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Chapter 45: Ye Fei, Can You Do It?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is floating~


The door was just about to close, when Gu Ang, who had been dumbfounded for a long time, hastened to make a sound, “Uncle, you misunderstand, it’s not what you think.”

“Hmm? What?” Ye HongFeng wrinkled his eyebrows, peeking through the door again, “I saw it all, hugging so tight. It’s okay, I know you’re shy, I won’t say anything.”

Gu Ang blushed in defense, “It really wasn’t!!! Don’t think too much, it’s just a hug between brothers.”

Ye HongFeng raised the end of his eyebrows with a skeptical look on his face. Which brothers were hugging from behind, so lingering and ambiguous? You think he’s been eating all these years for nothing? Couldn’t he even see this little sentiment? It looked like Ye Fei still couldn’t do it. He didn’t make it clear.

“Believe me, it definitely wasn’t.” Ye HongFeng firmly denied, “I know my own son, he’s such a character, if not…”

“Dad, you talk too much.” Ye Fei rubbed his brow and interrupted him, “Go back to bed, don’t stir up trouble.”

Ye HongFeng let out an “oh”, as he smiled, “Fine, I won’t stir it up, wolf-hearted little brat.”

The door slammed shut again with a gust of wind, and with great force. Gu Ang leaned against the wall with his eyes drooping, not yet recovered from what he had just done. What was the meaning of Ye HongFeng’s previous statement? What was Ye Fei’s little idea about him? Did he like him? Gu Ang’s chest shook, how would he react if Ye Fei really confessed his love to him now?

Gu Ang was a little flustered, now that the hormones in his body were unclear and he wasn’t sure what the hell he was himself, could he say yes?

“You…” Gu Ang raised his eyes and met Ye Fei’s burning gaze, momentarily speechless.

Ye Fei stood still and looked at him, raising the corners of his mouth as if he wasn’t embarrassed, “We were interrupted by my dad, want more hugs?”

Gu Ang pursed his lips, and little by little the blood spread up from his neck like it was tinged with the color of evening sun. Why did that sound like he was begging to be hugged?

Ye Fei added, “You just said to hold it longer.” He inclined his head to look at the person, “You set the time, a night of cuddling is fine.”

Gu Ang felt his brain seize up and break, hands out, “Hug.”

Obviously the expression was a fierce one, but it looked a little bit cute.

Receiving an answer, Ye Fei let out a light laugh, satisfied with the response.

He took two steps forward and wrapped the man into his arms, cupping his head, stroking it with the same finesse as a petting a cat, sheer strands of hair in his fingertips. This hug carried absolute security. Insulating both the cold wind and the winter night from the embrace, leaving behind a fine, silent warmth.

Gu Ang dropped his arms to his sides and rested his chin on Ye Fei’s shoulder, feeling his gentleness. The two men tacitly agreed not to mention what had just happened, heartily. But Gu Ang really felt it this time, Ye Fei’s fondness for him.

Though the man still hadn’t come clean about whether or not he had come back too. But whichever Ye Fei was, he had already exhibited an affection to him in a dark way. Lots of memories spilled out.

Ye Fei helped him take a bath and quietly bought him inhibitors.

Ye Fei took him by the wrist and told him to practice with his pheromone and not to find someone else.

Ye Fei fed him cherries, just hoping he’d take the edge off.

Ye Fei sent him an entire starry night, and the most tender birthday night.

Ye Fei was hugging him, holding him for a long time.

Those fine, dense fondnesses seemed to suddenly grow branches and blossom from the memories. He didn’t know when it started, but Ye Fei liked him.

Gu Ang didn’t think of how to respond, so he could only carry this window dressing and tremble and then give it inch by tender inch. He felt like he was standing in a boundless wilderness, with a breeze, fine snow, moonlight, and the silence of all voices, just the two of them.

“Do you think it’s a little weird?” Gu Ang felt the hug go on long enough to reach up against the person’s chest.

