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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Vito’s lips quivered, as sweat rolled down his bloodless face. From the beginning, he focused all his attention on Ning Chu, because he was the one who clearly had a say from the two. Wuuth was silent, though stronger, more like a subordinate or guardian, so Vito didn’t look at him much. However, Ning Chu’s words mean that this ‘human’ beside him was a dragon.

No matter how he looked at it, Wuuth was a human, he didn’t have the characteristics of a Therian. How could this be possible… a magical beast, how could it take human form? The answer he wanted to get from Ning Chu was far less impactful than this.

Vito’s face was white, and he pulled at the corners of his mouth, “You’re joking…”

Ning Chu ignored him, and tugged Wuuth’s sleeve, “Come on.”

Wuuth frowned tightly, his expression serious. He wasn’t quite sure if Ning Chu was asking about his relationship with the dragons, or his relationship with himself, which was different. Wuuth was tense inside, as if he said the wrong thing right now, Ning Chu would be upset.

Vito held on for half a breath, still waiting for someone to reply to him.

And Ning Chu’s purpose had been achieved, Wuuth thought this man was no longer necessary to keep alive. The black fog of a sharp blade against Vito’s throat, Wuuth’s expression was cold, but his eyes were warm, through Vito’s face like looking at another person. He whispered, “He’s my god.”

This was the last sentence Vito heard in this world, his eyes slightly open, his pupils gradually dimming. Before he died, he revealed a confused look.

Wuuth put away his magic and summoned some young dragons to finish off Vito’s corpse. He turned around and found Ning Chu looking at him, his face a little red. Wuuth approached and touched the back of his hand to the side of Ning Chu’s face, which was hot.

Ning Chu’s eyes flashed and he coughed lightly, turning his head not wanting to look at Vito anymore, “Let’s go back…”

Wuuth dropped his hand and turned to move naturally to hold Ning Chu, “Okay.”

Ning Chu didn’t dodge, the two left the back of the mountain together. The young dragons on the other Dragon Island were stable, Eldest Cub and Fourth Cub were back, several dragons were doing what they always do, what happened in the desert was just a minor incident.

Ning Chu remembered that Wuuth had picked up a lot of storage bags from the corpses and wanted to hurry up and sort through them. Including some of their previously collected miscellaneous items, such as magic weapons, were all thrown away, leaving only the coins.

Although Dragon Island had the function of changing coordinates, they’d better be cautious in the future. All the miscellaneous items were destroyed by Wuuth with magic, Ning Chu then made a fire, and the last remnants were loaded together for Third Cub to take away and fly to throw them outside the passage entrance, completely away from Dragon Island.

Church members were in the tens of thousands, the probability of Vito’s death wouldn’t discourage them from looking for the magic dragons and Dragon Island. Even if these things would be the same as that wooden box and would reveal their whereabouts, when they looked for it, Dragon Island would be long gone from the vicinity.

Recalling the look of fear on Vito’s face when he finally realized Wuuth’s identity, Ning Chu only found it amusing. They obviously knew nothing about dragons, thinking they were magical beasts that were much more difficult to domesticate, and when they discovered Wuuth’s secret, they couldn’t accept the truth.

There was also the line Wuuth told Vito… Ning Chu’s face got a little hot again.

Wuuth was saying love words? But how can this dragon know what love words were?

He had never put himself in the position of “God”, without the golden fingers of the game, he was just a normal ordinary person. Ning Chu absentmindedly counted the purple gold coins and gold coins in front of him, this time meeting people with higher strength, but even poorer, the coins on their bodies were pathetic.

Vito’s storage ring has the most purple gold coins, the others brought mostly medicines, spells, scrolls and other tools, all the money added up to a total of more than 6,000 purple gold coins. There were a lot of purple gold coins on Ning Chu’s body to keep in reserve, and this 6,000 was charged into the game.

Looking at the rising balance, Ning Chu couldn’t help but click on the card pool. He stared at the bottom of the summoning array for a long time, but he finally didn’t draw.

It wasn’t like the old days of card draw… he had two Dragon Islands of dragons to take care of, but also had to think about the future.

To draw cards or to save up again.

Ning Chu turned off the game, and only then had time to organize the things he bought back from town. He used a few wooden boards nailed to the wall to make a few rows of simple shelves, set up kettles and glasses and various objects. Because there was only this room, the kitchen supplies were also put here.

Wuuth could eat human food, plus only two people needed to eat so Ning Chu bought the smallest pot. Several dragon cubs came around, curiously looking at what Ning Chu had bought, and Fourth Cub flew into the pot, which was the peerfect size.

Ning Chu took him out, “This is for food, not a dragon nest.”

He bought a skinned rabbit from the mall, gutted half of it for the dragons, and used a wind blade to cut the other half into small pieces, intending to try a stir-fry. Oil and seasoning were basically there, but that was all there was, and Ning Chu hadn’t done much of that before, holding the wok with a strained expression.

Wuuth stood by his side, “Let me do it?”

Ning Chu turned his head to look at him, “Can you do it?”

Wuuth said honestly, “No.”

