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Chapter 30: How about I make it up to you with braised lion’s head?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


Since it was seen, there was nothing to deny. Bai Li readily admitted, “Ah, I did make a small game and signed up for this year’s Virtual Reality Game Design Competition.”

Song Xinran exclaimed in his heart, even as he forced himself to hold the corners of his mouth up, as he continued to ask, “What kind of game did you make, Brother Bai Li? Can I play it?”

Bai Li smiled mysteriously, “It’s a relaxing farming game.”

“Oh.” Song Xinran didn’t understand. Was it the kind of farming he was thinking of? That kind of farming on an agricultural planet that was run automatically by a large number of farming robots. The process was tedious, and just standing on the sidelines for five minutes he wouldn’t be able to help dozing off, that kind of boring farming?

Song Xinran couldn’t figure out why Brother Bai Li wanted to make such a game. According to today’s popular games, just make a game with similar content and monster fighting. Just thinking about it made his blood very hot, ah!

Maybe the puzzlement in Song Xinran’s eyes was too obvious, Bai Li was amused, and gave a soft laugh before he explained, “I think that the game I made should be very different from what you think. There’s no fighting or killing in it, just hands-on labor. Of course, the steps of farming are simplified. New players just need to look at the operation of other people and they can easily get started. Farming is only the most basic part of the game, but it also includes friendship, management, food and other areas. In general, it is a very casual and fun game.”

Originally Song Xinran was still listening carefully, but when Bai Li said a certain word, his eyes lit up with a swish and he didn’t listen to the rest of the sentence.

“What?! Is there really food?” Song Xinran asked excitedly, “What kind of food? What kind of food is it? Like braised chicken wings and shredded potatoes?

He almost stuttered when he got excited.

God knows he hadn’t slept well all night since he ate that delicious meal, his dreams were filled with the aroma of chicken wings and shredded potatoes, and his pillow was wet in the morning. The boy was so hungry.

Bai Li smiled and nodded his head in affirmation. If it was before yesterday, he could not say that there was a food-related section in it, but now it was different. He had created the ‘food basket,’ and the food opened from the basket was all the delicious food he ate from the God of Food. Although in the game the taste may not be as good, he believed that, for most of the Interstellar people, it was all proper food.

“Wow!” Song Xinran felt his mouth watering, and could not wait to dive into this ‘easy farming game’ to taste all the delicious food.

However, Bai Li’s next words dealt him a heavy blow. “I’m sorry, Xiao Song, there are no more game slots available at the moment. If you want to play, you need to wait until next month.”

“Huh?” Song Xinran’s expression instantly went blank. Only after a long time did he ask, “Brother Bai Li, how many slots are available for your game in total?”

“Five hundred.”

“…” Damn! Those five hundred lucky people could enjoy the food so early, while he, who obviously lived next door to Brother Bai Li, actually had to wait until next month. Song Xinran urged aggressively, “How come there are only 500 people? Brother Bai Li, it’s time to upgrade your builder…” 

Now it was Bai Li’s turn to be embarrassed. He also wanted to upgrade, and even wanted to upgrade the game builder to the top S level in one go, but he did not have the money. When he first started all he had was 6666 star dollars, otherwise he wouldn’t have been reduced to renting a room here.

“Next month. Next month I’ll upgrade!” Bai Li sheepishly reassured him.

“What’s the name of this game? I’ll search for it on Starnet when I get back.” Song Xinran asked. At the same time, he thought to himself, “From today on, I’m going to live in the game’s webpage until I grab the game qualification next month.”

Why did he use the word ‘grab?’ The teenager touched the back of his head, too slow to realize that something was wrong.

“It’s called Carefree Farmstead, you should be able to search it on the official website of the competition.” Bai Li reported the name of the game and how to search for it.

“Mnnn, I’ll go back and search for it!”

The two were engaged in conversation when Bai Li suddenly felt something was hanging from one of his legs. When he looked down, it was Supreme who was about to become a ball of vinegar.

The kitty got on all fours and hooked the fabric of Bai Li’s pants with the small hook at the front of its claws, being careful not to hurt the skin underneath. The cat was in the air, climbing up Bai Li’s calves, as he moved frantically to get Bai Li’s attention.

Human, I want to be picked up! You have ignored me for two minutes and thirty-seven seconds!

“Hey, I forgot about you little guy!” Bai Li bent down and picked Supreme up with an apologetic face, rubbed his chin against the vertical line in the middle of Supreme’s forehead and softly apologized to him, “Sorry Supreme. How about I make it up to you with braised lion’s head 1when we have lunch?”

This was a dish he never took out. Fist-sized lion’s heads, full of meat, also interspersed with horse feet, a bite that would have a crunchy texture, and would not be too much meat and look greasy. After a few days of observation, Bai Li had long found that Supreme loved meat, and using the lion’s head to bribe Supreme should be a good choice.

Song Xinran was salivating as soon as he heard the name of the dish.

On the contrary, Supreme’s reaction was once again beyond Bai Li’s expectation.

The kitty’s pupils shrank, followed by a stiffening, two front paws hugged his head, as he shivered straight into Bai Li’s arms. The human was so terrible! Why would he eat his lion’s head?? Wasn’t he cute?

Somehow Bai Li did not see that Supreme was afraid. He was just a small, poor and helpless kitten, how could he know he was also worried about this hundreds of times larger guy?

