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Chapter 133: Four parts pride, three parts calmness, three parts pride

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Military Department.

Tang Ying was busy when he suddenly received a message from Wen XingYao. The first thing the other party said left his whole person confused.

“Next month Bai Li will upgrade the virtual reality game builder. I bought 190,000 game slots from him, so you should count them as soon as possible and let the warriors with deeper illnesses prepare to enter the game.”

In the Ancient Blue Star Period, Tang Ying would have been holding a cell phone while reading this message, and afraid that the phone screen wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Tang Ying, “!!!” Amazing Admiral! You were able to negotiate 190,000 places in one breath!

Is this the benefit of making friends with the game maker? To be able to cut off so many game slots in the middle of the game, this was too good! If Bai Li only upgraded the virtual reality game builder to C level, these spots would account for one-fifth of the total spots. Admiral was really giving them a lot of credit for making such a big deal!

Tang Ying looked at the message, giggled for a while, then quickly grasped another point. These places weren’t given to them by Bai Li for free, but were bought by the Admiral. When he thought of how hot Carefree Farmstead was today, and how Jiang Huaibi was offered tens of thousands of dollars for the two new game slots through the event forum, he imagined Wen XingYao’s empty wallet because of the purchase of the game. Tang Ying shed tears of emotion.

He replied, “Is it true? You must have spent a lot of money, right? You can’t pay this money yourself. You tell me the total amount, I’ll report it, and try to get the people at the top to pay for us!”

However, his calculating look didn’t move Wen XingYao at all, he rejected Tang Ying’s proposal with a tone three parts calmness and three parts pride, “Forget it. I bought these places for 5 star coins each. It didn’t cost much in total.”

How could they be bought for only 5 stars? What’s the difference between this and a jump sale? Tang Ying grinned on the spot. He thanked Bai Li for his generosity and kindness in his heart, when he thought about the game slots that the outside world could have grabbed were actually bought by Wen XingYao at this price.

After he calmed down a bit, he was about to say that the price wasn’t that expensive, but then he got sweaty when he remembered the figure was actually 950,000 star coins.

The price per unit was really not expensive, but the total price was 950,000 stars…Only someone like the Admiral, whose family was rolling in money, could say something like “it didn’t cost much in total.”

“Okay. I’m going to count the list, and as soon as the game quotas are available, we’ll send them to the game to add to the village’s construction!” Finally Tang Ying weakly said that he should go to work, and ended his chat with Wen XingYao. He wasn’t even in the mood to ask Wen XingYao how he was doing lately, whether his body had recovered or anything like that.

At the same time, he wasn’t thinking about how a small mushroom village could possibly accommodate all one million people. That was what Bai Li was thinking about.

In his opinion, a village formed by 5,000 players was already large enough that everyone had their own thing to do every day. It neither seemed crowded nor empty, and had formed a very stable state. Also the area of the village had already been expanded once before, and it would be a bit unrealistic to expand it again now that transportation wasn’t yet common in the game.

If he were to continue adding people to the village, the level of the old players would far exceed that of the new players, and the situation would become awkward for both sides. Since this was the case, it would be better to open up a brand new map (newbie village) and let new players start from scratch in a brand new place.

Having 5,000 people to a village, would mean he needed to add another 199 brand new villages. This operation was quite simple. Just find the village template at the beginning and copy out 199 new maps.

Or don’t he even have to make a copy, just set the required orientation, terrain, rivers, the outer circle of the forest arrangement, and even the appearance of the NPC village chief and village chief lady, then let the system automatically generate it. Through the system’s generation, each village could be nuanced, and new players wouldn’t get aesthetic fatigue from seeing too many photos in the forum.

Bai Li thought about it and decided to use the second method. Random was the most fun for designing the game. Even the makers of the game didn’t know what the final map would look like, so it was really something to look forward to.

However, spreading out the players involved another problem. With a million players, there were always people who knew each other, maybe wanted to play together, but the game maker would split them.

Bai Li considered himself a kind person. how can a few village players not be considered? So he set the rule that when a player’s character level reaches 30, he can set off to see other villages. Even better, when the character level was higher, they could change village residence, and families could relocate in the game.

However, for  the latter, he wasn’t in a hurry. Before that, he had to arrange an appropriate transport, a cart at least! After he’d worked on such a big content upgrade, Bai Li saw that it was almost evening, so he left the room to heat up that evening’s dinner.

Unfortunately, when he touched his storage space, it was completely empty. When he cast his consciousness in, he found that all the Gusteau brand rice he had saved in the immortal world had been eaten up, and even the simplest egg fried rice was gone. The good thing was that there were still several large buckets of spirit goat milk left, so the fox cub wouldn’t starve.

