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Chapter 58: If You’re Shy, Close Your Eyes

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey: Finally!


His voice was soft and sticky, like a white peach oolong tea dripping with honey, swooning in the air, making people indulge. The window was left open, and a breeze blew in, scattering the blatant advances.

Ye Fei bit back, his voice growing deeper, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Gu Ang blinked, feeling his vision grow hazy. The man on top of him blurred into a vapid outline, but he could feel his breath and heartbeat.

“I know.” Gu Ang nodded slightly, reaching up to scrunch his moistened hair up haphazardly, catching his breath. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, and only Ye Fei’s touch could make him feel better. He knew Ye Fei was still apprehensive, and hooked him with his little leg again, “Big brother, let’s do it.”

All concerns and plans were behind him, and he didn’t want to think about anything but him. Ye Fei’s Adam’s apple rolled,as he propped himself up on the bed and got up, walking briskly into the bathroom. He turned on the light and unscrewed the tap and splashed himself hard with cold water, trying to wake himself up. The water beaded up and soaked his collar a bit, before he slowly raised his eyes and saw himself in the mirror, trying to take advantage of the fire.

His eyes were red, his chest was heaving, and his entire body was enveloped in a wave of uncontrollable lust. Gu Ang was an Omega and if they really did it, how were the two of them going to carry on with their relationship? That was the one he hung on the tip of his heart, and the mystery man mark had hurt him a few times before.

Now that the man was completely unconscious, if he went along with him, Gu Ang would surely blame him in the morning when he got up. Blame him for not having a bottom line, blame him for not being able to control himself and taking the bait at the slightest temptation.

Ye Fei’s heart was in turmoil, and there was no way he could be as decisive in this matter as he was in handling decisions on the battlefield. He turned and grabbed a towel and dabbed it in water to wring it out, then walked quickly over to Gu Ang and put the towel over his face and wiped it, “Are you awake?”

Gu Ang was jolted by the cold, and then more arousal spread up from deep within his body. His face was cold, his body was hot, and the sudden difference in perception between the two sides tormented him to the point where he felt like he was dying.

Gu Ang shook his head, “No, it’s not working.”

He reached up grumpily and grabbed the towel and threw it to the floor, reaching for Ye Fei’s hand again. The man was really sitting on his hands, and he didn’t know what he had to do to make him sink together. He grabbed his hand, feeling the heat of his knuckles, even hotter than his skin, “Aren’t you susceptible too? Can you stand it?”

Ye Fei closed his eyes and ruthlessly moved his hand away, “I can bear it.”

Gu Ang braced himself to sit up and rub his head against the spot on his chest like a limp, milky cat. He was doing his very best to seduce him and tempt him with what he had. Seeing that Ye Fei was doing nothing, he straightened up on his half-knees again and went to suck his Adam’s apple with his lips.

The tip of his tongue stuck out a tiny bit and licked back and forth over the bump. He knew it. It was Ye Fei’s most sensitive spot. He used to get warm memories every time he sucked on this spot.

“Bir brother, I won’t make it through the night like this, I’ll be tortured to death. Save me, okay?” He was almost a supplicating gesture, like a stray cat that couldn’t find its way in the rain, selling pity to gain sympathy.

Ye Fei reached up and rubbed his fine, soft hair, “You…”

Gu Ang got a little angry and bit down in a huff, and the docile kitten turned into a raging lion, “If you leave me alone, I’ll go find someone else.”

Who’s the other guy, the one out there who had been drooling over him for a long time, Shen Fei Zhou?

Ye Fei pinched his jaw and gritted his teeth, “How dare you?”

“This isn’t okay and that’s not okay, are you fed up?” Gu Ang was a little aggravated, his voice held a faintly audible sobbing tone as he raised a pair of misty eyes to glare at the person, the ends of his eyes red. He reached out to touch the bulging mass that was Ye Fei’s hard on, and was rewarded with a muffled grunt.

The man was tongue in cheek, clearly reacting, but being a dead duck. Ye Fei rubbed his fingertips quickly over his red lips, dropping his eyes to kiss the disobedient mouth fiercely.

He couldn’t help it. Fuck sanity. He held Gu Ang’s hands behind his back, treating him like a prisoner in his captivity, going little by little to bully the already sweetly red lips.

At the moment of contact, all evil thoughts leapt out. Trying to rip him apart and crush him. Make him cry out, stain him with sobs and gulps again, and fall into the madness he begged to get.

The bathroom light was still on, and even the room took on a very faint shimmer. Ye Fei saw Gu Ang’s exposed skin turn pink, his slender neck revealing bruised veins where his delicate glands still hid. And on this night, he would bite through there again, ferrying his own pheromone deep into it, branding it inside him. It wasn’t even time to retreat the shirt that was in the way, his hand was already reaching for the penalty box.

Unzipping, the waist of the pants fell to the side of his legs, exposing his pale skin. He reached up and pressed it, bullying it back and forth with the thin calluses on his fingertips. Like a fruit squeeze, the juice of the peach was crushed out and stained his hand all over.

Gu Ang’s hand hung loosely on his arm, gasping uncontrollably. It wasn’t enough, this wasn’t enough, this spacing out was simply more torture. It was like he knew what physical differences there were between Omega and Alpha. His old self would just want to press back against Ye Fei at times like this, with an innately forced oppression. And now, he felt his emptiness and wanted nothing more than him to fill it.