“Hmm?” Ye Fei made a lazy, inquiring sound, not letting go, just letting up a little on the force.

Gu Ang could have pushed him away with just a little more force. But he didn’t, he just let them maintain the position.

Ye Fei whispered, “Are you feeling better?”

“Much better.” Gu Ang nuzzled the tip of his nose against Ye Fei’s pajamas, “Thanks.”

“Just so you know, no matter what happens, I’m here.” Ye Fei finally withdrew his hand, “Go to sleep, and if you have nightmares, come find me.”

Gu Ang glared, his gentleness dissipating, his arrogant heart showing, “Don’t treat me like a child, I won’t have nightmares.”

His tone of voice was milky and fierce.

Ye Fei laughed, “Okay, you’re the best.”

Gu Ang hadn’t forgotten about the quilt, and walked back to his room in a slow, clumped-together hug. At his door, he only felt his heart beating wildly. He moved to the bed one step at a time, mechanically spreading the covers over him to cover the tip of his nose.

The quilt was Ye Fei’s usual one, and although it had been a long time since it had been used, it felt a little different. Gu Ang closed his eyes as that thought circled around and tickled his mind.

Ye Fei liked him, and he wasn’t wrong in feeling that Ye Fei really liked him. He knew the man all too well, a lovey-dovey devil to anyone who didn’t have a few words, let alone insight into things like giving hugs of comfort when someone was down. What was more, that comment from Ye HongFeng pretty much put the nail in the coffin of this speculation.

But what was he going to do?

A bunch of things hadn’t been resolved, and his physical changes were still unknown. He didn’t dare bet, he was afraid to bet. He used to be overly arrogant, thinking he could overcome fate. And only later did he learn that fate had played him very lightly. Plus, what if he agreed to Ye Fei and maybe one day, he’d go back to his original time again? So, leaving him here alone to grieve?

Gu Ang shook his head, no. He didn’t know which point in time the decision would be made, but it must not be now. Gu Ang pulled the covers over his face, bringing his cheeks to burn even as he breathed. Obviously he’d done everything in his last life, so how could such a little liking now make him feel manic?

Gu Ang thought to himself that he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at all tonight.

He lost sleep until midnight, tossing and turning with Ye Fei’s face in mind, haunted by demons. The guy was next door, a few steps away. Gu Ang remembered Ye Fei saying, “If you have nightmares, come find me.”

Even if there was no connection, could he go to him?

Action preceded reason, and by the time Gu Ang reacted, he was back standing in Ye Fei’s doorway with his bare feet and the floor cold. With a slight turn of the door handle, he opened a small crack in the door. The room was drawn tight with curtains that let in not a single ray of light, like a mysterious black box.

Gu Ang breezed over to the bed where Ye Fei’s calm breathing was coming from. He said he could come to him if he had a nightmare, but he fell asleep first.

Gu Ang crouched beside the bed and spoke softly, “Ye Fei, I had a nightmare.”

He didn’t expect a response.

Ye Fei was asleep, just reflexively reaching out and pulling the person in, dragging him towards the bed, before wrapping him into his arms, in one fluid motion.

Now, Gu Ang couldn’t even run away if he wanted to. He regretted a little that he shouldn’t have come over. When Ye Fei woke up tomorrow morning, how would he explain his presence in his bed?

Gu Ang stared with a pair of eyes, feeling the comforter warm and particularly comfortable from Ye Fei’s body heat. The center of his foot was cold, and it met Ye Fei’s calf and cowered back.

Ye Fei hooked his foot in his, stamping the center of his foot gently to keep him warm. It was all a reflex action, just because he loved the person so much that even in his sleep, he could give the most tender attention.

Gu Ang’s face was pressed against his chest, he was a little sleepy. His eyes slowly closed and the hazy sleep hit him. Forget it, he’d figure it out in the morning.

Ye Fei had slept well and woke up late on rare occasions and when he opened his eyes, he saw the person in his arms. Very insecure-like, tugging at the corner of his shirt, his eyes tightly closed, still slumbering.

