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Chapter 31: It’s Not Appropriate to Sit On Your Waist, Right?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, head hurty


Gu Ang was casually propped up on the edge of the couch, slightly curling the corners of his mouth, his eyes shifted down and landed on Ye Fei’s school pants. The school uniform was a custom-made dark blue, the same style for the whole school. The size was very flattering, and it outlined his long, beautiful legs. But below the waist of the pants, he was sure he was right, there was a noticeable bulge.

It was big and firm, with a distinct curve protruding from it.

Gu Ang had seen it all before, the view underneath those pants. He suddenly realized Ye Fei’s double entendre, not about the bed, but about himself. No, why was he suddenly in heat and getting hard? Gu Ang, still unaware that his clothes were half exposed, as he stammered and asked, “Are you… are you, lately… discontented?”

Ye FeiAdam’s apple rolled again, eyes filled with fire, his voice deeper, “What did you say?”

Gu Ang felt like talking about this matter with his ex-husband was really a little embarrassing. He should not open this mouth. However, the first night of school, that person laughed at him, and he still dared not think back. It made his scalp tingle and wanted to recover his dignity.

Thinking of this, Gu Ang straightened his back, smiling but not smiling, directly provoking, “You’re hard.”

Who was first-rate in creating an awkward atmosphere? He was.

Ye Fei froze, dumbfounded, and looked at the lad with the exposed legs, uncovered. Could he be blamed for this? He could only blame this single brain cell man in front of him. Ye Fei cleared his throat and swept his eyes up and down, “Well, it’s normal.”

“Right, this young man is vigorous.” Gu Ang walked over and gave him a sophisticated pat on the shoulder, with a sly energy of pulling the other person down. “How about I go somewhere else? Is ten minutes enough?”

Ye Fei ground his teeth, “What do you think?”

“Oh, I overestimated you. Three minutes.” Gu Ang nodded, “I haven’t practiced my push-ups today. I’ll go practice, you go fix it. Don’t disturb me.”

Who are you overestimating? Ye Fei closed his eyes and took a deep breath, wanting to press Gu Ang to the bed immediately, to let him see if ten minutes was long enough. Who was the person who said that his words were acidic? This person was just taking advantage of the uncertainty of their relationship now, and he was lawless.

He reached out and grabbed Gu Ang’s wrist, pulling him closer, “It’s okay, I’ll just move around.”

Gu Ang thought of some restrictive images, and his ears turned red completely. He was the one who had the guts to eat a leopard today and open his mouth blindly. It was also Ye Fei’s fault for not coming back for days, and when he did, it was so exciting that it made his head spin.

Now, have they eased up enough to make dirty jokes with each other?

Gu Ang stuck, red-faced by the straight shot, “You’re so nasty. I can’t understand what you’re saying…”

Ye Fei stared at the person, slowly unbuttoned his coat and threw it on the edge of the sofa, “Isn’t it to exercise? I’ll join you.”

Gu Ang gave a bewildered “ah”, before realizing that he was the one who had misunderstood. He laughed dryly and tried to cover it up, “Let’s exercise, come on.”

“Mn, before you work out, put your clothes on first.” Ye Fei caught a last glance at the gap, “Your… It’s showing.”

All the places that should be exposed were exposed, it was too showy.

Alphas and Omegas were, after all, different. Fortunately he was the one here, but if someone else saw this scene… No, no one else could. Ye Fei showed an inexplicable jealous and sour face.

Gu Ang looked down, and Ye Fei saw that action made the tie completely loose, and his body was thus exposed in front of his ex-husband. He forced his composure and hurriedly pulled the robe to cover the scenery cleanly, “Why didn’t you warn me?”

“I didn’t have time.” Ye Fei rolled his sleeves up above his arms and had plopped down on the floor and began doing push-ups in earnest.

The place was embarrassingly uncomfortable to stay in. Gu Ang rushed into the bathroom and put his underwear on while his throat felt parched. This guy couldn’t have seen his nakedness and gotten hard, could he?

When he thought about it like that, it felt really weird.

He jumped around, but Gu Ang failed at his imagined scene of revenge.

When he squirmed and came out in his pajamas again, he got down next to Ye Fei, and the two of them were silent together, showing off their strength.

Ye Fei physical strength was widely recognized.

In the past, when he had just joined the military training, the whole team trained for a month in seclusion, and when he graduated from school, the students were all screaming and wailing.

Ye Fei was different, every day he finished training early and would usually lean against the railings waiting for him. Just like on a campus, waiting for his girlfriend to leave class. But the ones training were all Alphas, so no one heckled him.