Bai Li looked confused and wondered what was going on in this kitten’s head. After a comforting rub, he hugged him and took Song Xinran in the direction of the kitchen.

“It’s getting late, I’ll prepare lunch first.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Song Xinran had long forgotten what reserve was, and his mind had all gone to the braised lion’s head. 

It was not until he walked into the kitchen that Bai Li remembered that he had not taken out what he wanted to eat before leaving home. Now Song Xinran was right behind him at the moment.

…Forget it. Why was he thinking so much? Just take it out! If he asks, say it’s from a friend.

Bai Li held the cat in one hand, while the other hand moved quickly. Soon there was a wooden lunch box in his empty hand.

At the same time, Song Xinran exclaimed in a small voice behind him, “Brother Bai Li, you actually have a spatial button!”

“Spatial button?” Bai Li did not expect Interstellar people to have  spatial devices. He thought it would take a lot of talking to get past the matter. Now it was good, that he didn’t even need to explain more.

“Mnnn, yeah, yeah. Spatial button!” Song Xinran looked at Bai Li with an adoring, but confused gaze, “There are stores on Amoy that specialize in selling spatial buttons, but just one spatial button with a volume of only one cubic meter costs five million star coins, and few people can afford to buy them.”

Song Xinran admired the fact that Brother Bai Li had a spatial button in his hand, even though he didn’t show his wealth. Seeing his posture of using the spatial button to grab food, it did not look like the internal volume was only one cubic meter. He was confused. Brother Bai Li was obviously so rich, why would he only buy a 5,000 star coin E class virtual reality game builder? He should have arranged for a C-class worth 5 million, which could accommodate a million players, so he should have a seat, right?

The light and rich aroma wafted out from the pot. Song Xinran’s nose sniffed, and soon he didn’t care to think about anything else.

His brain now had only one question. When could he eat?

Even Supreme also temporarily forgot his fear, and carefully peeked out his head, as he looked several times towards the box that contained the lion’s head.

Well, it’s just round meat, how does it look like a lion’s head?

When the two dishes were heated up, the fear disappeared, the kitty ate a lot, and finally forgave the human for ignoring him earlier.

Song Xinran wanted to be reserved, but the food tasted so good that he, Bai Li and Supreme ate not only the two dishes, but also two bowls of rice, which left him in his chair with his belly in the air afterwards. Supreme also ate quite satisfactorily, and after resting in Bai Li’s arms for a while, he lightly jumped to the ground and gave a “meow” to Bai Li before leading the way to the balcony.

Bai Li remembered that they hadn’t seen the vegetable seeds on the balcony today, so he got up and followed Supreme.

After hearing the movement behind him, Supreme’s ears twitched proudly. Humph, stranger, I’ll show you how important I am to this human. I can help this human raise seedlings, can you?

The rented house was not very big, and after a few steps they were on the balcony. The corner of the sealed balcony had a few very ordinary flower pots filled with dark brown soil, and at this time, each piece of soil had one or several small green shoots growing on the surface.

They were really small green buds, but yesterday there were none. Seeing the little buds in the pot, Supreme froze again. Those big cat eyes were full of confusion. He thought the seeds seemed to grow, so next, what else could he do?

He looked back at Bai Li with a bewildered gaze.

Bai Li was a little surprised, “Oh, it sprouted faster than I thought, Supreme is great!” He squatted down, stroked Supreme’s head and continued, “How about I teach you how to take care of these seedlings next?”

Hearing that his help was needed afterwards, Supreme was energized and gave a few sweet meows with an inquisitive look in his eyes.

The next step was Bai Li’s teaching time. He taught the kitten in the most gentle and patient tone, how to lower the temperature and size of the flame on the tip of his tail, and then to wave it from a greater distance to create the right temperature. If necessary, it was best to occasionally sprinkle the surface of the seedling with water.

However Bai Li thought it sounded a little difficult to get the kitten to do the watering, and planned to do it himself. Supreme was reluctant, however, and when he learned that watering was still needed, he jumped up to the sink on the balcony, thumped his paws under the faucet, and a thin stream of water came out automatically and soaked the fur on his paws. Then he returned to the same place. He flung his paws around on the seedling, and the falling water droplets successfully wet its leaves.

After doing this, the little paws withdrew haughtily and looked at Bai Li as if waiting for his praise.

Bai Li, “!!!” Amazing my cub!

Song Xinran, “!!!!” This kitten was probably a genius!

The air was quiet for a moment before Bai Li complimented, “Supreme is so smart!”

Of course, Human, I am the best kitty! Supreme was so happy to be praised that he waved his tail and started to raise a second flower pot.

Song Xinran looked on, a little envious, but also a little curious. He suspected that these flower pots and what Brother Bai Li said about “planting” were related, but in reality, could it also be planted by hand? Where was the fully automatic planting robot?

Not knowing what kind of psychology was involved, Song Xinran hesitantly asked, “Brother Bai Li, can I also learn this from you?”

The two of them looked around at the sound, and saw Supreme’s silvery-white flame shrinking urgently at the tip of his tail. His vain and shocked little eyes, and…nearest to him was a pot that looked like it had been charcoal-grilled.

Bai Li, “…”

There was another little scream before the seedling died.


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  1. English recipe here.


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