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Chapter 1: Going Home

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo (HOHOHOHO)

In college, roommates usually talk about their hometown. Every time they brought up this topic, Bai Song was a little uncomfortable. He would be silent, listening but not speaking. His hometown was a small mountain village, but this was not the reason. He was quiet because his only impression of his hometown was that it was strange.

Bai Song’s hometown was Taohua village, which was a beautiful name. Bai Song had been living in this county with his married aunt since primary school. He went to the provincial capital during middle school and went to the coastal city for University. He seldom went back to his hometown except for festivals.

The strangest thing about Taohua Village was that, in Bai Song’s memory, he needed his parents to pick him up every time he went home. Bai Song was also very sure that he couldn’t find the village by himself when he was riding by on his motorcycle.

When learning the story of Peach Blossom Spring in high school, Bai Song thought that it was very similar to his hometown, except that his hometown was not so beautiful.

After graduating from University, he worked in the city for a year, but the company was dissolved. When he was submitting his resume everywhere, his aunt in the county called and said that his hometown hoped that he would go back. Every time he called his aunt, she wanted him to go back to Taohua Village.

Bai Song was worried. There was time, but he thought that his family would urge him to get married this time! He had several male and female colleagues who had experienced this kind of thing, and even paid girls to pretend to be his girlfriends! Bai Song had been worried about this since he was in college because he already knew that he would not marry a wife.

He just broke up with his last boyfriend two months ago.

With trepidation, Bai Song was ready to leave. He downloaded a bunch of movies and ‘bedtime videos’ to his computer to fight against the boredom of the future. Taohua Village had no Wi-Fi network, but the power was stable. He picked out clothes that didn’t look fashionable and took them with him to prevent them from affecting his aesthetics. He also made sure to take his ‘small toys.’ If the landlord or his roommates found those things, he would have no face to live.

Finally, he thought about it and put it in a box, disguising it as a bottle of men’s skincare lotion. After all, he couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t have any needs when he went home.

After a whole day’s train ride, he changed buses in the provincial capital. After arriving in the county, he met his father, who came to pick him up from the station and then switched to another mini-bus… Finally, he would have to take the private mini-bus for several hours and walk for more than two hours after getting off the bus. Dazed by the long journey home, Bai Song finally returned to his hometown, Taohua Village, before dusk.

He thought secretly in his heart that when he came back during his third year of senior high school, he didn’t walk in by the dam. Last time he passed an apple orchard… But after all, he seldom went back to his hometown, and Bai Song was not sure whether his memory was wrong or that his hometown had changed in recent years.

Walking into the courtyard, his large family had prepared dinner and were waiting for him. Bai Song said hello to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins from both sides of his family. Then he noticed that his mother was holding a little girl’s hand.

His mother smiled and pushed the little girl forward, “Call him brother.”

“What?” Bai Song was startled. His parents and his family burst into laughter. They patted Bai Song on the shoulder one by one on the left and on the right, saying that his parents had another child, Bai XiaoSong, in recent years. She was just five years old. Bai Song was so shocked that he didn’t know what to say. What surprised him was that his parents didn’t tell him about such a big thing. Since she was five, that meant his parents had her when he first went to college.

At dinner that day, Bai Song still felt that there was something strange about his hometown. His large family was having dinner in the courtyard, with all kinds of greetings. All of this was very good, but there was something wrong.

At night, he slept in his room. As the eldest son of this generation, his family doted on him. He had his own room to sleep in, instead of having to huddle with relatives. What’s more, his family was huge; each room was simple, and there was a copious row of houses.

When he plugged in his computer to watch a movie, he turned on a retro fantasy film. At this time, Bai Song suddenly remembered where the ‘wrong’ was…

His little sister was dressed fancily, with neat bangs on her forehead, a lace headband, a plain white shirt, a small tie at the neckline, a red and black plaid skirt, white socks, and red shoes.

That’s not right! This little lolita doesn’t look like a country girl at all! Bai Song even wondered if his parents had abducted a child? But they already had him as a son. Why did they need to kidnap a little girl? Then, he thought of another strange thing; that is, the relatives in a yard were too clean and formal.

