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Chapter 39: “Do you want to kiss me?”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


By the time they reached the cinema, the rain had finally stopped. It was already evening, the dark clouds in the sky had not yet completely dispersed, and the sunset was set with a faint golden edge. The streetlights on the commercial street were all lit up, and people were walking in twos and threes, and couples holding hands could be seen everywhere.

Qiao Xi peeked at the person next to him and felt like he had nowhere to put his hands.

“Hmm?” Perhaps noticing Qiao Xi’s eyes, Han Tian gave him a sideways glance.

“Oh oh, it’s okay.” Qiao Xi blurted out, and regretted a little: He didn’t ask you if you were okay, either.

As he was thinking about it, his shoulders were grabbed again and he was brought into Han Tian’s arms.

“Be careful in front, you almost hit the street light pole,” Han Tian said indifferently.

“Oh…” Qiao Xi started tripping over his left foot and right foot again, and once again he couldn’t walk.

This [Ocean] was not a big hit, and there were not many people waiting to enter.

However, almost everyone had popcorn and cola in their hands.

Qiao Xi looked at the bucket of puffy stuff, with some curiosity in his eyes.

“Want some popcorn?” Han Tian asked.

“No…” Qiao Xi shook his head. “The food outside, I don’t think I’ll find it delicious.”

Indeed, so far, except for Angel’s Feather’s desserts and the food Han Tian handed him, he hadn’t found anything else “tasty”.

“Try it.” Han Tian said, “When I watch a movie, I also want to eat popcorn.”

Qiao Xi was instantly curious about “popcorn”.

Soon, Han Tian came back with a big bucket of popcorn and two cups of cola.

Qiao Xi took the mountainous bucket of popcorn from Han Tian’s hand and sniffed it gently.

Hmm, artificial butter scent. Not much temptation.

However, he still chose one of the most full-looking, and said to Han Tian, “Open your mouth.”

Han Tian was slightly stunned, obediently opened his mouth and let Qiao Xi stuff the popcorn in.

“Is this really good?” Qiao Xi asked.

Han Tian licked his upper lip and said, “Mn.”

Qiao Xi let out an “Oh” and before he could feed himself, it was time to enter the movie. He stopped and followed the crowd in.

“Hmm? This seat?” Looking at the double sofa seat in front of him, Qiao Xi was a little confused.

He looked around again and found that in the large screening room, only the last row of four groups of seats were double sofas, and the front were all neatly arranged single seats.

The other three groups of seats, one by one, were already occupied by couples holding hands.

Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian suspiciously, but the man said without changing his face, “The chairs in this cinema are not good, only the last sofa is more comfortable.”

Oh, that’s it.

Qiao Xi didn’t ask any questions, but Han Tian added, “I’ve always come by myself before, uh, when I came by myself I also sat on the sofa at the back.”

Han Tian’s face looks slightly flushed because of the lighting.

However, the leather sofa was comfortable to sit on, and it had an adjustable electric kickstand that allowed people to watch movies while lying halfway down.

Qiao Xi studied the width of the sofa, put the small mountain of popcorn in the bucket in the middle of the sofa, and sat down next to the right armrest.

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth twitched unnaturally and he said, “Popcorn, must be placed in the middle?”

Qiao Xi nodded. “You like to eat it, so we can both take it.”

Han Tian rubbed his brow, did not speak again, and silently sat down next to the left.

Qiao Xi reached for a piece of popcorn and threw it into his mouth—and it popped.

Crunch, crunch…

Ugh, it tastes awful.

An oddly sweet taste.

He frowned and took a big sip of the cola Han Tian sent over.

It was good that the cola tasted good.

“You really like this? I don’t think it tastes good.” While the patch commercial was still playing on the screen, Qiao Xi poked his body slightly to the left and commented in a low voice.

“That’s because you didn’t choose a good one,” Han Tian said, while picking one from the popcorn bucket, and handing it to Qiao Xi’s mouth.

Qiao Xi obediently opened his mouth and bit into the popcorn.

Hmm? This time it’s quite tasty, sweet but not greasy, but also with a creamy flavor.

Before he could say “yummy”, Han Tian chose another one and held it with two fingers and brought it to his mouth.

He didn’t even think about it, but unconsciously stuck out his tongue and flicked it between his two fingers, rolling the lightly scented popcorn into his mouth.

Mm, it’s delicious, I want some more.

Without waiting for him to say anything, Han Tian took the popcorn between his fingers and served it one after another.

