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Chapter 56: We Can, Fair Play.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey can’t take author’s teasing for long


Ye Fei took a bite and felt a sour taste in his mouth. He tugged at the corner of his mouth, annoyed, and spoke, “Not sweet.”

“I think it was pretty sweet.” Gu Ang threw another one into his mouth, chewing it a few times to savor it, “Why don’t you have another one?”

“I’m not eating.” Ye Fei looked at the jostling crowd, and got up alone, “I’ll go to my room first, make sure to return early.”

Gu Ang let out an oh, thinking Ye Fei acted odd. But why, exactly, he couldn’t say. If it was really because of Shen Fei Zhou, what was the point? He didn’t like that person, but did Ye Fei really not know who he had in his heart?

Bai SiNing was still stammering and handing him drinks, “Brother Ang, why aren’t you drinking? Where’s God Ye?”

Once Ye Fei left, Gu Ang also lost interest and lazily replied, “You guys drink, I’m going to bed.”

“Sleeping so early?” Bai SiNing froze, “It’s only eight o’clock, isn’t it?”

Gu Ang glanced at him, “Can’t I take care of myself? The wound still hurts.”

Lin XiuYong pulled Bai SiNing over, “Don’t bother people, I’ll drink with you.”

Bai SiNing immediately shifted his attention and grinned, “Come on, come on, don’t get drunk.”

Gu Ang got up and went upstairs, breezing back to the two men’s room. Pushing the door open, he saw Ye Fei standing on the balcony with his back to him, looking a little forlorn. He was wearing the black shirt that he had worn himself the other day and was almost blending in with the entire night. What was he thinking about? Could it be about him?

Gu Ang walked over and stood next to him, looking at him, whose face was frozen to ice, and inquired, “What’s wrong with you? In a bad mood?”

Ye Fei hmmed and didn’t say anything.

Gu Ang added, “I see. Now that it’s time to go back, you can’t let me go?”

He smiled and touched Ye Fei’s arm, “Shouldn’t be. Let’s go back, we’re still roommates, no need for that.”

Ye Fei turned his head sideways, his eyes resting onGu Ang, “Narcissist.”

Gu Ang opened his arms and smiled at him, “Here, big brother, take a hug and comfort.”

Ye Fei: “…You’re not coaxing a child.”

Gu Ang snickered, “Someone acts like a child when it comes to tantrums.”

Before the words were out of his mouth, Gu Ang felt himself being held violently, with a powerful possession and an irresistible oppression. He felt almost suffocated as he was pinned in his arms. Gu Ang took a couple of breaths before asking, “I thought you weren’t going to hug?”

Ye Fei played along, muffled voice ringing out in the night, “I didn’t say that.”

“Oh, are you going to be susceptible soon? You’re erratic.” Gu Ang patted his back, “Ye Fei, little friend, don’t be upset.”

Ye Fei cursed with laughter, feeling much more relieved indeed. Perhaps it was the arrival of Shen Fei Zhou, or perhaps it was because too many emotions had piled up recently and finally found an outlet. He held on to the person tightly and refused to let go, as if the person would disappear if he let go.

Ye Fei couldn’t remember exactly what had happened before the crossing, but he remembered Gu Ang’s back as the two parted at the registration office, growing farther and farther away in his vision before turning into a blurry black dot. In that moment, it was as if a huge hole had broken open in his heart.

There was a sound coming from the hole. ‘You’ve lost him forever.’

Ye Fei used to be certain about his relationship with Gu Ang, he was the extreme night and Gu Ang was the light. The sun would rise every day as it did, and the light would be there. But the moment of divorce, it was like he fell into a boundless darkness, without purpose or direction. He tried to follow the light, but it disappeared.

Born as light, the light perishes and the soul is scattered. Since then, life had ceased to be a life, only a meaningless meticulous existence. Ye Fei held the man close, who was so hard to get back, he didn’t want to lose Gu Ang again.

Gu Ang struggled slightly, “Let go, you’re strangling me to death.”

“No.” Ye Fei squeezed his shoulder, “Sleep with me, okay?”

Gu Ang wanted to say, don’t you think we’re both too lovey-dovey? But he instantly empathized with Ye Fei’s intense emotions, as if he had reached a burst of communal tacit understanding, and could share the same joy and sorrow even if he was separated by two bodies. The words of refusal stuck in his throat, “Okay, I’ll stay with you.”

