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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo repeated, “Mr. Cheng?”

“Cheng YunChen, the instructor from the Alliance Officers Engineering University, and I see he has a good feeling about you.” Miao Fan slapped his thigh. “You didn’t know his name, right?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Miao Fan covered his face and started to howl. “You really don’t know?! Even this person can attract a quality omega. God is not fair! Being good-looking is really too much of a cheat, ah! Now you are popular as such a small fresh meat, those of us mature fierce As are no longer in demand.”

There were not many people in the small craft, so Miao Fan’s howls were loud and clear. Everyone could hear it distinctly, and they all sighed in agreement.

That was until Pei Yutu appeared at some point, and saw Miao Fan sitting next to Ping Mo. He gave him a slap. “Get out! Get out! Don’t sit in my seat! You call that being a mature and fierce A? You are simply ugly!”

Miao Fan saw the top of his own peak, didn’t dare to talk back, and slipped aside, but still gibbered, “Pei, your fierceness and handsomeness is rare, but I’m not ugly. I just look ordinary.” He took out the military terminal that had just been returned to him, took a picture of himself with the screen, and added confidently, “A little more handsome than ordinary people. Medium to high.”

“Not really.” Lu DongWang, who was sitting beside him, spat out mercilessly.

Lu DongWang, Cao LingXin and Pei Yutu were all from the same unit. They were familiar with Miao Fan, so they had no qualms about spouting off, and were very relaxed in their conversation.

Miao Fan sighed, “Mr. Cheng is really rare. An omega that still persisted with us until the end. A beautiful person with a good heart!”

Lu DongWang said, “That’s not what he said before. I remember that Miao Fan also complained that Cheng YunChen, as an omega, had to stay behind to be a hero and cause trouble for everyone.”

“Eh, eh, eh! Don’t talk nonsense!” Miao Fan said nervously. “It’s a good thing Cheng is not on this aircraft, otherwise people would misunderstand.”

Cao LingXin added, “Admit it. Since you found out that his pheromones are especially sweet, you suddenly became a licking dog.”

A neighboring military instructor picked up the thread. “If you smelled such sweet and sexy pheromones, you would be willing to become a licking dog. I understand you, Miao Fan.”


Ping Mo strained his ears and listened for a moment, but still didn’t hear a reason, so he finally quietly asked Pei Yutu, “Do you know what is going on? Why do these people think Cheng Yun–“

“It’s that Green Tea! I know who you’re talking about.” Pei Yutu realized that Instructor Ping hadn’t figured out what the green tea gentleman’s name was until now. Therefore, he was in a good mood, and whispered in his ear, “He admitted it himself!”


“Last night someone smelled sweet grapefruit pheromones again, although the drifting part was very light, it was also enough for those alphas to be suspicious. There’s only one omega here at the moment, and that is Green…ah…Cheng. Someone asked him, and he admitted it.”

This logic was not a problem, and for him to admit to these pheromones was naturally a great thing, but Ping Mo couldn’t put his heart down yet, still confused. “Why did he acquiesce?”

Pei Yutu silently licked his lips, lightly throwing dirty water on the ‘love rival’. “Vanity.”


Last night, in a deserted corridor downstairs, several alphas were drinking and the noise spread to the upstairs. Green Tea Cheng YunChen had vigilantly looked at Pei Yutu, “What do you want to say?”

Pei Yutu tsked and said, “I’m here to advise you not to waste effort. Your own conditions are too poor. Instructor Ping will not look at you.”

Green Tea wasn’t convinced. “I’m not bad at all. There are many people who are after me–”

“Oh, you are by all means not great,” Pei Yutu sneered. “Instructor Ping himself told me. He likes those sweet grapefruit pheromones, and must find that person. Except for the sweetest omega, he can’t see anyone. So you’re done.”

Only that omega? Cheng YunChen’s heart sank, but he still sneered back. “He doesn’t like alphas, so you also don’t have a chance either!”

Pei Yutu said in a grumpy manner, “What do you care about me?! Even if I don’t have a chance, I’m still his partner. I see him every day. Once you go back, that heartless guy will forget about you.”

