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Chapter 17: I Was Bitten Too.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is done with MMOs


Ye Fei’s breathing became heavy, and brandy scented pheromone leaked out a bit, percolating a very light scent of liquor. His lips were almost on Gu Ang’s neck.

The neckline of Gu Ang’s pajamas had the first two buttons undone, revealing a white and slender neck and a little bit of his left shoulder. He dropped his hand to fiddle with the collar and unbuttoned two more buttons, leaving the collar open for a wider view.

Perhaps because he didn’t rest all night last night, Gu Ang didn’t wake up.

Ye Fei closed his eyes, his thin lips finally pressed against the edge of Gu Ang’s neck, the spot he touched with his lips became burning hot. He pursed his lips and took a shallow breath, as if he had swallowed a mouthful of strong tea.

The fragrance of that tea was killing him, as he recklessly breathed it in with his lips in indulgent temptation.

One breath wasn’t enough, his desire was barely satisfied.

He wanted more, until this person completely belonged to him.

Ye Fei intensified the force, shallow kisses turned into sucking, his fingertips almost pinching into the flesh, using what was left of his sanity to restrain himself from going mad. The tip of his tongue went down in kisses bit by bit down the naked skin, trying to leave heavy hickeys on the bare, unblemished neck.

He almost let his canine teeth touch the soft flesh.

Those non-physical thoughts turned into demons, compelling him over and over again.

He wanted to bite down, to inject his pheromone into Gu Ang’s body, to make Gu Ang go crazy with him.

Ye Fei, for the first time, felt such out-of-control possessiveness, leaving behind the emotional, purely physical possession. He found it strange that such a move was like an Alpha trying to mark their beloved Omega.

But Gu Ang’s and his second gender were obviously exactly the same.

His two hands had been placed against Gu Ang’s chest at some unknown point, his fingertips moved slightly, and they couldn’t help but linger. It was too late to think about it, and his canine teeth pressed a little dent into Gu Ang’s neck, almost piercing the swan-like neck.

“Mmmm…” Gu Ang grunted softly with difficulty, growing more and more dissatisfied with the forced pressure. His brow furrowed and his military reflexes kicked in, rolling over and giving a direct punch beside him.

Ye Fei was too late to dodge, and was propped up on the head of the bed after he was hit right in the abdomen.

The not-so-gentle force jolted him out of his ecstasy.

“What the hell am I doing…” Ye Fei closed his eyes to suppress the restlessness and helped Gu Ang button up his buttons again one by one. The place where he had just sucked became a red and ambiguous spot, as if mocking his ridiculous fixation.

Ye Fei snickered and buttoned up the last button, covering up all evidence of his loss of control. He turned to boil water to make himself some tea, washing his mind with a clumsy substitute.

When Gu Ang got up in the morning, his neck felt a little sore. He casually rubbed it and rolled over to see Ye Fei, who was already fully dressed and sitting in the living room, “You didn’t leave? Were you waiting for me?”

“Yes. Are you feeling better today?” For the first time, Ye Fei felt like a thief.

Gu Ang nodded, went into the bathroom to brush his teeth, and slurred, “Much better.”

Ye Fei finished his tea last night and went back to check on him, and the place where he sucked had turned into a hickey. Afraid that Gu Ang would stare at the mirror too long and find the mark, he urged, “We’re almost late, we only have three minutes.”

“Oh, I’ll be right there.” Gu Ang wiped his face and rushed out of the bathroom to change his clothes.

Ye Fei reminded him, “Button up.”

Gu Ang impatiently sealed his collar. This person really cared too much.

The two of them jogged all the way to the classroom door, but Wang Chuang caught them in the act, “Two minutes late, stand at the door for a while before coming in.”

“Teacher, I’m not fully recovered yet.” Gu Ang reminded, “How old are we? Still punishing us by standing.”

“Impunity doesn’t mean you can be late to the bookstore without falling in love.” Wang Chuang glared, “If you say one more word, you two can go stand on the podium.”

Gu Ang smiled, “Teacher…”

“Go to the podium.” Wang Chuang gave a direct order.

