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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


He sat and ate a meal, how could he be tired? Wuuth didn’t ask, he just enjoyed Ning Chu’s initiative to approach, not even caring about the surrounding looks, as he bent down to embrace Ning Chu, “Can I carry you back?”

The two of them rarely had any intimate words or actions outside, so Wuuth didn’t expect Ning Chu to agree. Ning Chu buried his face in the clothes on Wuuth’s chest, and only after a long time did he look up, “Mn… yes.”

He seemed different tonight than he had in the past, but Wuuth didn’t understand the power of wine and didn’t consider the fruit wine as the reason. Wuuth directly clasped Ning Chu’s waist and easily lifted him up to his level. Ning Chu was already shorter than he was, and his feet just didn’t touch the ground, but this position wasn’t convenient for walking, it not only blocked the view, but it was also awkward to walk like that.

Wuuth didn’t care, he had never held Ning Chu while walking, and thought it would be good. Ning Chu hung his legs, relaxed his body and rested his head on Wuuth’s shoulder, looking at him with clear eyes. They walked slowly, falling behind some dragons, and Sixth Cub was on Fourth Cub’s back. He had slept again before dinner, and now he was in his prime, letting Fourth Cub fly a little higher.

Fourth Cub was afraid that she would fall down, so he flew up only a little bit, and then he was considered as flying higher. Wuuth carried Ning Chu for a while and Ning Chu suddenly reached out and poked him on the side of his face, “You’re so handsome.”

His voice was small, but his words were very clear, and his hand quietly touched Wuuth’s chin before leaving. Wuuth’s footsteps stopped, as he looked down at Ning Chu, “Human form or dragon form?”

This answer was very important to him. If Ning Chu answered human form, he would be happy, answer dragon form, he would be more happy.

Ning Chu raised his head and looked at Wuuth, thought seriously and replied, “Both look good.”

Wuuth hooked the corners of his mouth and came close to give Ning Chu a kiss on the lips.

Ning Chu immediately blushed, very shy, but his eyes still blinked at Wuuth, “Why did you kiss me, because you like me?”

Wuuth finally noticed that something was off with Ning Chu, since he would never say these words outright. The scent of Ning Chu’s fruit wine was still strong and wafted along as he spoke, and the fruit wine that was tasteless to Wuuth became incredibly sweet at this moment. He moved over to kiss Ning Chu again and carefully licked the taste.

Ning Chu blushed even more and waited for Wuuth to back away before urging, “Come on, do you?”

“Yes,” Wuuth’s throat slid up and down as he spoke, and his free hand came to probe the side of Ning Chu’s face, “Hot?”

Ning Chu didn’t reply, he was satisfied with Wuuth’s answer, tilting his head to rub his palm like a little dragon cub, then wrapped his arms around Wuuth’s neck and leaned back against him.

“I like you too,” Ning Chu spoke even more quietly, leaning close to Wuuth’s ear as if he was afraid of being overheard, “Really.”

The veins in Wuuth’s forehead tensed up and his arms around Ning Chu tightened abruptly. He took a moment to calm himself down, but his heart was full of emotions as he whispered, “I know.”

Ning Chu rarely spoke such words to him, and has never been so… well behaved before. There were a lot of elves passing by, so Wuuth picked up his pace and didn’t stop, carrying Ning Chu back. The only people in the house were Eldest Cub and Fifth Cub, talking together, while the other little dragon cubs ran fast and slipped out to play after they returned.

Wuuth put Ning Chu on the edge of the bed and touched his still hot face, “Do you feel sick anywhere?”

He reacted with hindsight that Ning Chu might have been drinking the fruit wine? Now that his face was red, Ning Chu was a human with a weaker constitution, so he didn’t know if drinking the fruit wine would make him sick.

Ning Chu shook his head, “No.”

Wuuth looked at his body and demeanor carefully and confirmed that there was nothing unusual except for the fever, so he put his mind at ease, “That’s good.”

Ning Chu added, “There… is a little something.”

Wuuth immediately nervous, “Where?”

Ning Chu covered his heart and frowned, “My heart is beating too fast.”

He said as he collapsed on top of Wuuth. Wuuth helped him sit down on the edge of the bed and took his hand to probe with a trace of magic element. The dark magic element hid its sharpness and flowed through Ning Chu’s body in the gentlest way. The magic element went around and was absorbed by Ning Chu.

Ning Chu was quiet the whole time, looking at Wuuth without speaking. After checking the inside of his body, Wuuth still didn’t find anything strange. Ning Chu’s rapid heartbeat and fever were not serious, perhaps it was due to nervousness.

What was he nervous about? Wuuth took off Ning Chu’s shoes and jacket, leaned over the bed and held Ning Chu in place, patting his back soothingly, “You’ll be fine in a while.”

