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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The fact that Lu Feng broke the electronic protection network for Legacy Base without permission, which resulting in the death and injury of countless soldiers and students, was enough for him to be court-martialed, not to mention the fact that the investigation of him was still going on with the help of Pei Yutu. As the saying went, there were no wet shoes when you walk by the river. Lu Feng, since the moment he was transferred out of the special forces, and joined the quartermaster’s office to manage administration, had indulged himself to a certain extent and made a lot of mistakes. Now they were all dug up by Pei Yutu.

Pei Yutu was determined to take revenge for his wife. Meanwhile Ping Mo was frustrated for a while, then had to get busy.

Family and career both faced new beginnings.

The two finally went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a license on the “auspicious day” chosen by the superstitious Madame Dai, and Ping Mo was left with a new decision. He thought that after the public announcement of his omega status, the top brass of the Military Ministry would change their opinion of him, but after the media publicity, all the omegas in Alliance were excited, and claimed that this was a big step for Alliance’s affirmative action.

Pei Yutu was a little worried about this.

His new position had already been decided, the chief of the sixth station outside the domain. It was a new station. The disadvantage was that it wasn’t close to the main planet, the advantage was that the new station facilities were state-of-the-art, not to say the living environment, and Pei Yutu was the top boss. Except for major military tasks, all matters were his decision.

If his wife was around, everything would be perfect.

Unfortunately, Ping Mo was not from an ordinary military family. His wife’s rank was higher than his, and he was so popular. Pei Yutu had the heart to coax Ping Mo to his station, but also felt that he shouldn’t use personal feelings to kidnap him, and prevent him from progressing.

After all, Ping Mo was not only his wife, but also a soldier.

Pei Yutu was so preoccupied, that he was even distracted from preparing for the wedding.

“You’re about to get married. Why are you so listless all day?” After Madame Dai had finished scolding her son, she asked excitedly, “What about my dress?”

Pei Yutu didn’t even raise his head. “It looks good.”

Madame Dai said angrily, “Raising you is no better than raising a placenta! Look at it! Do you look good?”

Then she turned to Ping Mo, “Xiao Mo, help Mom see. For this big red dress, which silk scarf should be chosen to match?”

Instructor Ping lost his mother at the age of six, so for many years he had stumbled to grow up. Except for Lu Feng, he had no family.

In short, he had long forgotten what it was like to be close to someone, and now Madame Dai was calling him ‘Xiao Mo’, but also thought it was particularly natural for him to call her ‘Mom.’ Although she had a noblewoman’s temperament, it was nagging and nice, and she was the quintessential, in the prime of her life, housewife.

This kind of nagging and triviality was undoubtedly disliked by the average grown-up children, but Ping Mo cherished it, as it made him feel like he had a home again after 20 years.

Instructor Ping was more attentive to Madame Dai’s requests, and unlike Pei Yutu, he didn’t do anything perfunctory, but seriously thought about it and repeatedly compared them, and finally, solemnly chose an emerald green silk scarf.

Madame Dai, “…”

Madame Dai’s stomach ached, then felt a burst of worry. She felt that these two sons were distracted, had a straight A aesthetic, and didn’t know what would have to be picked out to wear to get married. She secretly decided that she still had to send them clothes.

Pei Zong had only one attitude towards all his wife’s decisions. Financial support!

While Madame Dai was keen on dressing up the two, she also brought along a group of bridesmaids and groomsmen, including Leng Li.

Leng Li was an alpha female, with a tall, chiseled body, and a dress that was a dominant, imperial style that would definitely win her over, but Leng Li herself was  still torn, “I don’t want to be a bridesmaid! I want to be the best man! I’m an alpha!”

Lu DongWang mercilessly poked her. “Give up, Instructor Ping’s marriage certificate is already signed. What you wear will not affect his wedding day.”

“…” Leng Li struggled, “Ping wouldn’t wear a bridal gown anyway! Won’t I be overwhelming in a dress?”

It’s true that some male Omegas will try on bridal clothes for their weddings because they have a girlish heart, but Instructor Ping obviously doesn’t belong to this category. He has a top alpha living inside him, a violent alpha who could kill people in a minute if he’s not happy.

