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Since the so-called fiance had yet to appear and the Marshal was busy with all types of business made the media seamlessly transition, every one of the outlets concentrated on the Marshal.

What’s more, the headmaster of Aldia admitted publicly that the “Marshal’s fiance would become a teacher at the school”. This shocked not only the general public of the Alliance but also the students of the Military Academy.

“I think the information on the explosive material says they were looking for a special recruitment… It was not the Marshal who they recruited… The school’s teacher audits have been so rigorous.” Ling Ling, from Class 3-1 of the Union Military Academy, arrived in the classroom the afternoon after the principal admitted to hiring the Marshal’s fiance. She was discussing the matter with her deskmate, Mark, with a worried face.

Mark listened and snorted disdainfully. “I don’t know. Even the inferior genders don’t get a mental assessment. Maybe they don’t follow the normal procedure at all. Anyway, I don’t accept such a fellow as my teacher. If the principal does, I will definitely protest!’

The class was discussing this matter in twos and threes. If it was entertainment gossip, people’s attention might not be so great, but the news about Marshal Heinz was something the young and old paid attention to.

As Mark’s voice dropped, Amin, at the back desk, leaned his head over. “Hey, Mark, don’t say that. Am I the only one who’s curious about what kind of person he is? The principal accepted him, which is the equivalent to being our direct contact with the front line news, ah! What a pleasant thing but you are not willing to do it.”

“But,” Ling Ling said, frowning at the moment. “Aren’t you worried about your final grades? The rest of the class says that Professor Wu had only asked for sick leave but hasn’t come to class for a week. If there is such a possibility, he will probably become a teacher of psychological manipulation in our class. “

“It’s a good idea for a teacher like Magic Wu to retire early. It’s boring to talk about psychological manipulation itself,” Mark said carelessly. “There’s no such thing as a mech control class. The most important thing to do is to go to the battlefield as a soldier. That’s being a real man.”

Magic Wu was Professor Wu. Originally, Class 3-1 had been taught by Professor Wu, a famous professor of Aldia. Wu was known for his strict and rigorous character. Mental manipulation course was only an optional course, but Wu’s requirements were higher than a compulsory course. He also talked about the strength of a psychological manipulator from day to night. In the classroom, students felt nervous all the time, and they could not understand the powerful words from his mouth. So although he was a very conscientious teacher, he was not very popular with students.

Just half a week before the news was sent out, Wu just asked for leave from the college for physical reasons. In a short week, their class of Grade 3-1 had fallen behind many other classes in the course of mind control. Seeing that the final evaluation was coming, every student was more or less worried.

Mind manipulation was a bizarre course for Aldia. A long time ago, almost in the same generation as Heinz, Aldia had a genius who participated in the famous silver competition in the Alliance. Then, in the tournament, he broke through the defense line of five senior judges at one time, read out their thoughts accurately and shocked all of the judges.

Each of the senior judges were above A grade and were very experienced senior mental controllers. Their brain defense line was excellent. The Alliance did not want to break through the brains of the psychics using machinery, but the experimental results had failed.

So the juvenile’s appearance at that time surprised almost every judge. They agreed that the youth would usher in a new era of the military, as he could directly invade the brain. What terrible fighting power he could use on the battlefield. That was absolutely enough talent to get the golden badge of the highest honor in the silver competition.

However, all this was only a legend of Aldia College. In the official textual research, this man did not appear, not even a shadow, and in history, only Marshal Heinz won the golden badge with great achievements.

Even MoWu, the ultimate manipulator he admired in his heart, heard the news and denied it. He also angrily expressed that the college should not spread such a false rumor.

MoWu was the senior professor of the college, even though he said nothing. Slowly, the authenticity of this legend in the college was getting lower and lower.

But without knowing it, the psychological manipulation course had become an extraordinary course in the college. It was not compulsory, but almost every student in the college attended it and had undergone the examination at the end of the semester. Where did that teenager go to study after that? It was a mystery of the college now.

So the importance of psychological manipulation was different for everyone. For example, nowadays, in this class, the class was far less interesting than the recent gossip.

So before Mark could answer, Amin shouted excitedly, “If he came to our class, that would not be just, right? Wow, direct contact with him, enough for us to go out and write several posts! You know, I suspect that his photos were processed by photoshop then put on the Internet! The real person may be even uglier, even uglier than the inferior gender!”

“Marshal has to agree under the pressure of both the government and the military ministry. He even dared to agree unilaterally. He wanted to think more about the pheasant as a phoenix!” Mark, a strong supporter of Marshal, sniffed, “Don’t look in the mirror.”

