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Chapter 138: Fox fur allergy

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


After he ate his share of the grass and wood clear spirit, the big lion went into his room with an “ow” and told Bai Li that he was going to play the game.

“The game is now down for maintenance, so you can’t even go there to play,” Bai Li kindly reminded him.

The person in the room, the lion, was silent for a few seconds, and then said he intended to quietly digest his anger. That answer was fine. Bai Li didn’t have the slightest problem with it, and went with Wen XingYao.

It just so happened that when Xiong Pili came to the door later, there was no close contact between the two sides, which saved him from having to find excuses to explain.


“Hey? Mr. Bai, you’ve changed your pet?” Xiong Pili came to the door with Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi. They curiously sized up the black fox cub that was comfortably nestled and pampered in Bai Li’s arms, quite surprised. He remembered that the previous time he came to the house, Mr. Bai’s pet was clearly a light orange kitten, which looked fierce and occasionally domineering. He didn’t expect that only a month had passed, he had turned from an old love to a new one. It couldn’t have been sent away by Mr. Bai, right?

Otherwise, with that cat’s domineering degree, how could he allow this little fox to dominate Mr. Bai’s arms?

After just one face-to-face, Xiong Pili came up with a “petting” drama. After he asked, he felt that the fox gave him a strange feeling, unlike an ordinary animal cub.

Instead, it was like…a Therian in their juvenile form?

However, that was impossible. According to the Empire’s rules, once a Therian has regressed to their infancy, they must be sent to Hope Star where they spend the last stage of their lives in peace and quiet.

The difference between a Therian’s infancy and that of ordinary animal cubs was so small that it was almost impossible for someone to detect it, even as Therian, which was why Xiong Pili couldn’t be sure if he was wrong.

However, the general Ancient Blue Star people, who might keep a fox in the house, ah, since raising small dogs and cats can be justified…The fact was, Mr. Bai wasn’t an ordinary person.

With that in mind, Xiong Pili stopped paying attention to the black fox cub in Bai Li’s arms.

Bai Li smiled and explained, “No change. Supreme he…He’s resting in his room. This is just something I came across in the family yard, and seeing as he was homeless I temporarily adopted him. He’s called, well… Let’s call him Ink.”

After he said that, he quietly apologized to Zhu MoLing in his heart, and explained that these words were used to put off uninformed outsiders. That name “Ink,” he will probably only call this once.

Xiong Pili, “…” This name was clearly given on the spot! The name of the cat was a very good one.

Xiong Pili quickly upgraded Bai Li’s virtual reality game builder to level C. Now, the game Carefree Farmstead could accommodate one million players in the game, while the game’s realism had been raised to 85%.

The number of players skyrocketed 200 times on top of the original, which meant Bai Li would hardly have to worry about the gains from the game in the future, or whether he could afford to upgrade the virtual reality game builder. Next month, if he wanted to upgrade to A, it would be possible.

But Bai Li was accustomed to a step-by-step level rise, so he also temporarily set next month’s goal to B.

After he sent the three, including Xiong Pili, away, Bai Li went to say hello to Wen XingYao, asked him to help look after the fox cub, then he laid down in the gaming pod and added all the updated content to the game.

199 “newbie village” maps, which needed to have an initial village entrance location, barren meadows, rivers, hillsides, mines, forests outside the village and so on. In the forests, there were various species of flowers, trees and animals… Bai Li added all the materials he could think of, set a fixed number of materials in the same map, and let the system randomly generate 199 maps. He added thousands of materials, especially the type of plants and animals, tall, short, fat, thin, flying, swimming, crawling, smelly, beautiful, ugly, as long as he could think of it, he added them.

However in a map, these things wouldn’t ever all appear at the same time, just a fifth of them, enough for the new players to be dazzled.

After the maps were generated, Bai Li browsed each map roughly, and there were no major problems, except for a few maps with odd terrains. In the odd maps, either there were too many rivers and the land was scattered widely, or the small hillsides had suddenly turned into mountains, and even the barren land within the village area was undulating, just a large piece of flat land.

With such a result, Bai Li momentarily couldn’t guarantee that players would accept such a places as their “new village.” After he thought about it, he decided to let new players fill out a “questionnaire” before they officially entered the game, and their expectations of their village would be reflected in the questionnaire. Then he could just let the system assign them to a suitable new village.

Of course, this operation wouldn’t be perfect. There were always people who didn’t have the patience to fill out the questionnaire, or they didn’t know what kind of village they liked until they went in and then had regrets. However, Bai Li had already thought about the most appropriate solution. If the players were still not satisfied, they could only rely on their own efforts to change the appearance of the entire village in the later stages.

The problem could be solved later with a few activities related to the issue!