After parting with Pei Yutu, Green Tea became more and more concerned. He remembered Instructor Ping’s powerful and gentlemanly manners. Remembered Instructor Ping’s polite but distant attitude towards him.

Was it all because his pheromones weren’t sweet enough? Pheromones and sex were closely related, and to a large extent, determined the attractiveness of an omega. If it was a regular alpha, he would only recognize pheromones as superficial, but if it was Ping Mo, the excellent Instructor Ping, Green Tea felt that this was common sense.

Cheng YunChen had never been so frustrated. After a night tossing and turning, a thought slowly took shape in his mind. The next day, someone asked whether the previous night’s pheromones were his, so he really didn’t hold back, and ambiguously didn’t deny it.

If Instructor Ping heard about this, would he reach out to him?

Strictly speaking, he wasn’t cheating Ping Mo. It was just a default. After they had gotten along for a long time then there would be feelings, and Instructor Ping would definitely forgive him.

Cheng Yun Chen ran his calculations on another aircraft, as he dealt with suddenly enthusiastic alpha people, while he waited sweetly and tormentedly for Instructor Ping’s news.

Unfortunately, Ping Mo forgot all about it, and didn’t say anything except that he was glad that his ‘top alpha’ persona wouldn’t fall down.

After nine hours, they were finally approaching the atmosphere of the main planet, but just as the journey was about to end, six aircraft alarms suddenly sounded at the same time. The military instructors and soldiers reflexively stopped joking and entered into emergency preparedness, but the craft continued to run smoothly. It was only a while later that the radio blared, “Sirs, broadcast a notice! The hostage escaped from Vehicle 2! Repeat! The hostage escaped from Vehicle 2!”

Since Instructor Ping wasn’t sitting in Vehicle 2, he didn’ receive any news except for the one broadcast that day. Slingshot had activated the escape pods and was picked up, then quickly hid his coordinates.

The craft were temporarily short of weaponry and energy in order to carry more people, so even if the other side hadn’t hidden the coordinates, it was unlikely that they would have been able to track the fugitive anyway. How exactly he managed to escape silently right under the noses of many battle-hardened soldiers was still a mystery, and who knows when exactly he contacted the people of White Hole. The only thing that was certain was that this man was unfathomable, and far from being as weak as he appeared to be.

Once they returned to the main planet, Ping Mo couldn’t help but feel like it was a lifetime ago. There were no crazy plants, ferocious giant mutant white rats, and shameless mutant rabbits. The roads were lined with busy shopping districts that were full of people, living and working in peace, as if the skeletal remains of the deserted base were just a dream.

Instructor Ping looked out the window of the luxury spacecraft at a huge billboard with the logo of some high-end luxury goods and asked, “Must we go to the hospital in such a hurry?”

Pei Yutu held the steering wheel with one hand. “Of course! Do you remember the last time when you inhaled an overdose at Leng Li’s underground boxing ring? It took half a month to recover! The doctor told you not to touch the inducer again, and to take care of it. So if you have any problems…”

“Actually, I feel fine. I seem to be in better shape than before. Dean Zhou told us to collect the prize.”

Pei Yutu said, “The ‘special award’ is a direct announcement from the Military Ministry, it’s already on the board, it’s a done deal. Of course, your body is still important!”

This time, the coalition had made a big splash. Instructor Ping went alone into the nest of mutant white rats, so he was being recognized for his feat. Needless to say, so was Teaching Assistant Pei, with the fastest speed at organizing the scattered Blue army. While the rescue was the first credit, the two even brought out students who weren’t afraid of danger and in a crisis, showed strong organization and discipline. Beyond the issue of single combat ability, this could be described as remarkable.

Pei Yutu knew that Ping Mo cared most about the collective award, so he couldn’t help but say, “Dean Zhou’s face was almost smiling when he was notified, and looking at him, he might want to have a celebration. An awards ceremony or something, so don’t worry. Why don’t you say anything, Ping Mo?”