When the movie really started, Han Tian simply put the popcorn bucket on his lap and moved himself to the right, leaving only a narrow gap between him and Qiao Xi.

“Huh?” Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian.

“This is convenient to help you find popcorn,” Han Tian said sincerely.

“Oh… Thanks. It seems like the kind that’s harder is sweeter? I like the hard ones.” Qiao Xi gave a conclusion after some serious thinking.

“… Ok. It must be a hard one.” Han Tian lowered his head and seemed to be carefully discerning which popcorn was harder.

Like Han Tian said before, [Ocean] was really just a pure documentary, with all kinds of sea creatures as the main characters. There were penguins diving happily in line, humpback whales playing gently around the boat, but there were also seals hunting mercilessly and sharks biting brutally.

This documentary without any plot, Qiao Xi watched with great interest, while unconsciously being fed most of the bucket of popcorn.

Finally, a small white whale with a smile appeared on the screen.

“Look, it’s you!” Qiao Xi said in a very soft voice, while patting Han Tian’s leg.

Han Tian’s leg moved slightly to the right and touched Qiao Xi’s in response.

At that moment, the narration of the movie rang out: [When observing a creature like a whale, we are often asked the interesting question: Who is more lethal, the whale or the shark?]

Qiao Xi whispers, “It’s the shark, of course!”

Look at the big row of sharp teeth of the shark! The whales, especially the little white whales, only smile softly, which is not half as lethal.

Then the narrator continues to explain.

[Perhaps many people think that the shark is the hegemon of the ocean. However, in fact, the whale really occupies the top of the ocean food chain. Whether in terms of physical structure, or intelligence level, and behavioral habits, whales are far superior to sharks].

Eh eh eh? What’s going on?

[During this filming, we were fortunate enough to record a video, how the whale hunts the shark. We can see, in the whale’s pursuit, as well as strong pressure, the shark has no ability to fight back, only to become the whale’s food …]

On the screen there was really a very powerful image: how a group of whales cooperated to overturn a shark.

Qiao Xi was dumbfounded by the video, then wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and thought: What the hell, the shark is so weak! I should have known that I would have given Han Tian a small shark, a small shark is more suitable for him.

Qiao Xi, who was slightly uncomfortable, turned his head and looked around—however, what he saw made him even more jaw-dropping.

The three couples around them, he had no idea when they started, were already hugging each other. And the pair in front of them on the right, apparently long ago stopped watching the movie, their hands entwined, and their kissing was called a hot fire.

If he was just uncomfortable before, he was now on pins and needles.

Even his ears were burning, knowing that it was no big deal, and they were so hot for so long, he did not see it before, did not feel strange? So now just to continue to pretend not to see it is not good?

However, his mind was still completely messed up.

How could the chase of animals on the screen be more exciting than the behavior of the people around him?

Qiao Xi even felt that even the movie’s narration and music could not cover up the ambiguous sounds echoing in the air.

His mind drifted through a number of strange and confusing thoughts, and then secretly, slowly, looked to the left—

Sure enough, Han Tian seemed completely unaware of what was going on around him, still staring at the screen with rapt attention.

Look at his determination!

Qiao Xi was in awe of Han Tian’s concentration, and was vaguely sour.

Tsk, so he really has no desire, pure human ah.

What else was shown in the movie next, Qiao Xi no longer cared to see.

He only noticed that the three couples beside them, all stood up first and then hurriedly left the screening room.

As for what they were in a hurry to do, there was no need to bother guessing.

On the way home, looking at Qiao Xi, who was dazed, Han Tian asked with concern, “What’s wrong? Was the movie not good?”

“No, no, it was good.” Lest Han Tian know of the colorful images in her head, Qiao Xi hastily denied and added, “Penguins are so cute.”

Han Tian agreed, “Mn. whales, sharks, they’re all cute.”

Qiao Xi pursed his lips. “Ha, I used to think that sharks were the most powerful, but I didn’t think they were so weak compared to whales.”

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth rose slightly and he did not say anything.

Qiao Xi glanced at him and muttered, “If I had known that whales are more powerful than sharks, I would have kept the whale for myself.”

The smile on Han Tian’s face deepened and he said, “If you like it, you can also take the little white whale now.”

“Really?” Qiao Xi’s eyes lit up, then he shook his head. “No, no, I said it’s for you.”

Han Tian swept him with the end of his eyes, pursed his lips and did not say anything.

