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Chapter 57: I Want You

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is sick of “now’s not the time”


“We could compete fairly.”

“Then you’ll lose.”

Gu Ang’s eyes were slowly widening. Wait, what did he hear?

Ye Fei was, blatantly, taking on Shen Fei Zhou’s challenge? A man of such composure would say such angry things? Gu Ang thought to himself, speaking of which, he was quite grateful to Shen Fei Zhou, who could force such a calm person to declare war directly and openly, and had an attitude? But this low tone tinged with certainty, coupled with the cold expression on his face, sufficed to send his heartstrings into a tizzy.

His confidence wasn’t without reason, Shen Fei Zhou was indeed at a loss, his heart was full of the shadow of Ye Fei. The atmosphere fell into a silence, and the words weren’t well received, so they were lost. Hearing the conversation between the two, everyone’s eyes gathered in unison, each with an expression of eating and watching a good show.

Two male gods openly disliking each other, if this happened in Red Flame, the forum would probably blow up.

Bai SiNing jumped up and down in excitement, “God Ye, I’m with you! Fuck, get real!”

Shen Fei Zhou raised his eyebrows, “Quite courageous, then I will wait and see.”

Gu Ang finally broke free from the clenched palm and pulled away from Shen Fei Zhou, “Lieutenant General, there’s no point, you don’t need to waste time.”

Ye Fei slightly curved the corner of his mouth, he just liked Gu Ang’s character like this. Like was like, if he had no love, he also rejected completely. He looked at Shen Fei Zhou with a provocative look, “Heard that?”

The small man next to Shen Fei Zhou padded over to look at Gu Ang and viciously helped out, “You little brat, don’t you have any shame? It’s your honor to be looked at by our Lieutenant General.”

“Ma Chie, watch your words.” Shen Fei Zhou raised his hand to stop him, “Emotional matters are about mutual affection.”

Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth, and he had to say that Shen Fei Zhou was still a good person. But there was no point in spending time on him, it was just a useless exercise. He glanced at the crowd, “Mn, don’t stand here, when are we going back?”

Shen Fei Zhou replied, “We depart tomorrow, so let’s take a good rest today, and we can also celebrate.”

Wei YangZe liked this new Lt. General, he was bold and courageous, and he had a big heart. He smiled kindly at Shen Fei Zhou, “Lieutenant General Shen, bring your troops to stay in with you, it’s quite large and has plenty of rooms. We’ll all be open for fun tonight, and we could return to the Empire tomorrow.”

“All right, Ma Chie, make the arrangements.” Shen Fei Zhou nodded towards the adjutant, “Tell a few people to prepare food in the kitchen.”

“Copy that, Lieutenant General.”

Gu Ang slouched towards the castle, “I’ll go back and rest for a bit then, call me when dinner is ready.”

Ye Fei kept pace with him, “Together.”

Shen Fei Zhou caught the point in the conversation and hesitantly asked, “You two live together?”

“Lieutenant General Shen, that means you’re late.”

Bai SiNing popped up and dutifully explained, “They’ve been living together for a semester, not just these past few days. By the way, two days ago they wore each other’s shirts! Wearing! Them! On! Their! Body! Feel good about that.”

Gu Ang stopped in his tracks and turned around to slap Bai SiNing on the back of his head, “You’re the one who talks too much.”

While what was said was indeed true, it was still a bit of a shame to have it being spread out in broad daylight.

Bai SiNing covered his mouth and he laughed, “Brother Ang’s shy, I won’t say anything.”

Shen Fei Zhou sank his eyes into self-doubt. He clearly remembered Gu Ang saying before that the two of them had gotten together after graduation and hadn’t crossed paths in the beginning. It was only their freshman year. How could it be so early… 

A bold guess flashed through his mind; did it mean that they had both came back as well? Shen Fei Zhou’s heart was bursting with bitterness, he was simply bitter. The plot was going completely outside of his plan and he was having too much difficulty.

He thought he could shortcut it by dressing back to eight years ago, but he never thought it would come to this. As Ye Fei said, he did lose. How did he win when people were in love and have memories of many years together?

Shen Fei Zhou followed at the end of the group and secretly cursed an expletive. The sun was so strong but the heart was so cold.

