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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Gwyndolyn


The sudden appearance of Heinz made the atmosphere at the gate of Aldia College reach its peak in an instant. This group of reporters was originally happy to block Chen Bai and write that the Marshal did not feel anything at all about him tomorrow, but it was unexpected that the Marshal came to Aldia personally at this juncture!

The shocked reporters even subconsciously gave way to the Marshal so he could get to Chen Bai smoothly.

Nevertheless, these were also excellent journalists in the major media outlets who had achieved “results.” Their reactions were swift. From the shock of Marshal’s sudden airborne landing to the recovery of their mind and blockade, it took no more than five seconds to relaunch the offensive they had just started.

To know that the two people were leaving at the same time, no matter what they wrote, as long as it was captured, they were sure to make the top news!

“Ah, Marshal, are you here to pick up Chen YiBai?”

“According to the timetable, his class got out a while ago. Does it mean that you are not satisfied with the marriage since you come to pick him up later?”

“Is it because of the pressure of the Military Ministry and the coalition government that you agreed to the marriage?”

“Is your marriage with Chen YiBai a victim of politics?”

“What do you want to say, Marshal, since your future partner is so unsatisfactory?”

For this group of journalists, no matter what kind of questions they may ask, as long as they could write the final result and the people standing behind them wanted any news. If the Marshal hadn’t come, the public would have been dissatisfied. They wouldn’t have been satisfied either.

One or two of them had quickly figured out how to direct their remarks in the direction they wanted, and then they kept asking excitedly.

Hearing the journalist’s inquiry, Chen Bai, under the support of Heinz, was also a little absent-minded.

He had the habit of keeping fit all year round due to his previous occupation since he was a soldier who had been on the battlefield. Even with so many reporters crowding around him, he still carried all kinds of machines on his hands, and Chen Bai could skillfully avoid all sorts of possibilities even when he could very likely be injured by carelessness. Beyond injury and not knowing the direction of their destination, Chen Bai’s physical fitness was quite good.

But as soon as Heinz came up, put his hand on his shoulder, then blocked half of the reporters with half of his body, it made Chen Bai feel uncomfortable. He did not rely on anyone out of habit. However, with so many reporters nearby, he could not push Heinz away. He could only silently move forward with this movement.

However, even if he repeatedly constructed himself psychologically, Chen Bai was still a little unaccepting, at least his body’s reaction was very honest.

For example, just now he could hear every question from every journalist, but now he could not hear a word. The conversations of those journalists seemed to be filtered out automatically. As a man who had walked through wars, his face did not flush, and his heart did not jump. Now, with the support of Heinz, delicate beads of sweat began to rise on his forehead.

… He had not had such close contact with anyone for a long time.


“Thank you.” Following Heinz’ side, supported by him and attacked by reporters, Chen Bai managed to enter the mech. No longer in the reporter’s sight, Chen Bai removed himself from Heinz’ contact.

The doors of mechs were equipped with identity recognition. Journalists couldn’t rush in one after another, and with the Marshal there, no one would even think of it. But even so, for them, the news they captured today was well worth the hard work of squatting for so many days.

But Chen Bai’s idea was different. He felt that if every day was the same as today, it might be necessary for him to ask many questions about how to use his omnipotent wristwatch to make something to block his face.

Thinking of asking Mani, Chen Bai moved in his heart and looked out of the navigational gate once again.

This was the naval mech, Heinz’ Fire Beacon that had accompanied Heinz in the Century War.

Despite the severe injuries, Dr. Einbergen did his best to restore it and even strengthen it. For the Alliance, besides the mysterious disappearance of the Rainbow on the battlefield three years ago, it was an absolute first-class mech.

From the inside of Fire Beacon to some extent, they could see the outside situation with absolute transparency. So although the two people disappeared, Chen Bai still saw the outer status clearly while standing inside.

The reporters were all very excited. Even if they could only see Fire Beacon, they took pictures with great interest. From their expressions, it could be seen that their machinery did not break down at all. Looking outside, they could see that the reporters stopped no one else. 

Mani did not carry out the schemes he had made.

Chen Bai frowned. Although Mani was very young, he was a member of his team at that time. He knew clearly that Mani would not fail at such a critical moment.

Thinking of this, Chen Bai unconsciously opened the screen with spiritual force and sure enough, found a lot of news had just been sent over. [The big black wave disappears frequently, the preparations are not enough, we can’t catch up with it, and I hope your dinner is pleasant.]

After reading this sentence with vigor, Chen Bai did not stop for a second, so he quietly retrieved the light screen.

It was not surprising that Da Hei, a member of his former team, suddenly appeared to be on duty. This unexpected good opportunity had not yet slipped away. However, when he heard the news from Mani, he thought he would be a little lucky on this road.