He understood Ye Fei’s feelings and was desperate to respond. He loved Ye Fei no less than Ye Fei loved him. But before the love of children, kinship still comes first. Now as an outside looking Alpha, with another Alpha, if reconciliation comes first, learning of the cheating comes later was no doubt another irritation to his mother.

He couldn’t be so selfish as to lose Qin LeHe one more time and repeat the same mistake. And he didn’t want to sneak around in an underground relationship and not be able to be with Ye Fei in the open because he was happy for a moment.

Gu Ang thought to himself, Give me a little more time, wait for me again. He’ll confess all when he got back and took care of his father’s cheating. Confess to crossing over, confess to the reasons for the divorce, confess that he still loved him from the beginning to the end.

Gu Ang was also a little annoyed at how it was so hard to want to be together and look ahead.

“Then go to bed.” Ye Fei let go of him and took him by the wrist as he walked over to the bed.

Consciously, he took off his clothes again and laid them out neatly, Gu Ang’s exclusive custom-made sheets. The two lay down on the bed and closed their eyes facing each other. Ye Fei pressed those vile thoughts down and hoped that tomorrow would never come.

It was only early the next morning that an unexpected visitor arrived outside the castle. A white-haired man sat with his legs crossed in front of the gate, his fingers nudging the white cat in his arms, behind him were dozens of Federation-made mecha fodder ready to go.

“Kids inside, you can come out now.”

The white haired man smiled, his voice spreading directly throughout the castle through a side mecha, “I know you want to rely on this castle made of static alloy to stall until Imperial reinforcements come. To tell you the truth, I helped build this castle for that piece of shit Corden.”

“Since you also know this is a static alloy, what’s the use of staying out here? You can’t fight your way in, so hurry up and go back to wherever you came from.” Jiang RuiYuan’s voice came from inside the castle.

Everyone woke up to this early morning provocation and got up and gathered in the control room to bargain with the white hair outside over the loudspeaker.

“Don’t fool me like an unseen bumpkin like Corden, I heard that the Empire’s premier mecha expert, Jiang RuiYuan, was also here, so I guess I should have heard of a weapon like the Annihilator Corden.” The white haired man’s slow words brought the entire control room into silence.

Annihilator Corden, a conventional weapon that both Imperial and Federation main starships would be equipped with. After recharging, a single shot into the soul could destroy a normal planet outright.

Bai SiNing panicked, “Ah’Ang, if we really do get a Jag panther barrage, even if this castle of ours is strong, it’s useless, right?”

Gu Ang reassured, “What’s to panic about? The other side must have other plans since they purposely came here to provoke.” He turned towards the megaphone, “You made a point of coming to us regular students to make small talk, I’m sure you didn’t intend to just one-shot us students back into the fold?”

White hair ran his fingers down the white cat’s back and spoke quietly, “It’s still up to you guys to decide whether or not you’re going to do that.”

“Knowing that there are children from the Ye and Gu families among you, be good and come back with me and promise not to hurt all of you. I just want to sell you all for a good price and trade Lulu for a cat castle.”

Gu Ang had a black face. He didn’t think that the both of them were worth the price of a litter. But it sounded like their tracks had been compromised. And the white hair, that was a big part of the collusion with the Federation.

Wei YangZe hammered the table indignantly, his voice vibrating, “What’s going on with the school?! This winter camp was private! How could we let the Federation know about our actions?”

“If I could go back, I’ll definitely look into it. Red Flame Military Academy, since it’s the cradle of Imperial **Team generals, it’s surprising that a Federation spy would exist inside.” Jiang RuiYuan also had a gloomy expression as she slowly spoke. “But as a matter of urgency, we still need to stall for time. As long as we wait for Imperial reinforcements to arrive, it doesn’t matter if they have Jag panther cannons. The Empire’s main fleet of ships are equipped with Odin shields that can be set on this planet to defend it from the Jag panther’s cannons.”

“Got it, I’ll try to stall for a bit.” Gu Ang nodded, pondered for a moment in his mind, and said into the microphone.

“I’m afraid that the purpose of wanting to capture us for money’s secondary, striking the prestige of the Gu and Ye families in the Empire and weakening the war spirit of the imperial ** army is your real intention, right? After all, if everyone knows that if they couldn’t fight and were captured they could be rescued, the spirit of the army warriors to sacrifice their lives and die would be worn clean.”

Hearing Gu Ang’s words, the white haired petting cat’s hand gave a lurch, “Sorry, I hadn’t really thought about it that much. I was simply trying to sell you guys to make extra money. But you guys did give me another idea. As a reward, I’ll give you guys a chance.”