Bai Song vaguely remembered that although the people in Taohua Village still loved to be clean, it was challenging to ensure that they were clean all the time because they had to do farm work, let alone have the men wear suits and the women wear dresses. He remembered that he had never seen a woman in his relative’s house wearing a dress when he was a child!

Since he couldn’t understand it, he could only wait until tomorrow. He was not interested in watching a movie, but he couldn’t sleep. So he simply opened his folder on his computer that was labeled ‘helpful to sleep’ and took out a small tool disguised in his moisturizer box.

This was a film of two foreigners. Since breaking up with his last lover, his former colleague, Bai Song, had become unable to watch movies played by Oriental people, especially those actors who liked to shave their heads and had a little mustache above their lips, which always reminded him of his ex-boyfriend. Watching foreign films reduced his distraction and let him focus on the ‘core content.’

He was wearing a headset, which had excellent sound insulation while lowering his hand to his pants. When he reached in, he hesitated for a moment. This was his first time to do this in his hometown. After all, Bai Song was a young man in his early twenties. He always thought of these things when he was free, and it was obviously not realistic to stop now.

He bit his lips and breathed slowly in case his breath sounded too heavy. He used to do the same when he lived in a rented house.

In the movie, there was a blonde white guy and a black-haired Latin man. With their fiery movements and heavy breathing, their voices sounded in Bai Song’s ears from his headphones. And as Bai Song stroked himself, he picked up his gadget.

Perhaps because it was the first time he had done this in his hometown, Bai Song was a little excited by the different environment and the hard bed board below the dark window. He lubricated the gadget and pushed it into his body.

The sound insulation of his earphones was very good. Bai Song didn’t hear the sound of footsteps outside. The wooden door was pushed open, and he nearly rolled out of bed.

Bai Song had covered his body with a quilt, but fortunately, he didn’t take off his pants. The part exposed under the quilt made it look like his pants were still in good condition. And thankfully, his laptop screen was not facing the door.

It was a little girl who came in. Bai Song turned off the movie, took off his headphones, and stared at the girl. His little sister was still wearing that lovely dress and sobbing. At this moment, Bai Song really felt that she might have been abducted here.

“You… What’s the matter?” He greeted her, and his voice was a little unsteady. When he stopped the action in panic, his semi-hard penis went flaccid, but the small tool was still inserted behind him.

The girl named Bai XiaoSong sniffed and said, “He didn’t like me. He said he didn’t want me and told me to go back.”

“Who?” Grandfather, or mom and dad? Bai Song wanted her to look away so he could pull out his toy.

The girl shook her head, took a piece of crisp sugar from her pocket, came over, and climbed into bed. Bai Song was so scared that he moved under the quilt and tied up his trousers.

“Here, brother.”

Bai Song took the sugar, peeled off the sugar paper and ate it under the expectant eyes of the little girl. The girl didn’t intend to leave, but stood on the bed, lowered her head and gave Bai Song a sweet smile, “But mom and dad said, there is still a brother. There is a chance.”

“What?” Bai Song suddenly felt dizzy. The only light in the room came from the computer screen. In such a dim light, the smile from his little sister became very strange.

As the girl turned and jumped out of bed, Bai Song collapsed beside his computer, completely unconscious.

Bai Song broke up with his last boyfriend for a very small reason. He used to worry that the relationship would not last long due to the pressure from his parents and society, or that the other party would get married and so on. But before these things occurred, the two of them gradually went farther and farther because of some long-standing and seemingly ridiculous little things.

His University, his major, his post-graduation employment, even including his break-up, were very ordinary. It was an average encounter, with an ordinary end.

Bai Song felt that the two most extraordinary things in his life were his different orientation from most people, and the other was his hometown, Taohua village. If he had a chance to straighten it out in the future, there may be many wonderful stories that could be posted online.

But before he could do so, Bai Song had a real ‘extraordinary’ experience.

When he woke up, he heard the voice of someone talking carefully, opened his eyes, and was surrounded by relatives looking at him with a smile.

