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Chapter 31: Mushrooms

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Brother Bai Li, I’ll leave now, I’ll come back to you tomorrow!” Song Xinran said goodbye to Bai Li with a smile on his face, as he remembered what Bai Li had told him about the tools he needed to grow vegetables, and planned to buy them all on TaoTao when he got home.

Although he said he wanted to learn how to grow vegetables, which caused Supreme to burn a seedling to death, Song Xinran was really curious, and wanted to follow Bai Li’s lead to see if he could grow a plant with his own hands in reality.

Brother Bai Li said that he was growing cabbage seedlings, which could make a lot of food when they grew ! When he thought about it, his heart was full of motivation. Maybe one day he could also eat dishes made from vegetables he grew with his own hands.

“If you have any problems, you can contact me on Starnet or come to my house directly.” Bai Li said.

The two had already exchanged communications.

“Eh, bye, bye, Brother Bai Li!” Song Xinran waved at the person, who had already walked away, then suddenly poked his head in again, and made a cheering gesture. “Brother Bai Li, do well in the game, ah! Next month, I will try to grab your game quota!”

After he said those encouraging words, he ran away.

Bai Li lost his smile. This child, why was he still so shy? He didn’t even have time to say that he could reserve a game slot for him, so that he wouldn’t have to grab it. But this matter could wait until next month, anyway, there was still time.

After a lot of delay in the morning, Bai Li packed up the last things in the kitchen and hurried to the game. Last night he added the additions and the optimization but had not yet seen the effect after it was updated.

Bai Li opened the door of the house with the mood of watching the fun, but after opening the door, he found that others were outside his house staring in. 

Oh… No, the players were not looking in the direction of his house, but his next door.

He was puzzled for a few seconds. Bai Li also followed the players’ line of sight, and then… He felt that his eyes were so hot!

Demon Xing’s home, how did it become like this?

It was still the impression of the small hut and the fence they made together, but at this time, only their vague shape could be seen, whether it was the walls of the small hut, the roof, or the edge of the fence, they were full of mushrooms, one by one, different shapes, large and small, opened into a “mountain of wilderness”.

Even in the large piece of land that had been opened up, with mature crops on it, one could still see mushrooms in the gaps between the plants.

One location was particularly badly affected, and with good eyesight, Bai Li was able to spot a familiar presence in the deepest part of the mushroom mountain.

How did the stump where he had dropped the mushroom spores end up in Demon Xing’s yard?

Bai Li, “…” It’s no wonder.

Because there was a fence separating them, and strangers could not enter other people’s territory without the owner’s permission, the players could only stand outside the fence, as they stared at the sudden change of the “mushroom house” with amazement, while they chatted loudly.

The fence didn’t block the sound, so Bai Li listened to all the chatter.

“Demon Xing is really a big brother. Obviously he isn’t online, but after a rain, all the mushrooms actually grew on his house! That said, those should be mushrooms right?”

“Yes, yes. I checked on Starnet. Those mushrooms include shiitake, flat mushroom, golden needle mushroom, apricot mushroom, etc. They are all edible mushrooms. Suck it up, big brother this luck is like no one else’s!”

“Ah, my recipe is saved! When Big Brother comes online, I must ask him if he can sell me some mushrooms!” This player was lucky enough to get a recipe related to mushrooms during the early morning wild vegetables digging event.

“Seriously, I was shocked when I first saw it. This is too much. I thought the game was buggy and something strange had invaded. No, this is too funny, I’m going to post it on the forum!”

“You guys, this Demon Xing, a big guy, is not the game designer’s own son, right? Otherwise, why is he the first one to get a good thing every time…”

Bai – the game designer – Li. That’s not so, he doesn’t have such a big son!

At this time, some players also found Bai Li’s presence and waved at him as a greeting, knowing that he was familiar with Demon Xing, they were about to ask some more questions when they noticed that there was also a commotion coming from the small wooden house belonging to Demon Xing.

The big man was online!

All the players’ spirits were lifted as they waited for the person inside the house to hurry out. Some even secretly turned on the cameras, ready to film Demon Xing’s reaction afterwards.

Bai Li noticed the small movements of the players, but he did not intend to remind Demon Xing. Everything in the game should be free, he couldn’t break this one rule just because he was the designer of the game and Demon Xing was his friend.

The hut was designed with doors that were pulled inward. Everyone waited outside for a minute, and another minute, but there was a delay in seeing the person inside come out, except for the slight shaking of the door panel signaling that there was actually someone inside the door.

“Why isn’t the big guy coming out? I’m waiting anxiously!”

“Yes, my money is ready, just waiting for the big man to agree to sell me the mushrooms.”

“Hey, brother, let’s make a deal, when I can come to your place to rub a mushroom?”

“Mn… Let me think about it.”

Bai Li was also waiting for Demon Xing to come out, but waited for the message Demon Xing sent him first.

Demon Xing: [Li Bai, are you in the game yet? In my house…It seems to have grown something strange, umbrella-shaped, with a long handle underneath, soft and somewhat elastic when squeezed by hand, but I don’t know what it is.]

There was also a photo attached, which looked like a temporary shot.

Bai Li took a look and saw that it was a chicken leg mushroom. Good guys, most of the door and the ground next to the door were full of…It seemed that the power of mushroom spores was really huge, and that they had actually invaded the interior of the house. With this psychology, Bai Li had some sympathy for Demon Xing’s encounter.

He hadn’t picked up something new in the grove that the game added but picked up what Bai Li had specifically planted.