Ye Fei froze slightly, not remembering when he had come over. He gave Gu Ang’s face a gentle squeeze and managed to wake the man up. Ye Fei’s voice was a little hoarse, “Morning.” 

He watched as Gu Ang slowly opened his eyes, a dazed look on his face, not yet out of his drowsiness, and cluelessly said good morning back. Ye Fei asked him in a hoarse voice, “Why are you in my bed when you should be sleeping next door?”

“Sleepwalking, I guess, don’t remember.” Gu Ang played dead with his eyes half closed.

Ye Fei had his arm on his waist and didn’t move, “So you’re pretty good at finding places. How come you didn’t sleepwalk to my dad’s room?”

This guy was so annoying, he had to poke and prod. Gu Ang looked away, “I don’t know.”

Ye Fei padded over to him, his voice teasing, “Throwing yourself at me.”

“I didn’t.” Gu Ang retorted with a strained neck, bracing himself against his chest to duck away, his movements fierce.

Ye Fei, however, refused to let go, and the two fought in bed, as they did, neither one chewing on the other. The quilt scattered to the floor in the scuffle. After making each other lightly sweat, Ye Fei let go of the pressure on Gu Ang, and before long they both paused at the same time.

Gu Ang felt something, obvious and searing, against his lower back.

Ye Fei coughed lightly and finally let go of the man, lying flat with his robe open, “It’s normal to have a reaction in the morning, right?”

Gu Ang forced calmness, “It’s normal, I’ll go to my room and leave you to it.”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes to his, “No, it’ll go down in a minute.”

“Can it go down?” Gu Ang thought this scene could be so weird, why were the two of them lying in a bed talking about this?

Ye Fei let out a laugh, “What, you want to help me?”

“Fuck off.” Gu Ang cursed, lifting the covers off the bed and striding to the door.

He was out of his mind last night before he ran into Ye Fei’s room.

Just pulling open the door, he met Ye HongFeng, who had just come down from upstairs. The two men looked at each other, as he was caught in an awkward moment.

Gu Ang: “……”

Fuck, it was early in the morning, this was a fear of jumping into the river.

Ye HongFeng was also a steel straight Alpha, so he asked bluntly, “Why did you come out of Ye Fei’s room? Did you sleep together last night?”

Gu Ang held his tongue for a while, but couldn’t come up with a reason. He pulled out the same excuse, “Would you believe me when I say I sleepwalked?”

“Wouldn’t believe it.” Ye HongFeng laughed, “I’m very open-minded, it’s okay if you sleep together.”

“We didn’t sleep together! Really didn’t do anything!” Gu Ang shook his head frantically, “It’s not what you think, nothing happened between us.”

Ye HongFeng laughed, “Did I say which sleep? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Gu Ang: “…” Damn, old foxes in the jungle, they know how to turn over words.

“I understand, no need to explain.” A small smile appeared on Ye HongFeng’s majestic face, “Tell Ye Fei to come downstairs for breakfast.”

Gu Ang hmmed, knowing that the misunderstanding might not really wash for a while. He turned back to the bathroom and called out, “Ye Fei, come downstairs for food.”

“Hold on.” A voice came from the bathroom, with a hint of gasping hoarseness.

Gu Ang suddenly understood what he was doing, and a rush of blood went straight to his head, feeling his brain go blank. How this man was now, increasingly uncovered.

Gu Ang returned to the guest room with a red face and washed up, then went downstairs to sit with Ye HongFeng. It took a while before Ye Fei came down and his entire body looked refreshed.

Gu Ang stared at the faint dark circles under his eyes and coughed, feeling a little embarrassed.

Ye HongFeng broke the silence, “After breakfast later, let’s go to the training room and have some fun?”

“Dad, why don’t we take a break from the training room?” Ye Fei asked as he bit into a piece of bread.

Ye HongFeng raised his eyes, “What? Are you tired from last night? You’re not that great.”

