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Chapter 4: First Bought Gift Package

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Log in to the game, verify your identity, register your account, and create your character. Everything was ready. Bai Li adjusted his appearance downward by 30%, modified many facial details, and named himself “Li Bai”, then entered the virtual world designed by his own hands as the first player.

Blue sky and white clouds. The front was the old home after the war. The tip of the nose could smell both the faint fragrance of grass and the faint smell of burnt bitterness, while overhead there was a flock of birds flying over, that left a series of chirps.

Everything was lively and vivid.

Very different from the silvery gray metal world of reality.

This was the place Bai Li’s heart was pining for, a place where he could farm!

Bai Li tentatively stretched his body, and bounced on the land twice. The dirt under his feet was slightly soft, a touch Bai Li was familiar with. Even the black dirt that accidentally stained the soles of his coarse shoes was nostalgic. He couldn’t help but smile. The corners of his mouth curled upward, and added a bit of color to his ordinary face.

When Wen XingYao’s figure appeared in that space, what he saw was this view: a strange boy who didn’t look very old, jumping on the ground with a silly smile on his face. After that, he was amazed. He hadn’t expected that space to actually have other people in it.

Bai Li felt something, looked back, and his eyes caught sight of a tall, dark gold man. The smile on his face, which was at its largest, stiffened on his face.

So embarrassing!

Bai Li’s mind reverberated with those big words. His face flushed with heat. He usually didn’t grin like that! He hurriedly avoided the other man’s gaze, and his hand uncomfortably touched his ear, and felt the tip of his hot ear.

The young man was like a scared little animal, his hands and feet moving in panicked ways made Wen XingYao’s eyes diffuse with a smile. He hadn’t seen such an exaggerated facial expression for a long time. It was quite funny!

Since there were already people here, it wasn’t convenient for him to stay here. On the one hand, he didn’t want to be recognized by the kid across from him. On the other hand, he was worried about his uncontrolled genetic breakdown disorder, in case it suddenly struck and hurt someone.

On the other hand, his mood was quite stable at the moment. It could be said that it was a rare moment of lucidity after the symptoms had entered the late stage. Was it possible that his adjutant had given him a new place to convalesce, so his condition was under control?

Wen XingYao nodded in satisfaction as he went to wake up.

However, as he was about to leave, he heard the teenager take the initiative to talk to him.

“Hello, are you here to play this game too?” Bai Li’s voice was clear and unhurried, and when he spoke, there was a natural sense of gentleness that had the illusion of a spring breeze. While speaking, he looked over with a gaze that carried a veiled scowl.


Wen XingYao froze. This child didn’t recognize who he was? Just now when he was creating a character, he accidentally forgot to change his face and used his original appearance, ah.

This discovery made him depressed and relieved at the same time.

Okay, this was fine.

Wen XingYao opened his mouth, and said the first thing since he entered the game. “Yes, I came…to play at the introduction of a friend. Just now I looked around and found that this game is quite special.”

So special that he didn’t know how to play it at all.

Bai Li’s eyes were big question marks for a moment. His game was just reviewed and approved, right? Was this netizen here only to give his too eager self a peace of mind?

Then could he look forward to the arrival of the third, fourth and 500th player?

Wen XingYao was also full of confusion, why did the little guy opposite only reply with a “Is that so, ah”? Then he started to look at the location where he appeared with an expectant face. Had his charm as the Imperial Admiral become so weak, that others could no longer see it?

There was a strange feeling of disparity in his heart.

Wen XingYao’s heart jumped. No. No. He was just making a random excuse. Why was he so heartbroken? However, even Wen XingYao himself didn’t know. How in the world did he get into this game? The only explanation that made sense was that his lieutenant, Tang Ying sent him into the gaming pod while he was unconscious in an attempt to bring him back to consciousness through venting his desire for destruction in a game.

Even though a whole lot of messy thoughts appeared in his heart, Wen XingYao didn’t show any of them on his face. He pretended that nothing happened as he introduced himself, “My name is ‘Demon Xing’.”

Bai Li was really depressed. He thought ‘Carefree Farmstead’s’ opening had ushered in a high moment, it would be full with a number of players in minutes, but the result was that as he waited, he didn’t see a third person log in. However, the man in front of him, even in ordinary coarse clothes, and wasn’t hiding his noble temperament, was actually his first “believer” in a sense!

And on this believer, there were actually the same silver vertical lines at the brow as on his family’s Supreme, which should come from the character decals. Although it was one of the twenty free decals, since the other party chose this one, didn’t it also show that they were actually quite destined to meet each other?

Ignoring the awkwardness of the first meeting, Bai Li was still optimistic about this believer. As the designer of the game, Bai Li was still willing to give the other man some preferential treatment if necessary.

This was the benefit of being first.

When he heard Wen XingYao introduce himself, Bai Li also gave out his game name, “Hello, I’m ‘Li Bai’.”