“I thought it was hopeless, but it seems that there is still a chance,” his mother whispered.

“I don’t want to give up Little Song or Big Song… But it’s our destiny,” Dad sighed.

Destiny was bullshit! Bai Song felt soft and looked at his family in formal clothes in horror.

He didn’t think that he would suddenly lose consciousness. Maybe there was something wrong with his little sister’s candy. But why in his hometown, was he fed that candy by his younger sister who was younger than him by twenty years? This kind of crude abduction and trafficking shouldn’t happen to him, right?

His grandfather was dressed in a Chinese robe, and his waist was straight. He even looked sharper than a decade ago, “Dear grandson, we all have to shoulder our responsibilities. I know you don’t want to, but think about all the heroes and revolutionary martyrs…”

Bai Song’s face turned white with fear… In fact, it was funny that his grandfather suddenly said something about martyrs. But the old man’s upright temperament and gentle but serious attitude made Bai Song know that he was not facing a game.

He felt lifted up. It turned out that he had been tied to a stretcher made of bamboo. He was carried by his uncles. His parents and the elders were walking in front of him, along with some other relatives. Beside the stretcher, was his five-year-old little sister.

Bai Song was happy that these seemingly crazy relatives did not search him; otherwise, he was petrified they would find his toy in his butt. At the bottom of it, there was a small handle, which was left outside to make it more convenient for one to play with themself. In the front, there was a small round hook that was slightly tilted up, and it would hit his prostate as long as it was in.

Now Bai Song couldn’t remove it. He regretted doing that in the house. Even if he could get rid of the ropes, he didn’t think he could run fast.

“Mom, Dad… What’s wrong with you? What are you doing?” Bai Song asked, shaking.

“Son, you are sacrificing yourself to achieve great things.” His mother was dressed in a black velvet cheongsam with gold threading. In Bai Song’s impression, she was a woman who didn’t even wear a skirt and wore anything convenient.

Are these people really my relatives? A chill rose from the bottom of his feet to his heart, and Bai Song couldn’t help looking at his ‘sister.’ If he really had a younger sister, that meant his mother gave birth to his sister at that age. How could she not say a word to him?

The little girl tilted her head and said, “Don’t be afraid, brother. That brother was very kind, and I’m not afraid of him.”

“Who? Who? Sacrifice?” Bai Song was carried all the way through the mountains and woods in the night without being able to cry tears.

Gradually, he heard the sound of water. It sounded like a waterfall was crashing into a deep pool. His family stopped. They stood at the edge of the lake, which was hidden by the dense forest. From the cliff to the water, it was at least four or five stories high. A waterfall plunged into the deep pool from the rapidity of the stream.

“Son, we were going to treat you like a normal child all your life,” Mother Bai went to Bai Song and slowly untied the rope for him. “We must finish the ceremony before sunrise, or we will have a long dream. In the future, there will be opportunities to make it clear to you. At this moment, I will not say anything about it.”

After loosening the rope, she helped her son to stand up. Bai Song was thinking about whether to push away the woman who looked like his mother and run away, but… With that thing in his body and a large group of people around him, he was uncertain. Although, at this time, he wanted to run and hide for a night and try to escape back to the county during the day.

“What are you doing?” Bai Song had never been so scared as he was now. He even began to cry.

When pushed to the edge of the cliff, he struggled desperately, but could not break free of several people.

“Be brave!” He heard his mother call before he was pushed down into the deep pool by his uncles.

The speed of the fall was very fast, but Bai Song did not directly hit the water. He felt something holding him up as if he had landed on a soft cushion. Then he saw the water rising from all directions and gathering no, it wasn’t the water rising, he was sinking! Although he was sinking, he was not engulfed by the water.

Something cold caught his hands and feet, soft as a sponge, but as durable as a wire rope. He felt his hands pulled to the left and right along with his legs. His whole body was spread open like a corpse.

How deep was this pool? Staring up at the sky, the tiny light above vibrated violently, and the scene in front of him was just like when he saw others deep-sea diving on TV. It was getting darker with less light until Bai Song couldn’t even see anything besides water, and the darkness completely obscured his vision.