Ning Chu didn’t look like he was having a hard time either, he lay in Wuuth’s arms and shyly asked, “Can you kiss me again?”

Wuuth could hardly believe his ears and looked stunned for a moment, “What?”

“Kiss me,” Ning Chu repeated, the corners of his mouth pressed down, “You don’t want to?”

How could he not be willing? Ning Chu’s eyes darkened as Wuuth eagerly kissed him, pressing his lips against his. Wuuth was excited and surprised, but he flinched a little, he couldn’t figure out why Ning Chu was suddenly like a different person. He quickly backed away and found that Ning Chu was indeed pursing his lips and not looking well.

Wuuth was apprehensive and asked out loud, “Ning Ning?”

Ning Chu wasn’t too happy, “You can’t even kiss?”

Although he also couldn’t, he certainly wouldn’t do it the way Wuuth did. Wuuth didn’t expect him to say that at all and froze for a while. Seeing his lack of response, Ning Chu was even more upset and fiercely cupped his chin, “Open your mouth!”

Wuuth subconsciously obeyed, and Ning Chu took the initiative to kiss him.

Ning Chu had no rules, going fully by his instincts and intuition, as slowly Wuuth began to learn his movements. Both of them had zero experience, while feeling their way through, but surprisingly, they still fit together. A while later, Ning Chu became impatient and reached out to push Wuuth, so Wuuth let go of him.

The only two little dragon cubs left in the house also quietly slipped out. Since today’s dinner was eaten earlier than usual, there was still some time before bedtime. Wuuth exhaled hot breath, the two only separated for less than a minute, yet he couldn’t resist kissing again. This was a new experience he had never had before, and one that Ning Chu had taught him.

Either way, it made Wuuth’s blood boil.

Ning Chu struggled a little, but after realizing the power gap, he slowly quieted down. A few moments later Wuuth looked up and found Ning Chu sleeping with his eyes tightly closed and breathing calmly. Wuuth gently laid him down on the bed and adjusted his position, then lowered his head and touched his lips one last time. He tucked Ning Chu in and went out to look for the dragons outside, so they could come back to sleep.


The next day, Ning Chu slept until sunrise. He had been drinking one glass after another yesterday, and Winka thought he was a good drinker, so when he learned in the morning that he hadn’t gotten up yet, he guessed a few things and didn’t wake him up so he could go back to sleep.

The dragon cubs were getting more and more familiar with Lough Valley, it was like their Dragon Island, they have long known when to eat breakfast, leaving Wuuth alone to guard Ning Chu. As soon as Ning Chu opened his eyes, he felt something was wrong. He knew he had been drinking yesterday, but he didn’t have a headache, just a slight pain in his lips.

Ning Chu sat up with a frown and reached out to touch it. Wuuth was next to him and Ning Chu turned his head and asked, “Am I cut here?”

In fact, it wasn’t cut, it should be from kissing too long, but Ning Chu’s skin on his lips was too delicate. Wuuth was chagrined that he hadn’t noticed this. He sat on the edge of the bed, leaned over and lifted Ning Chu’s chin, trying to heal him with a healing spell.

Ning Chu dodged it and used his water magic to create a water mirror.

In the clear water mirror, his lips weren’t broken, but… a tad swollen, just a little. Wuuth reached over again and gently stroked Ning Chu’s lips, and the healing spell quickly restored him to his original state.

After recovery, the difference was clear, it was indeed swollen just now, and also very red. Ning Chu began to try to remember what had happened last night. He drank fruit wine during dinner, and then went back with Wuuth. It seemed that… on the way Wuuth had hugged him.

And then what? Ning Chu couldn’t remember. He undid the water mirror and got up to go wash up, wondering, “That fruit wine has such a strong after-effect?”

Ning Chu didn’t feel anything at all when he drank it, he just thought it was juice, but he didn’t expect to get drunk. He picked up his jacket while asking Wuuth, “I didn’t do anything embarrassing yesterday… did I?”

This was Ning Chu’s first time drinking alcohol. He always heard that drunk people tended to act crazy… 

Wuuth picked up his jacket from the bedside for him, handing it over with a sigh, “You don’t remember?”


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October 14, 2022 3:41 pm

Awww, poor Wuuth.
Wake up your memory, NC! You need to remember telling Wuuth you like him, hearing it back and kissing him.
No messing up the dragon spell!
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 5, 2022 2:21 am

Alcohol brings forth boldness. A way to foward a relationship. And a way to be a scum bag – oof 😅😆 idk how to feel for you, Wuuth

Mc teaching ml how to ‘kiss’ 😏 another step in their physical love life fufu

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