The two naturally added each other as in-game friends.

“Li Bai, do you know how to play this game? I’ve never played a game like this before, and to be honest, it’s very different from the games I used to play.” It was rare to meet someone who didn’t know him. Wen XingYao couldn’t help but talk more, and take advantage of his good spirits to chat with someone with a big smile.

Bai Li knew without asking what the differences he was referring to, and nodded silently in agreement. He looked around for a moment and soon saw the NPC village chief standing under a “冂” type wooden frame.

“There is an NPC there. Let’s go over and ask together?” As he said this, he led the way to the kind and amiable-looking NPC that should be the most important. Bai Li walked while he pondered a serious question in his mind. How could he guide Demon Xing to open the game mall without being too obvious, and have him buy the first gift pack inside?

The first charged gift pack was 10 stars, so if the man bought it, he would earn 7 stars.

That way, if he also bought one, it was as if he only paid 3 stars for it. Hey, he was really a little accounting genius!

Since Bai Li had been playing his little calculations, he hadn’t noticed that the two had already walked up to the NPC.

“Li Bai, Demon Xing, you are here…” the old village chief first smiled sadly towards the two, and then introduced the background of the game, “The war is finally over. We won…but now, our home is destroyed. I am worried there is no one to help me rebuild it. Are you willing to help me?”

The two nodded and said yes, then the old village chief gave them their first task: asking them each to clear out a weedy field. When he was done, the old village chief leaned back against the wooden pillar, sighed, and looked at the world with pity and relief.

Wen XingYao attempted to stare wide-eyed at him, but found that the other side simply ignored him. Bai Li went to the side, and had walked a few steps before he realized that the other person hadn’t followed, so he turned his head to ask what he was still waiting for.

Wen XingYao took a deep breath and asked, “For the weeding…don’t we get tools?” 

He had played very few virtual reality games in the past, and the game’s designers all armed the players at the beginning. Every player who went to fight monsters flashed with colorful light effects. The weapons in their hands also had extremely powerful attacks, as they hit the universe monsters or giant Zerg. A cut could make the opposite side drop tens of thousands of HP!

Of course, if you wanted to be armed, the money you spent couldn’t be little. Players, for their own game experience, or through using the game to consume the inner tyranny of the desire to destroy, spent money willy-nilly.

However this game, Wen XingYao carefully recalled, felt peculiar. First was the environment. It was bright and warm, and didn’t make him feel depressed. Then there were the players. So far, there were still only two of them, he and Li Bai, which was too few. The last was the newbie mission. It wasn’t fighting monsters, nor making weapons such as the initial preparation for battle, but ‘clear the weedy field.’ Separately, Wen XingYao understood these words, but together, he suddenly became dumb.

Clear? How to clear it? With what? What was the meaning of clearing? Like a cleanup? A series of question marks appeared in his mind, making his brain feel pained.

If it was in the past, with too much thinking, or especially when thinking about it, it was easy for his spirit to go into a storm state. However now, although he was feeling as if he had a headache, his thoughts were still very clear.

Wen XingYao voiced his doubts, while trying to find a solution.

According to the custom of playing games, he opened the game store… 

Hearing Wen XingYao’s question, Bai Li’s eyes lit up, knowing that this was the opportunity to come forward. He coughed lightly and was about to ‘guess’ that such things as getting tools should be left to the player to figure out how to solve, when he saw that the other player suddenly had an additional item in his hand.

A small bag wrapped in soft red brocade embroidered with dark patterns, the top of which was also tied with a golden cloth into a beautiful bow. If his memory was correct, this should be the outward manifestation of his hastily made ‘first charge gift pack,’ right?

“You, you…?” Bai Li was dumbfounded and had a feeling of emptiness when his plan was disrupted.

“You’re asking about this?” Wen XingYao shook the small bag in his hand and explained, “This is what I saw in the game store, called the ‘first charge gift pack’, only 10 stars, quite cheap. Do you want to buy one too?”

The word ‘only’ made a certain money grubbing master dislike him, and in the words weren’t the slightest sense of expectation of the items in the gift bag.

Bai Li almost couldn’t help but “hmph” out loud. However, he held back, then he took a deep breath, and followed him to buy it. In his heart, he consoled himself. At least the other man took the initiative to buy it so he also saved a lot of effort!

Such a tycoon, it was best to give him a few more.

While Bai Li was making his purchase, Wen XingYao had already unwrapped the one that belonged to him. As the bow was unwrapped, a golden-red light flashed, and after the light passed, the fabric disappeared from his hand, replaced by several items that appeared in his game’s inventory.

A simple hut, a 3X3 field, 10 random seeds, and a hoe that could only be used for three days.

Wen XingYao raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, and let out a sigh of admiration. “A gift pack actually opened so many things? Who made this game? Don’t they know they lost a lot of money?”

Bai Li who lost a lot, “????”


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