Gu Ang went straight to his room upstairs and left the door open, waiting for the man behind him to come in. Ye Fei followed behind and closed the door, watching Gu Ang sit on the couch with his legs crossed in an air of exuberance. He walked over and sat down next to Gu Ang, lazily resting his hand on the back of the couch, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Ang tsked, “What do you think?”

Ye Fei lowered his eyes to his, “What?”

“Provoking Shen Fei Zhou isn’t something you would do, you’re deliberately angry at him.”

Ye Fei shifted his arm around, his hanging fingertips touching Gu Ang’s neck, “What were you playing dumb for?”

“What am I playing dumb about?” Gu Ang repeated the question blankly.

“I thought I was showing the obvious.” Ye Fei cut right to the chase, “I like you, couldn’t you tell?”

Gu Ang coughed violently and almost bit his tongue. He had thought Ye Fei was a character who would beat a dead horse to death, but he hadn’t expected to be so direct and brutal. Gu Ang looked up at him, not knowing what to say for a moment. He was all set mentally to give each other a little more time, so what was this man’s hurry?

Ye Fei spoke, “Scared?”

Gu Ang stammered, “Not really, it was to be expected.”

“Mn, you don’t have to psych yourself out, just think of it as me starting to chase you.” Ye Fei said with an understatement. He knew that Gu Ang still had a lot of baggage and concerns in his mind, but it was good to make his thoughts clear and understandable so that the kid wouldn’t think twice about it.

Besides, the more blatant those mind moves of his have become in this bout, the more blatant his actions have become. It made no difference whether Sima Zhao’s heart was picked or not.

Gu Ang winked and smiled teasingly, “What? You really want to chase me?”

Ye Fei hooked his lips a little, “Not allowed?”

Ye Fei liked him. Ye Fei wanted to chase him. It was something that just reading about it from the heart made you feel tantalized. Gu Ang’s fingertips poked the couch so hard he almost pulled off a piece of skin as he lowered his head and spat out a few words, “It’s not that I won’t let you.”

The last time he chased Ye Fei for over a year, it seemed okay to enjoy being chased this time.

It was such a rarity that someone so high and mighty was going to open up and chase someone.

Gu Ang came on strong, “Tell me, what do you like about me?”

Ye Fei stared straight at him, tracing his features with her eyes, finally settling on the lips, “Beautiful eyes, nice nose, and a mouth that looks good to kiss.”

Gu Ang choked, that man was all talk. That man wasn’t civilized, he was a fucking shameless hooligan. He held his tongue for a moment and scolded, “Superficial.”

Ye Fei added, “A bit of a grumpy personality, barely acceptable.”

“It’s really been hard on you.” Gu Ang lazily retorted, “Still haven’t decided whether to let you chase or not.”

Ye Fei good-naturedly returned, “Chase, you must allow that.”

Gu Ang was curious, “So how are you going to chase me?”

Ye Fei’s smile almost spilled out of his eyes as he recalled the scene when Gu Ang used to chase him. With a few flirtatious remarks, he said, “Back at school, hounding. Hand you love letters in class, escort you to the dorm after class, and won’t let anyone in without a kiss, okay?”

Gu Ang turned red and cursed “fuck”, this person deliberately squeezed him, right? Was he going to return the favor?

Ye Fei dropped his arm down and slid it smoothly over his shoulder, “Okay, close your eyes and get some sleep.”

Gu Ang obeyed and closed his eyes as the scene of Ye Fei and White Hair fighting against each other flashed through his mind, and he seemed to suddenly know why Ye Fei was upset last night.

The love interest came out so cool that it overshadowed his God Ye’s thunder. He couldn’t help but reassure, “You were quite handsome in combat today, single-handedly, and expertly winning, not losing to Shen Fei Zhou.”

Ye Fei’s bit of sourness was blown away by the wind all of a sudden, and he responded lazily. His light, how could he be so well behaved?

The two just fell asleep against the couch, head to head and shoulder to shoulder. Gu Ang leaned most of his body almost into Ye Fei’s arms in a very intimate gesture. When he woke up again, it was mostly dark.

Bai SiNing knocked frantically at the door, “Come out to dinner, friends, get up.”

Gu Ang was woken up with a stomach full of anger, “Bai SiNing, why’s this person stirring? What does Lin XiuYong see in him?”

“And you’re so mean, what do I see in you?” Ye Fei pinched his nose.