Gu Ang took a mouthful of milk and almost spat it out. He used to know that Ye Fei’s father spoke directly and was often terribly terse, but it had been a long time since he had seen him and his old self was still as irritating as ever.

“I’m in good health.” Ye Fei narrowed his eyes and mouthed lightly, “You don’t have to fill your head with random stuff all day long.”

Ye HongFeng persisted on the topic, “I saw Gu Ang come out of your room this morning, don’t be sly.”

Was this topic not going to pass?! Gu Ang interrupted, “Okay, let’s just go to the training room, it’s pretty good. I heard you have a lot of mecha. I saw one last time, it was really cool.”

“Oh, the last time Ye Fei stole my mecha to go out and take you for a ride? No wonder.” Ye HongFeng remembered one night some time ago, catching Ye Fei coming back to return the mecha.

Gu Ang: “…” Sorry, too many minefields to avoid, just blow it all up.

Ye Fei explained, “The day I took the mecha, it was Gu Ang’s birthday.”

“What taking, did you ask me? That’s called stealing!” Ye HongFeng nodded, “But no wonder, kid, you’re quite romantic.”

Gu Ang gave up the struggle and that was it, love it. Misunderstandings are misunderstandings, it wasn’t like the two of them haven’t been together anyway.

Throughout the mealtime, Gu Ang felt Ye HongFeng’s deep fatherly love. From time to time, he looked at him, and from time to time, he looked at Ye Fei with the kindness of an old father. Gu Ang held out against that probing gaze, gnawing through three slices of bread and two glasses of milk.

After breakfast, the three emerged from the living room and walked to the mecha practice room.

The place was just behind the Ye family villa, and a huge training ground was built for the father and son to use when they trained alone. Gu Ang looked around in a pile of mecha and picked a model he liked.

Gu Ang steered the mecha and moved around a little bit before he saw Ye Fei coming next to him in his mecha: “How about it? It’s way better than the school practice mecha, right?”

Gu Ang rolled his eyes in the mecha.

You Ye family military big brother, practicing at home with the mecha at least was also the army soldier chief’s personal mecha. Wasn’t it embarrassing to praise it and compare it to the mecha at school?

Ye HongFeng poked his head out of the mecha, “Looks like you two are all set, let me see how far you two boys have come now.”

Gu Ang hesitantly asked, “Real fight or just a spar?”

Ye Fei said, “Based on my father’s character he definitely meant the real thing, but after all, he’s an elder, so he’ll take it easy.”

He knew his old man was resourceful as hell and was prepared to keep a tight rein on his level for fear of being seen to be broken because of his sudden surge in combat power. Gu Ang remembered that the first time he met Ye HongFeng in his last life, it was also in this training room. He used a cannon hole to get Papa Ye’s approval.

Then he went back in time and they met again, and the plot inexplicably overlapped. Gu Ang sometimes believed in fate, so this time, would it end the same as before?

He was still contemplating when Ye Fei interrupted him out loud, “Go.”

Gu Ang looked back, “Here it comes.”

Both of them rushed out at the same time and rushed towards Ye HongFeng.

“Rampage, was this the battle quality of this class of young men?” Ye HongFeng smiled easily and drove the mecha to jam into the middle of the two mechas, Gu Ang and Ye Fei, with unparalleled ease.

Gu Ang tensed and his heart sank. He was obviously driving the same mecha, but the opponent was so much faster than him, worthy of being a battlefield veteran. Originally, he had planned to conceal his strength, but he didn’t expect Ye HongFeng to strike so ruthlessly, and now even if he wanted to explode his strength, he was afraid that it would be too late to play.

Just seeing Ye HongFeng pull and push, Gu Ang suddenly felt the driving mecha was controlled by a huge force and couldn’t move. Following this force, there was a rumble and Gu Ang was thrown out with his mecha.

A second of silence was followed by a loud thud.

The mecha piloted by Gu Ang slumped to the ground, while Ye Fei, who was covering his strength, was thrown out with his mecha by the same means, slumping over Gu Ang’s mecha.