“Yeah, yeah, so ugly and out of the country, Marshal would not like it. I guess three months later the Marshal will divorce.”

“Yes, I think so. If he dares to come to our class for three days, our letter of complaint will make him disappear from this college!”

Looking at the students who felt wronged, Ling Ling sat aside, a little stiff, wanting to say something, but stopped. She did not speak out, and finally took a deep breath, turned around and did not participate in their discussion.

Nevertheless, every word still drifted into her ears from time to time. What should be posted live after the list of teachers has been confirmed? What should make him leave after three or four days? What kind of person he was was not worthy of being better than them.

There were all kinds of voices. Ling Ling licked her lips, did not speak, and silently took out the mind-control textbooks from her school bag. This was their first lesson today. But since MoWu left, the position had been empty. Aldia’s teachers were very close, and there were not only teachers there. To attend class, they had to do their training, so for a while, the school did not select substitute teachers for them.

Of the four classes MoWu taught in the school, two were lower grades. Because of the lower requirements and the relatively large number of teachers, they filled the vacancies quickly. The other two higher grades were Class 3-1 and Class 4. Class 4 had been temporarily filled because the headteacher was very good at psychological manipulation. It was their class that had been vacant the entire time.

If he was assigned to their class…

Ling Ling’s eyes moved as she looked at the textbook. If it was their class, would it be possible for her to be matched with the Marshal? Her strength was extraordinary; others did not know, but she did. Her favorite was the psychological manipulation class, and her dream was to become a psychological manipulator. If possible, she wanted to serve in the army.

Her father died in the war with the Gars. She wanted to be a soldier who could defend her country, so she tried her best to enter Aldia Military Academy. If she wanted to become a psychological manipulator and get the qualification certificate of Aldia, this course was an absolute for the students of the Academy. She couldn’t skip class, but must also get a high score. There had been many empty seats in so many courses; if no other teacher arrived, then her final assessment results would be in danger.

Ling Ling’s fingers tightened when she thought of it.

It was then that a series of footsteps came to her ears. Because of her dream, Ling Ling was very strict about her psychological manipulation. She also took advantage of her holidays to train her five senses. So when the series of footsteps appeared in the corridor for a moment, she felt them.

One, two, three, Ling Ling’s eyes opened subconsciously. Are they coming to their class?

Ling Ling’s sudden stiffness did not affect anyone. The students in the class were still discussing fiercely. No one noticed the series of footsteps coming towards their classroom.

Ten seconds later, when a slender leg came in, Ling Ling couldn’t help staring. The person who came in looked precisely the same as the picture that appeared in the explosive forum from before!

He was an extremely mediocre inferior gender. If he was thrown into a crowd, he would never be found. He was strangely ugly, but he entirely attracted Ling Ling’s eyes.

There was no particular action in raising one’s hand and stepping with one’s foot, but it had an irresistible charm. He was not very tall, but every inch of clothing he wore outlined his body, and his long legs made him stand straight. The most outstanding aspect was his deep eyes.

Ling Ling felt her breathing slow down because she noticed that the man’s eyes were firmly fixed on hers from the moment he walked in. Not the kind of casual glance that just caught her eye, but… Looking straight at her, as if he had just discovered that she was watching him.

Ling Ling looked nervously at the new teacher and felt her heart pounding. Just when she noticed that her attention had been attracted to him, the latter suddenly smiled at her.

It was an ordinary smile, but Ling Ling’s heart couldn’t help but bump in her chest like a frightened deer. 

This was the legendary Marshal’s fiance… Chen YiBai?

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June 1, 2021 11:18 am

Don’t judge a book by it cover..🙈🙈🙈why the students never learned this lesson😑😑😑

June 1, 2021 12:06 pm

Yasss! It’s about more than the face, y’all.

June 1, 2021 1:26 pm

I’m not sure whether he’s supposed to be unusually ugly or extremely mediocre from the descriptions. 🤔😅

Maybe “looks like an ordinary person” is considered extreme ugliness for celebrities? 🤨

June 1, 2021 10:36 pm

I feel that all the people they mentioned, the extraordinary youth, the Marshal saviour, are all the same person and that person is Chen (Yi) Bai. I’m looking forward to him pulling the students from their high horses.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 2, 2021 2:43 am

Ah, this class will be Legendary! 🤩

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Wow, definitely looking forward to this class! He might have noticed that her strength is high right away! Indeed why do people judge a book by its cover!! I bet that legendary student is the teacher!

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Everyone seems so shallow.
Hope they’re in for a shock; I think he’s the genius student that vanished.
Will his true features ever be revealed?
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white rabbit
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Sooo he have a nice long body w an ugly face? What?

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