At that time, Gu Ang was second and crushed every statistic. Now that he thought back, when Ye Fei was in bed, was he giving in to him? If he really wanted to use brute force, he may not be able to beat him.

Thinking about it, Gu Ang’s heart became even more sour. He had lost someone who was so good to him, and now he didn’t know how to get him back.

Gu Ang finished 300 push ups, turned over and sat on the floor with his legs open to rest. He turned his head sideways to see that Ye Fei still hadn’t stopped, and his mouth couldn’t help but start up again, “You really seem to have a lot of energy, you’re not even tired yet.”

“Mn, it’s been a long time since I’ve exercised, so I’ll practice a little more today.” Ye Fei propped up the ground with one hand and pointed to his back, “Sit.”

Gu Ang almost bit his tongue, “Sit? Sit where?”

Ye Fei exhaled and continued to move up and down, “On my waist. To increase the weight.”

In the barracks, it was common for people to train with each other with weights, but now this scenario… 

In the small dormitory, two single men, one Alpha, the other an Omega. One sitting on the other’s waist  was not really appropriate, right?

Gu Ang flicked his fingertips. Ye Fei didn’t know that he was an Omega, and he was thinking too much of himself. He should sit down. Who was afraid of who? He got up and straightened his wrinkled pajamas, taking advantage of Ye Fei’s distraction, and sat down on Ye Fei’s waist heavily, successfully getting a muffled grunt.

“What, is this too much? You can’t do it?”

Ye Fei backhandedly hooked his waist to stabilize it and laughed lightly, “Sit tight.”

Gu Ang’s legs were on the ground, still thinking that he should sit firmly, Ye Fei began to accelerate up and down, and almost turned him upside down. This person was so childish, relying on such things to prove his physical strength?

With the weight of a person on his back, it was a bit of a struggle to do push-ups, but Ye Fei accelerated his movements while letting out a light gasp.

In the silence of the small room, it seems particularly ambiguous.

Gu Ang couldn’t sit still, he wanted to tell him to stop, but couldn’t open his mouth. What was clearly a simple training session had inexplicably turned into a strange interaction.

His buttocks were pressed against Ye Fei’s waist, firm and strong, and he could even feel his pheromones coming out of his muscles. Through the two thin layers of fabric, the heat from the swelling of the muscles stained his body, making him even more excited.

Who was being tormented by this nighttime double workout?

Gu Ang thought to himself, Ye Fei wasn’t the only one who was young and vigorous. He, too, seemed to be reacting. The recent rut seemed to have passed safely, and he had thought he wouldn’t get any more agitation from the pheromones. He didn’t expect that Ye Fei’s simple actions would trigger a reaction again.

Gu Ang understood completely that Ye Fei was only a catalyst for him to add pheromones to the mix. Only this person could make him feel emotional by doing something random.

“Stop, I’m sweating.” Gu Ang got up in a panic and rushed into the bathroom, “I’ll take another shower.”

Ye Fei was dumbfounded, murmuring, “Are you tired, or am I tired?”

Gu Ang’s bath was extraordinarily long. His eyes were closed, water droplets fell, and before his eyes was Ye Fei’s face.

The previous heat didn’t come back. Since he was wearing clothes he should sleep, and now, with Ye Fie back, he couldn’t see or touch, so he felt even hotter. He reached down to soothe himself, thinking that the dormitory sound insulation wasn’t good.

He bit his lower lip hard to not make a sound.

He thought of Ye Fei’s waist, rising up and down.

His body seemed to be attached to him, moving ambiguously.

Each time, it was like a nail struck deep into his body.

Gu Ang tossed his head. How come after becoming Omega, he automatically took himself as the bearing party?


When the next day’s class was over, Wang Chuang called the crowd and knocked on the desktop with a book that had been rolled into a straight tube.

“Everyone should have heard about the collective poisoning yesterday. Don’t guess, there’s no conspiracy, it’s just a staff operation error who didn’t handle the ingredients properly. Today many students didn’t come, so we will leave class early.”

As soon as the teacher left, the students mingled and talked.

“That’s all? More than two hundred people were poisoned, so this person has to be expelled, right?”

“Really, I think this reason sounds perfunctory?”

“I think it was found out that someone was poisoned, but the university made a lame excuse to calm down the public opinion.”

“Has Red Flame gotten into trouble with someone it shouldn’t lately? There are too many strange things going on.”


