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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Since the room was very large, the girl with only a thin bathrobe didn’t notice that the Baron had undergone a change at the door. She got up from the round bed with curtains, walked behind him barefoot, and looked at the confrontation between him and the man with short chestnut hair outside. She also grinned at the sad-looking chestnut short-haired man. She knew the guard, and he must have disturbed the Baron again and made him angry.

She didn’t mind selling him a favor. The girl put her hand around the Baron’s neck and rubbed the Baron’s back with her large chest. “My Lord, didn’t you say you wanted to pamper me? I want you now… ” But the next second she was pushed to the ground by the baron. The Baron looked at her coldly with no infatuation in his eyes. The look was very cold, just like looking at a dead man.

Standing opposite the Baron, the man with short chestnut hair pulled out an electromagnetic gun from his pocket. The next second, the beautiful girl with a smile on her face felt dizzy, a large amount of blood oozed from her chest, her eyes opened wide and her body fell on the ground.

The girl did not understand why she had been killed. There was no warning at all.

The Baron’s eyes flashed with silver, and he turned his finger. A black shadow gradually emerged on his back, slowly forming a human figure. Medium-length black hair, pale skin, silver eyes, he wore a black bodysuit and appeared particularly slender. He slowly pulled his hands and feet from the Baron’s body, the man stood on the ground, light as a cat and did not make any sounds.

Expressionless, the man leaned on the door frame, and ordered a mirror. After a while, a man with long silver eyebrows and long hair appeared in the mirror. “King, I have controlled the ruler of a planet here. From his memory, I found that there is also a king in charge of the whole galaxy.”

The man with long silver hair was originally lying on his side on a couch. After listening to the man’s words, he sat up. A trace of blood-red lightning flashed in his golden eyes, “A king like me? I need all the information from this galaxy. Collect it carefully and give it to me.”



After four or five days, the marks on Ye Shao’s body finally disappeared. The military uniform he wore was obviously one size larger than the one he went in with to see Long Yuan with. Although it was not too loose, it did not show his figure like the last one.

Knowing that the dress was deliberately designed for him by Long Yuan, and that he had been forced to do it for almost a whole day, Ye Shao did not pay much attention to Long Yuan these days. As for Long Yuan, he only followed the orders of the general bodyguards to the superior, and completed them with an eye-catching manner.

But even so, he didn’t know how many times he was caught by Long Yuan. He was forced to kiss against a wall or a chair in a corner where there was no one. Once, he was almost forced into bed again.

Just like now——

Ye Shao gasped and turned his face. His lips were bright red, his cold eyes covered with a layer of mist. His white-jade face was also dyed pink and his chest fluctuated violently. Although he had already had more than one kiss with Long Yuan, he was still not very good at it.

Long Yuan encircled Ye Shao’s waist, and one of his legs moved between Ye Shao’s. His eyes were full of possessiveness and he studied the side of Ye Shao’s face, since he had turned his head and gasped. Even if he deviated his gaze, he could still feel Long Yuan’s burning eyes projected onto him.

Ye Shao managed to calm down his emotions. Although he was treated like this by Long Yuan, he didn’t have any sense of resistance or disgust. Even when he was pressed by Long Yuan and infected with his breath, he felt that his heart rate would go a little bit faster. He frowned slightly and wondered about this current situation.

He had never felt this kind of feeling, but after Long Yuan looked at him with that tone he had in Alpha and said that he was his most important person, his heart seemed to have been touched. Then, the stubborn wall built by Ye Shao slowly collapsed, and now he was more and more defeated, even now when Long Yuan gave him such a possessive look that his heart rate stalled.

Long Yuan gazed at Ye Shao’s bright red face and could not help but kiss his beautiful face.

Ye Shao responded, then suddenly pushed Long Yuan aside, pursed his lips, and his black eyes dodged. “Your Highness’s tie will still be handed over to the maid. I’m just your bodyguard, and I can’t help you with all the trivial matters in your life.” He stepped back, slightly annoyed. 

Obviously, when Long Yuan asked him to come over and tidy up, he could see Long Yuan’s ideas from his playful eyes. However, under the eyes of many people serving him, he was not good at disobeying Long Yuan’s orders. Moreover, he did not believe that Long Yuan would openly attack him, but he obviously underestimated him.

When he was ordered to accept the job of taking care of Long Yuan’s loose tie, which should have been a maid’s job, Long Yuan sneaked in front of so many people——

Ye Shao’s face turned a little red, and he stepped back a few steps. “If your highness doesn’t have anything to tell me, can I go?”

“You may.” Long Yuan didn’t want to push Ye Shao too hard. He already knew Ye Shao had feelings for him, but he obviously still didn’t recognize this, and even resisted this feeling slightly. He wanted Ye Shao to be completely his own and admit that he cared about Long Yuan as much as he did. But even though Ye Shao still resisted him as before, he could not let Ye Shao go. From the moment he touched Ye Shao, this person was doomed to belong to him, and he would not allow others to covet Ye Shao.

As soon as Long Yuan’s voice dropped, Ye Shao bowed slightly toward Long Yuan, then turned around and walked to the door.

Long Yuan looked at Ye Shao, although his performance was not obvious, he stood a little taller than usual. He could not help but raise his lips and wave to the maid behind him to continue to deliver breakfast.

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November 6, 2020 2:44 pm

LongYuan this bully par excellence really enjoys to play the cat-and-mouse game with YeShao. Poor YeShao didn’t realize that there is no chance for him to win against his majesty. XD
Want to hear Baby speak again……..
Many thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to the next chapter.

November 6, 2020 4:06 pm

Yes. Yes. I still couldnt recover from young master ye shao when his mother is a ‘her highness’. And a Baby inside him is also a highness (might be future king of other galaxy). Since i just finished all chapters yesterday. Many Thanks

November 6, 2020 7:35 pm

Long Yuan is so good in stealing Ye Shao tofu now and then during working hours😂😂

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 6, 2020 11:55 pm

This is so sweet two lovebirds im so much enjoyed it more please thank you can’t wait for the baby to talk again she has enough essence

November 6, 2020 11:55 pm

Thank you for all the hard work!

November 7, 2020 5:58 am

Thank you for the chapter!!! Soon, if Long Yuan won’t stop doing it where there are other people around, rumours will start that his highness has an affair with his guards’ captain. I want to see what he can do then.

Anna K.
Anna K.
August 31, 2021 12:43 pm

I wonder why in a bl or mf novels one of the protagonists is forced by the other in different ways and he/she end falling in love. This type of plot is super frequent but not reasonable except for Stockholm Syndrome. Can you imagine someone gets near you and hugs and kisses you without permission? Horrible

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