Gu Ang asked rhetorically, “A chance?”

“I’ve heard that all of you brats were born in military schools, so let’s have a fist to fist fight between men. If any of you could beat me, then I’ll let you go.”

“How about if they all get beaten by me, then be a good boy and let me capture them for money?”

“Promise him, Gu Ang! This would delay things for us some more.” Jiang RuiYuan grabbed Gu Ang’s arm and whispered.

Gu Ang mused, “Aren’t you beating us up a bit to bully the big boys?”

The white hair smirked, “So you decline?”

Gu Ang returned, “It’s not impossible, but I demand a round robin. If one of the eleven of us can beat you, let us go.”

Hearing the reply, the white hair suddenly laughed loudly, sending a shiver down the cat’s spine in his arms.

“I know what you mean, stalling for time, right?”

“But it doesn’t matter, I intercepted some of the signals you sent out earlier, and know that reinforcements from your Empire are about to arrive. To be honest, my men are already in ambush at the moment, just waiting for your reinforcements to enter the jar.”

“And you, you were the bait I used to hang the fish.”

“Why should the Federation allow me to make extra money without a little credit, right?”

One by one, the words scattered from the loudspeaker, and each of the people in the surveillance room looked more and more tense.

“This old fox…”

Wei YangZe grimaced and couldn’t help but whisper a curse next to him.

Gu Ang made a snap decision, “Looks like we’ll just have to make this quick and try to take him down to hold those Federation troops outside hostage. I’ll go first, I can fight better.”

That arrogance of his had surfaced again, it wasn’t certain who would lose or win if the two of them fought against each other.

Ye Fei immediately spoke up to stop it, “No.”

Gu Ang frowned, “Why not?”

Ye Fei glanced at his hand worriedly, “You’re already injured, and the last time you forced a breakthrough to the castle, it also aggravated your wounds. It’s only not that it’s scabbed over, so the first fight wouldn’t ruin it again. Don’t be a hero at a time like this, I’ll go.”

“Okay, be safe.”

Well, he was at least with 5 star Admiral, so if Ye Fei went to fight, Gu Ang had absolutely nothing to worry about. If he couldn’t do it, he could still get on and help himself.

Opening the castle door, Ye Fei walked out alone. The others also took up positions to attack, ready to assist. Jiang RuiYuan stayed inside the castle controlling the heavy weapons, ready to provide fire support if danger arose.

The white hair swept the teenager in front of him with a look of contempt, “You came to die? What if I don’t quite want to kill you?”

Ye Fei was quite valuable. It was a shame to kill him.

Ye Fei’s face was expressionless, “Let’s begin.”

White-haired shrugged and gently set the white cat aside on the ground, then stood up to meet Ye Fei. Almost at the same time both of them started up at the same time and met each other with an attack.


As soon as the two fists made contact, a sonic boom was created directly from the impact. If it weren’t for the fact that everyone was inside the mecha, their eardrums would have burst from this sparring session. Punches, kicks, knees, elbows, everywhere could be a breakthrough.

Everything was used perfectly just to deliver the killing blow to the other.

Ye Fei kept testing his opponent’s strength, trying to find weaknesses as he went back and forth through the moves. Killing his opponent was easy, and he was confident that he could grind him down in less than ten moves. But to capture the other side alive as a prisoner. That would be somewhat difficult.

The white hair turned pale and even took on a few strains. The more he fought, the more alarmed he became. How could a mere military student have such terrifying combat power?

And at first, Ye Fei reined in the force and it looked like a 50/50 split.

As the number of passes increased, White Hair noticed that his opponent’s combat strength began to gradually strengthen, and the speed of his attacks became faster and faster, making him somewhat overwhelmed.

White Hair began to use trickery to evade, trying to stretch out the timeline of the sparring match and drain Ye Fei’s strength. Just then, Ye Fei elbowed against it and flipped his arm over to take reverse scissor control. The fingers sink into the fragile skin, and with the slightest pressure, they could break.

Easily, the winner was decided.

Suddenly the sky darkened as a stream of stars and specks of light streaked through the air accompanied by the unmistakable blast of an ear-splitting roar.

“Is this… the beginning of the war between the rescue forces and the Federal army?”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Ye Fei for a split second by the aerial apparition. Seizing the opportunity, White Hair escaped Ye Fei’s grip by breaking one of his arms outright. He put the cat on the ground to escape on the mecha, cursing as he did so, “I didn’t think a big one little kid could fight so well, I was careless.”

