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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The dragon change spell was a long series of words, with all kinds of obscure and difficult to pronounce words piled up together, giving Ning Chu a headache just by looking at it. The rest of the items that could be bought directly from the mall, Ning Chu sighed silently and closed his backpack.

The first ten in a row got him two legendary items, which wasn’t that bad of a luck, just not what he needed. What Ning Chu wanted most was a dragon egg, even if it wasn’t a new breed of rare dragon. When he opened the card pool again, Ning Chu was a bit hesitant.

According to certain rules and experience, he had already drawn the rarest item, and his luck wouldn’t be so good next time. Ning Chu dithered for a moment, but decided to try again, since he had a good day anyway. He drew three more ten-in-a-row, and as he expected, they were all common items.

Ning Chu wasn’t going to draw anymore, at least not today. He turned off the card pool and placed the large dragon crawler from his backpack in the corner of the room.

With the dragon crawler in place, Ning Chu turned around and faced Wuuth.

Before the meal, Ning Chu said excitedly that he wanted to draw some cards, but when he came back, he immediately went into a state of relaxation, and Wuuth guessed what he was doing, so he didn’t disturb him.

When Ning Chu’s excitement dropped, Wuuth sensed it and asked him, “Did the card draw go well?”

He didn’t know what a card draw meant. Probably something needed for cultivation or Ning Chu’s magic weapon? If Ning Chu wasn’t doing well, he could see if he could help.

“The card draw…” Ning Chu rubbed the tip of his nose, “Barely. I wanted to draw dragon eggs,” he continued, “and I wanted a new little dragon cub, but I didn’t get it. It needs a lot of luck.”

There were little dragon cubs in the room who hadn’t fallen asleep and immediately perked up their ears. Will there be new baby dragon cubs, and will they have some new friends? However, Ning Chu didn’t go on to say more.

Wuuth heard the regret in Ning Chu’s voice and said comfortingly, “It’s okay, there’s no need to rush.” He pulled Ning Chu to the bedside and told him to take a nap, “Rest for a while?”

Ning Chu answered, took off his jacket and lay down, pulling the thin quilt aside. Wuuth followed suit, and seeing that Ning Chu was only wearing a close-fitting shirt, he turned the clothes on his body into the same style as his.

Ever since Wuuth started sharing a bed with Ning Chu in human form, he had been doing this, and he had to wear the same pajamas as Ning Chu at night. The same went for naps. Ning Chu stared at the row of unbuttoned buttons in the front of Wuuth’s shirt and inexplicably felt a blush.

Wuuth didn’t care, he naturally put his arms around Ning Chu, buried his head in his hair and sniffed lightly, whispering, “It’s okay, go to sleep.”

The warmth of another person’s body came through the thin clothing, and Ning Chu slowly moved into Wuuth’s arms to adjust his position, “Ahem… it wasn’t so bad. I drew a good medicine, and a spell.”

“A spell?” Wuuth’s eyes raised slightly.

“Mn… the spell that turns you into a dragon for a short time,” Ning Chu frowned, not noticing the slight change of expression under Wuuth’s eyes, “This was also something hard to draw, but it doesn’t seem to last long.”

Wuuth’s slightly bright eyes quickly darkened, as Ning Chu didn’t seem to want to use this spell. He asked tentatively, “Ning Ning, don’t you want to become a dragon?”

It was only for a short time, and wouldn’t permanently change his race. It shouldn’t have any side effects for Ning Chu, while it wouldn’t mean the same for Wuuth. He had imagined Ning Chu becoming a dragon before, not that he disliked him for being human, but just as a grounded dragon, it was inevitable.

What was more, Ning Chu was his mate to be, he had a human form that could respond to his partner’s needs, and now that he had the spell to turn into a dragon, Wuuth selfishly wanted him to use it. Ning Chu has taught him so much about humans, and if Ning Chu could become a dragon, he could teach Ning Chu how to be a dragon in return.

They could do so many nice things… definitely a completely different experience from being a human.

Wuuth uncontrollably began to fantasize again what Ning Chu would be like if he became a dragon. Would it be the same as he imagined, with creamy white scales and beautiful dragon horns? The arms around his waist tightened, and Ning Chu noticed that Wuuth seemed to be breathing a little heavier. He felt a little squeezed and moved to lift his head, “No… not really.”

Ning Chu was thinking that his little dragon squad was very smart, if there really was something that only dragons could do, let them do it.

As for the use of soaring in the sky, moving mountains and plucking the sea, Ning Chu could sit on the back of the dragon. There was a contract service, so it could be considered that he has already done all of that. So, the dragon spell for him was quite useless.

But looking at Wuuth’s reaction, did he… want him to become a dragon?

This thought flashed through Ning Chu’s mind, and he looked at Wuuth with slightly widened eyes, trying to read something from his face. He remembered that Wuuth once said that he wished he was a dragon more than a human. And yesterday, Wuuth said the word “young dragon” to him.

Is it really that significant to be a dragon? Ning Chu thought to himself. If so, he could learn the dragon spell…

Wuuth stroked Ning Chu’s hair, not answering, keeping silent for a long time, before he said, “Take a nap.”

