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Chapter 29: Humans were really heartless

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


The scene was a little quiet for a while. Suddenly someone burped. It was like the key that opened the door of silence. Fresh air re-entered the crowd, and many people quietly sighed in relief. It was too late to be fainthearted. The rainwater was collected, the wild greens were picked, a wave of food baskets were also kryptonized, and a two-hour buffet was eaten…

Their online time for the round was used up to the point where they had very little left.

“Ha, ha, ha! It’s getting late. I should get offline and go to bed. Let’s talk about the rest later.” A player, whose beast type happened to be an ostrich, followed the ostrich’s instinct well, burying his head in the sand in an attempt to pretend that nothing happened.

“I should also get off. I’ll just leave a message for them before going offline. Well, at least the food basket in the mall won’t sell out, so when they come in, they can eat it hot.” This player’s face was honest and righteous. After he said that, he put his head down to send messages to people. After all messages were sent, his figure also disappeared.

Xiao Die and several other comrades stayed in one place, also feeling very awkward. It was a blessing to enjoy their time together since they had difficulty being together. When they saw how  a grove of wild vegetables actually became fart words, now that they looked back on it, it was really too shameful. After watching the others go down one by one, Xiao Die took a deep breath and said, “Why don’t we put together a plate of the wild vegetables we picked, so we can all have a bite or two? And with the rainwater we collected, there should be about ten barrels. How should this be distributed, together with a shower? Wash our hair together? Or should we soak our feet together?”

Looking at Xiao Die’s calculating appearance, the three comrades wanted especially to cover her mouth. But it does not have to be so fair!

The few friends planned to go offline together, first to find the gang not online to explain the situation, and if necessary to admit a mistake. Then they would use their experience to provide them with information such as ‘the correct way to open the food basket,’ ‘the top ten most popular dishes and the top ten least popular dishes,’ ‘how to eat all the food in one meal’ and so on strategies, and thus strive to shift everyone’s attention to the new ‘food basket’ in the mall.

With the last person offline, the game world resumed a short period of quiet.

Not to mention the players who came online afterwards only to find out how painful and devastating it was that they missed, meanwhile, Bai Li was asleep. After waking up, he found that the game revenue had jumped up, and was still slowly rising.

He realized that the players had discovered the food basket.

Sure enough, the charm of food was infinite.

After they ate breakfast in harmony, Bai Li picked up Supreme and went out for another walk.

Since it was convenient to do everything in this world because of Starnet and virtual reality games, it wasn’t uncommon for a person to stay in their house for a year and a half without going out. Bai Li felt that it was important to go out if he had time, especially for him as an Interstellar outsider. When he returned from his walk, he again saw a familiar back in front of his house.

“Little Song?” Bai Li called out to Song Xinran.

Song Xinran didn’t expect Bai Li to call him from behind and was startled. He jumped up and down.

Bai Li smiled at him and nodded.

Supreme, who was in his arms, had been lying comfortably in the human’s arms, drowsy, as his tail flopped around in mid-air, when he suddenly heard a familiar voice. He raised his eyes to see that it was the strange and annoying human again.

The brilliant golden eyes instantly opened wide, pupils dangerously erect.

“Mee-ow! Mee-ow!” He shouted super fiercely towards Song Xinran, then stretched out his little paws and claws. Even his sharp claw tips hooked Bai Li’s clothes, and picked and pulled at them in opposite directions one by one.

Human being, I do not care for this strange person, okay! Let’s go home together to sleep, ah!

However, Bai Li did not understand Supreme’s meaning, only thought he was being pampered, so he gently rubbed Supreme’s head and gave an invitation to Song Xinran, “Does Little Song want to come to my house to sit down?”

This time, Song Xinran was fully prepared, and immediately nodded. “Yes, yes! Brother Bai Li, wait for me. I’ll come right over!”

With that, he turned around and ran into his house, and came out shortly with a pile of boxes and jars in his hands.

“What are you…” Bai Li was confused by this situation. He said he was coming to his house, but suddenly it looked like he was going out to visit his family?

“Brother Bai Li, these are the gifts I prepared for you!” Song Xinran said with a serious face, “You treated me to a super delicious meal yesterday. I know that if such a meal was to be sold outside it would certainly go for a sky-high price. I don’t have much money right now. I can only buy these gifts to thank you. You must accept, ah, or I will be embarrassed to go to your home!”

After he said this, he looked at Bai Li and moved towards the door little by little while he was not paying attention. As long as he stepped into Bai Li’s house, the gifts could be given away completely!

Bai Li saw all of Song Xinran’s small movements, and was a bit bewildered. This child, who was obviously not even an adult, talked about human relations in a way that almost made people overlook his real age.

This thanks…he had to accept it. But Bai Li still had something to say, “Xiao Song, I can accept your gifts, but there are too many. Why don’t you pick one or two things from them and take the rest back? Also, if you take out so many things, will you spend too much money? Your parents may have a problem…”

Oh no!