Seeing that he wasn’t able to defeat the man, White Hair didn’t have any hesitation in directly and brazenly tearing up the promise of letting the man go before.

For spies, promises count for nothing.

He issued an order to his subordinates, “Everyone, let’s go! I’ll wrap up Ye Fei, you guys get the others!”


A very low rumble suddenly sounded, then stopped abruptly.

A bright white mecha traveled directly in the middle of the two parties.

“Shen Fei Zhou? You actually broke through the encirclement?” White Hair was shocked.

Shen Fei Zhou laughed lightly as a response, “Break through the encirclement? Sorry, those men of yours have been wiped out by my forces. Where else do you think those debris wrecks that cut through the sky came from?”

A flicker of panic crossed White Hair’s face, no longer as calm as when he was jerking the cat around.

“Exterminate? No, no way. Don’t listen to him, people, he’s being demonic!”

“Idiot.” Shen Fei Zhou shook his head, and the silver mecha appeared behind the white hair in a flash.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In less than a second, the eighteen mecha, including White Hair’s, burst right open, and all the pilots inside died without a trace. The blast raised a puff of gravel and returned to dust in an instant. Silence fell on all sides, turning the atmosphere empty and peaceful.

Bai SiNing covered his mouth in awe, “Not bad for a lieutenant general who brought in reinforcements, so cool.”

Ye Fei’s face darkened, the way this love interest came out was a little too arrogant. Blame him for crossing back alone, with no battleship or troops, just his own lone fist.

After dealing with the enemy, Shen Fei Zhou stepped down from the mecha and slowly said to Gu Ang and the others with open arms, “Everyone, the Imperial **Team was here to take you home!”

“Great!!! It’s finally over!!!”

“The Lieutenant General is so handsome, we can return!”

“Damn, I thought I was going to die here, just in time…”

The entire crew breathed a collective sigh of relief, each flashing a standard smile at Shen Fei Zhou.

It felt really good to be saved from a robbery.

Shen Fei Zhou greeted the crowd, walked straight to Gu Ang and held his hand, “Gu Ang, I’m Shen Fei Zhou. Can I chase you?”

Gu Ang was speechless and tried to pull his hand out of the large, tight grip. It was hopelessly strong and his hand couldn’t be pulled out. How did this guy come out the same way no matter what time of the day, and start ardently pursuing at the drop of a hat?

Suddenly, Gu Ang’s mind wandered. He and Shen Fei Zhou had obviously met for the first time, how did he know his name?

Bai SiNing swept between the two curiously, “Lieutenant General Shen, you know Brother Ang, huh?”

Shen Fei Zhou nodded, his light blonde hair glowing in the sun, “I fell in love with him at first sight.”

Gu Ang returned coldly, “Let go.”

“You haven’t promised me yet.” Shen Fei Zhou held his hand tighter, “How about considering me?”

Other than that, this guy sounds quite similar to him chasing Ye Fei.

Gu Ang frowned and jerked his hand outward again, “No consideration.”

Bai SiNing struck up a conversation, “Lieutenant General Shen, you’re quite handsome, but it can’t be helped that God Ye has already stolen the show.”

Gu Ang opened his mouth and thought for a moment. Since that was the truth, no problem.

Shen Fei Zhou glanced at Ye Fei, who was walking over, with a cold expression and eyes like a knife. This guy, as usual, was cool as hell.

Ye Fei approached, his fingers pinched Shen Fei Zhou’s wrist with a very violent force, his voice cold as ice, “Let go of him.”

Three hands were folded together, one controlling the other. On the surface, everyone looked calm and cloudy, but secretly, each one made an effort and did a comparison.

Gu Ang felt like he was breaking his hand. What had he created to get into this inexplicable situation?

Shen Fei Zhou opened his mouth provocatively, not knowing if it was a reply to Bai SiNing’s words or if it was for Ye Fei’s ears, “But Ye Fei isn’t with Gu Ang, is he? We could compete fairly.”

Gu Ang was about to say that it wasn’t necessary.

Just then he heard Ye Fei speak coldly, “Then you’ll lose.”


Author’s Note: 

Rounding a confession

#Ye Fei is in a hurry #Ye Fei can’t lose


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I loved this chapter, so emotional and competitive, I love this confidence in Ye Fei. Now I ask SFZ also crossed the time! Thanks for the chapter!

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I think lots of them seems to have crossed over!

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Has White Hair been seen off so quickly? He didn’t seem to be Federation, but independent, so will we never know who he was?
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