The best man with more complicated feelings than Leng Li is Cheng Cheng. Miao Fan, Lu DongWang, Cao LingXin and others were happy, and very much in line with the atmosphere of the wedding.

During the rehearsal the day before the wedding, Instructor Ping was very uneasy and repeatedly confirmed with the emcee, “There are no embarrassing games at the wedding, right?”

The emcee assured him, “Don’t worry, Colonel Ping. The main theme of your wedding is simple and generous. We will remember this tone.”

Ping Mo asked, “There won’t be any bridesmaid’s rowdiness, right?”

The emcee looked at the only female, alpha Leng Li, who could barely be called a bridesmaid. He saw that she was on the phone with her arms crossed, as she scolded the guy on the other end of the line. She was accompanied by two big ‘bag-carrying assistants’, just like a black market boss who couldn’t be bothered.

The emcee thought to himself, Who is crazy enough to mess with her?

“Don’t worry. Absolutely not.”

Ping Mo still wanted to ask what that meant, but Pei Yutu had already wrapped a hand around his waist. “Don’t be nervous. The wedding is only one day. We are the protagonists. Do what you want to do.”

“Who is nervous? I just want to confirm the process.” In front of outsiders, Instructor Ping habitually behaved unperturbed, but when the emcee and others left, Ping Mo immediately and imperceptibly breathed a sigh of relief.

Pei Yutu loved his arrogant look, and couldn’t help but kiss him audibly. “We’re married! Legal husband and wife.”

“…” Ping Mo, “Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s okay to be indecent.”

Pei Yutu bristled, as he thought, You’re shy here, but when you get to the compound with me, the sky is far away!

As he thought about that, Teaching Assistant Pei felt sullen again, and for the nth time pretended to carelessly mention, “By the way, you have decided where to go?”

Ping Mo pretended to be confused, “What? Go where?”

Pei Yutu, “So many troops want you. I heard that the Omega Protection Association also recommended you to join the government department. The rumors reached me.”

“It’s not a rumor.”

Pei Yutu even stopped breathing. He wouldn’t really want to enter politics, right? The fastest starship between the main planet and the sixth station took two days and one night, and it wasn’t as if he, the commander-in-chief, could run away twice in three days. It would be a real long-distance relationship.

Just when Teaching Assistant Pei thought he was going to have his dream of a wife and children shattered, Ping Mo denied it. “I’m a big soldier, and not suitable for politics. I’ll stay in the army.”

Pei Yutu breathed a long sigh of relief, and asked, “Which army?”

Ping Mo asked rhetorically, “Do you have any suggestions?”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Pei Yutu almost blurted out that he was coming to the sixth station, but the highest leader in his station was only a lieutenant colonel – himself.

No matter where Ping Mo was placed, it was considered a favor to him.

If he were to make a fool of himself and ask him to condescend to be his second-in-command, Ping Mo would most likely agree, but he couldn’t.

Pei Yutu held his tongue for half a day but couldn’t come up with a reason, and finally just said, “I don’t have a problem with it.”

Never mind. If it was too far away, the big deal would be when he automatically applied for Ping Mo as a deputy. The family always has to have a sacrificial career.


Teaching Assistant Pei said he didn’t need to be nervous, but when the day came, he was the first to fidget, as he went to the mirror every two minutes to straighten his suit.

“Does this suit make me look dark?”

“You’re not white in the first place!” Madame Dai ruthlessly pierced him. “Especially standing next to Xiao Mo. Xiao Mo is so white, with any comparison you will be even darker. It has nothing to do with the suit.”

“…” Pei Yutu, “Why not just wear a military uniform? How formal.”

Madame Dai spat, “If you want to wear a military uniform, Xiao Mo must also wear one. The guests are expected to come wearing, in large part, military uniforms. Will it still look like a  wedding? This is your big day, but you can forget about it. Xiao Mo is so good-looking, he must be dressed up. Eh? Where is he? I have to go and give a word of advice, these cufflinks don’t match the suit.”