The two mecha were stacked together in an overly humiliating position.

Gu Ang screamed in his heart, Was it really good for you, a marshal, to bully a child like this?

“Crawl and keep going!” Ye HongFeng’s slightly flirtatious tone came through.

With the now strange position, no, the strange pose… Gu Ang felt like he was going to spiral and explode in place with shame. It was the mechas, but looking at it another way, it was the man you love on top of you in front of his old man… 

Gu Ang reasonably suspected that Ye HongFeng did it intentionally. Without waiting for Ye Fei’s reaction, Gu Ang leapt straight up and lifted Ye Fei off, “Okay, let’s go again.”

Ye Fei: “…” Did I just get tipped over by a pit bull? We slept together in the morning, and now he’s turning over and disowning me?

“Nice! Keep that vibe up!” Ye HongFeng drove the mecha and clapped his hands together with a very relaxed and written off look.

“Watch out, Uncle Ye, I’m going to get serious!” After saying that, Gu Ang rushed over again. He cut a tricky angle this time and got close enough to get in front of Ye HongFeng’s mecha. This time, instead of sticking around for a few more moves… 

On the contrary, Ye Fei, the man looked like he was paddling and wandering away the entire time.

Gu Ang was thrown at Ye Fei once again. This time Gu Ang on top, same ending as the last round. Gu Ang blushed a little. He even wondered if Ye HongFeng had let loose on him when he fought against him in his last life.

In the early years, Marshal Ye was strong and felt too agile in his skills.

Gu Ang maneuvered with difficulty to get up and just felt the entire mecha wobble a bit and was lifted up in a princess hold by Ye Fei’s mecha and placed back on the ground. The atmosphere was once again awkward… An irritated Gu Ang charged again and again, but it all ended with him and Ye Fei falling to the ground in various strange positions.

Gu Ang opted to give up, “Can’t beat him, really can’t.”

It was rare that he had this feeling of not wanting to fight, they were just not on the same level. Even if the struggle was futile.

Ye HongFeng drove the mecha to the side, “I’m out, you two play. You’re in the same grade, so should be about the same strength.”

Gu Ang’s eyes lit up as he hit Ye Fei, so there was still something to play for. Just the thing to test if his combat power was more powerful after turning into an Omega.

The two men stood opposite each other as Ye Fei started the procedure and charged towards him first.

Of course he held back in terms of force and technique. Gu Ang quickly maneuvered the mecha while connecting his mental powers and fully committing to the battle. The two went back and forth for almost half an hour, with Gu Ang getting the upper hand and still not splitting the difference.

The field ping-ponged in a burst of sparring that looked like it was going to blow the place up.

Ye Fei was more tired, and trying to control not to be too obvious and making yourself lose not to look too bad was tougher than playing with all your heart. Gu Ang’s fighting heart was activated, and it was really interesting when opponents of equal strength competed against each other.

After differentiating into an Omega, the combat power piece really didn’t have much of an impact, and even tended to get stronger, which he was satisfied with. Another round of intense tussles down, Gu Ang took a few steps back and took a breather.

Ye HongFeng spoke quietly, “I say, what’s a family doing fighting so brutally?”

Gu Ang froze. Didn’t you tell us to do it for real? Now how come you’re saying that… 

There was an opening, and Ye Fei’s mecha easily pinned him to the ground with a punch to the right of Gu Ang’s mecha. There was a clunk and a big chunk of parts fell off where the blow had been, making a zippy sound.

Gu Ang cursed in his heart, Ye Fei was really a dog and played sneak attack. 

Ye HongFeng watched as Gu Ang in the mecha turned pale and shot a blank look at Ye Fei. He opened his mouth and scolded, “Ye Fei, how can you hit your wife?”

Gu Ang who was fighting to get up, “……”


Author’s Note: 

Gu Ang: ????? Wife? Who? Dad, no, uncle, you really misunderstood… 

Ye Fei: Say I can’t again and I’ll prove it to you.


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