The disappointment slipped through Chen Bai’s mind for only one or two seconds. By the third second, he had readjusted his facial expression and looked up at Heinz in front of him.

From the previous situation, it was evident that the other party came by himself. According to the prior agreement, their next destination should be Donina/Valentine’s Restaurant.

Just when Chen Bai took back the nerve which had just been disconnected because of Heinz’ sudden airborne landing and was preparing to introduce himself seriously, he looked up and found that Heinz’ eyes were firmly fastened on him. He did not know how long he had been staring when he had not noticed.

Two people’s eyes meet in the air, so in a moment, Chen Bai found that the manuscript he had just typed disappeared in an instant.

And those blue eyes sucked Chen Bai up as they slightly bent, “Are you tired?”

“… Ah?” Unlike his imagination, it was not the opening self-introduction that made Chen Bai stunned, and he said unconsciously, “What?”

“You probably haven’t had a good rest since you just got here, right?” As Heinz said this, he magically got a glass for water and handed it to Chen Bai.

Even long ago, he had heard of Heinz’ elegant demeanor and gentle personality… But it seemed to be a little too different from his memory, Chen Bai could not help but lick his lips because of the sudden sense of strangeness.

“You don’t need to mind what they say. The audience is more important to them than the truth.” As Heinz spoke, he turned around and took off his coat. As he passed by the mirror, he frowned softly. His clothes were a little messed up from the reporters just now. He did not look as handsome as when he had left. The elaborate plan of “the first impression must be handsome in front of his wife” was broken, which made Heinz feel a little upset.

Chen Bai did not notice this action, nor did he overly think more about what he said about journalists. Instead, he pushed his unusual mood down. When he made the decision, he had already thought about what he would sacrifice. Even though his fate was spinning around, Yin and Yang erroneously sent Heinz to his side. It was not the same as it used to be.

Chen Bai thought for a moment and asked. “Are we still going to Donina?” 

According to the situation between him and Heinz, Donina was meant to dispel some of the current statements, but they had just appeared before the reporters, so the meaning of Donina’s restaurant itself was no longer necessary.

This was Chen Bai’s consideration. It was not clear whether he and Heinz had the same idea. After all, when Heinz heard his question, he answered without pause, “Listen to you. If you don’t want to go, we will change places.”

“…” Chen Bai, who had been choked by Heinz’ reply for a while, could not regain his mind. He frowned as Heinz put his clothes in order with his back to him.

“Don’t you want to eat?” Heinz waited for a moment. Seeing that he was silent, he looked back at him and said, “That’s no good. I’ll be drained tonight.”

Today was the third day of the Judgment of the Divine Realm. The Alliance Law stipulated that both parties who accepted the Judgment must meet on the third day and… from that day on, they had to share a room every night.

Adults’ meaning of “living in one room” was certainly not so pure, at least Chen Bai did not like this law, because it meant that as long as the two people accepted it, then by the third day, all relatives and friends would know that they were rolling in the sheets. In their current situation, it must be the whole Alliance that knew they would be rolling in the sheets tonight.

Some things couldn’t be escaped, but it was still possible to avoid it for a short time. Chen Bai, who decisively pretended not to understand what Heinz just said, raised his head. “I read the newspaper two days ago, and it said tonight was the birthday of General Abraham’s youngest daughter?”

“Yes.” Heinz responded by pouring water into Chen Bai’s cup as he acted kindly.

“…” Looking at the cup in his hand, Chen Bai found out that it was from the same brand as the one he carried all year round. “I heard you have a good relationship.”

Heinz looked at him, blinked, and one of the peaks in his brain turned, “Are you jealous?”


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June 9, 2021 4:20 pm

Even if he’s not actually jealous (yet) it’s a hard question to deny. 😅😏

June 9, 2021 8:25 pm

Why it feel like chicken and duck talk from both of them😅😅😅😅

June 10, 2021 12:35 am

Hmmm lol this interactive will be interesting, looking forward to seeing their development! 😎😎

June 10, 2021 2:17 am

Chen Bai clearly has some kind of mission (the black energy?) that was derailed by this marriage to Heinz. I want to see how he’ll manage, because for now Marshal Heinz seems to be a good partner.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 24, 2021 3:25 am

Reading a 2nd time 😊
They seem to have 2 past relationships; 1 where Heinz seems to have rescued Chen Bai (and they sounded close) and the 1 when CB rescued Heinz and wiped his memory; and a shared cup.
Were they lovers before? CB has some kind of mission, but then wants to marry Heinz. Intriguing.
Thank you for translating.

October 5, 2021 3:34 am

… I’m speechless

March 21, 2022 8:12 pm

I am kinda confused. Chen Bai is after “big black wave” which is some kind of signal/wave transmission, or he is after a person, his ex-teammate, Da Hei which is making some kind of wave?? It is just Da Hei of some sort of character can also means “Big Black”, so is it a person?

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