He guessed what Ning Chu was going to do, but didn’t know how to do it, but Ning Chu was so serious that he was unconsciously nervous and instinctively wanted to help. In the end, Ning Chu got his hands dirty and stir-fried a pot of rabbit meat. Without the onion, ginger and garlic, it smelled quite fragrant, and Ning Chu tasted a piece himself.

The taste… was just the same, but it was better than the previous one roasted by fire. The dragon cubs were interested and crouched by the side of the pot, except for Fifth Cub, who didn’t eat meat and ran away in disgust.

Ning Chu put less salt, so each dragon was fed a small piece, and Wuuth also had some. The dragons usually ate raw food, so they weren’t used to the cooked rabbit meat and didn’t want to eat it after tasting it. Wuuth was the exception, and he looked at the pot in Ning Chu’s hand, obviously wanting more.

Ning Chu asked, “Is it good?”

Wuuth didn’t even blink, “Yes.”

The first time he ate Ning Chu’s rabbit meat, he had the same expression. Ning Chu was aware of his skills and took a bowl, pouring half of it for Wuuth, “You’re really not picky…”

He didn’t know why he didn’t want to eat in the cafeteria before at the academy, the taste of the food made in the cafeteria was better than this. The two people settled half a rabbit, and didn’t need to make dinner.

Ning Chu collapsed on the wooden bed with new bedding to rest, while Wuuth went to collect the dishes and take them outside to be cleaned. Ning Chu rubbed his stomach and rolled over to take out the clothes from his storage bag. There were five sets of clothes, two sets plus one set of pajamas for Ning Chu and two sets for Wuuth. He also wanted to buy pajamas for Wuuth, but Wuuth refused, he turned back to his dragon form every night to sleep, so he simply didn’t need pajamas.

If Ning Chu hadn’t insisted, he wouldn’t have wanted new clothes. When Wuuth returned, Ning Chu held up a shirt, “Why don’t you try it on? Let’s see if it fits.”

Wuuth put the things in his hand and didn’t answer. He walked over to the bed and silently took the clothes from Ning Chu, with resistance written all over his face. Wuuth was taller than Ning Chu, and Ning Chu couldn’t wear his clothes.

Ning Chu urged, “Try it on, I’ll wait for you outside.”

He consciously went out of the hut and closed the door behind him. Not long after, Wuuth opened the door.

He was still in his original black clothes. Ning Chu was a little disappointed, “Why don’t you wear it? Don’t you like it?”

While in town, Ning Chu was in a hurry to finish his shopping and left, indeed not giving Wuuth more chances to retort and refuse. Ning Chu was thinking that he hadn’t bought anything for Wuuth all this time, and he didn’t seem to lack anything. He hadn’t changed the style and color of his clothes since they first met, so Ning Chu thought of buying him clothes.

Wuuth still had the same expression, clutching the fabric in his hand, “…I can’t.”

Ning Chu suspected he had heard wrong, “Wha… what?”

Wuuth half lowered her eyes, “I can’t wear it.”

Ning Chu opened his mouth, “Then, then how do you… put on your clothes?”

Wuuth’s face was wooden and silent.

When he discovered that he could turn into the same form as a human, he deliberately went to observe, and tried for a long time before his scales transformed into clothes. He had never taken off his clothes, and if Ning Chu had looked closely, he would’ve found that the buttons were all fake and couldn’t be undone. No other dragon knew about this, and Wuuth didn’t want to tell Ning Chu.

Ning Chu bought a set of clothes with several pieces, tops, vests, belts, pants, jackets… Wuuth looked at it and got a headache. It wasn’t impossible to let him take his time to figure it out, but he didn’t want to wear it before he told Ning Chu that he couldn’t.

Wuuth didn’t answer and Ning Chu also didn’t know what to do, so the two of them one at the door and one at the door, the atmosphere was momentarily stagnant.

“I…” Ning Chu’s brain died for a moment and blurted out, “I’ll teach you?”

At the sound of this Wuuth’s eyes lit up slightly, the traces between his eyebrows loosened, “Okay.”

If Ning Chu was willing to teach him, then he would wear it. After saying this Ning Chu actually regretted it a little, but Wuuth had already agreed, he couldn’t change his mind. He could only follow Wuuth into the room and take the clothes in his hand. The new clothes were still buttoned up, Ning Chu looked down to unbutton them and froze when he looked up. He reacted with a red face and lifted the clothes in his hand to block his eyes, “Where did your clothes go?!”

How did this dragon move so fast… not even leaving a shirt!

Wuuth was very innocent, and honestly replied, “Took them off.”

Since they were his body’s scales, he could instantly put them away.


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October 5, 2022 2:24 pm

I would love something like that…saves a lot of time hahaha. And the chapter…quite interesting. This novel can be quite dark sometimes I presume. Well, thanks for the chapter

October 5, 2022 6:32 pm

Ha hahahaha poor Ning😯 where’d your clothes go😂😂🤣❤️❤️

October 5, 2022 8:17 pm

Disappointed they learnt so little from Vito.
I love Wuuth; his straight forwardness, which is out of a kind if innocence.
Thanks for translating and editing.

Xiao Ying
October 6, 2022 4:19 am

wuuth, how sly~ want him to help you put the clothes on.. then help you off with it, huh~😏

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Human 101 with some tofu eating 😏

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