“I don’t think so.” After a while, Ping Mo said, “There were a lot of students from AMTC who died this time.”

Pei Yutu realized he had said the wrong thing, and ran his hands through his hair. “Don’t think too much. This has nothing to do with you.”

“Nothing,” Instructor Ping interrupted him, as his long knuckles tapped the car door unconsciously, and he said in a deep voice, “You’re right, it’s not my style to hide and be sad when things go wrong.”

When things go wrong, it’s over.

Pei Yutu couldn’t help but glance at the passenger side, and felt that today’s Kitten Ping had reverted to the cranky military instructor who was not afraid of the sky or the earth. He had completely let go of the guilt he felt before. Rather, he hid his guilt deeply, and was just waiting for an opportunity to explode.

In the private hospital, the old specialist heard that Ping Mo was affected by the inducer again, and immediately held the medical record book to read a long series of “young people must take care of their bodies, or will regret it in old age,” “Medical advice isn’t taken seriously, yet you still see the doctor. Why?” 

The just as proud, quietly planning to settle accounts with the fiercest extraterritorial pirate organization, Instructor Ping was admonished and simply could not retort. Wilted, he hung his head, like a wronged elementary school chicken.

If there had been cat ears on top of his head at the moment, they would be hanging listlessly. Pei Yutu looked at him, and his heart had an itch to reach out and pet him.

The old expert ordered a long list of tests. Ping Mo under the escort of Pei, obediently did the tests one by one. With a pile of test reports back, the old expert pushed up his glasses, looked at them for a long time, before he said not very confidently, “Ping Mo’s glands…oh, very strange.”

This time even Pei Yutu got nervous. “Dr. Liu, what’s wrong with him?”

It couldn’t be anything serious. Teaching Assistant Pei almost said ‘I don’t mind even if his glands are ruined’, when the old expert concluded, “All the functions indicate that Ping Mo’s glands are already mature.”

Ping Mo’s eyes flashed with surprise at his words.

The old expert continued, “However, according to the last measurement, your physiological maturity should be very long. Strange. The simple stimulation of the inducer shouldn’t be like this. It should have the opposite effect. Strange, too strange.”

He muttered to himself for a long time, then suddenly looked up from the case file. “How could I forget? How did I not think of such a simple thing?!”

Both of them were confused when they heard the old expert ask directly, “Have you already uh, have you marked him completely?”



Instructor Ping still maintained his cool, fierce man face, even though his ears were a little red, but he didn’t move and his eyes weren’t showing the same calm temperament.

Pei Yutu smiled shyly and admitted with a loud voice, “Yes! Hahahaha! Had a little accident, so I went with the flow. Dr. Liu you don’t knowm but the situation was particularly critical – ah fuck!”

“…” Instructor Ping’s temple jumped, as he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “The doctor didn’t ask you for details.”

The old expert had seen a lot and digested the youngster’s flirting well, and chuckled, “That’s right. Pei is strong, and his alpha pheromones are very strong. First there was the inducer, followed by being fully marked by a top alpha, so there is this possibility. Everything makes sense. In short, congratulations on your safe passage to sexual maturity. “

Instructor Ping was also quite happy. “Does this mean that the omega hormones in my body will stabilize in the future? I won’t suffer from bonding heat anymore?”

The old expert said categorically, “Yes! Your omega hormones will stabilize and from now on, you will enter a stable and regular estrus.”

Ping Mo caught the point and blushed slightly, “May I ask what the pattern is?”

The old expert, “You are one in a million male Therian, and the hormone levels in your body are several times higher than an ordinary omega, so the frequency will also be very high.”

Before the old expert could spell out the exact frequency, Pei Yutu was already overjoyed and smilingly replied, “Same happiness! Same happiness!”

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Oh dear, they’ve lost Slingshot and there seemed to be White Hole people amongst them, under cover.
PY, PM’s perfect match.
Poor Green Tea; not a hope in…
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PY being an outright opportunist again 😁
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“More frequent estrus”. PYT is like a kid in a candy store. His Christmas came early.

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Why even if PM has a mark, others can smell his pheromones?

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