Gu Ang gave a deflated look to Ye Fei, “How tragic.”

“I don’t care.” Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders.

“What attitude do you two have? Ten minutes of extra time, stand over here.” Wang Chuang was still reprimanding, “Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you have gained honor for the class. You should learn to follow the discipline…”

The two didn’t bother to listen to his nonsense, and, one after the other, went through the classroom door to stand by the door. The students all felt new to this kind of thing and couldn’t help but drift their eyes to the two again and again.

One was expressionless and looked cold, the other had a listless, pale face and the two didn’t make eye contact, standing a few meters away and the annoyed aura was palpable.

The classmates thought, Sure enough, these people can’t get along outside the battlefield.

The gossip group started to bombard their communicators with messages like crazy, and people began to speculate on their own.

[Did Gu Ang used to button his clothes up so tightly? Is there a wound on his body?]

[I thought there was something wrong with him taking time off yesterday and having a bad stomach. Who believes it?]

[How is Bai SiNing alive and kicking? I suspect he was beaten by Ye Fei.]

[Upstairs +1, that makes sense. Ye Fei beat him up and felt sorry, then helped him take time off.]

[Gu Ang doesn’t really look subdued, so maybe he wasn’t beaten up badly?]

[But why was he beaten?]

[Maybe because of Liang Xin????]


After a burst of texts, the crowd seemed to have realized something remarkable.

A quadrangular love, ah, really fucking exciting.

“What are you doing with your heads buried?” Wang Chuang knocked on the blackboard, “After reading the third chapter, we should have understood the structure of the new mecha. You’ll see it a thousand times better than reading it once. We will go to the mecha room to get familiar with the mecha.”

The class got up and dawdled out of the classroom, “Ah… Another practical battle, ah.”

This time, the Red Flame mecha was the one Red Flame that has been the military school training model for many years. The physical and mental strength required to drive the Red Flame was less than the current military mecha models, suitable for students to use.

But correspondingly, the upper limit of all aspects of data wasn’t high enough.

It was durable, resistant, and easy to use.

Gu Ang was very affectionate toward this series and had used it many times. He had recovered a little bit and was just about to go over, when he was called by the teacher.

“Gu Ang, you’re not well, so sit on the sidelines today.”

Gu Ang: “?”

“Ye Fei, take care of Gu Ang.”

Ye Fei glanced at Gu Ang and nodded slightly, “Okay, teacher.”

The original not-so-rich wallet of teacher Wang no longer wanted to be aggravated by the violence of the two.

Forced to walk to the audience stand, Gu Ang and Ye Fei both felt a bit awkward and bored. The two men strutted their long legs, the tips of their shoes touching as if nothing had happened.

There was a tacit silence.

Suddenly, a quarrel broke the deadlock.

The two looked over and saw Wang YeZhu clashing with a classmate who was practicing with a mecha on the same field. The field was so big that it was normal for the two classes to cross over in the mecha training field.

“Who’s this guy? He looks familiar.” Gu Ang asked casually.

Ye Fei’s memory was extraordinary, “Lin XiuYong of Class B2. The person in charge of the class rally before was him.”

Knowing that the opponent was Class S, he still dared to provoke them; this was a bit interesting.

Gu Ang smirked, “This ordinary class is very bold.”

In the military school, all disputes over resources were divided by a showdown of force. This was the unspoken rules of military school; the strong had everything, while the weak got out of the way.

“Since it’s a mecha class, how about we fight with mechas to decide a winner?” Lin XiuYong put his hands behind his back and proposed a solution with a smirk.

“Okay!” Wang YeZhu was provoked, his anger flaring as he threw out fierce words, “I’ll take you down within three moves.”

Ye Fei looked at the two mechas of the same model ready to start attacking and spoke indifferently, “Wang YeZhu versus Lin XiuYong, who do you like better?”

Gu Ang propped up his chin, “I’m not sure about their strength, but this Lin XiuYong has a reputation for being wise, while Wang YeZhu has always been light on his feet, so I don’t know.”

Sure enough, the battle was as fierce as Wang YeZhu predicted, and three moves, or one move to be more precise was enough to determine the winner. Unfortunately, it was the man himself who was defeated.