The thought was just too shameful. Gu Ang closed his eyes, unable to get over this hurdle in his mind. With a firm wrist, he pulled Ye Fei onto the bed and rolled over to sit on it. The words were unclear, “I-I… want… you.”

Ye Fei froze and smiled again, “Are you sure you want me to fuck you?”

Gu Ang nodded and looked down at himself to unbuckle his belt, “Um, sure.”

Ye Fei squeezed his waist with his hand, slowing the rhythm down, “Okay, you try.”

Gu Ang was holding his face red. What should he do? They had never made it to the last step in their last life and he had no experience.

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, “Can’t?”

“No…” Gu Ang looked like a newbie on the road with a driver’s license, every move carried with rawness, “Won’t you?”

When they’ve done it before, they’ve used their hands, their legs, and their mouths. But it was so weird to have never tried to get inside each other.

Ye Fei picked up the pace, causing the child who had just been stiffening his back to instantly soften into a puddle of mud, hanging on to him wet and clammy. He turned his head sideways and touched the tip of his tongue to the heated earlobe, biting it with his teeth in a dense bite.

“Wait, no…” Gu Ang exclaimed, “Wait…”

“Shh, keep it down, they’ll hear you.” Ye Fei used force and let loose more and more, and he felt Gu Ang turn into a tightly drawn bow, even as the string twitched. Eventually the arrow shot out, leaving a hand full of cum.

Ye Fei moved his lips to where his neck was, touching his glands if nothing else, “Feeling better?”

Gu Ang snapped back from his daze, his fingertips gripping Ye Fei’s shirt, almost poking through the fabric, “No… More…”

Ye Fei followed his lead, “What else?”

The effects of the inducer spread out in the moment, lapping at him like a sea of waves. Gu Ang broke down and completely gave up, the stubbornness one once had as an Alpha gone. He had trouble speaking, stammering for a half a day before he squeezed a word from his lips, “Back.”

“Is this it?” Ye Fei’s fingertips twitched slightly, groping for a spot and poking in seemingly unaware.

Gu Ang exclaimed, “…Get out.”

Ye Fei refused, he tore off his false svelte and revealed his truest desire. It was him who came to seduce him and pull him into this abyss of sin, so they would have to hold each other and drown together. The Omega’s natural build worked, and the place was soft and hot.

As seductive as Gu Ang’s lips.

It was a little tough at first, but gradually smoothed out later on. Along with the blush-inducing sound of wetness, the pheromone mixed more and more passionately.

Ye Fei rolled over and sharply pinned the man down, covering Gu Ang’s eyes with his other hand, feeling his eyelashes like a butterfly with vibrating wings, “If you’re shy, just close your eyes and feel it.”

Gu Ang was so ashamed he almost wanted to find a crack in the ground. He felt his leg being lifted and then felt the raging possession.

Countless memories came to mind, fragmentary walk-throughs. The first time he met Ye Fei, he blocked people off the side of the track at the Games and had to ask him to leave his phone number.

Ye Fei wore an icy expression and rejected him outright.

On his twentieth birthday, at the door of the dormitory, he forcibly kissed Ye Fei on the pretext of a birthday present. He saw what seemed like a rare hint of tenderness on that impatient face.

At the graduation game, he won his first one, and the room was filled with cheers of victory. But the thing he was happier about was being able to justify it by saying, “You lost, so we should have a relationship.”

On the battlefield of gunfire, Ye Fei would have his back. He knew that as long as this man was around, he could feel confident that he could fight at full strength.

On the day of the divorce, he stood at the door to say goodbye to Ye Fei. Not daring to turn around, afraid that if he looked at the man one more time, he wouldn’t be able to resist running over to him and jumping into his arms.

After crossing over, the surprise of seeing Ye Fei again. But there was no longer a way to give him an arrogant hug like before, and they were strangers.


Gu Ang felt his eyes grow hazy, as if a tear had slipped down the corner of his eye.

After all these years, what he lost, he finally got back. Gu Ang pinched his fingertips into Ye Fei’s arm, and the rising moan came to an abrupt halt. His brain went blank, all memories vanished into nothingness. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, his voice took on a sobbing tone and he just repeated the words over and over again, “Big brother, I love you, I love you so much.”

“I know, I know all about it.” Ye Fei kissed the corners of his eyes, swallowing those salty flavors down his throat bit by bit. He made Gu Ang cry, in every sense of the word.

The mattress couldn’t take the shaking, it was creaking and rattling more and more violently. Ye Fei was a little out of control, and with the last vestiges of sanity remaining jerked away, only to have Gu Ang wrap around his rear end. He spoke with difficulty, “Be a good boy and let me out.”

Gu Ang cheekily pinned him back down, “…No, don’t leave.”

Moon shadows swayed, curtains were blown up and down, and no one cared if tomorrow was a sunny day.

Guided by instinct, the figures folded together.

Like a bloodthirsty wolf, Ye Fei bared his canines and embedded them viciously in Gu Ang’s glands. At the same moment, he sent himself into Gu Ang’s deepest depths. Even if they couldn’t bear the consequences of tomorrow, just holding each other was enough to die tonight.


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