After he made the map of the new villages, Bai Li started to make the map of the mysterious Ancient City. According to Bai Li’s idea, that map was set up as a place for players to relax and have fun in their spare time. It was based on the template of an ancient dynasty’s capital city that he had once visited.

In those days, when the times were glorious and the lights were competing, the people who ushered in another year’s harvest walked together on the spacious avenues in their newly made clothes, with smiles on their faces that were more radiant than the evening sun. Sophisticated, atmospheric and simple buildings blend harmoniously together. Street stalls, small restaurants, lively taverns, wherever they were…they were full of a strong sense of life.

And at night, the city revealed another beauty…

For such a special map, Bai Li didn’t intend to allow players to enter at will. He deliberately set strict conditions, so only eligible players could have the opportunity to enter that map to play. When the time came, in the Ancient City they could help NPCs run errands, do some simple small tasks, get a unique gift, and there was also a strange encounter.

After he made the game maps, it was the turn of the five new NPCs. Since the Ancient City map requires too many NPCs, Bai Li planned to slowly add them later. The five NPCs to be made at that time were all functional characters for the normal map: the fisherman who was responsible for issuing fishing missions, the flower lady who had a large number of flower seeds and drawings related to flowers, and the naughty boy had mastered various mini-games. Players who were willing to spend time playing with him would always gain something. The old king at the entrance of the village stood outside the village gate all year round and was an excellent coachman, so players who want to go to other villages in the future would have to go through his service. As for the fortune teller, well…This role was actually because Bai Li got tired of answering everyone’s questions, so the fortune teller would deal with all the matters normally left to him, bah!

According to their respective settings, Bai Li depicted their specific appearance, and then handed over to the almighty system for randomization. In 200 villages, the appearance of NPCs weren’t the same, but still, more or less similar.

The game map and the new NPCs, these were Bai Li’s main tasks for today. Other things, like new crop seeds, the variety of fruit saplings, livestock cubs, the game store shelves and the new sets and items, those were small things and, with a thought, it could be done in a minute.

When Bai Li came out of the gaming pod, even 12:00 had not arrived. When he heard the movement of the room’s door opening, Wen XingYao came out from next door with the fox cub who kept making a fuss.

“Bai Li, are you done so soon?” Wen XingYao knew that Bai Li was busy with his business in his room. He thought it would take most of the day, but didn’t expect him to be ready so soon.

After he saw Bai Li appear, the fox cub quieted down, and a pair of large fox eyes looked up at Bai Li, with less ignorance and more spirit.

At first Bai Li didn’t notice it, as he smiled and told Wen XingYao that while he would come out of the gaming pod, naturally he was already busy. This got him an appreciative look from the other side. After that he noticed that the fox cub seemed to have become a little different, not like before when he saw him and automatically wanted to jump into his arms. He’d become more reserved.

“What’s wrong with him?” Bai Li looked at the fox cub, but asked Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao smiled and explained, “Thanks to your previous feeding, he should be able to understand human language now.”

As for why he stopped jumping on Bai Li, he told the fox cub Bai Li was busy, and that Bai Li was allergic to fox fur so he had to suffer for a while after each close contact. Therefore he shouldn’t always go up to him when he saw him, which successfully tricked the “uninitiated” fox cub.

It was a decision that Wen XingYao would regret in the near future. Inwardly, he often regretted that if he had known, he would not have been so jealous as to exclude others in the first place.

Once Bai Li heard that the fox cub could actually understand human language, together with the good news that the fox cub has gained understanding so as not to jump on him, he smiled and leaned down to try to pet his head.

The result was that the fox cub took several steps backward with a frightened look, and directly avoided Bai Li’s touch.

Bai Li, “???” Was he that scary?

Wen XingYao looked at their eyes, almost couldn’t hold back, and directly let out a peal of laughter. Fortunately, the fur on his face was relatively thick, so his expression could be exaggerated and could also be covered. Bai Li didn’t find it abnormal.

Finally, one person, one lion, and one fox, were lined up to go downstairs, and after a good lunch, they enjoyed a rare offline time.

Throughout the afternoon, Bai Li was either relaxing in the living room or working in the yard. The courtyard of this villa really wasn’t small, and even after so many days of work, he’d only filled a third of the area with soil, planted seeds of vegetables and flowers in the soil, and was waiting for them to break through the soil, so the originally silvery gray courtyard would appear green.

Compared to his leisurely side, the netizens who were waiting for the time to grab the game quota to come felt that the last few minutes were really too hard to endure.

As they watched the game live, they felt that time normally flew. How come today it inexplicably felt like time was moving at 0.5 times the speed?

But the good thing was, as long as there was a countdown to 60 seconds, they could still decide whether they were a eunuch or an emperor.


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