No one believed it when the school said there was no conspiracy. In fact, Wang Chuang was also confused, since the school should be investigated to check the staff’s operational errors. Everything was unbelievable, but since there was no evidence, they could only stop there.

Bai SiNing looked at the pensive Gu Ang and poked him in the arm, “Eh, what do you think?”

“What do you think?” Gu Ang was lazy, he hadn’t slept well last night and was a bit sleepy.

Bai SiNing muttered in a low voice, “Poisoning? Operation error? I don’t believe it.”

Gu Ang propped up his head using his arm, “Anyway, recently we need to be careful. It feels like someone is going to come out to stir up the game.”

“Right, right, I feel the same way.” Bai SiNing lowered his voice, “I heard that there are big people out there, but the specific target isn’t known yet. Who in our school is so flamboyant to mess with such a tough guy?”

Gu Ang glanced in Ye Fei’s direction, and the man’s expression was serious, with deep concern. It must not be easy for him to be so troubled. Gu Ang walked lazily to sit next to him, “What are you thinking? Do you also think something is wrong?”

Ye Fei didn’t expect Gu Ang to be so concerned about this matter, and for a moment didn’t know how to answer. He looked at the man, knowing that he couldn’t hide it from him, and replied vaguely, “Someone must have done it, but Red Flame is so powerful that it will eventually come to light.”

Gu Ang bumped him, “Why do I think you’ve been so secretive lately, what are you up to?”

“Family matters.” Ye Fei changed the subject, “I still have some things to move back, will you come with me?”

Gu Ang nodded in agreement, “Sure, there’s nothing to do anyway.”

The three of them went back to Bai SiNing’s house together. Ye Fei stood by the sofa bed and stuffed some odds and ends into a shoulder bag, while Gu Ang found a packing box under the coffee table for the rest of the items.

Bai SiNing saw the two of them tacitly collecting their things, and couldn’t help but speak up, “God Ye, did I do something wrong? Did I neglect you? Or did I snore in my sleep at night?”

Ye Fei looked up, “No, you’re fine, thank you for this time.”

Bai SiNing muttered, “Then why did you move out? I’ve grown attached to you.”

“Why do you have to steal my roommate?” Gu Ang slapped him on the head, and put the packing box on the coffee table, “People think your bed is too hard.”

Bai SiNing got up abruptly and patted the mattress, “Where’s the hardness? I personally went to the furniture store and picked this one out myself! The sales clerk said that this is a memory mattress and it’s very soft.”

Gu Ang teased him, “It’s hard, it hurts.”

“You try, try it again.” Bai SiNing was furious and pressed Gu Ang to the sofa bed, when Gu Ang tripped over Ye Fei with his long legs and fell on the sofa with him.

Since they were still cleaning up, the sofa was a mess of covers, so with this sneak attack, the two people became entangled tightly together.

With a forward movement, Ye Fei’s lips touched Gu Ang’s brow.

Bai SiNing raised his hand in embarrassment and tugged at the sheets, “Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

The two of them kept their posture close to each other, staring at the bed sheet wrapped around their feet. The more anxious they were, the more tangled they’d become, and for a while they couldn’t free themselves.

Bai SiNing helped, and watched Gu Ang’s ears turn red faster, little by little.

Seeing the arrogant and handsome face, eyelashes hanging low, become like a small wife’s shy face.

Gu Ang awkwardly tilted his face sideways and felt Ye Fei’s lips pressed against his earlobe. He topped his face with a big red face, “Get it off.”

“I’m getting it, I’m getting it, why do I feel…” Bai SiNing stopped mid-sentence and withdrew his mouth.

The next words may cause him to be killed if they were spoken. But he sincerely felt that these two people were obviously incompatible with each other and would explode when they touched each other. Now it seemed that one was strong and the other was shy, somehow they were a good match?

And he actually secretly hoped that it would be better to push them together.

Gosh, this brain was a little too amazingly exciting.

Bai SiNing touched his forehead to make sure he didn’t have a fever and his heartbeat was still normal. He thought to himself, that forum vote of twenty stupid eggs was about to add one more.


The author has something to say: 

Congratulations! Bai is about to join the luminous CP backing group, God Ye put away his eighty meters big knife.


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April 4, 2023 6:00 pm

Curious to know what happened in the past with Bai Bai, because, he is so comical and before he was so serious and indifferent! Thanks for the chapter!!!

April 5, 2023 6:37 am

The truth will out, as YF intimated, so he should mark his own words and not underestimate GA.
They so have the hots for each other though!
Thanks for translating and editing.

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