The spell to change form wasn’t the same as his ability to transform, so if Ning Chu didn’t want to, he wouldn’t force it. Ning Chu let out a “hmm” and didn’t bother anymore.

It was just a one-day spell, and it wasn’t a big deal for him to learn it.

Ning Chu didn’t tell Wuuth what he was going to do, so he opened his backpack and recited the【Dragon Transformation Spell】twice in his mind.

The spell was long and difficult to recite. Ning Chu stumbled over it and didn’t activate the magic, so naturally it didn’t have any effect. He was getting sleepy and turned off the game to talk about it when he was free.


When he woke up in the afternoon, Ning Chu planned to go look for the mine in the back of the mountain. They couldn’t stay with the elves for long, and they wanted to leave after they were done with the money bank account.

Winka tried his best to make them stay, and said at lunchtime that he had prepared a good meal and fruit wine for the evening, so they should stay at least one more night. Since Winka took the initiative to mention giving them the crystals and the mine, Ning Chu was certainly willing to take these free stuff! He now had two Dragon Islands to support his family, and he wasn’t the same person who spent a lot of money on drawing cards.

Fourth Cub woke up a little late and rolled over and stretched as Ning Chu squatted next to the dragon’s nest and poked its fat paws, “Little Six, do you want to go look for that stone again?”

Fourth Cub was the first to rush to the dragon’s nest, “Aowu!”

He wanted to go too! Searching for the shiny stones! Fourth Cub’s voice drew all the other dragons to him. Sixth Cub understood Ning Chu’s words, dropped the crystal from the nest and tilted her head by the edge of the nest, “Aowu! Awoo…”

Ning Chu got the answer from her reaction and reached out to pick her up, “Let’s go!”

Wuuth and the other dragons were going too. Ning Chu was carrying Fifth Cub and Sixth Cub in his arms, followed by Wuuth and several dragons flying around, and many elves stared at them on the road. Ning Chu first located the place where the crystals were first found, and dug out a lot of stones, cutting open all the purple crystals inside.

But the mine was very small, the space only as big as two dragon nests, digging further only got them ordinary stones. Ning Chu and several dragon cubs busied themselves with work, while Sixth Cub quietly crouched aside.

She just hatched and saw Ning Chu first. Seeing Ning Chu helping, she wasn’t so protective of the stones, not having much interest in digging out the crystal stones and only nibbling on a couple.

When digging to the end, Sixth Cub got up and went elsewhere, while lowering her head and sniffing.

Ning Chu hurried to keep up, following Sixth Cub, the guide, to find another mine. This cave was even smaller, and only two crystals were found. Ning Chu put her on Second Cub’s back and flew around the entire back of the mountain, but she still didn’t respond.

The cave should belong to the small category, so Ning Chu didn’t ask for so much for nothing, and returned with the dragon.

After they left Lough Valley, they had to go to the dwarves, who were familiar with all kinds of crystals and minerals and must know what these were. After collecting the crystals, Ning Chu kissed Sixth Cub on the forehead, “Little Six was great, you can find treasures at such a young age.”

Sixth Cub straightened her back proudly, and the dragon wings on her back opened up slightly. In a little while, she would be able to fly alone.

In the evening when they went to dinner, Ning Chu still told Winka how many crystals he had found. Although Winka said that there was no need to inform him, after all, it was something from the elven territory.

Winka nodded while saying, “Most precious crystals take a lot of time to condense a small piece. I had heard that the smaller the mine, the more precious the crystals inside, so what Little Six found this time must be worth a lot… is this her talent?”

He said it without regret or eye rolls, all in admiration of Sixth Cub.

“Not sure…” Ning Chu stroked Sixth Cub’s back.

If this was the case, then Sixth Cub’s “Gold Devouring Dragon” name wasn’t in line with reality, perhaps it was more appropriate to call her a treasure dragon or something… just a little more unpleasant to hear.

Dinner was very good, Winka specially prepared a new brewed fruit wine. The last time Ning Chu came, it couldn’t be unsealed, but now it was perfect. Before crossing over, Ning Chu had drunk beer a few times and fruit wine once, but he drank little, plus it was weaker in alcohol content, so he never experienced the feeling of getting drunk.

The fruit wine made by the elves shouldn’t have too much aftertaste either. Winka poured a glass for Ning Chu and Wuuth, and asked each of the little dragon cubs at the table, but they weren’t interested. Ning Chu picked up the glass and tasted a little bit of it. It tasted like a refreshing juice, without any taste of alcohol.

It also smelled good, so Ning Chu couldn’t help but finish it. When Winka saw his glass was empty, he continued to pour for him. Ning Chu drank four or five cups of it, while Wuuth didn’t like the taste of fruit wine and only drank one cup.

During the meal, the group occasionally chatted, mostly Ning Chu and Winka, but gradually Ning Chu became silent, staring at his face, but his eyes grew brighter. When they were ready to return after the meal, he was still sitting in his seat, and Wuuth called out to him before he got up slowly. He looked around sluggishly, “Are we going back?”

Ning Chu drank a lot of fruit wine and smelled like it, which Wuuth didn’t like, but not when he faced Ning Chu. He took Ning Chu’s hand, “Yes.”

Ning Chu fell on top of him, “I’m tired, I don’t want to walk.”


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