Even though the wedding hadn’t yet begun, Pei Yutu also slipped out to smoke a cigarette, and heard the guests chatting in twos and threes.

As there were too many guests, Pei Yutu ordered the auditorium changed since it wasn’t not big enough. So they simply removed the tables and chairs, and the ceremony was held in the auditorium, while the wedding banquet was changed to a garden buffet.

At this time several respected old generals also gathered together to smoke and chat.

“I plan to find Ping Mo after the wedding to talk again.”

When he heard his wife’s name, Pei Yutu immediately perked up his ears.

“It’s useless for you to talk. I dealt with that boy when he was still in the Raptors. When he decides, no one can change it.”

“That is also condescending. He, a colonel, has run to the sixth station as military instructor. It isn’t a new station, with a better living environment. I can also apply for funding next year!”

“Old Yue, don’t be greedy. The sixth station is different. It’s not the problem of the living environment, it’s the personnel.”

“What people? Who is operating in the dark?”

The crowd laughed, “This also counts as a secret operation, but this thing you can’t control. We reported to the marshal that they can’t control it, because that person is…”

Pei Yutu, the god of the secret operation in the mouth of the people, had long run away and didn’t hear the rest of the words.

Pei Yutu pushed open the door of the dressing room, saw Ping Mo’s guarded face and several stylists standing to the side. The stylists were holding eyebrow pencils, eyeliner and other ‘weapons’, but none of them dared to approach. The groom entered the door like someone to the rescue, but before they could call for help, Pei Yutu gave a wave of his hand and a glare, and the makeup artists were scared away.

Ping Mo loosened his collar and let out a long breath, as he joked, “It’s a good thing you sent them away. Those people wanted to put a pen in my eye!”

Pei Yutu didn’t laugh, he just looked at him seriously. “You’ve made up your mind.”

Ping Mo, “?”

Pei Yutu, “You’ve decided to come to the sixth station to keep me company. Why?”

Ping Mo leaned back in his chair, and tilted his head slightly to look at him, a smile in his eyes. “I wanted to surprise you, but I didn’t expect you to be so well-informed.”

Pei Yutu half crouched down, so his eyes were level with his. “You can go to a better place.”

Ping Mo, “Where is better? I’m actually a rough guy at heart, I don’t understand the twists and turns, so it’s absolutely impossible to go into politics. I have no experience in leading soldiers to war. We Raptors out of all people, our strength was the ability to fight alone, then to be retired. Either like the former Lu Feng and go to the quartermaster’s office to hang an idle job, or play the rest of the time as a military instructor. I didn’t feel it before, but after being in the Alliance Army for so long with the children, I actually enjoyed it more and more, being a military instructor. Training those little kids is quite interesting. Don’t worry, my military instructor treatment may not be lower than yours, and I have planned so that in addition to training new recruits for you, you can also talk to the Alliance Universities in cooperation, to regularly let them send the kids over. Anyway, the sixth station is so large, you can open a separate place for a student training camp.”

“No, you are too good for that.” Pei Yutu interrupted him. He looked into Ping Mo’s eyes, opened his mouth, and said, “You’re obviously doing it for me.”


After a short silence, Ping Mo suddenly and graciously agreed, “Yes.”

When he heard this “yes,” Pei Yutu’s heart was warm and a bit uncomfortable. He felt Ping Mo’s hand on his face as he lifted his chin so that he was looking at him.

“I just want to be with the person I like. What’s wrong with that?” Ping Mo said, as he suddenly came over, cupped Pei Yutu’s big head and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Pei Yutu, “!!!”

Pei Yutu just felt like a balloon filled with hydrogen. With just a little expansion, overflowing happiness filled his body.

Happiness was a bit unreal. He really wanted to skip the tedious wedding, and directly bring his wife back to their nest!

However, the tedious wedding was still held in an orderly manner as scheduled.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were the first to appear. Lu DongWang, Cao LingXin, Leng Li, Cheng Cheng, Miao Fan and other people dressed up in formal dress, starry-eyed, all changed from the usual rough soldier gangsters. Even Leng Li had learned to manage expressions, and looked like a lady of the house.