Gu Ang raised his hand and smacked him, “You’re annoying.”

Ye Fei replied seriously, “I profoundly suspect that I would be domesticated by you later.”

Gu Ang grabbed the cushion on the couch and swung it towards Ye Fei’s shoulder. The two men fought all the way from upstairs to downstairs, and the crowd in the dining room heard the scuffle close up, and the eyes of the eating public turned to brass bells.

Gu Ang was embarrassed, hiding the cushion behind his back, “You guys… you guys keep talking.”

Shen Fei Zhou patted the empty seat next to himself, “Sit here, it was reserved for you.”

Gu Ang pulled a chair close by, deliberately keeping his distance, “I’ll sit here.”

Ye Fei sat next to him close to him, moving naturally.

The intimate interaction between the two looked a bit self-conscious to Shen Fei Zhou, and sent his temper to the adjutant, “Ma Chie, what are you waiting for? Serve the food.”

“Here It is, Lieutenant General.” Ma Chie nodded and greeted the little soldier as he served the food, personally pouring red wine for each of them one by one. When he reached Gu Ang’s position, he squeezed out the small bottle hidden in his palm and scraped the potion over the mouth of the cup. The colorless, odorless liquid dripped gently down the rim of the glass where no one would notice.

Bai SiNing excitedly held his cup, “Come, come, everyone, let’s drink to this trip back from the dead, it was so hard.”

Lin XiuYong picked up his glass and clinked it, gritting his teeth and agreeing, “It’s really not easy to see you again.”

“Why are you shady?” Wei YangZe pointed at Gu Ang and Ye Fei, “You two don’t think about running away. Drink quickly, you ran away early yesterday.”

Gu Ang loosened his buckle and shook his glass, “Drink, whoever doesn’t drink is a grandson.”

Everyone was pretty high spirited tonight and went round after round. As credit for the significant effort put into this trip, Ye Fei and Gu Ang were both rounded up and dunked thoroughly. Ye Fei was drinking well, and Gu Ang was already showing some slightly drunken wobbliness. He took Gu Ang’s cup and held down his flailing hand, “Stop drinking, I’ll drink it for you.”

Gu Ang shifted toward him, feeling hot all over. His voice was gooey, “Thank you, big brother.”

Ye Fei swiveled his glass, pressing it against the spot where Gu Ang had just drunk it, and drained it. The person next to him did get a little nervous all of a sudden.

Ye Fei drinking from Gu Ang’s cup was outside of his plans, and he had no control over where it went from there.

Shen Fei Zhou saw Ye Fei get his hands on him, “Not a bad drinker, let’s both have a few more?”

Ye Fei sensed the blatant provocation, “Okay, how do you drink?”

“It’s all men, just pour it full.” Shen Fei Zhou said while pushing a newly opened bottle of wine over, “Nothing to say, three cups for one person, let’s see who finishes it the fastest.”

Ye Fei straightened Gu Ang who was wobbling around, “Lieutenant General, are you that childish?”

Shen Fei Zhou snapped his fingers on the table and narrowed his eyes, “Afraid, or not afraid?”

Ye Fei shrugged his shoulders and poured a full glass right over Gu Ang’s, “Nothing to be afraid of.”

Smoke rose from the table and collective silence descended. A dozen pairs of eyes darted back and forth over the two, watching the progress. They all knew that they were fighting over Gu Ang this afternoon, and whoever lost now would lose face.

Ye Fei was used to drinking with Ye HongFeng at home, drinking as if it was water. His Adam’s apple rolled and quickly poured down three glasses of wine.

Shen Fei Zhou still had half a cup left and stubbornly poured it into his mouth.

“Lieutenant General, you’ve lost.” Ye Fei’s voice was soft, but extremely oppressive, “I told you, no matter what the contest is, you’re going to lose.”

Shen Fei Zhou frowned in anger and banged his wine glass on the table indignantly. The crystal glass clinked against the marble tabletop with a crack. The atmosphere was really a bit awkward as the people present didn’t dare to utter a single breath.

Bai SiNing broke the silence, “Okay, okay, come on, XiuYong, let’s play guessing.”

The weird atmosphere was finally perfunctory again.

Gu Ang reached for the shirt buttons again, feeling a dry heat spreading out of his body and its unpleasantness. It was a feeling he had experienced before, when his rut first came on. The rut hadn’t quite passed, but after being marked by the man that day, it hadn’t been anything particularly serious.