Brother Bai Li was talking about his parents, would he guess that he ran away from home?

Song Xinran’s face was tense.

This obvious change in expression also did not escape Bai Li’s eyes. He did not think badly of this good little brother in front of him, but now he really thought it over. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought up the subject!

Bai Li slowed down his breathing and carefully glanced at Song Xinran. When he found that he didn’t have too sad an expression, he was slightly relieved. After that, he took the initiative to skip the topic, opened the door and let Song Xinran go in first, and never mentioning the matter of letting Song Xinran take back the extra gifts again.

If this poked a sensitive nerve in Song Xinran, wouldn’t he be a sinner?

Song Xinran was puzzled for a while. Why did brother Bai Li suddenly stop talking and let him into the house directly? But what the heck. He entered brother Bai Li’s house again, there was one, there was two, there was three, maybe when he would have the opportunity to dine again!

Two figures, one tall and one short, walked quietly inside. The only critter present, that was, Supreme, had a face that showed an expression like he was struck by lightning.

Translation, he cracked.

“Mee-ow! Mimi, ow, ow, ow!” The kitten shrank in Bai Li’s arms and cursed. He looked at Song Xinran while he purred, and his little paws waved incessantly and viciously.

Such a big reaction no longer seemed like mere pettiness. Bai Li noticed the change and raised the kitty’s two paws high and parallel to his line of sight. “Supreme, no rudeness to guests.”

Supreme was so aggravated. Although he couldn’t understand what the human said, he could tell from the human’s expression that he disapproved of what he had just done. He had obviously done nothing but yell a few words towards the stranger, and then the human said… Oooh, humans really were heartless!

He was no longer his human’s favorite kitty!

The tiny head hung low, his tail drooped mournfully, even the flame on the tip of his tail was going out. The kitten was covered with a cloud of gloom.

Seeing Supreme look this way, Bai Li could not help but reflect. Was his tone of voice too heavy? Did he scare Supreme? After all, Supreme was just a little kitten, maybe just a little scared?

…When Xiao Song was gone, he would make it up to Supreme.

After the plan was made, Bai Li put Supreme back on the ground and let him rest while he entertained Song Xinran.

Supreme was even more angry when the human put him down and ignored him. He made a growling sound in his throat and walked towards the corner of the bedroom with his kitten steps.

“Brother Bai Li, Supreme…Is he going to be okay?” Song Xinran asked carefully as he looked around.

Yesterday, he learned Supreme’s name from Bai Li’s mouth. He said at the time that brother Bai Li looked so gentle and elegant, but the name he gave to his pet was so dominant. However today, when he saw Supreme again, and his small body with a big temper, he thought this name really matched him.

“He…ah. Don’t worry. It will be fine,” Bai Li said. “Don’t take now as an example. He’s actually very easy to coax. You don’t have to worry. He’ll come out naturally after lunch.”

Ah, lunch? What did that mean? Did he want to keep him for lunch today?

Song Xinran fell into a state of shyness and anticipation, and had no time to pay attention to Supreme’s reaction.

But it was still early for a meal, so Song Xinran was happy for a while and then focused on the gift he had brought. He pulled Bai Li to sit on the couch and enthusiastically introduced him to what they were all about.

“This is the latest nutrition liquid developed by the nutrition liquid company, the ice sugar bird’s nest flavor nutrition liquid and the hawthorn red pomegranate flavor nutrition liquid, it is said to have nourishing effects, even people suffering from Genetic Collapse Disorder can drink it to clear up a few points. Mulberry star specialties silk quilt, Brother Bai Li you open the valve this small square will become a whole quilt, sleep super comfortable, like lying in the clouds, you will like it! There is also this. This is a limited edition weapon exchange code in Void War that I managed to grab. Enter this exchange code into the game to get only 100,000 weapons in the whole service, if brother Bai Li is free we can play the game together ah!”

Song Xinran introduced all the things he brought one by one, and it was obvious that he was very serious in selecting the gifts, like a child sharing his beloved toys with his partner, and his face was flushed with emotion.

Bai Li listened attentively throughout, nodding his head from time to time to express his attitude.

When one person was talking and one person was listening, the door to the bedroom slowly opened wide and Supreme came out from inside in a reserved manner. He looked at Bai Li from a distance and gave a “meow.” His head was twisted to the side, as he waited for the human to come and pick him up.

Bai Li, with a smile in his eyes, gave Song Xinran a “see, I told you so” look, then got up and walked towards Supreme.

Song Xinran also looked in the direction of Supreme, and unexpectedly saw the huge machine in the bedroom. On top of the machine, there was a device that looked familiar and unfamiliar.

Song Xinran thought about it for a few seconds before remembering what it was and spoke up in dismay. “Brother Bai Li, are you…Are you still making games by yourself?”

If it’s true, then he was just frantically promoting Void War, would it affect Brother Bai Li’s’s mood?

Song Xinran’s entire body went numb.


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Supreme really is a jealous and, therefore, insecure kitty, I think!
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