When he looked at the fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen meat in the space, Bai Li only felt a big headache. Was he going to develop dark cuisine now?

Would he and Wen XingYao get upset stomachs?

And at this time, the corner of the eye caught a tall figure. It was Wen XingYao who had again changed from the lion state into a human. When he thought of the life skills Wen XingYao learned in the game, Bai Li’s eyes “swish” turned bright. Without waiting for Wen XingYao to open his mouth to greet him, he asked, “Wen XingYao, you can cook?”

Wen XingYao originally didn’t know how, but for Bai Li, he had learned it! Although he can’t make delicious food like Gusteau, he can still make a few ordinary home-cooked dishes. So he held back for a few seconds, and nodded gently, “I know a few simple dishes.”

That’s enough!

Bai Li took him by the wrist and led him downstairs to the kitchen, as he asked, without looking back, what ingredients he needed. It was fine as long as he had them all available. Luckily not only were the ingredients, even the spices in his space weren’t lacking, ah.

If he looked back at that moment, he would understand how sudden and out of place his actions were to Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao’s long silver hair cascaded behind him, and his dark golden eyes slightly narrowed, although there were occasionally a few hints of dark emotions that surged. It seemed that he had thought of something that made him happy, as the corners of his mouth slightly hooked upward. It revealed a silly smile that didn’t match his face.

The warmth on his wrist allowed Wen XingYao to truly feel Bai Li’s presence, and he was even able to measure the length of Bai Li’s slender fingers in his head based on where their skin was pressed together.

However, in reality, Wen XingYao didn’t dare to show that look, for fear of scaring people into thinking that he was having health problems again. He could only be led stiffly by Bai Li all the way to the kitchen door, before he woke up as if from a dream and dumbly reported the names of a few common ingredients. The kitchen was a place where he could find the ingredients and the sound of chopping was heard from inside.

Bai Li originally wanted to go in to help, but he couldn’t cook. He couldn’t even wash and cut vegetables. The result was that Wen XingYao unceremoniously kicked him out, and said he could handle everything alone. There was no need for Bai Li to help as this was his repayment for living in Bai Li’s house.

When that was said, Bai Li didn’t know how to reply. He could only go upstairs to the room of the fox cub by himself and stand straight with his back to the kitchen door, and when Wen XingYao had finished three dishes and a soup, grabbed two plates of dishes from his hands and took them to the table.

The two of them enjoyed the meal. It was the first time Wen XingYao had eaten such a delicious meal in reality as a human, and he even finished off every drop of soup on the plate.

He no longer wanted to ask Bai Li where all these flavorful vegetables came from. In his opinion, Bai Li’s body was shrouded in a mysterious aura, which also made his whole body glow in a different way. Since the other person hadn’t taken the initiative to tell him, he wouldn’t think about it, or guess. They could just follow each other and enjoy, since Bai Li treated him as his own honor.

After they finished the meal, Bai Li gave a thumbs up towards Wen XingYao. He didn’t hide not his appreciation of the food that day.

Wen XingYao accepted it nonchalantly. He probed the condition of his body and felt that he could still maintain his human form for a while, so he proposed, “Why don’t you give me some more ingredients? I’ll prepare a few more meals, and when it’s time to eat, you can just heat them up and eat them like before.”

Bai Li was moved. He really wasn’t good at cooking, but was also too embarrassed to nod directly and agree, which gave him the illusion that he was “enslaving” Wen XingYao. It might be too much to call it “slavery,” but in any case, he had some hesitation.

“You don’t have to have any psychological pressure. I live in your house, don’t pay rent to you, and all the ingredients I cooked were from you. Then, after cooking, we eat together. I just contributed the labor, so this is more or less also considered a division of labor, right?” Wen XingYao said. “Besides, you helped me cure my Genetic Collapse Disorder, and you’ve also absorbed so many game places for the soldiers of the military, without even charging more money. You must give me some opportunity to repay you back, right?”

Bai Li blushed slightly, and said modestly, “I didn’t help you because I wanted to be paid, but because you are my friend. The number of people who are sick is very high and extremely serious. Even without you, I am still willing to give them some help if I can.”

The two faced each other, wide-eyed, and finally laughed out loud in unison. After Wen XingYao’s persuasion, Bai Li agreed to his proposal and took out more ingredients for Wen XingYao to play with freely.

As for himself, he sat on the sofa, and thought about the update announcement that had to be released in the evening.


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