In the pure darkness, Bai Song couldn’t tell his direction and whether he was lying or standing. Until a vague figure appeared in the distance, he felt that he was still bound to stand here. It was like he was hanging in the air, waiting to be executed.

There was no light, but he could see the man very clearly. The other party almost shone like a light bulb.

He was a man with long silver hair, handsome and tall, with straight shoulders. His brows were majestic, and his purple eyes were bright, but his facial features were clearly Asian. He was wearing a long white robe with gilt edges, like an ancient costume, but Bai Song could not tell what dynasty it was from. At this moment, a funny idea came to Bai Song’s mind: he was just like a character in an online game or a cartoon, and he would be the boss.

However, this idea was immediately replaced by fear. He felt the coldness on his body. He looked down and found that his clothes were wide open, and his trousers were slowly being untied by invisible hands.

The silver-haired man squinted at him, and a soft, deep voice rang out. “That’s what it is. Those people look down on me too much. I’m not a loli-con. I haven’t waited for thousands of years just to get a child. Is my reputation that bad?”

——This was not right!

Unable to restrain his emotions, Bai Song could not help but make complaints about it. What’s with you using such words!

Why did this ancient man, who was obviously not human, use all Internet terms?!

Thanks to the silver-haired man’s words, Bai Song’s fear was reduced, “You… You are…”

“You can call me Dragon God Shan Zhen. I know that the name Shan Zhen is very feminine, but just call me this. I can’t help it. You can understand Dragon God as being my race or title, and Shan Zhen is my name. It’s like me saying ‘the writer Zhang San,’ which means the same thing.” The effeminate man continued to mix internet slang with his speech. “We’re going to get along well. The eldest son of the wizard Haichuan and witch Aifeng, from now on, I will be your husband… If you think that husband is too archaic and only applies to men and women, you can also understand it as being a gay partner.”

Bai Song felt his body was dull, but his face must be twitching. What was this situation? Back in his strange hometown, he was poisoned by his sister, who suddenly appeared and was tied up by his relatives who seemed to have become someone else. Who was the wizard Haichuan and witch Aifeng?! Haichuan and Aifeng were the names of his parents, Bai Haichuan and Song Aifeng…

What was this strange person in front of him? Why was this person in ancient costume saying things like ‘husband’ and ‘gay partner’! It’s a fantastic dream!

Yes, it must be a dream! Bai Song tried to bite his tongue with his teeth, but the pain was evident. He felt the pain, but other than it being a dream, there was no better explanation. So he recalled the articles he had read. It seemed that some people felt pain when they were cut by a knife in their dreams, so this must be a dream with feelings.

Dragon God Shan Zhen came closer, reached out his slender hand, and stroked Bai Song’s red lips. Bai Song took a breath. As the hand moved slowly down to Bai Song’s waist, Shan Zhen sighed in praise at his tight waist, which was obviously well exercised, and rubbed his flat abdomen.

Bai Song trembled because of this action. You know, before he was knocked down by his sister, he was playing with something in the house… Now that thing was still in his butt…

Shan Zhen stared at him and didn’t seem to understand. His hand rested on Bai Song’s stomach as if feeling something, and then he suddenly raised his head in surprise Bai Song was held in mid-air with his feet off the ground.

“So you’re ready? I thought you didn’t know what you were here for. That makes everything easy.”

Shan Zhen showed a gentle smile. Bai Song had to admit that this guy in his dream was really handsome… Besides, he was dressed up weirdly. The man raised his hand and stroked Bai Song’s neck, making him itchy and comfortable. He thought vaguely that although he liked men, he didn’t really like this type. He liked short hair and wild temperaments, just like the one who he had broken up with before. This silver-haired person was also very good-looking but was the type that little girls would like…

Just thinking about it, he heard Shan Zhen whisper a word, and suddenly his little toy moved.

No… That thing was manual! You needed to control the vibration! It does not move fast, with a little provocative and exploratory meaning! Bai Song let out a groan, and his eyes widened in surprise. Shan Zhen lifted the corner of his mouth, got close to Bai Song, and began to caress and kiss him.

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