Gu Ang thought it was a drunken mess and didn’t take it seriously. He rubbed his brow and whispered to Ye Fei, “Big Brother, I feel a little sick.”

Ye Fei’s head was also starting to spin a bit, he propped his left elbow on his forehead and grabbed Gu Ang’s arm with his right hand, “I’m a bit too.”

Gu Ang blinked, feeling the face before him begin to blur. It was clear that everyone was talking and laughing, but he couldn’t hear them very well for a bit. Gu Ang tugged at his collar, his pale neck already tinged with a scarlet red, “Big Brother, I want to go back first.” 

Ye Fei got up and held the man, greeting the others, “We’re both a bit drunk, so we’ll leave first, you guys carry on.”

Bai SiNing was tongue-tied, “How come you’re leaving?”

“Stop it.” Lin XiuYong pressed his head and nodded towards Ye Fei, “Go on, you guys did drink a lot tonight, I’ll keep an eye on everyone.”

Ye Fei hmmed and frowned as he helped the man up and guided him towards the stairs.

The two men stepped crookedly down the steps, misplacing their footing.

Shen Fei Zhou looked at the backs of the two leaving with a serious and frightening expression.

Ma Chie sidled up and whispered, “Lieutenant General, come out here for a moment, I have something to report to you.”

“What is it?” Shen Fei Zhou gave him a cross look, and then looked towards the two men who disappeared at the stairway, his eyes falling.

Ma Chie did smile a little, “It’s about Gu Ang. It’s crowded here, let’s talk outside.”

Shen Fei Zhou rose suspiciously and followed Ma Chie to the garden outside the castle, where the two stood in the shade of the trees, hidden into the night.

He asked, “Go ahead.”

Ma Chie hemmed and hawed, “Lieutenant General, you just took office, so the brothers don’t know what you like, and they couldn’t find a way to please you even if they wanted to.” He rubbed his hands together and continued, “I saw you have your eyes on Gu Ang this afternoon, and I understand you like him, right, so I just tampered with Gu Ang’s wine a bit.”

Shen Fei Zhou was alert, “What did you do?”

“I have a recipe here that used to be used to extract confessions from prisoners, but I never thought it would come in handy today.”

Ma Chie glanced around to make sure no one was nearby before continuing in a low voice, “Simply put, it was An alpha inducer, and even the most powerful Alpha would go straight into heat and couldn’t control their lust.”

Shen Fei Zhou squeezed his neck, “You gave Gu Ang an inducer? Pig brain, he’s going back with Ye Fei now!”

“It’s a coincidence.” A face red from pinching, Ma Chie slapped his arm, signaling to let go.

“Ye… Ye Fei used Gu Ang’s cup, and I just saw his condition hit it too. Don’t you like Alpha, you were having fun with the double. Both lads were quite handsome, you’re in luck tonight.”

Shen Fei Zhou let go of his hand and smiled, “Who else knows about this besides you?”

“This inducer has after-effects, usually two or three days of unconsciousness, they won’t remember anything, and there would be absolutely no accidents.” Ma Chie squinted his eyes. Afraid that the Lieutenant General was unsure, he added, “Enjoy yourself. No one knows but me.”

The more he said, the more he was pleased. This way, he guarded Shen Fei Zhou’s secret and got him a sweetheart straight away.

“I don’t think anyone will know about it later.” Shen Fei Zhou pulled out the silenced particle gun he had with him and put it against Ma Chie’s head, “Do you know what I hate most about people?”

Ma Chie was too stiff to move, his lips trembling madly, “Lieu-Lieutenant General, I meant well… Ha-have mercy.”

Shen Fei Zhou said to himself, “I hate people who take liberties, and I think that the dead would be more obedient.”

As soon as he spoke, his finger moved slightly and he pulled the trigger.

In the thick shade, Ma Chie slowly fell to his knees, his eyes not yet ready to close. He couldn’t understand to his dying day what had gone wrong. Shen Fei Zhou wiped his gun and pinned it back to his waist. He glanced at Gu Ang’s room on the second floor, dark with no lights on.