He couldn’t help but snicker a little, then Bai Li messaged back so that Demon Xing wouldn’t panic. He told him that they were mushrooms, edible, and if it was not too much trouble, he should pick them and put them into his inventory. If he needed help cleaning up, he should open the door first since there was a lot of strong labor outside the door that could help him clean up the mushrooms.

The opposite side soon came over a string of [……] Then there was no sound.

After a few more minutes, the door creaked as it finally opened.

With his hair a little messy, Demon Xing came out from inside. When his foot crossed the door, he seemed to hear a small cheer.

The heart of the question had not had time to rise, he noticed the miserable state of the yard. The mushrooms were everywhere, and it was only thanks to his lack of claustrophobia that he didn’t receive a bad shock.

This messy feeling, a long time had not produced the cranky emotions slowly surged up, fingers hard, especially wanting to eliminate the pile of mushrooms clean. But soon, with the unique smell of mushrooms diffused  his nose, smelling strange, but inexplicably did not let people feel disgusted, but also wanted to smell more.

“Demon Xing!” shouted Bai Li, he was standing outside the fence, and facing towards Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao blinked sluggishly and came to his senses. He looked up towards him even as putting Bai Li’s game name into the visitor whitelist, so that Bai Li could freely enter and leave his yard without being blocked by the fence in the future.

Bai Li also received a notification from the system, and knowing that he would no longer be blocked by the fence, and under the envious gaze of all the players, he pulled open the gate and walked in.

The news had just arrived. Tang Ying watched this scene happen, and planted a lemon tree on the spot. The sour odor could be smelled from a long distance.

Bai Li walked up to Wen XingYao and explained the situation in a whisper. When he found out that the mushrooms had flooded because he moved the stump from the grove, Wen XingYao’s face, which was ordinary in the game, became embarrassed and his eyes dodged. He didn’t dare look directly into Bai Li’s fox eyes, which smelled of humor.

Wen XingYao looked outside and was about to ask what was going on with that large group of people outside, why were they all gathered outside his place, when he saw Bai Li force himself to smile and step forward. He raised his hand high, seemed to touch his hair, which made him feel a slight tickle on the top of his head, but soon, the hand was withdrawn.

“Look.” Bai Li spread the retracted hand in front of Wen XingYao.

The fingers were slender and white, not like hands that have been doing farm work for a long time, and on those extraordinarily white palms, there lay an even whiter, petite, fat mushroom.

“There must be a bug in the game. Otherwise how did you grow mushrooms in your hair?” Bai Li muttered in a super low voice. He resolutely was not going to take the blame, and then also explained, “This is a mouth mushroom. If you fry them, they taste good.”

Wen XingYao’s calm expression completely cracked. He had a mushroom problem! The problem was clearly that his hair was actually growing mushrooms! He was not even in the game when it rained!

This was not scientific!

Bai Li looked at him with a strongly apologetic gaze.

“That, big brother, big brother!” A player outside the fence was jumping. “What’s the plan for the mushrooms in your yard?”

Plans? What plans? Anyway, that mushroom he won’t fry. it was plucked from his head, how diabolical ah!

“That’s right…Do you want to sell these mushrooms to us? They are growing so well, and they must taste great!”

Oh… So it’s not the mushroom.

Wen XingYao only hesitated for a moment before nodding his head in agreement. He put the embarrassment behind him, picked a few buyers who were interested in buying mushrooms, negotiated the purchase price, then opened the fence gate to let them in as well.

The mushrooms would vary a bit in copper coins according to the type and size. And if so many mushrooms were all sold, it would not be too much to say that it was a fortune from heaven.

“The mushrooms are all here. You can pick whatever you want yourselves. If you are willing to help me pick mushrooms, I can give you a 50% discount.” Wen XingYao wasn’t bad with money. He only said that because there were too many mushrooms and he was…Too lazy to pick them himself.

With this effort, he could reclaim new land and plant them all with seeds.

“Yes boss! Boss will make a fortune!”

“I can, I can! I can pick all these mushrooms for you all by myself, big brother!”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s discounted or not, I mainly like picking mushrooms…”

Wen XingYao’s mouth twitched as he silently retreated to the side. He didn’t want to talk to the sand carving players.

“I’ll help you sort it out together.” Bai Li also has not picked mushrooms by himself for a long time. Today, as he watched the players get busy, he also felt some itch in his hands and so he made the offer. 

“Okay, then you can come along.” Wen XingYao was simply about to agree, thought for a moment and added, “If you want a mushroom, just take it away, I’m not going to charge you money.”

The two people had a heart to heart not to mention what just happened.

The players next to them had big ears, heard that and followed Tang Ying to plant lemon trees. Damn, it’s good to be a friend of a big brother! I don’t know if there’s a shortage of leg pendants for the big man, who has braved the battlefield, fought Zerg and worked very hard…

“Haha, I know.” Bai Li laughed. “I won’t be polite with you.”

Wen XingYao returned his smile, and went off to harvest the ripe crops. When the land was idle again, he did not rush to plant new ones, but picked up a hoe and reclaimed new land once again.

Having more land would give him a different kind of satisfaction.

Tang Ying loitered outside the fence for a while, but Wen XingYao didn’t contact him. Finally, he reluctantly gave up waiting, and sent a message to Wen XingYao.

Easy Victory Life: [Tee, tee, tee. I want to come in and help you guys pick mushrooms together too!]

[Open the door and let me in! Otherwise I feel like I’m the extra one!]

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