early, and fortunately not too late.

Lin XiuYong smiled and stood up, lowered his head and wrapped his waist, kissing him deeply with all his strength. In the presence of more than 30,000 roses and cheering crowd, they decisively and bravely got engaged for life. The love that was hiding in the darkness finally bloomed, more gorgeous than the roses on the mountain.


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