As soon as Wang YeZhu piloted the mecha, he saw a simple swing of Lin XiuYong’s mecha, and the fist of Red Type 3 actually flew out directly from his wrist disconnected. The fist, with a huge impact, directly hit the core power module of Wang YeZhu’s piloted mecha.

It was really just one blow that instantly made Wang YeZhu’s mecha lose its combat power.

Instantly killed in seconds.

A Class S student lost? To an ordinary class student????

The mechas training next to them all fell into silence, including all the students of Class S.

Fuck, it’s so humiliating, I want to die on the spot.

A simple match had become a shame for Red Flame’s strongest class. If this loss to an ordinary classmate spread out, the four kings couldn’t lift their heads anymore.

Wang YeZhu came out of the mecha and hated that all these people were present to witness it.

“Such a quick action to lock the target…”

“Attacked and disconnected the wrist in one go…”

“To be able to make a fist fly more than ten meters and still be able to penetrate the Elfa level protective layer…”

Ye Fei and Gu Ang were still sitting in the stands talking to each other, like back in the old days when the two of them would review the course of the battle every time. The flagging combat skills and the completely overlapping analysis directions made Gu Ang’s heart stir a little.

He really, really liked this side of Ye Fei.

It was so nostalgic, the time when nothing bad had happened yet.

“Now that he made an enemy, he should find a chance to get his face back.” Gu Ang lazily got up, disinterested, “Let’s go, class is over.”

Lin XuYong looked at the two men walking out of the battle arena, the flame of defiance in his eyes burning brightly.

Gu Ang just walked out from the training ground and ran into Wei YangZe standing at the door. He cursed in his heart, What an ingrate.

“Junior Gu…” Wei YangZe blocked him, “Yesterday I was going to come to your class to make an appointment with you, but I heard that you were actually sick. Are you okay?”

His tone was as arrogant, condescending and empty-eyed as ever. Gu Ang grinded his teeth, How sympathetic.

“My sickness has long been cured, and besides… I can beat you even when I’m sick.” The corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he looked the other party up and down, his eyes as sharp as a knife.

In terms of madness, Gu Ang had never seen anyone more mad than himself.

Wei YangZe hummed and laughed. So arrogant, wouldn’t he be cuter if he was beaten into a cripple?

“Just now I heard your classmates say that you weren’t even able to participate in the mecha class, and could only sit on the side. It seems that your body is still too weak. I will not take advantage of you. Come back to me when you’re better, and we’ll have a good fight.”

Gu Ang’s face was full of black lines…

I’m sitting on the sidelines because I’m sick?

I’m sitting on the sidelines because Wang Chuang, the old stingy man, is afraid that he’ll get docked if I ruin another mecha!!!

“Appointment, tomorrow. 5:00 p.m., training ground three.” Gu Ang issued the challenge.

Wei YangZe patted his shoulder and turned to leave, “Okay, get better or people will say I’m bullying you.”

Gu Ang lowered his eyes and was thinking about how to deal with this person when he was slammed by a huge force and almost couldn’t stabilize himself.

“Brother Ang! Why didn’t you wait for me?!” Bai SiNing rushed up and hooked Gu Ang’s neck, accidentally ripping open his collar and exposing half of his neck.

“Fuck, what happened to your neck?” Bai SiNing’s eyes rested on the top of the collarbone at a small irregularly shaped and out of place red spot on his white skin.

Gu Ang touched his neck, “What?”

“There’s a small patch of red, as if you were bitten by something.” Bai SiNing pulled at his neck to get a better look.

Ye Fei passed by with his backpack on one shoulder and pulled Bai SiNing’s arm off, “Yesterday, a highly poisonous mosquito came to the dormitory and I was bitten too.”

Gu Ang wondered, “Where did it bite you?”

Ye Fei answered without any expression, “My butt.”


The author has something to say: 

Mosquito Ye! You dare to do, but dare not admit!!!

In order to further the plot development, I’m changing the setting of the disguise machine, Ye Fei can change his face once a month, but it can be used multiple times, each time the length of a day.


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