The results spoke for themselves as to what two Alphas who were hit with the inducer at the same time would do. He was conflicted and torn. Didn’t want to take advantage of the person and didn’t want to give him away. But Ma Chie did say that the inducer would cause a coma break and they wouldn’t remember.

As long as he didn’t say anything, no second person would ever know what happened tonight.

If the two did do anything… 

Shen Fei Zhou sighed long and hard, the two were together for five or six years, and it wasn’t different for them to be together again tonight.

It just felt like he suddenly got a green hat.

Ye Fei opened the door and was about to turn on the light when Gu Ang held him down, “Big Brother, don’t turn it on.”

The room crashed into darkness, each other’s breathing extraordinarily pronounced.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Fei hooked his waist, feeling the heat of his skin soar and infect him, burning into him, his mouth going dry.

The overwhelming smell of brandy spread out little by little, mingling with the red wine that had just been in the room, twisting the smell of alcohol in the room. Gu Ang felt himself growing soft, his back wet, his voice tinged with gasps, “I’m not in very good shape right now, don’t look at me.”

Ye Fei rolled his Adam’s apple and loosened two buttons as well. He opened his mouth and found himself muffled, “Be good and sleep, I can’t stay with you tonight. I’m, like, susceptible right now.”

Gu Ang wrinkled his nose as the familiar smell of pheromone did disperse, and the brandy softened his legs so much he almost slid to the floor.

“I also seem to… I’m… So hot.” The voice was husky and sticky, tinged with loss of control. He tugged haphazardly at his collar, unable to find an outlet that would provide relief.

Ye Fei smelled the growing scent of white peach oolong and squeezed his fidgety hand, “Do you want to take a shower?”

“No.” Gu Ang shook his head, struggling haphazardly for a way to get out of the way. He wrapped his hand around his backhand, subconsciously, squeezing his ten fingers into the gaps between them and holding on to the man firmly. Didn’t want Ye Fei to go, wanted him to stay, to hold him, to touch him, to kiss him.

Gu Ang thought to himself that he was probably crazy. He had been able to restrain his lust, but today, it was like his body was on fire. He feels like he’s fallen into the depths of lust and only Ye Fei could save him. Gu Ang grabbed Ye Fei’s hand and pressed it against his collar position, guiding him to explore. These hands were like sparks that could start a fire with a single touch.

Ye Fei took a deep breath and balled his palms into fists, “No.”

The skin so delicately rolled by the touch of his fingertips was compelling him, indulging him.

He knew Gu Ang was an Omega, and he wasn’t sure he could hold back if he let it go any longer, “No way, Gu Ang.”

Ye Fei clenched his back teeth, trying to keep himself awake for the last time.

“I’ll take you to the bathroom, we both need to cool off.” Ye Fei hooked Gu Ang’s waist and dragged the man in the direction of the bathroom.

Passing by the bed, Gu Ang suddenly pushed hard, hooking the person’s leg and bringing it to the side. Ye Fei lost his balance and skewed the man to a tight squeeze. He felt Gu Ang’s limbs wrapping around him like a porous web, but he surprisingly, didn’t want to escape.

Ye Fei braced himself, his forehead a dense sweat. He was cut into two souls, one wanting to wallow in the abyss of lust and the other clawing at his last sanity, reminding him to be a saint.

His heart was almost on the verge of exploding as tantalizing evil thoughts were consuming the svelte Ye Fei bit by bit. Trying to incarnate into a thoughtless beast that was just possessed by instinct.

“Brother, big brother, help me.” Gu Ang tilted his head up and touched Ye Fei’s lower lip by instinct in the darkness. Gu Ang was like a fish struggling in a dry pond, thirsting for the last drop of sweet water. He didn’t know how to convince a god who didn’t seem to have a mortal heart, and had to use the clumsiest of tricks to titillate.

I beg you to save me, I beg you to love me.

The strings that had been drawn back and forth instantly collapsed, and all that remained was instinct.

Ye Fei licked the sweetness of his dreams as he wished, wet and hot and raging and seductive. The darkness was covered with raging waves, and they rose and fell like two shipwrecked men begging for their lives in the waves, with no hope in sight. The only way to have a chance was to grab each other.

Ye Fei kept reminding himself in his mind that it was only a kiss, a shallow taste. Then he felt Gu Ang nibble on his lips and murmur, “Big brother, I want you.”


Author’s Note: 

To be continued tomorrow


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