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Chapter 17: Questionable voices in the forum

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


At 6pm, Mo Song withdrew from the game with a frustrated look on his face. Now, he had to wait for another painful six hours before he could enter the game again. The game was delicious..Oh no, white bun was so fun…


After wiping the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, Mo Song habitually went to touch the candy jar on the table.

The jar was a transparent bottle with half a bottle of colorful candies inside. These candies were produced by the Imperial Research Institute, and were useful for relieving Genetic Collapse Disorder and also relieving mental stress. For this reason, the price of candy was very high, 100 star coins a piece. Few people could afford to buy a whole jar of them. Even so, interstellar people would have a few around more or less, just in case.

Mo Song was used to eating one as soon as he left the games, so that his emotions would be easily relieved, and continue to calm down. In his view, this could keep him in good shape for a longer time. Compared to his ‘friends’ who were diagnosed with Genetic Collapse Disorder at the same time, his deterioration was indeed a little slower, which was why he kept the habit going.

But today, with his favorite orange flavor in his mouth, Mo Song’s brow slowly furrowed. The taste…So sweet, so greasy, and a bad plastic taste. Didn’t the description say that the candy flavor ratio was used from an ancient blue star formula, but also added the best quality of natural orange juice? And the result was this? It wasn’t as good as the big white buns in the game!

He thought so, but at least one of them cost 100 star coins, so Mo Song swallowed the candy with a few chews, as he recalled the satisfaction he felt in the game.

There were indeed. Mo Song clicked on a review page and found that there were many bad reviews among the latest reviews, all of which were published that day.

[Blah, blah, blah! This is not a white bun, it’s more like a white stone! It’s hard to bite, I almost broke my teeth!]

[What the heck is this? I deliberately heated them up, and then when the lid was lifted, how did they turn into powder? [The attached picture is a white to gray powder.]]

[Oooooh, this is not white bun! White steamed buns are obviously so hot and delicious, how can they taste like this! Thieving chef!!]

[Sure enough, I shouldn’t expect too much from food in reality. Poor review, poor review, poor review!!!]

Then below each bad review, there was a seller’s aggrieved reply, [Hello dear buyers. Our store has been named the most popular small food store in Taotao for ten consecutive years. All the food is carefully made by the chefs, and not difficult to eat. If it is, it must be that you are dreaming!]

After that it was buyers and sellers spitting fire at each other and quarreling, while the scene got very confusing.

As he looked at the situation, Mo Song suddenly realized, that these buyers should be the same as him. They were from Carefree Farmstead and hadn’t eaten enough white buns. So, they wanted to eat some in reality. When he looked at the situation, this store’s white flour buns were not delicious, and not worth buying.

After several hesitations, Mo Song finally decided to give up. At the same time, an irrepressible thought rose in his heart. The deliciousness in the game…was it really real…Or was it just a fantasy of the designer?

If the latter was the case, then he hoped that the designer could fantasize more, and shelve more delicacies in the village chief’s store!

I can’t eat white buns, and I’m tired of eating spiritual candy, so I can only put the remaining enthusiasm into the game’s amenities.

After running to the bathroom to wash up, Mo Song went back to the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition forum, thought for a moment, and posted a thread titled “My Days of Farming in Carefree Farmstead.”

In the tone of an ordinary player, he slowly recounted his experience in the game for a total of twelve hours in a light-hearted and witty tone. Even the embarrassing incident of accidentally misunderstanding the requirements of the quest at the beginning and wasting a lot of time on weeding and digging pits was also mentioned at the front. Now that he thought about it, it was actually quite funny.

Not only were there written instructions, but also very many screenshots of the game.

The panoramic view of the small village that was obviously deserted but still beautiful; the spectacular scene of a group of people vigorously weeding; the small houses that were placed in various locations and full of farming interest; the white buns that were still soft and juicy in the hand…

Mo Song had even gathered players with golden farming tools and shot a golden item party. That golden look made the netizens who saw it exclaim!

[Is Carefree Farmstead a game? Why have I never heard of it? Reading the description feels quite interesting…]

[Upstairs, it’s a game, or a new game that was uploaded only yesterday. To be honest, the introduction of this game is the kind of thing I wouldn’t click into if I read it, but looking at the post owner’s description, I feel like I’m missing out on a treasure game! QAQ! Again!]

[Hahahahaha! I knew that Brother Song would not be able to resist and would come to the forum to promote this game! Let me add some fire to the post. I’ll show you the wheat I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to grow! I’ve bought a lot of fertilizer for it, and the little grains of wheat that come out are so big and fragrant. They smell so good! I can’t bear to sell them…[Photo]]

Unfortunately, if he didn’t sell the ripe wheat, he wouldn’t get the copper coins to buy the delicious white buns and the seeds for his next planting. Mo Song silently completed the unfinished sentence in his mind, and revealed a bitter smile of sympathy.

Who wasn’t? 

Next to the name of the post, the red hot tag was added.