The over-aged flower girls, led by Zhou Li, were much more dejected, but when the emcee invited the two newlyweds in, they shouted as if they were supporting their love idols, and their joyfulness almost made General Dai deaf.

In the midst of this hilarious chaos, Pei Yutu and Ping Mo made their respective appearances.

The two wore similar style white suits, Pei Yutu was tall and handsome, with broad shoulders, long legs, and as soon as he appeared, he exuded hormones.

While the same clothes on Ping Mo had a completely different feeling – stunning!

As soon as he appeared, Lu DongWang couldn’t help but pull on Cheng Cheng who was beside him and spit out, “Pei has been luckier than me since he was a kid. He can get such a good-looking wife, but I don’t even have a date yet!”

Cheng Cheng looked at Ping Mo and was silent. They didn’t know what he was thinking. Leng Li said with envy, “Pei’s luck is really great.”

Pei Yutu was standing next to the best man group and heard their comments clearly, but wasn’t angry, just a little proud. Very happily, he gave the crowd a high head and back, then his eyes fell on Ping Mo.

The set of clothes on Ping Mo could simply be summed up as ‘A and beautiful’. After of years of a military career, and countless assassination missions, he had hardened into a sharp dagger. Although at the moment it was carefully hidden, it also had long been integrated into his marrow and thus the whole person looked beautiful but a little wild.

The omega students on the stage, as well as the teachers who came to the wedding, sighed again. Why was Instructor Ping also an omega?

In the midst of the overwhelming feeling, Pei Yutu finally put up his ‘love antennae’ and gave the chattering students an indiscriminate glare, which instantly silenced the ‘overaged flower girl area’.

The master of ceremonies seized the moment of silence and read out the procedures, asked the witnesses to speak, and then read out the marriage certificate.

In accordance with Instructor Ping’s request, the whole wedding wasn’t embarrassing game play. The atmosphere was simple, but also needed two people to stand aside to cooperate, especially the witness, old General Dai. Since he was extra happy, he felt free to play on the spot, and the long-prepared script was thrown to the side, as he endlessly expressed his feelings. Offstage, Madame Dai almost coughed up a lung, but the old man only wanted to continue his speech.

Ping Mo listened to the sound, and gradually lost his nervousness. Of course, that might be more likely because Pei Yutu had been holding his hand. The two were in public, openly holding hands, and he didn’t have to be embarrassed, and also didn’t have to cover up.

From now on, they were a legal and legitimate family.


Ping Mo ground that word over and over in his mind, as he thought incredibly, ‘family’ and ‘Ping Mo’. Those two words could finally be brought together.

The master of ceremonies announced, “The two newlyweds, please exchange rings. The ‘Angel of Love’ will present the rings.”

Leng Li, the Angel of Love, ran to the front of the stage with her skirt in her hand, and reluctantly presented the rings, which were snatched away by Pei Yutu.

Pei Yutu lifted his legal wife’s hand and put the white gold ring on it with great care, and in full view of everyone, he said against Ping Mo’s ear, “Put it on, and you’ll never get away again.”

The emcee joked, “What is the groom whispering?”

Teaching Assistant Pei said, “This emcee is too insensitive. If it is a whisper, how can I tell others?” 

If this is in the training ground of the Alliance Army, Instructor Ping would have hit him, but this was their wedding and it wasn’t good to pull out a knife and gun.

Pei Yutu was slandered in his heart, and was about to open his mouth to round up this topic for Ping Mo, when he heard Instructor Ping, who had always been the most thin-skinned, say naturally, “He said, I love you.”

Immediately, there was a good-natured roar from the stage.

Pei Yutu, “?”

But that was not all. Instructor Ping turned to Pei Yutu, and said in a clear enough voice, “I love you too.”

Pei Yutu, !!!!? Crap!!!

Crap, crap, crap, crap!!!!

Pei Yutu gulped, barely suppressed the rushed fluttering and happiness, and silently recited several times “can’t embarrass Instructor Ping”. He tried to make himself look graceful as leaned down to drop a kiss on Ping Mo’s lips and said, like a vow, “I love you, Ping Mo.”


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