“…Or, look, how about letting the little white whale come to my place temporarily and borrow it for a while?” Qiao Xi thought for half a day, but still said it.

“Sure,” Han Tian said, holding back a smile.

In the evening, after bathing and changing clothes, Qiao Xi patted the little shark, squatted down and said to it, “I don’t mind you, I’m just going to find a companion for you. If you don’t like it, you can move your tail.”

Of course the little shark didn’t move its tail.

So Qiao Xi knocked on the door of the study in peace.

“Please come in.”

Qiao Xi poked his head in and found Han Tian looking at the screen, concentrating, perhaps reading some professional information.

“I’ve come to pick up the little white whale,” Qiao Xi said.

Han Tian pointed to the couch, “It’s right there.” At the same time, he stood up and walked towards Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi saw at once that Han Tian was on the floor with bare feet.

“You’re actually not wearing shoes! And you always talk about me!” Qiao Xi grunted.

Han Tian laughed. “I’m not going to catch a cold.”

After saying that, he tilted his body to the sofa, one arm resting on the sofa backrest, head resting in the bend of his arm, looking at Qiao Xi sideways.

Perhaps to facilitate night work, the light in the study was a soft warm yellow.

Under the light, Han Tian was sitting casually and lazily on the sofa, his posture was unprecedentedly provocative.

Qiao Xi tried to stop himself from staring at the other man so rudely, but his eyes did not obey him. In the end, he had to give up his inner resistance and just stared at Han Tian dumbly and unblinkingly, looking at the white skin exposed at the collar of the person’s shirt and the hidden, nicely shaped collarbone.

“I, I, I came to pick up the little white whale,” he stammered and repeated again.

“Mn, you just said that.” Han Tian’s posture did not change, nor did he have the intention to get up and hand over the little white whale.

Qiao Xi, whose heart was beating like a drum, could only take two steps forward and bend down to pick up the little white whale by himself.

When he leaned over, the star pendant that was attached to his chest slipped down from between his collar and swirled twice in the air.

“You’re wearing the little star?” Han Tian asked, his voice hushed.

“Mn.” Being so asked, Qiao Xi reflexively reached out to touch his pendant. And so, his whole body was a little unstable and he fell forward, falling onto the sofa, crooked beside Han Tian.

His face, from Han Tian’s, was probably less than 5 centimeters away.

He had never seen his face so close, so close that it seemed that if he rubbed it a little more, he could… could…

It would be like those people he saw in the cinema today, sticking together inseparably.

Qiao Xi, who thought of this layer, suddenly had his cheeks rolling and explained in a small voice, “Sorry… I didn’t stand still.” 

“…What’s there to be sorry about?” Han Tian’s voice seemed a bit raspy.

Qiao Xi saw that Han Tian reached out and took off the black wrist watch that almost never left his body, then casually threw it onto the desk.

However, Han Tian’s eyes did not move away from his face when he was doing all these actions.

Those eyes were as clear as spring water and shone like stars…

Qiao Xi found it difficult to breathe, and his brain short-circuited.

His eyes drifted down a little from Han Tian’s eyes and settled on the thin, bright red double-0 lips again.

How could they be so beautiful…

By some miracle, he heard himself ask, “Han Tian, have you ever kissed anyone?”

He heard Han Tian answer, “No.”

No more questions! No more!

However, after his eyes, his throat and mouth also had a will of their own.

He heard himself shamelessly continue to ask, “So, do you want to kiss me?”

Han Tian’s eyes flickered, but he did not move away.

On the contrary, his face slowly moved forward a little.

The warm, sweet scent wrapped around Qiao Xi.

He slowly closed his eyes…

Buzz buzz buzz buzz—!

The dull vibrating sound echoed without warning, piercing the atmosphere of the moment to pieces.

Qiao Xi jerked open his eyes with a stunned look.

Han Tian also froze.

No, what am I doing?

And where in the world did this devilish sound come from?

Qiao Xi blinked hard and shook his head, finally clearing his head, and gradually discerned that the sound of vibration seemed to be coming from the watch Han Tian had just thrown on the desk.


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Damn, damn and damn again. That bloody watch! 🤬 😆
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Are HT’s lot somehow aware of that almost kiss? Or has something happened conbectedcto the mysterious Demon 😬
Thanks Addis & Kiramekineko for the chapter.

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Unfortunately I’m behind on my readings🥹. Now at the moment I want to take a hammer and break that 😡 watch. Thanks for the translation!

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