The Virtual Reality Game Design Competition was popular nowadays, and with hundreds of millions of daily activities on the forum, this new hot post was soon discovered by other users. Everyone was curious, not to mention the interstellar people who surfed the StarNet every day.

‘Carefree Farmstead’ and ‘farming’ were considered new terms, and with the idea that there was no buzz for no reason, more and more people flocked to the thread. However, although there were people who expressed curiosity about the game, more still felt that the description was really a bit exaggerated.

[Is the owner serious? A game designed with an E class virtual reality game builder. The picture quality is rough. Even the realism is only 75%. How fun can it be? And the house in the photo, it’s like a toy. Can you really live inside? Wheat and such things, isn’t that on the agricultural planets? Why don’t you go to TaoTao and the order can be delivered in five minutes? Why do you have to go to the game to plant, ah…?]

[That’s right, and said the white bun was delicious, Hahaha! I’ll laugh to death. Who doesn’t know that this thing is as hard as a stone! You can’t eat it but if you try, you are a real warrior, ah!]

[Say it, owner. The game designer gave you how much money, so that you can boast about a broken game from the sky to the earth? I don’t believe that this game is fun, but I also don’t believe that it’s fun to play stuff like Void War. Those can also relieve our Genetic Collapse Disorder, but can this game? Don’t let your body collapse then because you’ve been playing the game for too long.]

[Yes! Yes! For the sake of your little life, it’s better to go play popular games!]

[Have you guys noticed that most of the people who play this game actually spend money in it? Even if one person only spends 10 star coins, that’s 5,000 star coins for 500 people. The designer must have made a fortune! I really feel for these people’s wallets. If you have this money, buy a few more spiritual candies, or a new weapon in the popular games!]

[Oh my god! Heartache +1!]


Mo Song looked at the sudden flood of questions in the post, as well as the vicious speculation about the game designer, and his expression instantly went bad. His starting point was to recommend this huge fun virtual reality farming game to everyone, but he didn’t expect that most of the feedback he got was questioning. The only people who gave the game a good word were the hundreds of players who had played it, and the gap was very wide compared to the number of people in the forum who hadn’t played it.

This finding made him feel a bit helpless. The small number of players was an insurmountable problem for the time being. Unless the game designer suddenly upgraded the game builder to the highest level, so that all the people who questioned it could enter the game, the discordant voices would never go away…

Given the fact that the game designer would only use an E class builder at the beginning proved that he was poor, and didn’t have much money on hand.

Haha! Just wait, sooner or later the game would exude its unique charm, and bewitch you people to the point of wailing! When that time comes, I will have become a big man in farming, and you may have to rely on me for unlimited white buns!

After making a wish in his heart, Mo Song gave a cold hum and calmly left the post, having decided not to read the bad content for the time being. The next time he played the game, he must get more interesting screenshots and send them out to amaze everyone.

However, what Mo Song didn’t know was that while the wave of doubt was at its peak, there was no shortage of good people who followed the name of the game into the comments section of the game page and urged the game designer to hurry up and upgrade the game builder, at least to level D. They also wanted to play the legendary farming game.

Unbeknownst to Mo Song, Bai Li was also unaware, as he was busy cleaning up the remains of the scalded seeds and comforting a downcast kitty who felt he had done something wrong.

At the same time, Xiong Pili created a discussion group and brought Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi into it. When the three got together, he began to send a frenzy of screenshots of himself in the game.

[This afternoon, I finally put out the thatched hut, opened nine plots of land in front of the house and planted wheat and corn. Let me tell you, their fruits are really beautiful and smell especially good, like elegant works of art!]

[I also ate delicious white steamed buns. 2 copper coins a piece, I ate 10 of them in one breath. They were so delicious! When I’m in the game next time, I must eat 10 more!]

[I ran into Mr. Bai. He and another player called ‘Demon Xing’ should be the first to enter the game, and have progressed faster than all of us. Mr. Bai really knows a lot, ah. Whatever I can think of to ask him, he can tell me the solution. I followed his method to plant, and even without the magic spring water and fertilizer, my crops are growing faster than others!]


Xiong Pili talked incessantly, not noticing that he was the only one in the entire discussion group. It was only after a long time that Mo Zhu politely interrupted him, [What’s the point of telling us this now? If you have time to talk to us about this, you might as well go to Mr. Bai and inquire about when exactly the game quota will be increased!]

Xiong Pili thought right and left a message saying [I’ll go ask] and ran to find Bai Li.

Bai Li soon received Xiong Pili’s message, and since he believed that the other party was a staff member of the game builder company, he assumed it was just a courtesy inquiry, and simply replied, “If nothing else happens, I plan to upgrade the builder to level D next month.”

It was still quite a long time until next month, but that didn’t stop Xiong Pili from happily posting a screenshot of Bai Li’s reply to the discussion group.

Mo Zhu, “!!!”

Ji Yingqi, “!!!!!”

Both of them said in unison, [No more, brother. Let’s go practice our hand speed now, and try to succeed in grabbing a spot in the game next month!]


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